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  1. After putting a joke up on your post, the least I can do it help post your pic:
  2. When I saw "spring loaded chair" I was hoping the picture would be something like this:
  3. Good luck, portion control is huge. I have dropped 72 so far total from my biggest (30 or so in the last year), but I would not suggest my method. Develop type 2 diabetes, get to then point that multiple pills no longer do any good and get put on one of the weekly injectables they advertise on the TV. Aside from actually working to regulate and lower my blood sugar, it has a side effect of helping lose weight.
  4. I believe the correct response for most civilians standing on top of a building next to a building getting hit by an airstrike would be to immediately wet their pants.
  5. My dad had some of those way back. He might have reloaded them once. I think I recall seeing the loading tool. This was before he got a real reloading press. He was reloading 30 carbine with a lee loader and a mallet at the time. After he moved up to a real press, I dont recall him using the plastic 38’s anymore.
  6. Sorry dude, Star Wars is History... It happened a long time ago...
  7. I will freely admit, that in my youth I attended Star Trek conventions not only in uniform but occasionally in full prosthetic makeup. Taint nothing wrong with dressing up in a costume to have a good time with like minded folks. Kinda like dressing up cowboy…
  8. There is always the timeless "strip of leather tied to the barrel and stock"... May not be pretty but it is functional and about as period correct as it can be.
  9. Just a couple of thoughts…. don’t buy the $15 targets at the gun show…. And don’t use them when they look like this.
  10. I was in my early 20's when I signed up. Gonna be 51 this summer.
  11. For 410 shotshells? Interesting. Is this for a AR15 lower or a AR10 lower? I wouldn't think a AR15 magwell would be deep enough for a 410 shell.
  12. Last time we recalled a governor, the Governator was his replacement. Wasn't the first time we had an actor as a governor...
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