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  1. If you spend a thousand bucks to go to a match, and a pistol falls out after the 4th stage, while you were having the best match of your life. It's well worth having snug holsters. One quick turn, stop, hop, skip, sprint, or whatever can pop a pistol out of it's nest. Have a secure nest. For most of the upper echelon shooters, the stage is "controlled chaos", snug holsters don't eliminate the possibility of a pistol popping out, it does increase the odds of it not happening. Ask Longhunter if you ever run into him, Jim will tell you the importance of having snug holsters.
  2. They should be snug. If they drop in and out too easily you'll have a problem. Yes, I've had guns drop out of holsters. We pride ourselves on lots of movement in this part of the country, snug is important.
  3. I disassembled mine for cleaning a couple days ago. When I put them back together they were binding, removed the cylinder pins, reinstalled and they were fine. They are fine tuned, short stroked, and don't have transfer bars. I'm thinking it was an alignment issue. No, I didn't mix up cylinders or pins, only took one apart at a time.
  4. Hamley has two. A Bambi and larger model. One for long distance another for one nighters.
  5. I keep my loading strip inside my vest on cold days. It seems to keep velocities more stable. As stated, light loads, light crimp, are not your friends. Downloading is not going to help you shoot stages any faster.
  6. The engine isn't the problem. Same truck with a 5.3 is only going to weigh 100-200 pounds more. Crew cab, extended cab, whatever they call it, will add weight to the truck and might help with the trailer movement. Best solution is to tow with a 3/4 ton or 2500. If the horse is in a stall and secured he's not going to move around much. If he's in a stock trailer there may be more room for movement. Don't believe the tow ratings on any truck.
  7. Having main match shooting on Friday and Saturday, then the shoot-off and awards on Sunday allows the MD and company time to tear down, put things away, and not have to return on Monday to finish cleaning up.
  8. You can buy unfaced insulation, without the paper barrier. Even an obscure glass allows one to see the outline of a person in the room. Curtains or blinds are recommended. I don't have neighbors for miles on the west side of my house, still have blinds all windows.
  9. My bride tells me if I don't like something tell her and she won't prepare it again. She freezes single serving portions, probably enough for two, but I'm a high performance machine and have to eat a lot. I just dig what I want out of the freezer. She canned some elk stew and it was rather tasty. This way she only has to cook a couple times per week and I have my choice of what I want. Yul, that soup doesn't sound bad. I'd just tell Mrs. Yul that It's good and you appreciate the soup. However, it's getting old having the same thing over and over like groundhog day. Hey darlin', how about we burn up a couple steaks on the grill tonight.
  10. Robert Conrad was one of the most athletic actors ever, did all of his own stunts. Always a great fight scene in every episode of WWW. Unlike many actors today he actually looked like he knew how to handle his guns.
  11. The fox is a digger. They have created quite the earthworks next to the railroad tracks, they have multiple dens and use all of them. They also will form a nursery and one vixen will take care of the kits while others hunt for food. Our resident fox eats quite well, she gets our chicken carcasses, bones, bread heals, pretty much any left overs go to the fox rock. They also like milk-bone dog biscuits. They watch from afar and know when to come in for dinner. Maybe they are too well fed to bother with the neighbors chickens. The kits are very entertaining when they start running around in mid summer. Then, towards the end of summer they are gone. Should see a fresh batch of kits around the end of march. Coyotes kill foxes, and they are arch enemies. If you have foxes at least you don't have to worry about coyotes bothering your dogs, cats, or children. Foxes will avoid confrontation from other animals, they will not bother adult cats. The chicken coop needs to have the wire go under ground 6-8 inches. Many critters will try to undermine the perimeter when baited with chickens. Badgers will tear everything up if they want in bad enough. I'm guessing y'all don't have badgers in GA.
  12. 4 words, ass ass I am, sometimes. It's a blessing and a curse. I was watching Unforgiven and they were shooting the guy in the outhouse, all the ranch hands were yelling assassin, assassin. And, I checked the alias list. Low and behold it wasn't taken.
  13. Feral cats killed most of our bluebirds. They didn't seem to affect the hummingbird population.
  14. Yes you do, I've picked up plenty of your 45 brass through the years.
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