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  1. $10 for 6 seems a bit high. But they came in this cute brass box. Sawmill Mary and I went on an adventure today. We went to a small gun shop in a sleepy little village on the Mississippi. The dusty shop in an old building is crammed full of "stuff" of all kinds. Some of it is not for sale. I spotted the Ted Cash capper but it didn't have a price on it. But I thought I'd ask. The proprietor and brother came up with $10. Ok. I just compared it to the Ted Cash capper I have and it's a bit different as the spring is on the outside of the box.
  2. More details on my homemade priming tool. I took a scrap of wood. Happened to be an oak survey stake. Installed a hinge. Closed it over and drilled a hole of the appropriate size with a Forstner or spade bit through one side letting the pilot point of the bit locate where the anvil post needs to be. I just used a small flat head screw for the anvil. Filed off the slot. Works well even if homely. I've looked at paint brush handles and thought they would make a classier looking end product.
  3. What did you get? How did it work? They need a stocking distributor in the USA.
  4. Check out what "Forest Camping", a Russian company has to offer. They have NEW versions of OLD tools to reload shotgun shells. Notice there is a second decaping "do-hicky" that looks like it's obviously made to decap brass hulls with pistolprimers. They have a website. www.ft-camp.com but also an eBay store. Forest-camping2016 their prices are good but shipping is high. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Reloading-Press-12-gauge-FC-/253904844613?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292
  5. Or... you could just make one for less than a $1.
  6. This is the best way. RCBS 12 gauge shell holder and Lee priming post. But I'm betting you won't be able to find an RCBS 12 gauge shell holder. MidwayUSA use to sale them separate from the dies.
  7. BTY, Grafs has Magtech 12 guage brass hulls in stock. And at a better price than MidwayUSA. Limit 2 boxes. https://www.grafs.com/catalog/product/productId/11076
  8. Here is the yeald from the pipe. I zeroed out the scales with the 2x4s but not the bucket. There is a few scrap pieces to pick up but won't amount to much.
  9. No. There are U-Haul places almost as common as McDonald's. Just drop in and buy some. I got mine at a Mennonite county store that is also a U-Haul station.
  10. I got it all into ingots. But I had more trouble than usual. I neglected the fire to start with and lost a lot of time getting it built back up. Once the first pot load got up to melting temperature, and I kepted up with the heat, the project moved along. I went ahead today because the wind was predicted to be light. But it was changing constantly - always towards me. I need to pick up about 50 more ingots before I can weigh the total.
  11. If you watched my video, I stuff a packing peanut from U-haul on top. They are biodegradable and more like foam paper made from corn and bean oil. $5/bag last a long time. https://www.uhaul.com/MovingSupplies/Packing-Supplies/Biodegradable-Packing-Peanuts/?id=730
  12. Sister and her husband got their first shots weeks ago. The staid in a line of cars ALL day to get one. She just texted me. They got their second shot about 11:00am today. In two weeks, they'll be immunized.
  13. I'm working at melting the lead pipe that I scored yesterday. Looks REALLY good. Thick walls and clean inside. I'm cutting it up with limb loppers. I could probably go right into the Lee 20lb pot but there is always a chance water is trapped in a coil. I'm set up and going now anyway.
  14. I always fill scrap lead into my big Dutch oven when it's cold and empty, set it on the fire and walk away. When I see it's stopped smoking and has black junk floating on top, I come and check, clean, flux and start making ingots. I don't add scrap lead into a pot of molten lead.
  15. Modesty Blaze from the movie Modesty Blaise.
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