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  1. Yes Pat. I also have to speak with an Irish brogue due to my character being an immigrant.
  2. It is still in production and will be released next year at the Sundance Film Festival. It is a short film that the producers are pitching for a series.
  3. Hey Larsen E. Pettifogger, the Mayo in my name refers to County Mayo in the the West of Ireland. It is known as the original Wild West. That is where my grandfather was from.
  4. I like Chili, onions, and grated cheese on my hotdogs.
  5. I carried one for 22 years as a duty pistol. It did not fit my hand right. I never loved it. I liked it. Being retired now, I carry a S&W Shield now as a CCW. I like it much better and shoot it more efficiently.
  6. I do like real ivory too. One 1st Gen Colt made in 1900 chambered in .45. One 1st Gen Colt made in 1896 chambered in .45.
  7. My 1st Generation Colt Frontier Six Shooter made in 1900 and chambered in .44-40. I made the holster.
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