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  1. I am sure the operative word is plastic. Clever hotels will come up with a cardboard or aluminum foil packet of shampoo.
  2. If you are buying, I would suggest a Smart TV. Makes it easier to link directly with Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Movies, etc. Dont buy a brand you never heard of, dont buy the biggest one a brand makes, and if there is more than one that you are looking at, dont buy the cheapest one. IMHO, YMMV
  3. There are more obscene things that can be done to guns than to make them pretty colors, IMHO
  4. Have carried a pocket knife since I was very young. My first was a little 2 blade pocketknife that the larger blade had broken (dont know how, it was an old knife when I got it), but it still had a little inch long blade. When I had proved that I could responsibly have that without bleeding myself too badly, "Santa" would bring better pocketknives. I carried a small pocketknife to highschool with me in the '80's. I am never without at least one. My standard EDC is a Spyderco Dragonfly. Small enough to not be an issue in my pocket, but good enough for most anything I need it for. I have gotten some looks when I whip it out to cut my lunch from the more light of heart (and mind) people at work. Of course it doesn't help when I notice them staring so I (carefully) lick the blade and put it back in my pocket
  5. There aint nothin wrong with mis-matched sixguns. I usually use two rugers, but of different barrel lengths. I swap one out for my first gen Colt when I feel like it. Only thing I would say is watch out if you end up with two different calibers that are easily confused (at a glance). My rugers are 45colt, the colt is 44-40, and aside from my 45colt rifles, I have a model 94 trapper in 44mag that I just love to shoot. Whilst plinking one day (I hate the world "practice"), I accidentally loaded some 44mag cowboy loads in my old style 45colt ruger vaqueros. They fired, and they hit paper, but them shells sure looked funny when I ejected them. Thankfully no damage since them Rugers hold up to some very stout hunting loads, but not all guns are as strong as those old style Ruger tanks. Since then (it was long ago), if I am going to be shooting different similar looking ammo, I color the primers with different color sharpie pens just to keep things straight.
  6. Thanks Lumpy, I was starting to feel like that was becoming my only option. Buying more than a can (showing my age, they come in plastic containers now) at a time is a real good excuse to get to the range more often!
  7. OK, so I have a small stash of 1f, 2f, and 3f Goex. I love shooting BP cartridge but I just haven't been that active in recent years (something I need to rectify). I got a line on a beautiful flintlock, but before buying it I am looking to be sure I can get a hold of some 4f powder for the pan. Last BP I bought was from Walker 47, so it has been a few years. I have been calling everybody I know, I can't find a shop that still carries real black powder. Does anybody know of a shop in southern California that still sells the real stuff?
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