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  1. It's an older press Lee made called the Load-All Junior. I think they discontinued it in the late-70's. (edit) They still have the instruction pamphlet on their Web site. https://leeprecision.com/files/instruct/LOADALLJR.pdf
  2. If you do the calculations, those F100's I posted about above sold for $19.57/troy ounce, including the shipping cost. The spot price of silver today was $26.84/troy ounce.
  3. No kidding! I even had the method of measurement wrong - it's μg/dL, not PPM.
  4. It's a problem I've dealt with for quite some time. I worked at a local lead smelter for 23 years, and always had a tough time keeping my blood lead level below 30. Toward the end, as the standard kept dropping over the years (It closed in 2001), I was spending four to six months a year on in-plant medical removal. On certain jobs, I would wear a full hazmat style suit, gloves with liners, booties, and a PAPR - a real challenge in areas where the ambient temperature was easily 150 degrees. Even with a cold vest, you just couldn't stay there longer than maybe 45 minutes. Other people could go into buildings where you couldn't see all the way to the opposite wall due to smoke & fume, leave their respirator dangling around their neck, and they still managed to keep their BLL in the teens. Some people are just much more susceptible than others.
  5. Only a hundred and twenty? Gotta get those numbers up! https://www.gunbroker.com/item/879291909
  6. I had some blood work done at the VA last week, and requested a blood lead level. The doc called me with the results today - 31ppm. But, in all fairness, I had just cast a bunch of bullets the previous day.
  7. I had a life-long neighbor who passed last year at age 102 - born in 1917. Farmers and rural dwellers still used carriages and horse drawn equipment. Very few had telephones, or electricity yet. The more affluent families might have had one of those new-fangled four foot tall radios in the corner to listen to at night - lots of static and hum, and powered by a bank of batteries charged by a windmill-driven generator. Automobiles were seldom seen out here, and the rare airplane flying over was cause for everyone to drop what they were doing and go look. The fast way across the continent was by train, and transoceanic trips were solely by ship. A different world, indeed.
  8. Backups aren't backups unless you have them with you. That said, I have a weird predilection for having a third identical revolver (or more) for each pair I have. Identical. Caliber, finish, barrel length, sights, grips, etc, as well as identical backups for shotguns and rifles. THAT said, I only take backups to state or above matches, which is a little odd, because the more people in attendance, the less you really need a backup. I once loaned a Uberti .45 Sheriff's model to a pard for an out-of-state match, and didn't see it again for six months! He liked it so much, he bought it off me a few months after that. Talk about a test drive!
  9. I just did ~2550 .38-40's Saturday - Accurate Molds 40-160C, weighing in around 163 grains with my Heinz 57 mystery alloy.
  10. If you want to look good, the more, the better. In practice though, three is sufficient. I've used two before, but I don't think I've ever hit three. Of course, if you've ever gone to the line with three empty guns, maybe twenty is the way to go.
  11. I know a cousin of a cousin who is on the board of directors of Leupold/Stevens and has some pretty good contacts in the industry, of course. He says there likely won't be a reliable supply of primers again for at least another ten to twelve months, and even that is heavily dependent on the election outcome.
  12. A Model 12 really doesn't need anything - in their stock configuration, they hold six 2 3/4"ers and tend to be much smoother than a comparable stock '97. There is a spring & follower available for the '97 that will enable it to hold six 2 3/4"ers, and a heavy duty left side extractor and ejector spring from The Smith Shop or C&I is a worthwhile investment. These old guns tend to be really dirty inside, and complete disassembly, inspection, and a good cleaning is normally in order. https://onlineoutpost.net/product/win-97-mag-spring-follower-take-down-6-round-conversion/ https://onlineoutpost.net/product/1897-left-extractor-cowboys-indian/ http://www.thesmithshop.com/lhextractor.html
  13. If it's going to be for Wild Bunch only, buy a Model 12. When I used a '97, I would simply load a couple 2 1/2"ers in the tube with four 2 3/4"ers. I did finally modify one of them to hold 6 before I went with Model 12's. Simple mod, no big deal.
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