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  1. Monk would have exactly 10 people on hos posse.
  2. First, make sure there are folks in your area that show interest in WB.
  3. Mason jars with sealed lids, stored in cabinets.
  4. I prefer Linebaugh's method. Drill and tap under the pawl on the recoil shield and install a setscrew. Adjust until pawl no longer touches the cylinder.
  5. Trigger spring is also accessed by removing grips only.
  6. Springs can be changed by removing grips. Do not disassemble grip frame from pistol.
  7. They are simple to change. Takes 5 minutes.
  8. Pretty sure the closest lodging is in or near Greeley. Cheyenne is another option, about 45 minute drive to the north.
  9. You'd think, with all the folks that have passed away, retired, or just quit shooting CAS, there would be an abundance of Vaquero's available.in the used market. Just out of curiosity it would be interesting to find out how many Vaquero's and Blackhawk's are stowed away in safes. Just how many single action pistols are out there?
  10. Several years ago SASS increased dues, we lost 20-25% of our membership. New shooters are the key to growing any organization. When is the marketing campaign going to start? I've been told we're implementing a marketing blitz utilizing social media and we have this new person that is great at social media. Sorry, I haven't seen squat. This was supposed to start 6-7 years back. I know I've hit a nerve because I was called and asked to tone down my rhetoric. Those of us that enjoy hosting matches are getting burned out and after years of dedication need someone to tak
  11. Yes, 25 years ago we used one pistol. Two pistols were just getting a foothold and few had the second holster. And, we only had a few categories.
  12. Those prices will prevent hoarding.
  13. Agree, take some self defence classes and practice frequently.
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