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  1. The Border Vigilantes are shooting at the Otto Road Shooting Range in Cheyenne, Wyoming on 4/20. Registration starts at 8:00 am and shooting commences at 9:00 am. Weather is looking great, guesser say 73 and sunny. 6 stages, I'll also set up the Texas star for anyone that wants a challenge. We will have plenty of movement and lots of fun. Bring plenty of ammo! And, we'll be giving away a box of 500 CheyCast bullets to 4 lucky shooters. Assassin
  2. The color matches Belle Drewry's eyes.
  3. My bride would keep them for herself. She has a truck identical to Kaya's, same color too.
  4. One, really. What's the point of buying one?
  5. I needed some parts, Winchester sent them out promptly without any questions.
  6. There are fires and really hot fires. In a really hot fire, regardless of the quality of the safe the total contents of the safe will be destroyed. Marshall Jack Murphy lost two safes full of guns, collectibles, and priceless heirlooms due to a wildfire. Made all of us at the opening rethink where to keep our safes and other valuables. Some of the guns were still intact without wood. However, the small parts(springs, pins, screws, sights, etc) had lost their temper and were rendered useless.
  7. The tried and true method is to clean the metal with soap and water, oil has to be removed or nothing will stick, then etch the material with acetic acid, or white vinegar. Then, paint with zinc paint, there may be other products available today, epoxy paint. I'd try a small area in an indiscreet location first. My dad ran a painting business for years and I had to do all the crappy jobs. Although, in the painting industry they are all crappy jobs.
  8. I didn't know that cheap beer like that came in bottles.
  9. I don't really expect folks that live an hour away to drive to drive up to our range and help with set up. Some of the locals just show up and help. I live across the road from the range, I have a pretty good system for setting up the match. Those that help usually will get a free shoot to our annual match and meals. Here's my take on helping out with anything. "If you work hard and do your share you are entitled to an opinion, if you don't do squat your opinion doesn't mean squat." So, if you show up and don't like my, scenarios, target distances, and all the movement come out and help and you will have a say in how things are set up. Otherwise, your voice is just white noise.
  10. I have commercial accounts at HD and Lowes. Also, at Menards. I drive by HD in route to work and stop there 2-3 times daily. They know me by name and the manager treats me well. Lowes gets my business if I'm on that side of town. Menards has more stuff and they have good customer service. I'd say small town's probably have better service than more congested areas. If I buy bulk at either store I get special discounts.
  11. It's real easy to ruin a club when you start asking folks to leave, I have first hand experience with that. Just be gracious to those that help and leave it at that.
  12. I don't recall any of the goofy stuff at WR or EOT in the late 1990's. EOT did have a gallows with a few steps, and kind of a shoot house that you had to navigate through some doors, other than that typical facades. EOT had more more downrange movement, WR was limited due to in-line shooting on the west end. Most of the stick horse and big foam hat stuff was on a monthly club level. I don't miss the goofy stuff, I do miss shooting bows, throwing knives, hawks, and even throwing horse shoes.
  13. That guy sounds familiar.
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