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  1. I often do searches on eBay just for research or check asking prices, etc. Then I'll go to a forum that has ad banners and low in behold, there is the same product advertised!
  2. Wife of the guy that gets my FFL transfer business told of having her TV on a cooking show and it turned on her kitchen range and set it.
  3. Mr. Frazzle Bottom A antagonist in a saloon called Gregory Peck Mr, Frazzlebotton
  4. I keep messing with the grips. I didn't get enough amber die in the mix to get the color like aged ivory. So yesterday I did a little more sanding down to 1200 grit. I applied the amber die. It's ok as far as the color but it's a bit splotchy. I think I can even it out. Or maybe just let it wear off by use. I am thinking of scrimshawing in some crack lines.
  5. Santee and Jed I. Knight have YouTube channels that are monetized. Others have channels with Cowboy Action Shooting and related videos. I have uploaded videos to YouTube many years before getting into CAS. I created the Owl Creek Raiders YouTube channel to entertain the pards that come and shoot. I've included some of my projects. The channel has several hundred videos and over 80,000 views. I've not chosen to monetize. Google/YouTube has been hit with a fine from the Federal Trade Commission for endangering children. It's just another form of gangster style extortion but it has apparently prompted YouTube to make sweeping changes to use agreement and ways video creators work with YouTube. I've read through as much as I could stand of the new agreement policy and all I can make of it is, YouTube can do what they want to and you just have to take it or there's the door. Several things concerns me. Who's to say what videos are of danger to kids? Will any guns or shooting activities be considered dangerous? Maybe not now but sometime in the future? Also, in the new regulations, the FTC can levy fines down to the video creator's level up to $42,000 for each video. There appears to be a lot of anxiety in the industry. Some make a lot of money from the videos and the game has changed so their income could be reduced significantly. Or their channels could be shut down. Anyone research this thing out and understand what's going on?
  6. Abby Normal Holy Guacamoly Rocking Horse Kid
  7. There are a few that do a good job making informative YouTube videos like Mike Beliavau Duelist54. But any of them that come from the "tacticool" side that step up and do a review of a cowboy gun usually do a poor job.
  8. I'm wondering what the doughnut shape is along the roof line towards the front. Maybe a port hole to see to make turns? The picture says school bus, but it could be also public transportation in someplace like Frostbite Falls. I can see it being used to deliver stuff to and from a train depot. Or even some ranch or farmer coming to town in this kind of weather. Cars and trucks were not commonly used by farmers until after WWII. I read about a near riot in the 1930s in our town because the farmers would come to town in their wagons and hitch at the court house square. On Saturdays they would have livestock auction on the square. The downtown merchants welcomed the trade but really didn't want the animal "pollution" left behind. They tried to get the city to prohibit horses and livestock from downtown. Getting no action, vandals ripped out the hitching rails around the court house square. Finally they establishs a farmer's market area a few blocks away on the outskirts of town. After WWII, the farmer's market area was turned into baseball fields and also used for county fairs. Now just a city park with playgrounds and a soccer field.
  9. Condolences to his family and friends. He was one of the first CAS that we met and visited with outside our local club.
  10. Well, I was lucky. We lived lass than a mile from the one-room school I attended from first through 8th grade. There was a hill between so I did walk uphill both ways. There was no telephones so if weather was bad, we went to school and if the teacher didn't show up by 9:00am, we walked home. Some kids walked up to 4 miles (one way) to school and some of those cut through foot paths through the woods and fields. Hard to believe, but being closest, I had a key to the padlock on the front (and only) door. It was my job to get there about 30 minutes early and start the fire in the oil fired stove. I was 8 years old when I was given this job. I remember, open the door to expose the burner, turn on the oil, hold the button down for a count of 10, light a paper towl and pitch it in. Running water was a cistern that caught rainwater off the roof. It was topped by a crank chain link pump. We had "boys", and "girls" outhouses. When I first started school, there was no playground equipment. Later, someone put in a teeter totter. Later, Uncle Norman installed an industrial duty swing set made of 4" heavy pipe. I remember it being something like 12' tall. Neither would pass safety requirements today. Sometime the county schools commissioner made the school put in a refrigerator. Once a week the Skygo Farms Dairy truck would deliver a case of milk for the week. For some reason they thought milk was good for education. The county health nurse came around once a year and gave shots as needed. One teacher for all 8 grades. Some grades didn't have any kids. Older kids often tutored the younger. I graduated 8th grade with Harry and Kathy. The school consolidated the year I graduated so we were the last one room school kids in the county. That would have been 1962. I hated going to high school. I was at the end of our bus route. One hour bus ride morning and evening. Roads were rough. The consolidated school was big, modern and confusing. A culture shock. Just having to race to another room for another subject waa just weird. A lot of kids had been in this school system all their lives. So there were "them" and there were us new kids that didn't know anyone.
  11. I bought this pair of Pietta 51 Confederate Navy 44s at a Cabelas black Friday sale for $308 out the door. The only work I've done to them was to lighten and polish the cam leg of the bolt and polish the cam. They have the factory cones and springs and are nearly 100% reliable of busting the caps and the caps falling off on rotation. It's just my opinion that installing light hammer spring just promotes cap sucking and other problems. I feel a stout spring keeps the hammer face aginst the cap when it fires off and the pressure promotes the cap blowing open. I've only shot them in two matches and done fine with them at my own pace. This winter I want to get set up better at reloading them at the match. Last stage I shot with them a couple months back. I was hitting the first target but it wasn't going down. Every one else had the same problem with the first target set hard.
  12. We were out and about yesterday and the lowest that I noticed was $2.129. Most were at $2.239.
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