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  1. The range in Cheyenne could possibly handle the number of shooters. It's the biggest range I know of except for Ben Avery. Logistically, Cheyenne could handle the number of shooters. As stated, I have not been contacted. I haven't the desire nor the ambition for such an undertaking.
  2. I have not been contacted by SASS, only folks asking if it's going to be here.
  3. I was at CheyCast today, they are my neighbor. They were casting and sizing all day on the new equipment.
  4. Heat isn't an issue in Cheyenne at night. Pretty sure you can go to Little America and shower up. Maybe someone that has a motel room will let you shower there. Fortunately no rattlers on the range or anywhere close.
  5. The latest trend is injecting, the guys in our rehab center talk about how stupid they were. One of them told me they used a piece of metal window screen, hooked battery cables to the ends and sprayed Raid Ant and Roach Killer thru the screen. Then, they snorted the powdery residue, not something normal people would do.
  6. Suppositories', another vessel of imbibing.
  7. Lobo Joe if I remember correctly, Joe Abrams. Retired AF colonel, and Alaska State Trooper. He was also a pilot, told me about his experiences flying super cubs in Alaska. Joe lived a full life and enjoyed living. I could be wrong about some of the facts. My wife and I always looked forward to spending time with he and his bride.
  8. Lobo Joe was a great guy. I used to hang out with him in his fifth wheel in Cody, he had air conditioning. We shot together on many occasions and enjoyed derringer side matches together. RIP pard! Prayers up for Miss Hattie.
  9. We had a 105 mph gust here in Cheyenne. Sustained 50 mph yesterday and today. Weather guesser said something about a recorded 120 mph gust near Wheatland. There were some trucks blown over. They shut down the trains. Yes, rail cars do blow over.
  10. Yes, there are exceptions as stated above. We frequently write scenarios with no instructions for gun staging or restaging. Sweeps can be shot from L or R, start position, at signal move to position 1, with $%^^ gun engage those targets with a $%^& sweep, from position 2 with #$^^ gun engage those targets in this order, from position 3 with ^%$& gun engage those targets with $%^& sweep. No make safes, no stage here or there, shooters choice. Only directives are safety directives. Shooter can make up time managing the stage the way they want, no micromanagement. Much more fun watchi
  11. Yes, however the scenario said "place the empty rifle in the vertical rack". This conversation could have been avoided by less directives from the writer. We try to incorporate little time saving advantages into a stage, it's free time if a shooter's smart enough to find the advantage.
  12. I try not to force shooters to stage guns at any location. Less verbiage is more and potential for penalties is less. If it doesn't say, "stage gun here" they have the freedom to do whatever they want. If it's a safety concern it is addressed in the stage description. Why couldn't the shooter in the scenario move forward with the empty rifle? Was it a safety concern or just dictation from the writer? The SG was already staged at the next position, why not take allow taking the rifle. Give the stage to the shooter to run. If I see a possible advantage by taking or leaving a gun I w
  13. Vertical staging sucks!
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