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  1. One of the few sets I don't have a backup for - the P38 will have to do.
  2. I'm disappointed it passed, but I'm floored it passed by that much. Somebody walking to the line with a shotgun in one hand and a cocked rifle in the other, possibly with a live round in the chamber, seems to have bad idea written all over it.
  3. A 75 and 73 run... pretty dang good for a Spencer. I celebrate heartily when I break 80 seconds. I fully cock before levering. Alice Palmer trying my .56-.50 on a stage... she went back to her '73 for the next one.
  4. I think I have a box in the kitchen... 'bout time to get something going I guess. Maybe toss a sandwich and a Shasta cola in on the deal too.
  5. Snowing and 8ยบ right now, with "emergency travel only" orders in effect in the northern counties. High winds, downed trees, road closures, day-long (so far) power outages.
  6. I have two sets of originals, but I don't know if they're compatible with Uberti.
  7. I never had the correct grips for it, but I modified a set of Jay Scotts off a Super Blackhawk, and added a hardwood grip cap to the bottom so they'd be long enough. I can probably find them, if you're interested in adding them to the deal.
  8. I've got one, but the blueing has been stripped, so it's "in the white".
  9. There is no best smokeless powder for .44 WCF. There are a dozen or more that will work well, another dozen at the edge of the envelope will work just fine, and another dozen just outside the envelope that will work if nothing else is available.
  10. I don't think any of us have the stock numbers committed to memory.
  11. You'd have to cut the barrel back to around 4" and remount the sight.
  12. Same as in an auto - headspaces on the case mouth.
  13. Here in Montana, it's the 119th Brawl of the Wild. MSU Bobcats are trouncing U of M Grizzlies 24-0 in the 2nd.
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