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  1. We used Johnson's baby shampoo to clean our face and eyes.
  2. I know that and you know that. FNG's need to figure that out.
  3. Showering after being pepper sprayed can be quite the experience.
  4. Pepper spray doesn't work on about 10% of the people. It's really hard on smokers, when we were sprayed at the SO the boys that smoked were coughing up colors of mucus that Crayola hadn't seen. You can work through it if you have a goal.
  5. I'd be willing to bet most of us have never checked our pistols for velocity inequality. Normally, I just grab the pair I want to shoot and go shoot. Don't overthink all this, it's not worth the effort unless you're shooting bench rest or maybe silhouettes.
  6. I work at an urgent care center part time. Since everyone started this distancing there have been very few colds, influenza, strep throat, or Corona. Most folks are coming in for injuries and physicals. The doctors told me STD's are still prevalent.
  7. The Border Vigilantes will be shooting this Saturday @ the Otto Road Shooting Range. Home of Hell On Wheels. Registration starts at 8:30, shooting starts at 9:30. 6 stages, plenty of movement, lots of fun. Phantom is writing a couple stages, others are mine. Sorry, if you aren't feeling well, stay at home and get well. Assassin
  8. Sponsors, vendors, night shows, etc. bailed. This stuff is planned out years in advance, when a few venues cancel it throws a wrench in the gears. CFD brings in $25-27 million to Cheyenne And Wyoming every year. The local economy will really take a hit this year. Cody Stampede is cancelled also.
  9. Yeah, if you must make extensive modifications install a newer 6 speed manual out of a late 90's or early 2000's camaro or firebird.
  10. 3.90:1 gears are fine. My 3/4 ton pickup has 4.10:1 gears it has overdrive and it still runs at 2500 rpm's at 75 mph. The truck has taller tires which offsets the gear ratio some. The tires on your Chevelle are not as tall as the truck tires, I'm guessing with 3.90 gears you'll still be turning 2500 revs at 75 mph. The overdrive will help some, your car will still be a gas hog regardless. If you gas it hard it's going to offset all the economy measures you take.
  11. So, you're saying the shooters won't understand! I'm confused, I had the impression that all SASS members had lots of money, $20-$30 more bucks for annual dues is nothing.
  12. You selling those spare Freedom 97's?
  13. Nice, 64 & 65 were my favorite years. My uncle Bob had a 64 SS, 327 4 speed, white with back interior.
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