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  1. First I've heard of a competition model. I have a Winchester 357, it will cycle 38's without any trouble.
  2. When I bought my life membership in 2000 I was given the option of a 5000 number or keeping my original number, I opted to keep my original number. Big Hat was selling memberships at a monthly when I joined.
  3. I sold my sl900 several years ago. Couldn't ever get it going without the occasional hiccup.
  4. I'd like to see "emojis" for each category. Locally we post overall and category results. I could care less about category wins, I'm after the overall.
  5. Those are recommended distances, not mandated. Mandated distances would make setting up a match much easier and our matches would be more consistent.
  6. Agree with HC. Target size would be helpful. I have some 8" squares, used to be the norm when I started 25 years ago, they'd be challenging at 7 yards. Maybe SASS should mandate target size and distance in order to make SASS sanctioned matches similar at all clubs.
  7. They work better than crappy vertical racks. Some like them, some don't. I think they are good looking props if nothing else.
  8. Those are probably moly coated. Very dirty to handle. They perform as well as other forms of lube.
  9. If the cost of shooting doubles I reckon many will only shoot 1/2 as much. Some have not shot in a couple years, some have cut back to shooting once a month. Myself, I have plenty of components, I'm set for years. I'm just burned out.
  10. I've been thru these shortages in the past. However, this appears to be a prolonged shortage. It's effecting the number of shooters attending annual events. Many of those events are money makers that keep clubs going through the year. Some clubs and events will not be able to continue on. Same with shooters, some have already packed it up and are finding other hobbies like knitting.
  11. Tell Sackett, I'd make sure I sold all those primers before they become readily available again. Because, you'll be stuck with those high priced primers. Like others have said, I'll stop shooting before I pay those prices. Used cowboy guns will get really cheap if this continues. I'm not retired, I still work 3 jobs. Those on a fixed income cannot afford to shoot with fuel and component costs.
  12. I prefer a mix. If there is a "stand and deliver" stage or just a couple steps I'll stay at home. We have some 8" squares I put out at Hell On Wheels every year. They are usually 3 yards for pistol or 6 yards for rifle. No one misses those, they miss the dump target that's 20" x 20" at 7 or 10 yards..
  13. Go to Wal-Mart buy a t-shirt and a Sharpie. Write SASS on the shirt and your alias. Or, buy a 3 pack of t-shirts and.....
  14. And, a really good fire suppression system.
  15. Just curious, where did you come up with those numbers? The state matches pay SASS $5 per shooter and regionals pay $7 per shooter, that's for the entire match. I don't know about Nationals and World shoots.
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