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  1. Assassin


    Unfortunately, most of our shooters are elderly and can't stand or follow the shooter. I've seen spotters digress immensely over the past couple years.
  2. Assassin


    I have to disagree. The pistol may have failed to lock up and the firing pin may have hit the back of the cylinder. Could have been slip hammering and didn't pull the hammer back fully.
  3. Assassin


    Miss, just like kicking out a rifle round. The shooter may have attempted to shoot in the proper order, just skipped over round or it didn't strike the primer due to a malfunction.
  4. The weather was wonderful. Mostly the mid 70's and sunny.
  5. I just loaded 1000 38 special rounds with Remington primers, they loaded smoothly in my 650. So far they've all gone bang.
  6. Clays, Titegroup, Promo, most shotgun powders with a fast burn rate work well for light 38's.
  7. Just buy some AR500 plate steel and cut it into squares and rectangles. If you cut it into fancy shapes; circles, animal shapes, etc. , you will waste 15-20% of your steel and little tails, feathers, hands, hat brims, etc will break off easily. I have a plasma table and have cut hundreds of targets. Might be cheaper to buy a plasma cutter for $1200-1500 than paying a shop. Then, weld or bolt on some hanger brackets.
  8. If you're loading 38 special, run a 357 mag thru occasionally. All that build up gets cleaned out.
  9. It was too hard to spell. Ass ass in is much easier and it wasn't taken.
  10. Belle Drewry and I were married at EOT 04/27/05. We had a large audience. I had a ball and chain around my ankle and a monkey on my back. We're still married after 19 years. She's a good gal for putting up with my grumpy attitude.
  11. Girl, I remember you running around on that rocky desert over at Stampede in Pahrump. Doubt a little frost would hurt your pedicure.
  12. Coming from Wyoming it was summer weather.
  13. That was Colorado Big Al, he didn't break his leg. He did take a really hard fall, and he was a big man.
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