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  1. My dog’s Name is “Reilly Browne from Roscommon town.”
  2. I Was a cop for 32 years. I never heard of that baloney.
  3. Ammo is to small to be used as toilet paper.
  4. Custom made for me by Matt Whittaker of Bianchi Frontier Gun leather. For 7” Schofields. $100 plus shipping.
  5. Yup Pat. Those are the ones you shot. They are deadly accurate.
  6. The speed loaders for this pistol also fit Schofields and my American.
  7. I got the rifle today. It is awesome. Thanks for selling it to me. You are a good person. I would not hesitate to buy from you again. Mayo
  8. I had family in Ireland that would not drink Bushmills because it was “made in the North.” It is of no consequence to me, but the non-Catholic folks in the North in my experience refer to themselves as British and not Irish.
  9. The Royal Irish Rifles is a British unit from Northern Ireland.
  10. I will take it if it is still available. My e-mail is dugganranch@gmail.com. Send me an email. I will send you my local FFL destination in Reno. I will get a postal Money Order as soon as I get your info.
  11. S&W Model 3 American. 1866 Winchester, and possibly an 1860 Spencer.
  12. Reilly is almost three years old. He is a smart pup.
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