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  1. We have 24 bays not counting long range. I seriously doubt our range will shut down. The cops are over there shooting too. I can shoot at my own range, behind the barn. Yes, if the weather is nice we will be shooting CAS on the 3rd Saturday.
  2. The range is open across from my house. Come on out to Wyoming!
  3. If you have central A/C make sure you have a couple supply ducts and a return in the basement. A dehumidifier works on the same principle as an A/C system.
  4. Star Wars and Hunger Games. And, any superhero movie.
  5. If I had to hunker down in my house for an extended time: 12 ga. pump 308 bolt action rifle AR 15 .223 If I had to hit the road, carry stuff, and hunt for food : 308 bolt action rifle Ruger 10/22 break down 357 wheel gun I want guns with calibers that I can find ammo easily. We live in open country, not an urban area. Hiking with weighty gear at higher elevations will take a toll. I'd keep things light.
  6. I've shot in the cold many times. Unburnt powder flakes on top of the snow is common when temps drop. Some is filler, some is not. I keep my loading strip in my vest pocket and the body heat keeps my velocities stable. I've also added more powder and consistency is better.
  7. Belle uses a transformer from a neon light. It's very low amperage.
  8. Wife's been doing fractal burning for several years. It's mesmerizing to watch. Works better on hard wood than soft.
  9. He lives in Wheatland, Wy. I'll PM you with his phone number.
  10. At $1587 an once, that's a whole bunch of paper. If I buried gold in the back yard I could find it with a metal detector. A little gold isn't a bad thing. Too much could present a problem.
  11. Annual matches I might look at them. Monthly matches I don't care, seems like time could be spent for something more constructive. Scenarios never look the same digitally as in reality, not really something to be gained other than learning the sequences. As a MD I don't have time to put out scenarios for monthly matches, I still work for a living.
  12. And, paper money still has to be kept in a safe and guarded, just like gold. It's a vicious cycle. Our country also has other resources to back up the dollar; land, lumber, coal, gas, oil, people, etc.
  13. I purchased some Krugerrands for $1320 each, that's one ounce of gold. Sold them for $1528 about 6 months later. Short term investment, I made $208 each. Gold is too valuable to trade for gas, food, ammo, etc. Can't break off a little piece or scrape some off, it's not feasible. Silver is a better trading commodity, considering it's only $14.50 +/- today. Usually the price of metals increases every time they do a stimulus package and devalue the dollar. It'll take a few months, gold and silver will spike and it's time to sell. What's the difference between numbers on a sheet of paper and something you can actually hold in your hand? I can go down to the local coin shop and trade the metal for greenbacks. The people selling gold and silver charge a fee per ounce. They always make money on the sale. Best deal is to find a local dealer and purchase direct from him/her. When silver hit $50 an ounce back in 2010 I know some folks that did quite well considering most of the silver they bought was below $7.00 an ounce, same with gold when it hit $1800. Buy low sell high, its an investment just like anything else. .
  14. An acquaintance once went out into the Atlantic with a canoe. When picked up by the Coast Guard he and his fishing partner were clinging onto their cooler. They lost all their gear including the canoe.
  15. Also, if your loads aren't knocking down targets. Set your ammo in the direct sunlight. The heat will increase velocity. Some of our testing saw an increase of 150 fps, depending on the powder charge.
  16. If the shooter refuses to sign I sign for them. And, date.
  17. I saw a couple western movies where they were shooting Blackhawks duelist style. Does that mean we can use Blackhawks in the duelist and gunfighter categories?
  18. When I was a kid every meal we had potato salad or cole slaw. Every picnic with relatives, who's making the potato salad, who's making the cole slaw. Good grief I couldn't wait to get away from my crazy relatives that had to eat potato salad and cole slaw with every meal. I ain't eatin' any more cole slaw or potato salad if I don't have to. And, I like corned beef n' cabbage, I like potatoes when they are hot and cooked. Keep that cold crap off my burgers, barbecue, and hot dogs. My folks are from the South and I was born in Louisiana, everyone from the South doesn't eat the same stuff. We couldn't agree on how to cook a mess of squirrels, I'm not going to pile cole slaw on my squirrel and dumpling's either.
  19. With the varying opinions on slaw, if I were in the food business, slaw would be a side and the patron could place it on their sandwich if desired. Don't make assumptions when messing around with someone else's food.
  20. If the virus lives for a maximum of three days on a hard surface, why not just shut down for 4-5 days. The virus should be dead and gone. All this disinfecting is moot if it's going to die anyhow. Schools are closed and the janitors are continuing to disinfect when they are the only people in the building, doesn't make sense.
  21. Cole slaw is a side dish. People selling sandwiches screw you over when the put less meat on the sandwich and cover it with Cole slaw. Guy at WR was selling Po Boy's and he piled it full of Cole slaw, just so he didn't have to use more shrimp. It's a scam!
  22. Rim Rock bullets from Poulson, MT purchased Oregon Trail Bullet, check out their website. They should have the 250 gr. 45's.
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