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  1. I found this - "The SD9VE has oval divots (stippled) on both sides; very intuitive and comfy for trigger finger when safe and for thumb over thumb grip."
  2. When I was at Sportsman's Warehouse, we carried the SW9/40VE series, an earlier model. With my 5% employee discount and a rebate from S&W, I paid $285.99 for the .40 version. Sometime later, I was shooting at a deserted, informal BLM range, and found another lightly speckled magazine for it laying on the ground.
  4. That single trigger Baikal will be fine... if it keeps working. I've heard a lot of bad things about single triggers, but I have a Bounty Hunter II single trigger that's worked just fine for the two years I've had it.
  5. My FFL charges $20 for transfers. I once saw a gun come in from California, and the FFL there charged him something like $95 to log it into his book, another $95 to log it out, plus shipping and insurance, then ANOTHER $20 here to have it transferred to him. And it was some low-priced gun to start with, like a Ruger SR9c that sold brand new for only about $300 to start with.
  6. I think it was supposed to be, "And long have I gazed at the horizon"... but auto-cork struck again.
  7. 1. Consensus on 105 vs 125 gr .38 bullets? What do you think? I am willing to load separately for revolvers and rifle, but it may be easier to load the same for both. For this game, 105-158 really doesn't make a whit of difference for the vast majority of shooters. I generally stick to 125-135. 2. 4.75 inch vs. 5.5? Over the course of 30 years in CAS, I've found I prefer 4 5/8". A former multi-time state champion here swore by 5 1/2"ers, and one of the fastest shooters in the game went to 7 1/2"ers a few years back. 3. Bisley vs. SAA style? Neither one of us has larger hands. (I have A Ruger Singe Six .22LR fort comparison, as well as a S&W Mod 29...) Personally, I HATE the Bisley grip style. 4. Do you know of any places that have less than 12-16 months lead time for leather rigs? Nope. 5. It seems a way for us to start might be through someone who is getting out of CAS. Would you know of anyone? Nope.
  8. I have five .44-40 Vaqueros at the moment, and have had eight others, and never experienced any problems. I once had a Navy Arms 1875 Remington with tight chambers that wouldn't reliably chamber everything until I dropped to a .428" bullet, so I used the .428"er in all my .44-40's, so as not to have two kinds of ammo - worked just fine in everything. The '75's are gone, and I'm back to using .429" in everything now. Now the .38-40's... oof. Inexplicably, Ruger sized the chamber mouths to .395" - .396", and that is very problematic. I borrowed a reamer from somebody here on the Wire several years ago and opened all three of mine up. The .40 S&W cylinders have the proper throats.
  9. I... don't... remember... it's been thirty years next month. Probably a magazine ad.
  10. These are designed as the building progresses. I doubt Irons drew up any kind of plans, just welded up a frame, squared it, braced it, and starting mounting stuff to it. The one parameter he had was it had to fit in the "garage" on his RV. There's a ramp that folds down on one side, he drives it in crosswise, opens the door between the garage & living area, and steps off the machine into the trailer.
  11. That's my daughter in the top picture. The machine was built by Cowboy Shooter A. E. Irons and is powered by a recoil start Honda engine. Second from the bottom is the same machine from a different angle. A. E. Irons is the short guy with the black cowboy hat and black vest.
  12. In these times, probably $3000/pair, more or less. I paid $1190 for a consecutive s/n set in 2007 that had a total of 6 rounds through each .38-40 cylinder, and -0- through the .40 cylinders. Then I paid $650 for a third one in '08 - gotta have an identical backup, doncha know. There were 674 made with 4 5/8" barrels and 753 with 5 1/2" barrels, all of them stainless. The .38-40/.40 S&W convertibles, .44 Special Lipsey's Limited Editions, and the .32-20/.32 H&R mag convertibles are all going to be in the same range right now. In the last month, there have been four .38-40 convertibles sell on Gunbroker for $1325, $1575, $1250, and $1200, plus shipping, insurance, and transfer fee, of course.
  13. Good Lord, what in the world are you going to do with that monstrosity? You need a second one, you know that, right? That's where my alias came from - 18" of barrel, times two, equals three feet.
  14. Found it - this may be the incident you're referring to. ---------------------------------------------------- Sut Ellis of Winston, Montana, an old buffalo hunter, once told me of having a running fight with a band of horse stealing Indians on the north side of the Missouri below Winston. He and a band of hunters lost some horses to the Indians during the night and took up their trail at daylight. During the day they caught up with the band and engaged in a running fight. They shot a horse from under one Indian and he took to the rocks. He killed one of the whites before they got him through the head with a sixgun slug. Sut said they picked up their fallen buddy and buried him but never did bother to bury the Indian or even look him over as they again hurriedly took up the trail. He said he thought he could still find the place even though many years had elapsed and that he was going back over the scene of the fight that summer. I told him to get the Indian's gun if he could find it. A month later when I went to town for my mail, Sut gave me an Indian's skull with a .45 slug hole through it and an old Colt .36 caliber revolving rifle, with the stock in two pieces at the grip from weathering and a possible fracture when he dropped it. Three of the chambers were still fully loaded. He said the gun, the skull and most of the bones were still there wedged between some big rocks. Mother did not like that gruesome memento of the fight laying around the house so I gave both the gun and the skull to Will H. Everson of Bozeman, Montana. The old Colt revolving rifle was, as one would expect, a hopelessly rusted wreck. ---------------------------------------------------- The description of being "on the north side of the Missouri below Winston" doesn't make sense, as the river runs north/south from Winston some fifty miles to the north before it turns northeast for another hundred and ten miles, so within quite some distance of the town, it would be on the east or west side of the river, not north or south. If the fight took place as far below Winston as the next town on the river, Canton, he would have described it as being directional from Canton, I would think. Winston is about nine miles from me, and Canton about four. The old Canton townsite has been submerged under Canyon Ferry lake since the mid-1950's. The battle site could be underwater today too, depending on just where it took place.
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