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  1. American Arms Fox Patent Sideswing 10g made between 1870 and 1872. Not often, because it's a clumsy thing to shoot, but it gets out a couple times every year.
  2. RCBS and Lee make up the lion's share of my dies, but I also have dies from Dillon, Redding, Herter's, 4-D, Hornady, Lyman, and Pacific.
  3. My dad used to play poker with his cronies, and he always won more than he lost. When he died thirty some years ago, I opened the big floor safe and found an envelope labeled "Poker money". I opened it, expecting to find two or three hundred dollars or so, and counted out 127 hundred dollar bills. I took it in and handed it to my mother, who handed the entire $12,700 it to my sister and said, "Here, this is for you". Doing the right thing has cost me a lot in my life.
  4. We shot at Black Horse yesterday and Saturday - a cold rain when I got up there with my little trailer Friday night, but hot enough to get ya sweatin' the next two days!
  5. I shot a match just yesterday, with "homemade" C45S cases. I had a hundred loaded rounds of .45 Auto Rim, and I sold my S&W 625 some years ago, so... I chucked each one up in the ol' Jet lathe and thinned the rims so they'd chamber in my Birdshead .45 acp's. Worked fine.
  6. My last sentence, served a couple weeks ago, was for referring to Ilhan Omar as a towelhead... five months ago.
  7. A teeny bit of vibration helps with more uniform charges, as well as bridging. When using a Little Dandy measure, I tap the rotor once each way with a brass thimble I made from an old 10g hull to settle the powder and make sure it all dropped out.
  8. Pre-lock S&W N frame. Personally, I would never buy a Taurus revolver. I've had a couple M85's and they worked fine, and I still have a 941, and it works fine, BUT... I spent several years as the gun room manager for Sportsman's Warehouse, and sent back far more Taurus revolvers for warranty service than everything else we sold, combined. That said, obviously most of them work, or they would have gone the way of the Gaucho by now. Their autoloaders seemed to be pretty decent, and I can only remember sending back two for service, and one of those was simply a screw on the front sight the owner had dicked up trying to get it out. I can't recall the problem with the other one. One of my M29's.
  9. It snowed here again yesterday and last night, and I had a fire in the stove again last night.
  10. Lefty Dude did a lot of experimenting with AmSelect for Cowboy Action, and settled on 3.2 grains with everything from 105's to 158's.
  11. OK, did anybody else have to look up "Lustrum"?
  12. Two days, two shoots - I'll bring 'em both.
  13. Measured from the case head, there's quite a difference between Mr. Shorty and my 18" revolvers!
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