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  1. Ok, so this subject has been in the back of my mind for a while. I was in the safe today, and noticed my Super Blackhawk that doesn’t get to the range very often. Note to self, take your 44mag to the range more often, it is fun to shoot. so I thought I would look at the hammer. I bought this in 1987! My first centerfire handgun. The hammer is not perfect. So, this issue isn’t necessarily a new issue. not too worried about it, just thought I would add the “historical” perspective.
  2. exactly what LGS's are you looking in? Never see cool stuff around here. Next time I am in Missouri visiting family, I swear I'm gonna start following you around, you find all the good stuff!
  3. this cartoon is the best explanation I have seen yet... I have shared it with my coworkers, to the displeasure of HR. HR seems to feel that bodily functions should not be discussed in the workplace...
  4. It is a matter of perspective. Machinists, metal workers, engineers,, etc will spot the lopsided grind immediately and see it every time they look at it. It is purely cosmetic, but when it is a function of a skill that falls in the users wheelhouse, it becomes an irritating point of distraction. Everybody knows a car guy who frets over a little rock ding in the paint of his car, or the woodworker who cant stop staring at the cabinet in their kitchen that has the door hung just barely out of plumb, or the holster maker that complains about an "ugly" spot in the stitching of a purchased holster than none of the rest of us can even see. When you pay for a name brand product, you expect it to meet your expectations, both functionally and cosmetically. Expecting a hammer from Ruger to be ground symmetrically is not an unreasonable expectation. Just the opinion of an engineer who pesters his family and friends by pointing out metalwork anomalies and ugly spots.
  5. Advice? Use a shotgun, easier to hit them than with a six shooter. Oh, you didn't mean that kind of advice... OK then... Once you have them skinned, cut them in 4" lengths. Bread them like you would chicken (kind of heavy on black pepper, but this is a personal choice) and fry them up. Never did the cooking myself, but sure did enjoy the eating... especially when it was the rattlesnake that came way too close to getting me!
  6. If the house next door to yours is available, I may set up a woodshop myself!!!!
  7. I imagine there are many local monthly matches that would allow them, if asked. I have asked permission ahead of time and was allowed to use my coyote cap 93/97 at a local match (didn't care for it, not "cowboy" enough for me).
  8. That should be added to the handbook... The barrel length issue is clearly stated in the handbook, but the cutoff stock is not. Glad it is not required to agree with the ROC, only to abide by its rulings....
  9. I dont recall seeing anything stating that shotguns need to have a buttstock or that they need to be fired from the shoulder.... Let me go look again. ***just checked the handbook again, and didn't see anything preventing a cut off stock on a shotgun.*** I only see one "non sanctioned" firearm in the photo
  10. Just put up a sign on your shop door that says something like: See the famous Yul Lose perform his Woodworking magic. Front row seats, $45. Standing room in the rear, $35. Please silence your cell phones and remain silent during the performance. Autographs may be available after the performance for a small fee.
  11. Alpo, at least you have a realistic view of your writing skills.... NO, I dont believe you would have to refund the advance. If the publishing company slipped up when doing their due diligence and risk analysis, then the loss is theirs not yours. Of course depending on the state you are in, the publisher could always attempt to sue you for breach of contract for not writing something that would sell as well as expected...
  12. "possible SPAM"..... Is that when you have a square-ish shaped can with no label??
  13. take it easy and do what the DR says. Sounds like a good opportunity to work thru that list of unwatched movies, and to not feel guilty about not working on the honey-do list.
  14. Hey there Warden, Get yourself a nice bright sharpie marker and either put a nice large line across the head of those 300 rounds, or color the primer. That will give you a quick visual check at the loading table to ensure you dont put a gun specific load into the wrong gun. YMMV.
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