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  1. I didn't see "i" in the equations. You can't do serious math if you didn't include an imaginary number!
  2. This may ruin my rep, but, I just finished a Shirley Temple. it is Wednesday and the alarm goes off at 4:15 am tomorrow. for any young people reading this, that is ginger ale with a splash of grenadine. As opposed to a Roy Rogers which is coke with grenadine.
  3. Heck, I saw "Austrian Style" and expected to see Glocks!
  4. Sandbag laying on top of an ammocan that is laying on its side. Works out to be the perfect height on the benches at the range for me.
  5. Hot dang Warden, that looks pretty good. Is there anything you can’t do? Have you tried alchemy yet? if anybody can get it done I would bet you could. If you have any luck, let me know and I’ll send you some lead and will await the return package full of gold!
  6. I'm not certain about how the ATF views manufacturing and selling ammunition by private citizens... May want to check that.
  7. You all are looking at this in the wrong lite. 6 months ago, there was nothing but dust bunnies on the shelves. Now, there is product on the shelves with a higher than normal price. The prices will never come back down to pre-covid pricing (especially with uncle joe and aunt kamala in charge), but prices will come down some eventually as more and more product hits the shelves.
  8. if you want a good fireball you can see in the daylight, you need to use blackpowder!
  9. I miss the ashtrays. I dont smoke, but they were always a great place to keep change.
  10. I have, only half seriously, considered a rope with a handle hanging from the ceiling to help with the dismount. Gonna have to get one of those taller thrones I think at some point. At the same time, I recall deciding that if I did that, I would also need a chain with grips attached to the floor on either side of the commode to have something to grab a hold of when the "work" gets serious....
  11. Find a copy of this book, lots of info in it.
  12. I feel like a Chevy guy that just bought a Ford. My first Remington! Now I just need to find time to get to a range to try it out.
  13. Unfortunately I didn’t have anything that used small pistol primers until after all this crap started last year. I hope prices come back down again, but at this point I am happy to pay the $75 plus shipping just to have some.
  14. And I just got notified they have already shipped. That was quick.
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