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  1. I have watched it and was not impressed. I will continue to watch since it's better than most of the crap on TV and maybe they will start giving miss Delaney more screen time.
  2. Thanks for all the suggestions. I can't imagine why they don't list it in their reloading manual nor do any of the powder companies list loads for it with their powder. I don't have a lot of them left so probably not worth starting at minimum for the 220 gr speer bullet and working up. Guess I'll just give them to my son who now has the 35 Whelen.
  3. I tried this over on the Wire and didn't get any useful help. I have some. 358 Speer 225 gr Trophy Bonded Bearclaw bullets that were leftovers from a 35 Whelen that I no longer have. I would like to work up a load for them in my 358 win Savage 99 for elk hunt this fall. But I can'tfind any data for it. You guys here in the Saloon are so much more helpful so I am sure someone will have the information.
  4. I too use the local hardware store as my first go to stop. The Cornville Mercantile has usually come through for me and as soon as I walk in the door the ladies are asking what I need and what they can do to help.
  5. We have a HD here in Cornville but it is pretty poor whenit comes to service. I will try to take you up on that lunch offer the next time I head your way.
  6. I got drawn for cow elk this fall and intend to use my Savage 99 in 358 win. I have some 225 gr Speer TBBC left over from my 35 Whelen days that I would like to use but can find no load data on line for it. Anyone got some reference material that would get me started?
  7. Locally, we have a Home Depot where I regularly go for my hardware and gardening needs but yesterday we were in Prescott so we hit the Lowes store. What a difference in service! Unlike the staff at Home Depot who do everything they can to avoid making contact and helping, the Lowes staff actually tried to locate customers who looked in need. Wish it wasn't so far away cause they would get all my business.
  8. I wasn't in the game in the old days so I can't really say which I would prefer but seems like I'd likely do better the old way since I am more into accuracy than speed. I would suggest that some middle ground would be worth trying from time to time.
  9. Couldn't afford a high school ring, didn't occur to me to buy a college ring, got a simple wedding band even though my wife understood it would be worn only for the ceremony. Today I wouldn't be able to get it on due to arthritic knuckles.
  10. anyone know how they compare to Walkers Game ears?
  11. I got hired once to paint a pipeline going over the Missouri River. The offer was withdrawn when they found out I was only 16. Pay was going to be pretty good.
  12. What's the process for annealing cases?
  13. I have one of each, colt and USFA, and the quality is outstanding. Mine are in 38-40 and the chambers on the USFA are a bit tight. After I got tired of waiting for my order to deliver, I called them and talked to Gary himself. He said that they were currently out of the frames for the Bisley which were being made at that time with wide sights but he had some frames for the regular models that had the standard sights on them. I jumped on that option since it would be like my original Bisley. When I had trouble with reloads chambering, I called him back and he said he had the same issue and solved it by machining .030" of the base of the sizing die. Did the same and have had no issues since then.
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