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  1. Considering the adjustable sights were deemed to not be an advantage why are Blackhawks not allowed in most other categories. This is another rule that may stop new shooters from entering the game. When I started just about everyone owned a Blackhawk, and sometimes they are on sale for a considerably less than fixed sighted pistols. They can also be found for much less in the used market.
  2. Try A/B campground, several shooters stay there. They also have barbecue nightly, about 20 minutes from the range.
  3. We don't have any of those canals in Wyoming. Maybe, irrigation canals. Doubt one would have to worry about car sinking in one. I carry a tactical pen in my shirt pocket. Some ass bucket shot the back glass out of my Park Avenue, it shattered, found the bullet. I'm guessing the bullet was from a 9mm, could have been 380, 38 spec, 38 super, 357 mag, 357 Sig, or other jacketed bullets that are .356-.357 in diameter.
  4. The IT specialist is currently working on the 2020 application. I'm hoping to get it on the website this weekend.
  5. Electric tankless requires 50 amp circuit and heavier wire.
  6. It's probably still cooler than ambient. Depends on well or city water. My well water is about 45 degrees. Replacing an electric water heater is pretty basic. Two pipes, wire connection, and the pipe on the relief valve. Hardest part is draining the water out of the old unit. One hour job.
  7. I replace a few water heaters annually. I'd stick with the simple model. The "hybrid" model probably has more insulation, that's why it's fatter than the less expensive model. If you install a holding tank on the upside of the water heater it will allow the water to warm up to ambient temp before entering the water heater. You'll be heating 70 degree water vs. 50 degree water that come out of the ground or city water line. 20 degrees doesn't sound like much, percentage wise it's quite the savings.
  8. My recommendation for movement would be "no" stand and deliver stages. Minimum of a couple steps between shoot positions, all the younger shooters I've spoken with enjoy more movement and have little interest in S&D shooting. If the shooter had to take a step or two in order to adjust for a window, doorway, or shoot position, no call. Nothing excessive, just a few adjustments of current rules. I don't see the safety issue with moving as long as shooter is in control of firearms. Yes, I understand many shooters have mobility issues. Nothing says one must run to each position, you can still walk, mosey, whatever you need to do to get there. It is Cowboy "Action" Shooting.
  9. We had this same conversation last Saturday. So much for the alliances between shooters, they'd be enforcing rules and the coaching would be over. We've had sponsored shooters for years and professional shooters have shot this game, just not as PRO CAS shooters. I don't know if I'd want to compete against shooters that moved back and forth. I played senior baseball until I was 37 and there were some PRO's that played with us and they were not really welcomed in the amateur leagues. Yes, there was a big difference in skill level, especially in pitching. Idaho John (John Shaw) comes to mind, he shot WR in 1999 and kicked everyone's butt and was pretty much asked not to return when he showed up at EOT. Never saw him at a SASS match again.
  10. That's when there were less than 14,000 total members.
  11. We used to see Mike Venturino out in this part of the country occasionally. Haven't seen or heard of him in years. Don't even know of he's still writing. He was all about shooting big bore guns 45's, 44's, etc. Taffin was a supporter also. The stuff those guys wrote was informative. However, it was only informative to those interested in their small niche. Most of our shooters today would have no idea of either of the writers mentioned.
  12. The biggest problem is most folks have never heard of CAS. Setting up a both at the local gun show is preaching to the choir. There is a large group of people out there that would come out and shoot with us if only we could reach out and let them know our game exists. I'd place ads in Ebony, Latina, GQ, and other popular magazines in order to start my media blitz. I don't care what color cowboy shooters are, I just want more bodies having fun at the range. I mentioned this years ago and thought I was going to get hung. First we need to come up with new slogans and really cool pictures that catch the eye of potential shooters. There are professionals that do this stuff. New shooters could care less about the rules and all of our crap on the wire, they are having too much fun to be concerned. Considering the powers that be have totally dropped the ball on marketing and don't seem to care about the growth of SASS just what signal are they putting out there. I'm probably not the only person that is TG, President, head stage writer, head stage setter upper, etc and I don't have time to work 50 hours a week and do promotion too. Clubs are literally 2-3 members from closing their doors and no one is stepping up to take their place. Everyone needs to step back and ask themselves "what is going to happen in the next two years if there are no changes made to marketing?" Wolf Bane shoots with me occasionally and he has some good input. Wish he would respond to this post.
  13. Y'all keep a watchful eye on Hardtack Henry.
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