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  1. I actually already had five, two consecutive. These two make seven. :-)
  2. Yes, Lipseys. 503 were made in stainless with 4 5/8" barrels. One of mine is a 510 prefix, and the others are 511.
  3. I've used a Colt Series 70, Rock Island, Springfield, and this past few matches, a Remington R1. The sights on the Remington are a bit odd, but overall I'm favorably impressed. The rear sight fell off at the last match and it turns out it's not a tight fit at all, depending solely on a tiny set screw to hold it in the *proprietary* dovetail cut. When I put it back on, l used a sliver of paper on one side of the dovetail to snug it up, along with a liberal dose of Loctite.
  4. I think we've reached a deal - whoever would have thought being stuck having fun on a cruise ship would be a bad thing?
  5. I'll take both, if you can accept PP. Getting off this ship and finding a post office for a money order is problematic.
  6. I had an acquaintance years ago named Rene, but he pronounced it Renny. I've also got a male friend named Dana, and two male friends named Kim - and they're not Asian.
  7. There is a club here that is leaning more and more all the time toward "Western Combat Shooting". Some folks seem to like it. Some don't. One scenario - Shooter starts behind a closed door. At the beep, shooter goes through the door and shoots two rifle rounds at two small round targets (<12") on the back berm maybe 40 yards away. Shooter advances to a barricade with several angled slots in it and shoots the same targets with two shots through each of three slots - the top slot can be shot easy enough stooping over, but the lower ones pretty much require the shooter to drop to their knees to get a sight picture. Even if you're only 5' 6" and 30 years old, it's tough. Try it at 64 and six and a half feet tall, and you're very tempted to just pack up and go home. After those 6 shots, shooter advances again to another barricade with a vertical slot and shoots the last two rounds at the same targets. Shooter then moves laterally to another barricade with a square frame in front of it. Shooter must shoot two shotgun from one side of barrier, with one foot in the square, then two shots from the other side of the barrier, also with one foot in the square. Shooter then moves laterally again, and engages the (small) pistol targets (no barrier for the pistol string). Results have never been posted, but 90 second stages were the norm. Another scenario had 10 pistol targets in the shape of cowboys about 3" wide and maybe 10" high perched on spikes driven in the ground. Three to five hits were common.
  8. If the 450 is local (no shipping), jump on it. There are at least 20+ suitable powders for .38 spl, and everybody has their favorite - Bullseye, W231, Red Dot, IMR Red, Clays, Clay Dot, Titegroup, American Select, 700X, Trail Boss, AA #2, Unique, etc. Most folks don't use a bullet over 125 grains in .38 spl - all lead or powder coated lead, of course, with a round nose, round nose flat point, or a truncated cone design.
  9. Oregon Senate Bill 501 earlier this year was calling for a maximum receipt of no more than 20 rounds in any 30 day period, a background check, and detailed record keeping to ensure no one could get their hands on more than 20 rounds a month... 240 rounds a year. I don't remember it stating whether this would apply to shotshells or not. You would only be able to shoot two 6 stage matches a year. After the ammo retailers are all gone, they'll go after the reloaders - licensing, book keeping, usage, etc.
  10. I thought that at first, but it's too large in diameter, like Dusty Devil Dale said above.
  11. A couple grade school classmates were coming to town, so we managed to round up another eight from our little school from over half a century ago for an impromptu reunion lunch. I gotta tell ya, I was rather shocked at how *old* some of these "kids" are now - heart monitor, oxygen concentrator, new knee, cane, cancer...
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