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  1. Try this once. Just shoot the guns as fast as possible without targets into the berm. The average shooter can't shoot any faster than when they are shooting at targets. The faster shooters won't shoot much faster either. Speed development is just that, speed development.
  2. After going through the same shortage on several occasions primers come back very slowly. When they reach the shelves they are snatched up like candy at Halloween. Stock up when they become available or you won't be shooting much.
  3. I cut all of our targets, they are all square, rectangles, or diamonds. Steel isn't cheap, I have no waste when cutting targets. Those fancy shapes look nice. However, the legs, hats, hands, horns, etc, are all weak and will fail quicker than the rest of the target. Therefore, we don't have many target failures, we do have hanger failures. Our smallest targets are 16 x 16, except for some 8 or 9 inch squares that I put out really close. Then, they range up from 18 x 18, 16 x 20, 20 x 20, 24 x 24. I've never seen anyone miss the really close 8 or 9 inch squares, seen a bunch of shooters miss the 24 x 24 squares at 7 yards. Ours are AR500 and I cut them on a plasma table.
  4. Nice, I'll give you $25.00 for that knife. PM me with your address and I'll get a check in the mail.
  5. We had some wicked smoke from the Mullen fire in the Cheyenne area yesterday. Ash was coming down and breathing was difficult along with eye irritation. Birds, cattle, and other wildlife were acting very strange. Even the buzzards were roosting in the middle of the day. The wind died down some and it cooled off today, we even got some rain. The sky was clear this evening. We've been smelling smoke from fires for the last month. Rifle season opens this Thursday and I'll be in a different area.
  6. Smoke from a distant fire. Isn't that a line from an old song
  7. There are shooters that wear bags. Usually they will inform the MD and if they have to leave the posse in order to care for their device it's not a problem. Depending on the shooter the bags don't seem to interfere with movement or shooting.
  8. I have a Vortex Monocular, they are great. Use it daily, easy to carry, very handy. This is a good deal on a nice addition to any sportsman.
  9. Sportsman's Warehouse in Laramie still has Federal and Winchester large pistol and large rifle primers. Feds were $27.99. No smalls.
  10. What happened! Let's pass a rule that makes everyone stay 5 feet or more behind the shooter, only the TO can be closer. Stay out of the shooters space. You impede the shooter around here and you might get run over with all the movement we have at our local matches.
  11. If y'all get confused with a left handed shooter what happens when you have lateral and downrange movement or diagonal movement. Do the best you can without getting run over.
  12. That isn't right. I'd be a little upset over a subjective call. If a shooter is close enough to pick up or ground a gun that's close enough. If folks are writing scenarios that are overly strict that stage writer needs to hang it up. Today everything is about options, I like options.
  13. I'm just wondering why people don't give the shooter enough room to run through the stage unimpeded. Why would anyone other than the shooter and the TO be on the actual firing line?
  14. Once again, if one can afford to buy in bulk, buy enough for a couple years when primers are available.
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