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  1. Smarter than the dog laying in the snow
  2. Dawg is a smart man and knows dribble when he reads it
  3. Dawg is an educated man but just not smart because he puts up with us
  4. I really enjoyed the pictures Prarie Dawg is the best he even helped me with the big words
  5. Sorry I can’t help you my pair are for the Ruger New Vaquero stainless
  6. Waiting for the rain to start here in Phoenix Will be back in the 70sMonday
  7. Will this side match be a Talk or Shoot stage?
  8. I need the contact information for Snake Oil George I had it written down somewhere but I can’t find it now Thanks CATLOW
  9. It is really great remembering the old days Cheap prices on everything but who would work for the average wage of those days?
  10. Use the NRA sponsored firearms insurance
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