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  1. For a stunning version of "loan me a dime" check out the one with Duane Allman- searing Guitar solo.....
  2. I recently purchased a Uberti Richard Mason type 2 brand new. Out of the box it would' dry fire 6 times in a row without hanging up. Put some rounds thru it and it got a little better, although the rims were hanging up on a tooling ledge left on the recoil shield. I have experience w/1860 cap guns, so I spent big part of a Sunday taking it apart and stoning/filing on various parts. It seems to run good now with a limited round count. I'm going to install Navy grip and replace the front sight with a wider brass piece I made from a coin.. I wouldn't buy a new one unless I was willing to do the work to make it run. For $600+ they should be better guns, at least up to the SAA models they build of which I have a pair (Smokewagons) that have been excellent guns. Just my experience with one gun.
  3. It was probably the summer of 1969, I wasn't old enough to drink, but my 2 running buddies were. They grabbed me up, said come on, we're chasing tail tonight and you're going with us to see Jerry Lee Lewis. It was a place called Midway in Southern Indiana. Just an old roller rink beside the two lane out by itself. Rundown place with a large gravel parking lot, mostly unlit, where you could drink out of your trunk and wander in to listen to music. We showed up, waited inside with a small pretty rough crowd, waiting for some rock n' roll. The time for him to appear slipped past and the juke box played on, the crowd wandered in and out to the parking lot and got more restless. I was standing a few feet from a doorway when the juke box stopped and the door burst open. "The KILLER" had arrived! Surrounded by 4 Indiana State policemen was a wild looking man headed for the stage which was just a marked off spot on the rink floor not 15' from me. I don't know if he was drunk, hopped up or just normally crazed, but when he hit the piano the show started! No introduction, he just bit, clawed and chewed his way through his hit songs, stopping occassionaly to throw in a little Gospel for us rock n'roll sinners! I doubt that there was 200 people in the rink, and it had to be the lowest part of his career, but he played like a madman with a crowd of 10,000. We left that night with our ears ringing, no tail caught, and an illegal smile. We had truly been in the grasp of "The KILLER".
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