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  1. I'm a bit surprised/confused about the internal having been worked on... it was represented to me as an unfired, NIB rifle. I mean, who would raffle off a used gun? Well, unless it had some historical significance maybe.
  2. The Democrat was the guy I bought it from. MAGA 2020!
  3. I got mine in yesterday, also from Badman - works great! I've been waiting four months or more for Badman to get some 165 grain .44 bullets in stock, and was going to order the checker/sizer at the same time to save a bit on shipping. I finally gave up on the bullets and ordered a bunch from Missouri Bullet Company instead.
  4. I am so sorry about this. I never put a round through it, nor had it apart, and the previous owner wasn't a shooter and never put a round through it - he won it in a Democrat fund-raising raffle back then.
  5. The same way they recharged Baghdad Batteries a couple thousand years ago I guess.
  6. A "semi-rimmed" case - causes problems sometimes with "rim lock" in pocket autos if they're a little short and not stacked in the mag right. I was reading up on the 1849 conversion cylinders, and they may have actually been .32 S&W instead of .32 acp. Looks like they were discontinued about 5 years or so back.
  7. Dixie states the Uberti 1849 bore is spec'd at .310", with grooves @ .332", so a bullet should be sized .332 - .333, actually a bit loose for a normal .32 bullet. A .32-20 or .32 H&R mag takes a .312-.313" bullet.
  8. Seems I recall fairly recently, the past three years or so anyway, some talk on here about a .31 from Uberti or Pietta that was either factory chambered in .32 acp or had a conversion cylinder...? Say, a 6" 1849 with a .32 acp conversion cylinder - The glossary of terms defines "commonly available" as "Obtainable by anyone given ordinary circumstances with ordinary means." So, as the conversion cylinder is/was a factory manufactured item, and not a custom made one-off item, it certainly fits the glossary definition of commonly available, as does .32acp ammo/brass/bullets. I think .32 cylinders were/are also available for the 1895 Nagant revolver, a pistol that is specifically allowed in its single action configuration. No, I've got no intention of doing this.
  9. Seems I recall one anyway that was being considered as legal... maybe with a .32 acp conversion cylinder...?
  10. Granted, it's a big red flag, but it took maybe two minutes to contact the club listed and confirm he's legitimate. Money order is in the mail - looking forward to trying them out!
  11. Economy and/or reduced recoil.
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