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  1. Just paint the top part of the sight. That original sight appears to be soldered on.
  2. EOT was held in late April prior to 2006.
  3. Doesn't matter who works on them, I can break all of them.
  4. We make people write their name and date under the table.. Hasn't happened in several years.
  5. Might check bullet diameter and hardness.
  6. I've broken Marlin's, Uberti's, Winchesters's, but never a Henry. We have several Henry's in 22lr and a 22 magnum I've dispatched some coyotes and other feral critters with them. I shot a friends Henry BB and it worked, just not the same feel as other rifles. Kind of clunky and just couldn't get speed out of it. It would be nice if someone made a competition rifle that would hold up to the rigors of CAS. Could be I'm just running worn out crappy 73's that are equivalent to and old Yellow Cab.
  7. Hell On Wheels goes out to 1000 yards.
  8. Muck was a good cowboy. Shot with him on many occasions. Always fun to be around.
  9. Sportsman's Warehouse in Laramie had CCI large pistol and Cheddite shotgun primers for $5.69 per hundred last Sunday. They have them every time I stop there. Yes, I think vendors are screwing people. Remember them when shelves are stocked up again.
  10. Tables were originally placed at pistol positions in case of a malfunction.
  11. Depends on downrange and lateral movement. Typically, bigger is better. Allows for better overall stage writing and use of imagination. Lazy stage writers may have differing opinions.
  12. Squares and rectangles waste zero material. I have a large plasma table and have cut many targets. Can't believe the waste after cutting fancy shapes. If squares or rectangles warp they can be cut in halves, thirds, or quarters, and used as plates for shotgun knock downs. Can't do that with fancy shapes. The larger the targets the quicker they'll warp. We use squares and rectangles at Hell On Wheels. Never had a person complain about target shape.
  13. The Sportsman's Warehouse in Laramie had Federal and CCI large pistol for $56k a few weeks back. Sounds like Natchez is screwing people. Let them sit on those primers for a while and watch the price drop. I have plenty, if I didn't I'd stop shooting until prices drop.
  14. We only had 88 shooters. Last year 168. Fuel, components, and crappy economy has people grounded. Glad I live across the road from the range.
  15. Thanks for those kind words Nem. Yes, Belle is the one that makes it all happen. I just wrote stages, edited a few. Carried some heavy stuff. And, screwed a few boards together. Many others helped out this year. Heck, we were packed up and headed back to the ranch by early Sunday afternoon. It was great to spend time with all the shooters.
  16. Santa Fe Kid is a great hand. Helps us every year. Good shooting Chief Rick. It's good to be part of the clean match brotherhood. There were 17 clean after the first day, only 7 left after the second day. Appreciate everyone that attended HOW and all those that helped out.
  17. I use a small finish nail. Then, pull the trigger and push the hammer down and it will release the strut. The whole process, including changing the trigger spring, takes less than 5 minutes.
  18. According to Dustin Linebaugh the hammer must be in the halfcock position in order to unlock the bolt on a three screw Ruger before allowing the cylinder to free spin.
  19. I'll send Dustin a message and see what the procedure is for free spinning a 3 screw.
  20. I have several Vaquero's and Blackhawks that are free spin. Dustin Linebaugh installed a set screw into the recoil shield just below the pawl and adjusted them to perfection. Then, filled the head of the set screw, cannot see the modification.. They do the same on the Linebaugh 475 and 500's. Not really a necessity but it's pretty cool to have.
  21. Wyoming license plates on a truck would also indicate a gun in the vehicle. I'm not removing my license plates.
  22. Longhunter may have Handlebar Doc's contact info.
  23. I can break a competition model just as quickly as a standard version. Don't know about everyone else but I'm tired of constantly repairing my 73's.
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