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  1. I gave a can of Re7 away to another Cowboy shooter less than a month ago. Don't even remember why I bought it, but it's not something I use anymore.
  2. And here I am just cutting it into little pieces and throwing it in the wood stove.
  3. A lot of people have given up their landlines in favor of cell phones - I did about fifteen years ago. Even if you know where somebody currently lives, there is no cell phone directory to look up their number. I get a phone book in the mail every year, but it's pretty much worthless when I can find a published number by simply asking my phone.
  4. That would involve a lot of filing to turn it into a "simple blade", as prescribed for a fixed sight revolver, and since the base isn't set into a groove or slot, it would simply be perched on top of the barrel with nothing holding it on by the time it was narrowed that much. I suppose it could be removed, the barrel slotted, and a blade soldered on.
  5. I tried that, and it only took a couple days for word to spread, "TFJ has primers for only $40 a thousand!". Within a week, I had at least half a dozen contacts, one even showing up on my doorstep, saying, "I'll take all you've got!" Well, they're not going to use anywhere near that many themselves, so obviously their intent is to quadruple their money, or more. When I said, "No, but I'll sell you 1000", a couple of them got a little mad and one of them actually told me, "Now you're just being a f*****g a**hole". I'll hang onto them - it's not like I have to sell primers to pay the bills.
  6. Just before things fell apart, I bought several pounds of Red Dot at a retail sporting goods store in mid-August for $17.52/pound, and 1700 CCI 209 primers at Walmart in mid-November for $3.97/100. The good old days.
  7. Noon yesterday, I couldn't see my TV across the room with my left eye - just a vague black blur. This evening, I can read the on-screen menu with just the one eye. The big floaters (blood) are going to take awhile to dissipate, and the sea of champagne bubbles are still there, but much less distinct.
  8. As we've discussed, I have a bunch of those stainless 4 5/8" .44 special NV's, but not particularly interested in Schofields, especially .38's, BUT... you wouldn't happen to have a blue 3 1/2" Birdshead New Vaquero .45 acp would you?
  9. Day afore yesterday, I woke up with a couple big floaters in my left eye, but didn't think much of it. Made coffee and drove to Fort Harrison for my 2nd COVID shot, and by the time I left there, I was seeing a sea of tiny champagne bubbles in my eye, in addition to the big floaters. I headed home, and it rapidly got worse, so I asked my phone to find an optometrist along the way. Being somewhat of an emergency, they got me in right away, and discovered a "retinal horseshoe tear with no retinal detachment". So the next morning, yesterday, my daughter came down from Great Falls and drove me to a
  10. There are a few on eBay, but kind of pricy - $125 to $175.
  11. I'm in my 66th year, and still one of the younger shooters of the regulars. Originally joined in June of '92, shot once or twice, got married, had a kid, took a ten year hiatus, got divorced, re-joined, and have been shooting CAS regularly ever since. Now that I'm retired, I get in ~40 matches a season.
  12. The Volcanic handgun isn't a revolver, so it wouldn't be allowed. The carbine is so rare, I've never seen one outside of the Cody museum - you actually have one? Without getting into the safety aspects, since the Rocket Ball ammo doesn't appear to have ever been chambered in a revolver, I'd say the carbine would also be disallowed. Not to mention, it's probably a $40,000+ gun.
  13. It's pretty gooey/sticky - ya want to load 'em right away.
  14. Xarelto and barbed wire. I'm finishing up fencing off a 130 acre piece, and I look like something out of a horror movie when I get back to the house. A normal person would probably wear a long sleeved shirt...
  15. 50/50 soy wax and white Crisco.
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