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  2. Sounds like a very nice House what is your asking price? How many bedrooms ,baths and size of garage?
  3. I would say no he left loading table with hammer cocked to shoot the stage . Hard lession to learn Question .? Were,there other shooters at the loading table. We should try to watch what others are doing to help them not earn a penalty.
  4. Did anyone , other than me notice that she has brown eyes?
  5. Ain't nothing without a Blue Oval on it
  6. Ok Guys when does looking become creepy?
  7. Two more wake ups then we get to shoot
  8. After I got married 48 years ago my wife saw me looking at what you would was a world record rack I told her ( my wife ) that she was lucky that I wasn't blind because using Brail is hard to explain So far only males have posted to this. What do the females here have to say? How do we handle this problem?
  9. If the females dress that way , then they want you to look
  10. I hate good deals they cost me money
  11. I will take the brass if Charlie doesn't thanks CATLOW
  12. We are going to sign up on your posse this Saturday
  13. I hate spell check thats underwear
  14. Real sorry to hear that I will let you hold mine
  15. Rye I hope your Colt comes in time for the shoot
  16. The answer to your next question is No you don't have to help them change there underwire
  17. Buy the stock one then send to the gun smith of your choice
  18. Yes you are going to Hell 73 Rifles are bought in pairs If the store doesn't have two of them ,then you must buy a handgun This is what I tell my wife when and If I tell her
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