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  1. All 19 years that I worked patrol in LA, I carried one of those in my vehicle. Great shotgun.
  2. Australian Shepard. I grew up with several, and I have one now. Reilly is the smartest dog I have ever owned. I bet he could do my taxes.
  3. I would rather spend the money on ammo.
  4. Those first ones ain’t the cars I drove. Mine were all high mileage with shot suspensions, worn out transmissions, and had that wonderful distinct odor of blood, sweat, vomit, and urine intermingled with bleach. A lot of them no longer had a passing gear.
  5. My dog’s Name is “Reilly Browne from Roscommon town.”
  6. I Was a cop for 32 years. I never heard of that baloney.
  7. Ammo is to small to be used as toilet paper.
  8. Custom made for me by Matt Whittaker of Bianchi Frontier Gun leather. For 7” Schofields. $100 plus shipping.
  9. Yup Pat. Those are the ones you shot. They are deadly accurate.
  10. The speed loaders for this pistol also fit Schofields and my American.
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