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  1. The Hammer flicks aren't my favorites (although I am wearing a Hammer Mummy shirt today). But you do have to appreciate the bright red/pink blood that looks more like tempera paint! There aint no subtlety there, when someone or something is bleeding, Hammer wants to make sure you see it clearly no matter how dark the rest of the scene is!
  2. The armorer will be first in line as having direct blame. The producer has blame the same way that the owner of any company is responsible for the actions of his employees. Of course if it is found that the armorer is not "proper" in one way or another, or if the firearms were prepared by somebody other than the armorer and anybody knew about it, then more heads will be on the block. IMHO Not being "in the industry" I dont know, but I wouldn't expect the film's insurance company would allow the actors to unload and reload their gun to "ensure it is loaded properly with blanks". That is why the film company hires a professional armorer.
  3. Maybe not, but anything is worth a try when your US issued combat rifle becomes a plastic and aluminum club. He was a M60 gunner in the back of a gun truck running convoys to fire bases. He likes to tell of one day when in the middle of an ambush the firing pin broke on the M60. So he grabbed his M-16 and said he got one single shot off before it jammed. Still in the ambush and driving fast as they could to get themselves and the rest of the convoy out of there, all he had left was a M79, which apparently isn't the easiest to aim when you are shooting out the side of a truck moving pretty fast. He still doesn't trust AR's. He fired one mag thru mine once and handed it back to me. If I mention that I took it to the range, his first question is always "how many times did it jam?" (to the best of my recollection, it has never jammed). He has given away, sold or put in the back of the safe any rifle that he has owned that has had jamming issues, regardless of the cause.
  4. After you find one, send it back to NAA and have a 22LR cylinder fitted to it. I did that for mine, 22LR is a bit cheaper to plink with. https://northamericanarms.com/shop/accessories/cylinders/fluted-cylinder/
  5. I still get silver dimes occasionally, at least a couple a year. when i was in college I worked at a small store as a manager. I closed out the registers and always made sure to have a pocket full of coins so I could swap out for any silver or old coins I found. My coin collection grew a lot for those couple years. One time in Laughlin, I spotted a silver quarter on the top shelf of one of those games where you drop in a quarter that gets put on the top shelf full of quarters than get knocked to the lower shelf and then when it falls of the lower shelf it comes out the bottom of the machine. Between my wife and I we must have stood there for an hour working that silver quarter out of the machine. this type of game.
  6. From stories I've heard, my dad could have used one of these in 1968....
  7. Joe, that was AWESOME!!! And that is coming from a Rammstein fan!
  8. We didn’t get anything silver for #25. But we did get matching tattoos for #20! I have turned my birthday into the gun holiday. 50 cal rolling block for my 50th. Matched set of ‘51 navy’s for my 51st. Gotta find something with a 52 for next year.
  9. Apparently you tasted the same one I did...
  10. Oh man, I work for a whole gaggle of volutionsbremse! Every single one of them is a Arche Mit Ohren. I took 2 years of German in high school, I remember bits and pieces of it. The one thing that sticks in mind is "Ist deine tochter auctzehn"? Seemed an important phrase to learn when I was in high school. (is your daughter eighteen?) And sadly I learned that one from the movie Top Secret and not from class.
  11. I was gifted for my birthday last year a pair of binocs. can't remember the brand. It is a known brand, but I doubt these cost more then $100. There are retractable extensions on the eyepieces. Extend them by rotating them for use without glasses and retract them for use with glasses. Feature actually works fairly well, at least with my eyes. These are not zeiss or swarovski, but they work good for what they are.
  12. I'm sure Australian cows have claws, sharp teeth and venom, just like everything else down under....
  13. Are subs classified like BP as explosives not propellants? If so, 1 pound jars may be some sort of regulatory imposed maximum.
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