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  1. The prop 65 warning might have been for the plastic hanger. A lot of places have simply started putting that warning on everything, just to be safe. Better to label everything than to be caught shipping something that is supposed to have the label without one... I may just have to get this engraving:
  2. Not to be confused with Captain Stubing...
  3. My favorite BB gun targets From when I was a kid are back on the market. A few years ago I read that they were stopping making Necco wafers. I remember wondering what kids were going to shoot at with their BB guns if necco wafers weren’t around. I just bought some, they are being made again! Taste just the same. I may need to get out the Red Ryder and blow apart some Necco wafers!!
  4. When the guy doesn’t have a right hand?
  5. Intent has nothing to do with it. The guidelines are posted at the top of the Classified. It says that Merchants are prohibited from posting, but nothing says that merchants cannot buy to resale, or that the purchaser is expected to use the purchase for 2 weeks before reselling. This is a place to sell stuff... to anybody who wants to buy it, for whatever use they want to use it for.
  6. Hardpan, before this turns into another California bashing session.... been a while since I got the 50 front stuffer out. Years ago I was planning on hunting in Missouri with my cousins and I had been using some sabots that held 44 cal handgun bullets. That opens up the whole world of handgun hunting bullets. CRS has me at the moment, I can’t recall the brand.
  7. As long as there is a seat belt, sure. My dad used to pick up a few of his assembly workers on the way to work (only way to get them there on time). He drove a pickup and they rode in the back. When they passed the law about riding unrestrained in the back of a pickup, he mounted one long seatbelt in the bed of the truck and made them fasten it over all three of them. Never got pulled over so dont know if it would have passed muster... *** sorry, forgot this is a meme thread...
  8. The way things are going, I aint gonna be surprised if I see it raining frogs...
  9. We are stuck with our relatives, we get to choose our friends.
  10. Only time I ever dealt with banded money was as a manager of a small store when I was going to college. We would get banded money from the bank, and if we were shipping back the daily take and there was enough for a band, we banded it before dropping it into the back of the safe. The safe has a chute in the back that would drop the daily take into a lower compartment. The lower compartment had two locks, one that I could open and the armor car guy could open the other.
  11. Cool! But as somebody once said... "this post is useless without pictures". we wanna see the new toy.
  12. No facts, only conjecture based on past performance. For example, the magic "guest judge" in the previous hearing of a panel of 3 judges. When politics are involved, nothing is truly random. Have to put my aluminum foil hat back on so "they" cant read my thoughts.... Just because I am paranoid doesn't mean that they are not out to get me.
  13. yes... and everybody who believes this will truly be a "random" selection please raise your hands.... I'm not seeing any hands up...
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