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  1. Extra tool heads and extra powder die bodys I have. I just ain't gonna' make up two sets of heads, dies, measures for the same caliber when all it takes is changing out the powder die and measure. The other way is easy. The old 450 fixed funnel die - just screw it in and adjust it like any simple press. Set the measure on top and bolt it down. Check powder drop and you're good to go.
  2. What did they gig you for shipping? $26 + shipping is pretty steep. They have it on eBay for $22 + $19.90 shipping! Looks like a DYI project.
  3. Now here is an idea! https://entirelycrimson.com/collections/dillon-550/products/quick-disconnect-for-dillon-powder-alarm-1 I'm also looking into a die locking ring that has set screws. The idea being once I get the powder die set, I can lock down the ring and thus it should be able to be removed and replaced without as much adjustment. I've not found a ring that has more than one set screw. I figure it'll need more than a couple so one will fall where it can be reached from the left side. May have to drill and tap.
  4. Not mine! Just a video I found showing the process. I've been watching YouTube videos on the Dillon 550B measure and powder die install process and they run 10 to 20 minutes long. Two major differences I've seen from what I'm doing. 1) They are installing on an otherwise empty tool head. And 2) The measure is empty of powder.
  5. Take a look at this. http://oldwestlasergraphic.com/
  6. I found this shortcut works well. I do it one better and not use the priming system at all. We deprime our brass, wet tumbler clean and then hand prime. This eliminates a lot of farting around loading pickup tubes and keeping the primer feed system working. Watching that you don't get a turned or flipped primer or not a primer at all. Now the manual primer feed system on the old 450 is much more reliable.
  7. I have empty tool heads and powder die body I have yet to use. But would need to buy another RCBS powder cop die and other sizing and seat die and another powder through funnel. Yes, I do! Changing out one die a couple times a year shouldn't be that difficult. Sawmill Mary has 500 44WCF cases. I typically load her ammo and keep reloading her ammo on the setup until I'm out of 44WCF loaded with BlackMZ. I have 500 cases also. Then I switch the die and measure and continue reloading my ammo until her supply is running out. And I've not had this specific problem before. I just think there needs to be some design innovations to make the process easier. I'm thinking. It's not like there hasn't been a cottage industry built on making products to go on the Dillon presses.
  8. I used a Dillon 450 since it came out. Added a 550B a few years back when we got into CAS. Seems like the transition would be small. But I feel just as productive on the 450 as with the 550B. Any speed realized is eaten up by fussing with the automation features. I have three Lyman 55 powder throwers and two 450 style Dillon manual powder throwers. I've used these manually operated throwers on my black, BlackMZ and other powders for loading my ammo. The only time I hook up the automatic thrower for the 550B is when loading for Sawmill Mary's 44WCF using Unique. When I load my 44WCF with BlackMZ, I pull the 550B powder thrower and die and replace with a Lee powder through die and use my Lyman 55 black powder thrower. Lately I've been using my second Dillon 450 manual thrower on a Dillon "fixed" powder through die. Works great. So.. Yesterday was the day to swap out the fixed powder die and put the floating powder die back in. It's a real pain in the butt to adjust the expander die to get the proper bell on the case. I can't see any way of doing this process without the measure mounted. The measure itself is a pain in the butt to mount due to the method of attachment to the die. The two Allen head screws holding the clamp cap are difficult to manage. I feel like Goldilocks - I always find a wrench too big and too small before finding one "just right". The screw under the linkage plates is especially aggravating to get to. Then rotating the die to make adjustments is a pain in the tight confinement. Tighten everything down and test again. Repeat. Anyway! After some fussing, I thought I was getting enough bell. I could feel it. The bevel base bullet set on the case fine. But out of about 30 rounds loaded, I buldged 8. I fussed more with the adjustment. I finally realized that the bell produced was only the belling die just starting to enter the case mount - not the top belling section of the die. Fuss, repeat a number of times to get the die adjusted to get it so it expanded and belled the case properly. I'm going to have to think this over. Dillon did a poor job of adapting the 450 measure and fixed die to the automated 550 design. I have a few ideas.
  9. Sawmill Mary got a Frankford Arsenal Platinum for Christmas. Works great and never used then pins. Shortly after they came out with "Lite" version that would have been plenty big for us. https://www.grafs.com/catalog/product/productId/77903
  10. I've yet to use the pins. Small splash of Simple Green and a sprinkle of Liam Shine. Tumble for an hour.
  11. I don't load my 10 gauge shotguns very heavy but they all weigh about 10 pounds and have nice, large buttplates. So the kick is not very manageable.
  12. Take a flat of shells out and shoot it.
  13. I understand the Osage tribe own a bunch of casinos. Maybe Casino Osage? Or Osage Gambler?
  14. What I can't figure out is why all the big matches and some other events are on the second weekend of the month the same weekend we have our monthy match.
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