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  1. Like my cousin's theory on lug nut tightening. Tighten until they twist off, then back off a half turn. How I replaced the springs on my Liberty with CZ springs.
  2. Our 22 Ford Edge is too smart for us. We have a routine of shutting down stupidity default settings. One time it blurted out, "We see you're getting tired. We suggest you pull over and get some coffee and rest.". What are you doing watching me? Another time while going up a crooked blacktop, the steering wheel started wobbling. I thought the car had a problem. No. I had accidentally turned on the lane control feature.
  3. I think the company that important them went out of business many years ago. They appear to be the same as the CZ hammer gun. We ran across one in a gunshop in like new condition. Only problem was that some slickem' upper had butchered the hammer springs it would fail to fire often. I replaced the spring with new ones from CZ.
  4. If you are taking the carrier out and putting it back in often, may try this trick.
  5. In early Missouri history there was an unscrupulous character named John Smith T. He added the T. to distinguish himself from many other John Smiths. I don't think it was clear what the T stood for. Anyway, he was a crook. He'd find land of importance and in the transition from Spanish and French to American Louisiana Purchase rule, he would lay claim to the property. If legal efforts failed, he had an army of 150 to go force the issue. He had many slaves that worked at lead mining in the area south of St. Louis. Said to have killed 12 men in duels. Had his own armory. One thing came of his lead mining activities was the building of roads that led to the Mississippi River. There were road houses every so often. He had a shot tower somewhere on the Mississippi River bluff. I read a book about him but it was very boring. https://www.publishersweekly.com/9780826212481
  6. Marlin man for many years. My 1894s most always eject straight out to the right - usually in a very consistent manor. But I've seen some that throw them forward. No idea what makes the difference.
  7. I took a picture of the die block with 32WCF dies. Of interest is the RCBS powder level check die. Small enough rod to go into the 32WCF case. But only gives a visual display. Doesn't alarm or block machine.
  8. 80 and windy yesterday. Flowers blooming. Midnight the temperature dropped like a rock. 20 and skiff of snow/sleet this morning. Weather in Missouri.
  9. Started my boys out on Lyman Spartan press. Chris is still using it at 51.
  10. For several years, Mary and I drove to work together. We HAD to go 15 miles one way out of our way to Casey's to get coffee and her two cake doughnuts. Plain, no frosting. High maintenance. Now we drive 30 miles past the local Wally-World to one north of us that has a bakery. (Once a week) Biggest draw is they often have expired cake doughnut marked down. When they have them, she'll get several dozen and freeze most. I've argued the poor economics of her choices but not won that argument.
  11. I'd suggest a RCBS powder stop die but if I remember right, the rod is too big for the 32WCF. Next safest thing is to charge in loading block and check the charges. I've looked thousands this way and no missed or double charge. This is black powder but you get the idea.
  12. South Dakota has a ratio of 4.5 cows per person. Wyoming 2.4 cows per person.
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