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  1. Looks like there is some open space on upper lip,for some more hardware
  2. Cream of Wheat is cheaper at the bulk food store
  3. This is not just for Breakfast anymore I am going to the safe to look for five clean handguns to shoot this Saturday See you there
  4. Ban roll on deodorant works for me get the Fresh Spring or Powder Fresh scented
  5. Maybe some government grant money is available to study this problem. Just what size plugs are needed and you have to choose between paper or plastic
  6. Dick's Restrooms are very clean because of the lack of customers Great place to take a dump
  7. Camped here on the range waiting on all of you shooters The targets get setup tomorrow,. Have been checking with the local farmers for rental pigs
  8. Johnny are going to run the emigrant detention center?
  9. I wish I had the 50 twenty's No body wants 100's
  10. First it's time to move out of California then the bad dreams will go away .
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