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  1. Visibility here today is better than it's been in weeks. Right now, I can make out vague shapes of mountains 15 miles away. Yesterday, it was about 9, and the day before, maybe 5. Last weekend, on 287 north of Wolf Creek headed to a shoot, I drove through a burn that still had smoking stumps and logs, but the firefighters had moved on to bigger fires. The weekend before, I15 went through a burn near Craig on the way to our state shoot near Great Falls, as referenced by Kid Rich. I don't remember a "fire season" when I was growing up, but something changed, and now it is smoky and h
  2. I'm real tempted to buy it back. I'm watching a Gunbroker auction that ends Sunday evening, and depending on the outcome, if nobody jumps on this, I just may give it a home again.
  3. .32 acp, a "semi-rimmed" cartridge, will probably work too - it does in all four of mine.
  4. Prices are insane right now - I've seen good clean USED .357 New Vaqueros selling for $1000 - $1200 over the past few months. Bud's in Kentucky lists 92 variations of Blackhawks & Vaqueros, and hasn't had a single one in five months or more. Allegedly, Ruger is concentrating on plastic autos and their AR15 platform, and may not even be producing single actions at this time, yet recently bumped their MSRP to $989.
  5. My vote would go to the French made Darne.
  6. I read Frank is having some health issues, lost a lot of weight, etc. (edit) Crohn's disease, he's lost 65+ pounds - pretty substantial for a guy only 5'5".
  7. There are people active on this site who have stated that shooting anything but light 105 or 125 grain .38's is just plain rude, as it's not necessary, causes excessive splatter, noise, and damages the steel.
  8. Yikes, I'll pass on #16, but I'm in for #7.
  9. @Ezra Hawthorne, sorry, I do not have an 1858 conversion cylinder. @Rowdy Racer X, sent you a PM with my address - which one do you want?
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