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    I had a notification that one of my meds was ready to pick up at the Safeway Pharmacy, so I stopped by after work. Of a change I was able to just walk right up. Gave my date of birth and name, person looked it up and said, "Oh! We have one ready now and will have three more for you if you want to wait just a few minutes." Sure, why not. Went to look for thermometers. Came back and as I got there a lady maybe in her late 60s had stepped up. So, as is custom here I waited off to the side of the counter while she was dealt with and my prescriptions filled. Lady looked at me and gestured behind her to the aisle, "Maybe you could wait there." "Ma'am, they are working on an order for me." "They are working on something for you?" as if she had trouble understanding. "Yes, Ma'am. And this is where people usually wait." "Well, I just wanted to keep my six feet." I looked at her, judged the distance and said, "You're out of bayonet range." "What?" "You aren't in bayonet range." She gave me a very odd look.
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    Things are getting out of hand. I just saw this call for protests on Facebook.
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    A racist is a person who is winning an argument with a Liberal.
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    Odin, retired U.S. Army, 2008-2020.
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    The people in this sport are awesome. A couple of years ago I had a mild stroke, and now I am battling Parkinson's, and most of the time I use a cane due to balance issues. I can't count the number of times when people have insisted on moving long guns for me and helping me get through a stage Shortly after my stroke, I was gonna cancel a shoot in SD, but they insisted that I come anyway if I was up to it. I told them I would try, and they said to text shortly before I got there. When I pulled in, about six guys met me and insisted on setting up my little camper for me. I thought I would end up hanging out and watching the match and maybe spot for the weekend, but I discovered they had assigned a young man to be my "caddie" for the weekend, moving my cart and long guns for the weekend. Obviously, I was slow, but with their help, I was able to finish the match. Then, while visiting and waiting on the awards, unknown to me, they hooked up the camper and I was surprised to see I was ready to roll when I got there. The last couple of years have been challenging. The people in this sport keep me fighting
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    just talked to Cimarron and the new First Model American sixguns are trickling in from Italy. So far only .45 Colt calibers, but I'm still on the list for a .44 Russian or .44 Special with an 8" barrel. I'm 78 years old and hope I get mine before they have to take it out of the box and drop it next to me in a coffin. BTW1, I just got an email from and old friend reminding me that I'm the same age as Hanoi Jane Fonda. She may be better known than I am but I'm much more loved and I am better respected. SO THERE!!! BTW2, I sent off the paperwork to get my real birth certificate yesterday. Should have it back in about eight weeks. Then I'll have something that Barak Obama could never produce for the public in eight years. SO THERE AGAIN !!!
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    A priest and a rabbi were sitting next to each other on anairplane. After a while, the priest turned to the rabbi and asked, "Is it still a requirement of your faith that you not eat pork?" The rabbi responded, "Yes, that is still one of our beliefs." The priest then asked, "Have you ever eaten pork?" The rabbi replied, "Yes, on one occasion I did succumb to temptation and tasted a ham sandwich." The priest nodded in understanding and went on with his reading. A while later, the rabbi spoke up and asked the priest, "Is it still a requirement of your church that you remain celibate?" The priest replied, " Yes, that is still very much a part of our faith." The rabbi then asked him, "Have you ever fallen to the temptations of the flesh?" The priest replied, "Yes, rabbi, on one occasion I was weak and broke with my faith." The rabbi nodded understandingly and remained silent, thinking about five minutes. Finally, the rabbi said, "Beats a ham sandwich, doesn't it?"
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    Thank y’all for the sentiments. It occurred to me this afternoon, while I was sweating and cutting some brush, that 50 years ago today I turned 22 in the lovely location of Phouc Vinh. I was 17 days from heading back to the world. I’m still surprised I’m alive. Every day since then has been gravy. It’s been quite a run.
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    When I see a lefthand shooter come to the line I just chuck the timer down range and leave...
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    A lot of people don't realize that today, September 17th, is Constitution Day, the anniversary of the adoption of our beloved constitution. As some of you know, I'm a member of the Sons of the American Revolution, a patriotic service organization, for which we have to genealogically prove descent from a Revolutionary War patriot. Each applicant has to provide all the documentation leading back to the patriot, and it is checked and verified by a team of professional genealogists at the national headquarters before membership is granted. Our record keeping systems are antiquated, so the national office is creating the Patriot Research System, a database of all those approved applications, including their lineages. The problem is, the approved applications are typewritten and scanned, so there is no easy way to transfer all the data into the database. A team of over 600 volunteers, including yours truly, is currently undertaking all that data entry manually. In any event, I was filling one out this morning for a member in my chapter that was approved back in 2014. Something jumped off the page at me. While filling out the data for his wife, who was born in 1970, I immediately noticed she had died on 05 Jan 2006. "Wow, that's pretty young to die," I told myself as I pecked away at the keyboard into the system. After having done a number of these, I see occasional young deaths, especially as we get earlier in time. But it's rare to see it in the 20th - 21st century. And, of course, she was also a mother of four. I read the next block of data to input into the system -- place of death: An Najaf, Iraq. I guess that filled in all the blanks I needed. Between being a soldier and a retired police officer, I've buried a total of 19 friends. Every time I'm involved in a flag retirement ceremony (except when Scouts are involved because it's pretty heavy), I read the names of all 19 whenever we burn the red stripes. The red stripes symbolize blood shed in defense of our nation. But I can't imagine what our compatriot must have gone through when an officer showed up at his door to make the notification. Then I got to the end of the application and noticed he didn't even sign it; it was signed by his mother in his place. His occupation was listed as, "U.S. Army officer (deceased)." That means the four children listed on the application lost both of their parents. Let's not forget how we won the right to have our freedom, nor what it takes to preserve it.
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    My wife was born on this date in 1946. She would have been seventy four years old today.
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    Carol got me a new lens for the camera. First attempt at a decent moon photo. Too bad I couldn’t get a pic Tuesday as it was coming up huge and pumpkin colored.
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    Exactly. Never underestimate your enemy. It doesn't take a brave warrior to anonymously strike from the dark. A terrorist is a terrorist.
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    The purpose in labeling those on the Right is an attempt to shut down the opposition’s right to be heard because you’ve been “canceled” as a racist or fascist. It’s really a tool of the Socialists, Marxists, and communists. They don’t have to tolerate the hateful Right.
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    There are many long time CMP fans here.
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    Near the end of the Civil War a man by the name of Ira Tate realized then when the war ended there would be a sudden and great mass movement to the western regions of America. The South was in shambles and the factories in the North were no longer on a war time footage, but land to the West was plentiful and cheap. Tate also realized that there would be a need for maps with the top pointing west and compasses designed to point west, just for the convenience of those who may never have seen a map nor, for that matter, a compass. Tate proceeded to find some backers and had several hundred maps and compasses made to his specifications. He had his name on each item but neglected, however, to put instructions with them. The compasses and maps often became separated and often those with one, but not the other, found them selves in Mexico and those who thought they had a Tates compass, but did, in fact, have a conventional compass wound up in Canada. It was a horrible mess and get worse over time. The situation was known as Tate's Folly and gave birth to the expression "He who has a Tate's is lost". There will be a quiz on Friday.
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    Funeral detail this morning for a local vet who passed away this week. Our cemetery Is off the highway and bordered by large ag fields. A very peaceful pastoral setting. With the service completed, I prepared the rifle squad to fire the traditional 3 volleys. As they came to the aim position, I noticed 3 mule deer grazing in the field just beyond the fence. Nothing I could do but give the command to fire. And again. And again. I later commended the guys for not cracking up as the mini herd was rudely interrupted in their brunch and took off for parts unknown at warp speed at the barking of 5 M1s aimed in their direction. They seemed to accelerate with each succeeding volley. I think they may still be running. I also think the departed vet would have enjoyed it.
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    She and Scalia were good friends despite their differences! The nation would be better if others could emulate them. It WILL be a colossal battle with elections so close at hand!!
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    For rescues in California fires. https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/remarks-president-trump-ceremony-recognizing-california-army-national-guard-mcclellan-park-ca/ While they were on the way to the campground, the crew received word from state and local officials and headquarters that it was far too dangerous to continue the mission. “Turn back.” But they decided to continue anyway, knowing they might not return. They knew that people were in danger — great danger. As night set in, they could see almost nothing through the miles of dense smoke. Using their night goggles and their expert navigation skill, they reached the camp. They found the stranded families — many of whom were badly burned and injured — and they loaded them, as many as they could, onto the two helicopters. Then they made the perilous flight back to the base. As soon as they unloaded the passengers, they again risked their lives and flew back into the blazing fire to rescue more victims. Their superior said, “You cannot do this. You cannot do it again.” They did it. The smoke had become even more overpowering, yet they returned a third time. After 10 grueling hours, they completed their mission, having saved the lives of an astounding 242 people. We are proud of them.
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    A 1.75 oz glass bottle of paprika has a burst radius of 20-25 feet if dropped five inches onto a granite counter top. The resulting glass debris weighs about 32 pounds....give or take a bunch. It will also delay your supper about fifteen minutes while you clean it up.
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    There are two handed shooters who can outrun the timer. Never ever should the timer be consulted for anything, other than did it run and did it stop on the last shot?
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    This cartoon is dedicated to Hardpan and every other Scouter out there.
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