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  1. Another one sold on Gunbroker this morning for $1427.25 plus shipping - about 50% more than a decent used .357 Cowboy brings.
  2. It's happened a few times to me and others. The 1849 Colt was plowed up in a field by my grandfather around 1942 or so. Scratched into the butt is C Smith April 29 1861. I've found three letters in the University of Utah's manuscript library written by a C Smith from three former stage stops in present day southwest Montana to his boss, Nat Stein, who was the Overland Stage agent in Virginia City for the territory. The Iver Johnson .38 S&W break top was found in the wall of an old house about 50 years ago by a neighbor who was working with a demolition company tearing the place down. The grips are gone, and all the springs (7?) are gone - intentionally removed, as there is absolutely no trace of them. The little .25 Mauser pistol was from the attic of an old house we used to play in on some property just below me my dad bought decades ago. The firing pin, spring, and magazine are missing. The house is now long gone, and the property was sold about thirty years ago. I remember stories that it was probably brought back as a war trophy or souvenir from WWII. The Luger is pretty much b). My grandmother had an elderly gentleman friend who left his house to her when he passed, and we found the Luger and a Colt Woodsman wrapped up in some rags between the wall studs going down the stairs into the basement. A bit of pitting, but it still shoots well. The Woodsman ended up with a cousin in Arkansas. "The American" .32 came out of the attic of another old abandoned house a mile below me fifty or more years ago, and is beyond help. Rusted, pitted, loose, broken main spring, and the firing pin is broken off the hammer. About twenty years ago, a friend had a trailer rented out to some derelict druggies and finally evicted them. We went to clean the place up and found a Ruger MKI 5 1/2" bull barrel .22 auto in plain sight on the kitchen table. The finish had been completely stripped, and it's got some real thick imitation stag grips, but other than that it's fine. He wouldn't even touch it, "They probably killed somebody with it and that's why they left it". I called the police, told them the story, they ran the s/n (whatever that entails), and nothing came up, so I ended up taking it home with me. My buddy never would touch it - figured it would be bad juju I guess.
  3. I read on the SASS Northwest FB page about 40 minutes ago that Winter Range was just cancelled...? Anybody know?
  4. 2035 - For Sale, King Arms Devil Single Action Revolver, one of only 4 ever sold, EXTREMELY RARE!
  5. SSM-4F-S-I should translate to Single Six Magnum - 4" (4 5/8") Fixed sight - Short grip frame - Ivory
  6. I am interested in purchasing would you take any other payment I would need it on my credit or some way to put the balance on my credit like PayPal or a cashiers check through my bank i cant purchase usps money order with my credit card ******************************************************* Your bank will give you cash, and the post office will accept that. Thanks for your interest, Rob ******************************************************* My bank is not who I have the card through and the credit card charges extremely high rate for cash advances ******************************************************* Don't get a cash advance on your card, go to your bank and withdraw cash, then go to the post office and get a postal money order. Thanks for your interest, Rob ******************************************************* My bank is not local it is hundreds miles away *******************************************************
  7. I've made buys like that before. A few years ago when I was at Sportsman's Warehouse, someone I used to work with elsewhere walked up the gun counter with a 2 year old scoped Marlin 1895 Cowboy .45-70 to sell. I told him we didn't buy guns, but I might be interested, "What do you want for it?" "I dunno... is $450 too much?" In hindsight, I undoubtedly could have got it for $400. Same story with another customer, but it was a decent top eject Winchester M94 .30-30... $100. Last fall, I came across a pair of Sheriff's model Birdshead .45 Vaqueros, consecutive and new in the box for $805... I said, "That's kind of stiff for a Vaquero, how much for the pair?" "That IS for the pair, sir."
  8. When I worked there and certain items were in short supply and high demand, the manager wouldn't let store employees buy the items for the first day or two or three. This guy was a hawk too, there was no putting things aside as he'd have the LP agent in their office up front watching the cameras - you can't imagine how many cameras there are in one of those little stores. The manager's office in a SW store is also located right above the front entrance and has just a low front wall, so he has a clear view of the entire sales floor from his desk. Two minutes after you stashed something under the counter or in backstock, he'd be on the phone asking you why. Now that didn't stop people from calling their friends, but he did the best he could. The guy was a phenomenal store manager, but a complete dick as a person.
  9. I got a suspension on another board years ago, so I created another account under the name Ian Cognito.
  10. There's a list of affiliated organizations on the site - two of my "local" clubs were listed. I scanned my membership card and sent it in with the package for my Garand last year. Easy Peasy.
  11. The tie beams or bottom truss chords will keep the walls from spreading, and the peak itself, sloppy in appearance as it is, appears to have a post under it. Wet it down and pour a quart of Gorilla Glue over it - it'll be fine.
  12. Once the sheathing is on, it ain't going anywhere.
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