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  1. I got the rifle today. It is awesome. Thanks for selling it to me. You are a good person. I would not hesitate to buy from you again. Mayo
  2. I had family in Ireland that would not drink Bushmills because it was “made in the North.” It is of no consequence to me, but the non-Catholic folks in the North in my experience refer to themselves as British and not Irish.
  3. The Royal Irish Rifles is a British unit from Northern Ireland.
  4. I will take it if it is still available. My e-mail is dugganranch@gmail.com. Send me an email. I will send you my local FFL destination in Reno. I will get a postal Money Order as soon as I get your info.
  5. S&W Model 3 American. 1866 Winchester, and possibly an 1860 Spencer.
  6. Reilly is almost three years old. He is a smart pup.
  7. A few years ago here in Reno, I bought an AR15, 1,000 rounds of ammo, and several 30 round magazines. It took me about 45 minutes from the time I walked in and browsed to the time I was putting my purchase in my pick up truck to go home.
  8. No state income tax in Nevada. Finagler, I do not have a job. That is why It’s called retirement. I have been doing some leather crafting, and was in a few local inde films.
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