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  1. Congrats on the promotion. Yes, it's hard to believe it'll be 20 years since 9/11.
  2. This is our 25th HOW. Looking forward to seeing everyone.
  3. I have a 54 inch. Mow 3-4 acres. It's dry here in Wyoming so it's not weekly. With it being dry here it's very dusty mowing. I've replaced the blades twice in 5 years. Much faster than traditional type mowers. Mine is 25 hp and uses more fuel than the old lawn tractor. Hands can get numb from vibration, wear cushioned gloves.
  4. There's plenty of cheap land in Wyoming. 160 acre parcels for $40k or less. It's cheap because there's no water. Same as in New Mexico.
  5. Why waste time depriming before tumbling when you deprime on the first station of a progressive press? Sounds like additional work.
  6. I agree. If you deprime before tumbling the flash hole can fill with media. The depriming pin insures the flash hole is clear in the loading process. Personally, I don't have time to inspect each piece of brass and I let the press do it's job.
  7. Probably less wear on the internals. Your bypassing the sear and trigger mechanism. Doubt slip hammering will wear anything prematurely. I wouldn't try that method on small knockdown targets.
  8. We have shot very little over the winter due to inclement weather. This shoot was like shooting 4 monthlies in two days. 480 rifle/pistol rounds plus shotgun. Considering ammo is going for $34-40 for a box of 50 my reloading presses are quickly becoming a valuable asset. Hopefully next year his event will be 36 stages over three days.
  9. Congrats to Pinewood Kid! 24 stages in two days was grueling.
  10. Last gun my dad still owns. He purchased it when he was 16. He's 92. Doubt he'll sell it until he is gone. I learned to hunt small game with it.
  11. Many years ago at San Juan's range, Blacksmith was launching bowling balls out of of an old oxygen cylinder made into a cannon. The balls must have flown 600-700 yards and landed in a ravine, lots of rocks, actually nothing but rocks. The balls barely had any scratches after flying through the air at distance. They are tough for sure.
  12. We got three feet of spring here in Cheyenne last week.
  13. Proper stage management. The better shooters will always figure out which target to start on in order to finish on the target that allows them to flow more smoothly to the next gun. If, the stage writer allows the option of starting L or R. I prefer to shoot the first target I see when shooting through a window. If I'm moving left to right why would I want to stop and twist back to my left when I'm already looking straight at the target on the right. It's free time, every stage has free time for the taking if one can figure out where it is.
  14. I remember that camera. A young couple took the picture. The camera stood on a tripod and turned very slowly. It was a very old camera and folks were told to stand still. Once the camera passed by they could leave. The camera was still turning and taking the panoramic picture. The camera was originally used for taking pictures at sporting events in large stadiums and arenas.
  15. Yep, try Altamont. They make nice grips.
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