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  1. Food. I hate cleaning and prepping food. I like eating it though, especially when someone else cooks and cleans it first.
  2. My Uncle Ron (USMC retired) carried one at the Chosen Res. He loved it. He said that when using short bursts and feathering the trigger, you can hit targets 1000 yards away. He called his a sniper rifle. But, he also said use the bipod and go prone.
  3. 414 is probably the average number of fans attending their home games……lol.
  4. I always leave my spurs on,
  5. I met Don Malarkey. He was a nice guy and funny as heck too.
  6. I think you need to petition the Governor for a pardon.
  7. One of my friends used to call him Gene Off-key. But, I always liked him.
  8. My Aussie does not find this humorous at all.
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