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  1. First time I did it, and only time, my pistol spun around and broke the 170. The TO didn't see it, I did, and called a SDQ on myself. I don't do anything slowly.
  2. It's funny how the "placing pistols on table" came to fruition. Tables were set at pistol positions in order to have a place to discard broken or malfunctioning pistols. I don't do it, really don't see an advantage. However, I'm not a Top Gun.
  3. 300+ wasn't uncommon 15+ years back. Lucky to get half that number today.
  4. That doesn't look like lead bullets did all that damage. Maybe steel core, old military stuff. Those targets aren't great, too soft for club events. Although, they're fine for home practice. I have an old set of mild steel targets that Dustin Linebaugh dimpled with some hot 44 mag lead bullets, his family doesn't believe in light loads, he didn't pierce the targets like the bullets in the picture.
  5. They've charged for rebuild for several years.
  6. Best to use same brass for your loads, if you want consistent velocity. Nickel plated brass will not expand at the same rate of non plated brass when shooting light loads. Especially, in cold climates. Consistency equates to same brass, bullets, powder, crimp, primers.
  7. The sleeves shrink up to my elbows. Although, I have monkey arms.
  8. Just wondering, do those that have to dry brass after wet tumbling live in humid areas? If I left my brass setting out in my reloading room it would dry out pretty quickly considering I'm in the high desert at 6600'.
  9. My SG doesn't close when I'm carrying it or when I stage it. Might be an issue for smaller people or those with small hands. The rule as written appears to conflict with another rule. I'll have to post something on the TG wire. Thanks!
  10. I think you're talking about the lever safety. Yes, you can and should purchase and install the lever safety. It'll help prevent out of battery discharges.
  11. The subject of the video is moving with closed shotgun. Not, staging the SG with closed action. Very similar rule to closed action after clearing empty SG shells and having gun close when it's re-staged.
  12. Not to be argumentative. What is the difference between both situations?
  13. If a SG closes after it's been emptied it's a no call. Why would it be any different? Both situations are empty, closed, with hammers cocked. Just have shooter show the SG is empty and move on.
  14. Pretty sure I can open my double without cocking the hammers, it must be fully open in order to clock hammers. Which, in my mind would not be a SDQ. My old Charles Daly 500 can even shuck the shells and not cock the hammers, it must be opened fully. It's a high mileage gun.
  15. I was buying Remingtons at Sportsman's online for around $22 in Feb. and March of 2020, store pick-up.
  16. That's good, didn't want to read about you in the Trailmarkers.
  17. Get a video. Might go viral when those 500's kick your butt. Most people I know are shooting 300's and 350's out of 1895's.
  18. Sorry, that old group died with Covid along with my friend that put it on.. It's the WYCO Precision Rifle League, they aren't affiliated with the ORSR. Therefore, no scores are posted on range website. I don't make sh*t up Creeker. If you are interested in watching, their two day shoot is next weekend. The guy that runs that group is Sam Carlson. Would you like his contact information? Look up Cheyenne Precision Rifle Hoedown on Facebook. Plenty of good info and scores on that site.
  19. I call BS on the expense of getting started. There's a Precision Rifle group that shoots at our range. They pay $40-60 to shoot a monthly match. Their guns with optics, and many other accessories probably $10-15K. Not to mention suppressors. They get 50-60 shooters a month, most are under 40.
  20. Well, it's not working then. We use to get 10k new members annually. For the last 15 years we've been getting about 1k new members annually. Monthly matches that use to get 60-70 participants now get 15-20. The 10-10-4 shooting has become monotonous. SASS matches have become stagnant. Why did we have such a large influx of shooters in the late 1990's and early 2000's when we were shooting smaller targets at distance, had few categories, and had stages that took more time to shoot?
  21. There's nothing you can do about what happened, get over it and move on. It'll ruin your day if you let it. Plus, you're not shooting for a new truck, just a monthly match.
  22. 8 sg and 10 pistol still shoots same time as 10-10-4, 10 rifle 10 pistol no sg can be written to shoot same time as 10-10-4. A gun doesn't have to be loaded with 10 rounds in order to make stages run in similar times. Try one pistol loaded with 5 and second pistol loaded with 1 for the last "kill shot" 10 rifle 4 sg. The next monthly at the Border Vigilantes will not have any 10-10-4 stages and will be more fun than the same ole "that's how we've always done it" 10-10-4 stages. I went to a local match last month and they had a "stand and deliver" stage, I have no desire to go back. That's the laziest stage writing possible.
  23. I've missed my holster a few times. It happens! If placing my pistol on the table will help me win matches I better try it. Actually, I did SDQ myself when I tried setting my pistol on the table and it broke the 170, I'm a quick learner, didn't try that again. The TO didn't see it, however I did and called it on myself. Personally, I'll take my chances on holstering.
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