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  1. We had a QC manager who actually said that once, “3 little lines” in a group of people including other managers, his QC inspectors and guys from the floor. That was actually the last straw, he hadn’t earned much respect from anybody at that point, but that pretty much finished him off.
  2. My dad was in Vietnam. Absolutely HATES the M-16 and all it’s children. He has no tolerance for anything that is unreliable and twice in Vietnam when he really needed it, his M16 jammed on the first shot. His primary was an M-60, he was in a gun truck. But those two M16 failures still live in his memory like they happened yesterday. If he hears me say I took my AR15 to the range, first thing out of his mouth is “how many times did it jam”. I can’t convince him otherwise and he has no interest in firing mine. Of course he has been known to give away guns that jammed, like I said he has no use for a gun that jams. All that being said, I love my AR, and have been lusting for a AR in 308. That Ruger may be just the ticket!
  3. I saw him a few years ago. He was hosting an all oldies review that had all original members of the various bands. Got to see a lot of groups I didn’t even know were still around. Bowser was funny and entertaining as he was on sha-na-na. Then he sat down at a piano and started playing classical music, very elegantly. All this with his hair greased back and his black tshirt with a pack of cigarettes rolled up in the sleeve. Come to find out his musical background was as a classical pianist. Who knew?
  4. Like Navin suddenly realized in The Jerk... "Ahhh, its a profit deal!"
  5. Twas a question not a statement. If they find a guy shot, asking if he himself had fired a gun (looking for gunshot residue) doesn't sound too far out of reality.
  6. Stephen King is usually horrible when it comes to gun info in his books. And, if I had a dollar for everytime somebody clicked off the safety on their Glock in the book I have read I might be able to afford primers. That is bad enough, but (and I forget which book it was in) when the good guy clicked off his Glock safety and the bad guy heard it allowing him to pinpoint the good guy in the dark and shoot him I swore to myself I would never engage the safety on my Glock for fear of the same thing happening!!
  7. Got to see Edgar Winter play Frankenstein 10 or 15 years ago. He was playing at the Orange County fair. It was incredibly cool!! And yes, he grabbed the drum sticks for his part of the drum duo!
  8. BTW, she also planted one on him in Empire Strike Back... OMG, my geek is showing...... Oh yeah, need a meme...
  9. Luke trained Ben Solo, which went poorly and Ben became Kylo Ren, eventually killing his own father.
  10. That would be fun! But sadly this is a sheet metal shop and I dont have access to a good lathe.
  11. Thanks! Having a bit of a slow day at work and always looking for something different to model up, just to keep my CAD skill at Mad Ninja level. The model must be fairly close, using commercial bronze I show a weight of 1781 pounds and the spec drawings said 1800 pounds (probably ounded off to nearest 100 pounds)
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