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  1. As with any group, the entire group is identified by the worst example. I know some Millennials that are fine human beings and I am proud to know... but on the larger view, are the good ones the exception or the rule? Maybe I am just getting a little too cynical, but I am finding the "good ones" of any group are more of the exception than the rule. Except for the group here! The Wire, and SASS in general, has way too high portion of "good ones" compared to other places and groups.
  2. Can we hope for a power outage that lasts exactly from the end of the second quarter until the start of the third quarter?
  3. I have one of those work sharp belt sanders too. Wouldn't let any of my good knives near it. I use it to put an edge back on the kukri-machete I use on the trees, bushes and bamboo in the yard (occasionally pull out a katana to trim the bamboo too, much more fun). I have used it to start an edge on unsharpened blade blanks that dont have enough edge geometry to use my lansky on...but once the blade angle is started, I put the belt sander away.
  4. I must be getting old, when I read the topic I read it as "where have you been shot", and before seeing the replys was thinking that I had caught a pellet from a 20ga just under my safety glasses once that bled good enough that I turned around to all the younger shooters and pointed at all of them with my finger bloody from my cheek and told them all "This is why you wear safety glasses!" but never been actually shot...
  5. Wow, who would've thunk it. Millennials may actually be good for something! I guess I never tried training them with treats before, I'll have to give that a try!
  6. Yup, another vote for the Lansky. I used to take it with me hunting. I would sit around the fire at night sharpening everybody's knives (amazing how many knives come out in a hunting camp when somebody offers to sharpen them), and they would do my chores for me in return. I never had to chop firewood, cook or do the dishes for years.
  7. I'm guessing Yellowhouse Sam is a South Paw. Beautiful stock even if it was built backwards!
  8. The Henry H001 is a copy of the Erma (a german company) design. I have one of the ones from the 80's that was sold under the Iver Johnson name. It is a fine 22. It is not a toggle action. Here is the schematic I took from Numrich. It looks identical to the Iver Johnson rifle I have.
  9. Never caught a bullet in flight, but grabbed this frame from a video. Love to show this one to coworkers who dont shoot, just to see their eyes get wide when they see the fireball.
  10. possible to relieve the area above the BP can (are we still calling these danged plastic bottles cans? I do, but when I started BP came in a metal can) so it can stand? It will give you more room to organize the gozinta's.
  11. And more importantly, do you deliver to Anaheim CA????
  12. That theory has popped up in a number of sci fi movies and books. Seems like even in Battlestar Gallactica, the highest living ranking government official that ended up being president was the secretary of education.
  13. dang that looks good! If it wasn't a 2500 mile drive, I would show up on your doorstep about lunch time!
  14. Switches are the easy inexpensive fix. For a few bucks and a few minutes you can determine for certain that it isn't the switch, if you dont have a good multimeter to check things with. Others have said it, but it is worth repeating.... turn off the breaker.
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