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  1. I find that laminated stock more appealing than lime green or camo.
  2. I've seen hydrographics on rifles, green shotgun stocks, ugly red painted 97's. Im happy if people come out to shoot.
  3. HyTek coating is not Powder Coat. Different material and process.
  4. The shooters that do most of the work don't have time to market, work 50-60 hours a week, set up matches, and shoot other matches. They have reached a point where many clubs are one or two members away from folding. The last thing on my mind is hanging around a gun show for two days after working all week. I do talk to folks at work, and offer my ammo and guns to folks that come out and shoot.
  5. Who has that information? I could speculate 10k members in 1996, 20k in 1998, 50k in 2002. Numbers were growing substantially. Even 2005 there was growth after the move from SOCAL. Something happened around 2008 and things started going south. I know a bunch of folks that didn't renew memberships after the increase 3-4 years back. My wife quit after 16 years.
  6. You are correct. SASS HQ moving into an affordable building in Indiana is no problem for myself. I don't plan on traveling there, I just send annual club fees there. Owning a building and potentially renting out office space is a sound business decision. Hopefully when they get moved into the new location they can focus on growing the game and pull the trigger on that marketing campaign.
  7. Our local club used to get 45-60 shooters at monthlies. Now good months are low 20's. Some quit, some died. There's never been a rebranding of SASS. Most companies rebrand every 8-10 years. Seems like those in charge are content with waning numbers. Covid and the current administration will pass. I doubt numbers will increase without marketing.
  8. I use 358 105 grain coated bullets. 38 S&W cases. They are very accurate out of my lemon squeezer. I don't shoot real light loads.
  9. Thanks for all your hard work and effort. Most folks don't realize the time and expenses put forth by those that host CAS matches.
  10. I have a box full of balls that I cast 3-4 years back. No lid on the box. The balls are still shiny. Might be the humidity. We don't have much at 6600 feet. Shop is not conditioned.
  11. According to my references, airborne exposure is 20% primer/80% bullet. For those that want to shoot wax bullets out in the garage or basement, I wouldn't recommend the practice.
  12. Just tested my lead level, it was 13. I.hang out at my neighbors place, CheyCast, and help from time to time. The shop is very clean and they have nice ventilation. I only open my tumblers in front of a large commercial exhaust fan in my shop, I can see the dust go into the duct. Pretty sure my level is higher than recommended because of the dust blowing back from shotgun knockdown targets. Most ranges face north and the wind blows straight back into the shooter and TO. I've backed off on timing. Or, eliminate the shotgun.
  13. The TO can attempt to stop the shooter. Fast shooters will have multiple shots downrange before most TO's can say a word. Slower shooters are easier to control.
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