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  1. Designated drivers drive me to drink.
  2. God bless him. My father is a retired Captain USMC. He was 13 years enlisted, 10 years as an officer.
  3. After it is photographed, videoed, the remains is hauled away, and all evidence is collected, they release it. Depending on how many victims and how gruesome the scene is, it usually takes 48 hours or less. Depending on what the crime scene is.
  4. $1 -$2 each most of the time that I have sen them.
  5. I only open carry in a rural location. I carry concealed everywhere else. I do not want my gun to be part of someone else’s tactical plan.
  6. Buy dvd collection of bugs bunny and the pink panther on amazon dot com.
  7. If it was cheap, it was wool and of poor quality. Toss it in the trash and get a decent hat in the color you want.
  8. This was a D-Day Normandy WW2 reenactment event.
  9. My Oct 42 Garand at a reenactment at Camp Roberts in 2008.
  10. Cohan’s when the movie was made was a funeral parlor. When I first visited in 1996 it was a tourist shop. Now it is a Pub again.
  11. Most of the scenes in this film were filmed in the Village of Cong in County Mayo. There were other scenes shot in County Galway which is close to Cong also. My grandfather grew up not far from there and I have been to Cong several times during the eight times I have visited Ireland.
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