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  1. Very clever! I’m thinking lube will be your friend. Good luck, let us know how it works out!
  2. My cappers just were delivered. It only took 14 days. I have waited longer recently for domestic packages to arrive from a couple states away. They look great! Can’t wait to get to the range to try them out.
  3. Sorry Cholla, I don’t have one. But perhaps some pard that does could loan it to you for your article.
  4. No, not exactly. She has told me to go buy a gun for myself for a present. Usually that is when she has already picked out what I will be getting her for the same holiday.
  5. Ok. So I have a supply of brass, powder and even a small supply of sp primers (which is surprising since I have only previously loaded with lp primers). I have bullets on order. I have pocket pistols that are longing to be shot. The final missing element is some form of die set to load these things. Of course everyplace is sold out of the lee die set. I am interested in what you have that you may not be using anymore. An old set of unused 32 S&W short reloading dies? Or even an old Lee Loader set. Send me a message, let me know what you have.
  6. Yeah, I’ve moved past the calibers and now need to get models (except maybe a 54 cal muzzle loader in a few years). I got a 50cal rolling block last year (actually a 12.7x44 swedish).
  7. My b-day isn’t until July, but with the current out of stock and back order situations, I ordered them early. I figured I needed a brace of ‘51 Navies for my 51 birthday. One of them was delivered yesterday.
  8. Maybe it is a regional thing. Almost everyplace sells chili burgers around here.
  9. Yes, they use cards over the shot. I haven't gone that route...yet. I have seen people mention everything from elmers glue to liquid glass. You may be able to search for that thru the Wire.
  10. I can't answer some of your questions... But 3F seems a bit fine for a 12ga. I use 2f in my 12ga loads (for modern guns) and 1f in my 10ga loads for my original 87. I roll crimp, so dont need to seal the top card.
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