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  1. I've been involved with writing many shoot books. Too much information is as bad as not enough. Make instructions short and to the point. Shooters come to a match to shoot, not study long instructions. Verbal descriptions by the MD or RO are easiest for most.
  2. Just replaced ours a couple months ago. Pulled pump and replaced it in about 4 hours. I had a spare pump I purchased just in case, and it paid off. It was 200 feet 1 1/4 inch pipe, pretty heavy. Pulled it with the tractor bucket. I have experience with well pumps so not a big deal.
  3. It's an abundance of fresh air. And, we have plenty of fresh air.
  4. Maybe, Kansas too, if you live in Colorado.
  5. I stay away from areas that precipitate frequently. And, I carry large trash bags in my cart. Umbrellas don't last long around here due to the high velocity vacuum coming from Nebraska.
  6. Good deal with all those extras. Surprised it hasn't sold yet.
  7. Told you it ain't a soul patch. It's a taint brush. I ain't got no soul.
  8. Had a great time at the 7th annual Return of the Buffalo to the Range. Good 12 stage main match, food, plenty of side match shooting. Kudos to Kid Bucklin, 69 Cent Wizard, 22 Gatlin, and all the others that host this match. Challenging stages with movement, a cowboy shooters dream. And, they gave a gun out to someone on each posse. And, two of those new 750 Dillon presses. Another club that gives back to their shooters!
  9. Yep, work your butt of in order to take off a few days , only to have to work twice as hard when you get back to work in order to catch up. Remember this, the more prepared you are for a match the fewer problems you'll encounter at the match.
  10. I watched some shooters shooting rifles with the lever lock installed this weekend. It appeared to work as designed and there seemed to be fewer jacked rounds from shooters that normally would have jacked a round or two during a 2 day match. There were many naysayers when short strokes came out, now shooters can't live without them. Unless you've seen them function and operated a rifle with multiple hit target arrays don't knock it.
  11. Kanye didn't purchase a ranch on the Southfork or Northfork, that's where the beautiful ranches are in the foothills. Many of those foothills ranches are corporate retreats. They aren't cattle ranches, they might grow some hay and have a few cows just to keep agricultural tax status. Monster Lake is well known for great fishing, and there are some beautiful buttes. There is a big oil field just to the east, it's wide open country. 4500 acres isn't much when it comes to big ranches in Wyoming. Good for Kanye and Kim for boosting the economy of Wyoming and the Cody area, I'd like to be the local ATV dealer. They could have gotten much more bang for the buck if they bought elsewhere, much of that open prairie can still be purchased for $300-400 an acre.
  12. When that last gun fails, this theory doesn't work very well. Seen it happen more than once.
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