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  1. A couple of days ago I was out scouting my elk area and when I was leaving , on a whim I pushed the GPS button to go home. Lady said turn left on Lake Mary road and then turn right. Strange. I turned left and then got the command "Go offroad"!
  2. One like that in central Colorado too. Locals get pissed when someone pronounces it with a spanish inflection.
  3. How much the wife will spend on new shoes when she learns that you bought a new gun.
  4. Concealed carry is real hard in AZ during the summer months
  5. Well, I've got to give her credit for still havin' the notion to do the motion!
  6. Not enuf ground clearance for me!
  7. I signed up for a Hillsdale college lecture series on WWII. So the lectures have started and all I can say is WOW! I thought I had sort of a general understanding of the war but I was wrong. The first was on the air war and the second on the naval. I will be watching each again, especially the naval as it seemed to have much further reaching implications. My wife asked me what I had learned and all I could do was shake my head say it was too complex for me to even attempt to summarize.
  8. I put the old recoil pad back on and wonder of wonders it seems to have fixed the problem. Thanks to everyone who replied.
  9. Well, maybe it is lop. I recently put a new recoil pad on the 358 and it is a bit longer than the old one. I'll put the old one back on and see how that works. Thanks for the input.
  10. I've had some significant health issues this past year and lost lots of arm and upper body strength as well as ruptured bicep tendons in both arms. So I've got a cow elk tag in October and have been working up loads for my 358 win and 300 sav both in Savage 99's. Trying to build up some arm strength and muscle memory I began hoisting the rifles to firing position out the back window aiming at various objects out in the yard and beyond. But, the curious thing is that with the 358 I am always coming up to the left of my target when the rifle locks into my shoulder but with the 300 I come up dead on target in the scope. WTH? Any ideas what could be going
  11. Don't know if it's still open and running, but my son worked for a couple of summers at Goff Creek Lodge between Cody and Yellowstone.
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