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  1. A few years ago here in Reno, I bought an AR15, 1,000 rounds of ammo, and several 30 round magazines. It took me about 45 minutes from the time I walked in and browsed to the time I was putting my purchase in my pick up truck to go home.
  2. No state income tax in Nevada. Finagler, I do not have a job. That is why It’s called retirement. I have been doing some leather crafting, and was in a few local inde films.
  3. I was born in California and lived most of my life there. I am so glad to have moved from there. The place is destroyed by the one political party system.
  4. Matt Bastardson Major Catastrophe General Lee Intoxicated Private Parts Joaquin Withalimp Rowan Boats Hans Zupt
  5. I got the holster today.  Thanks.

    1. Chicago Steeley SASS 26520

      Chicago Steeley SASS 26520

      You're welcome!


      Its a great rig.

  6. We did not wear Loafers, we wore shoes that worked, lol. I do not wear levi jeans. Levis are one of the largest corporate sponsors of gun control. Most real cowboys wear Wrangler Jeans. They support Pro Rodeo.
  7. R.Lee Ermy and I at Ft. Mac in 2007 at a living history event.
  8. Loren Greene Michael Landon Dan Blocker Red Sovine Marty Robbins Merle Haggard Robert Tessier (Bald guy mean guy in the Original Longest Yard film) John Holmes (porn star - he was in jail at the time for burglary) Kenneth Bianchi (Hillside Strangler - in jail) Angelo Buono (other Hillside Strangler - in jail) William Bonin (Freeway Killer - in jail) Roy Schider (from Jaws) Billy Dee Williams Tom Selleck Whoopi Goldberg Tony Curtis Don Rickles Eddie Murphy Roger Mosley (Helicopter pilot on Magnum P.I.) Connie Stevens Patty Duke Anna Maria Alberghetti William Sanderson Roy Rogers Dale Evans William Smith Robert Fuller Hugh O'Brian Bruce Boxlightner Dick Butkus Donnie Edwards (Chiefs, Chargers linebacker for 14 years) Steve Lukather (Toto rock band. I met them all, but I cannot remember the other guys names) José Ferrer Candace Bergen Lionel Ritchie Michael Madsen Dolph Lundgren Jason Gedrick Lee Rocker (The Stray Cats) James Drury Doug Smith (Center for the Rams in the 1980's) Jeff Rutledge (Rams Quarterback) Jim Brown (Hall of fame Running back) Greg Bell Jody Foster Linda Blair R. Lee Ermy (I know I have forgotten some. I was a Deputy Sheriff in Los Angeles for 32 years. I ran into celebrities often.)
  9. I thought in meant you have a nose bleed and your hankie is ruined.
  10. I actually have a piece of the USS Arizona here. My grandfather on my mother's side of the family was on a Destroyer out with the carriers when the attack came. He had a friend who was salvaging some steel and cut a hunk of it.
  11. The officials were not calling obvious penalties on both sides. There was offensive holding by GB on almost every play and defensive holding on Dallas on nearly as many plays as GB had offensive holding.
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