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  1. guess I should have ended with a LOL or some kind of emoji my brother and I filled sandbags when we were still in grade school during a Floyd River flood.
  2. We have a variety of different brands Nikons are my hunting Leupolds ride in my jeep Vortex are my wifes Pine Ridge bird watch from the house (heavy) Bought my sons Burris years ago- one fell apart in the backpack the other is still going strong Ancient pair of Nikon compact sit at my wifes office window My dads old Vega sit by my office window (recently serviced)
  3. and how many Americans will now be out of a job because of another automated process?
  4. my wife combined all the screws, nuts and bolts I had in individual containers on my toolbox into one .
  5. I also consume a lot of peanuts but lately I have been getting bad product. Discolored nuts that are real hard and very nasty to taste. Contacted them and got a form letter and a coupon. Not satisfactory!
  6. Yep, that seems to be it. about 3.75 inches long and those lugs are only on one side. As far as I know my dad never had a 1903
  7. 30 I would say. Tried a 9mm in the muzzle and it wasn't close. Caliper in the muzzle reads around. 308 to .310 ish
  8. I was looking for something in a little used cabinet and came across one of my dad's old toolboxes. Inside was mostly gun cleaning fluids but wrapped up in a green heavy wax paper was this barrel. Any ideas what it might go to?
  9. I got my wife a Letsfit for Xmas and while it requires a USB for charging we have USB's in our cars and on some multi-outlets.
  10. My alias is based on a real life character I knew so it'd be cowboy then lawman.
  11. I was told by my banker that they also monitor transactions that appear to be split up to avoid reporting.
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