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  1. I see the ammo. Don't see the guns. Although, I'm not looking for anything less than 12 gauge. I don't see a problem. There are quite a few 28 gauge reloading machines for sale.
  2. 28 gauge is pretty rare. Even if approved I doubt most would even encounter a shooter using a 28, I've no problem with allowing it.
  3. Does this make their casting machines obsolete, will parts still be available?
  4. There were other pump shotguns produced before 1918. Other than safety concerns, why aren't they allowed in WB shooting? Seems like if it doesn't say Winchester it's not worthy. Remington model 10, Browning A5, etc. And, folks wonder why WB never really caught on.
  5. I try to keep 40 pounds of my sg/pistol powder. Only one pounders I buy are for hunting rounds. Don't shoot as much as I did. Maybe I'll become excited about shooting when or if I retire in a couple years.
  6. That's about the only thing that hasn't broke on my 73's.. Have to have 3-4 rifles just like 97's when I shot them.
  7. Just like the Widow Maker that San Juan use to have at his range. The ambulance and EMT's camped there for the weekend.
  8. Not everyone owns a printer. Folks that signed up for life memberships years ago assumed they'd get their Chronical in print form.
  9. Does anyone read the new shiny chronical? There was something about the old newspaper format that made folks want to pick it up. It was different not just a shiny magazine. Until there is a substantial increase of membership, advertisers won't pay for ads, which is what should be paying for the chronical.
  10. Only a small percentage of shooters used TB. Most I know switched to Titegroup, Unique, Clay's, Red Dot, Promo, and other fast burning SG powders.
  11. You'll want to practice properly. If you crawl into windows, always shoot left target first instead of first target you see, or dancing around rather than planting your feet, the list goes on. You'll only get better at bad habits. Although running your guns is important, it's only a piece of the puzzle. Find a good shooter to critique you and tutor your practice.
  12. TB was developed primarily for CAS. It came out around 2005 when we had 60-70k shooters. The demand has diminished along with our membership. Probably, less than 5-6% of CAS shooters were using TB. Maybe a thousand shooters buying a couple pounds annually isn't exactly profitable. I don't know of any others that use TB.
  13. Sorry to hear this. Reb was a good guy.
  14. Your club does that too?
  15. It's more to do with pressure and heat potentially melting the base of the bullet. The coating is just a replacement for lube and makes for much cleaner loading. .
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