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  1. I assume the Judge was being paid by the word or just liked to hear himself talk.
  2. Coffee and burnt wood Any Indian in miles could smell it
  3. I always enjoy shooting at FIRELANDS Come for the shoot but stay for the People Lots of good people to shoot with and a nice level Range with plenty of parking See everyone next month in May Catlow
  4. The stages look really good ,nice and easy with no procedurals. Wish I could be there to shoot them . CATLOW
  5. Lost in 1963 and now 2019 Better late than never Really what took so long? Catlow
  6. I hope everyone has a good day shooting Saturday. Better double check your gear to make sure you don't forget anything We will see everyone in May Catlow
  7. Pictures are ok but you should ask the cowboy pushing thr cart if he or she would change anything about their cart. Everyone has thoughts as to what works for them . Try not to overload the cart,try to keep it simple.Some mods stop you from folding the cart,I have used aluminum tubing and angle to keep the weight down. Lawn chair covers make good gun cart covers for rain .Simple wood boxes or plastic containers keep things in order. It sounds like you have a few converted carts to look at .Take the best ideas from those carts . Plastic tool boxes come in all sizes , most are waterproof . I used a plastic automotive battery box bottom for the base of my long guns very tough and lite weight.
  8. Just skip your heating protection what hearing I have left I would like to keep I really don't want to shoot with you Save the big noise makers for when you are at the range by yourself CATLOW
  9. One very large dump target good spotters a breeze from left to right targets with the edges in contrasting paint no rain
  10. If you have a different pair for the rifle it is easier to stage them also without a shotgun belt on there is more room for your pistols
  11. Is the operator wearing hearing protection? I can see any but with the noise I would hope so
  12. JW shot cap and ball revolvers In the movie JW wasn't worried about breaking 170 degrees either and his guns didn't have balls in them. I have a double shoulder holster rig . It looks good but to draw safely is almost impossible . 10pistols 5 different pairs is that all you got? Match Directors that aren't flexible will say No to JW style shooting . You all should see Colorado Coffinmaker shoot his snubbie cap and ball pistols as a Gunfighter . Lots of Smoke and Flame and lots of hits also. The Smile on his face as he walks off a stage is Priceless . Catlow
  13. Shooters with shoulder and other handicaps can still come out and enjoy our sport . Catlow
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