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  1. Currently not a bad movie. But maybe falls into a cult movie.
  2. As Sawmill Mary and I both shoot, we have a set of backup guns with us. We always carry enough extra ammo. But knock on wood, we've very seldom had to resort to a backup gun. Sawmill Mary's Stoeger Uplander has been 100% from day one. As had my CZ-USA Hammer Coach gun. Both are box stock. Our Marlins have been reliable as have our Uberti Cattleman. Maybe because they haven't been "slicked up". The only "slicked up" gun we own is Sawmill Mary's Widder Marlin and it's never failed.
  3. That can get expensive! We have a basket full of Uberti Cattleman and have never had one break or otherwise fail. Try eBay.
  4. I have two early Marlin 1894s in 32WCF. One a saddle ring carbine. The other an rifle with long octagon barrel. Also an original Winchester 1892 that was a 25-20 and barrel was recut to 32WCF. But none I want to sale. Maybe widen your search to include Marlin 1894, Winchester 1892 of even Colt Lightning. The top 73 is 38WCF.
  5. I found out years ago (maybe by accident) that I could remove the carrier from a Marlin 1894 through the bolt cut thus avoiding taking the gun apart. Recently I watched a YouTube video of replacing the carrier where the creator took the gun apart. In the comments section, a guy represented himself as someone who had worked at Marlin said it was general practice to just turn the gun over and shake the carrier out through the bolt cut. Now, it's not as easy as I showed it in the video. I cut out maybe a minute of probing with brass cleaning rod and some jiggling.
  6. Holy Crap! I went out to my range today and shot 40 round of 38 Special through my Marlin 1894cs. I just looked on GB at prices they are getting for primers! I shot away $8.00 just in primers!
  7. Then there is the movie "Freaks". I've seen it somewhere in full length. And clips and trailers are out there on YouTube. But I've decided not to link any of them.
  8. Gene Autry finds a race of people that live thousands of feet underground.
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