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  1. They have had free shipping for over $50 the longest time. That don't help me because I just go pick it up. And they are out of everything I would be interested in buying.
  2. Ok. A queston for you guys that have the BB and experience with them. One of the strong points of having the magazine with removable tube was to be able to unload without having to jack out each round. But when I do that, one stays on the carrier. I tried to just open the action and dump it out. But that didn't work well. It worked better to put the tube back in and work the action. Is there a better procedure to empty the gun?
  3. Good thing I wasn't chewing gum or drinking milk when I pulled up this video,
  4. We used some heavy, ugly, finger pinching knock down shotgun targets for years. They had a bolt to adjust the forward lean. As they were shot, and reset a number of times, the forward lean would increase until it was not able to go down with a solid hit. We would make adjustments and go on. We finally got money ahead to replace them with reaction targets.
  5. Watched this video and I thought I would make a great shotgun for Plainsman or Frontier. While there is not much chance of finding one in shooting condition at a price you could afford, it made me think of the 1869 50-70 carbine I have in the safe. Make up some shot loads. Our targets are reaction so a hit is a hit.
  6. If you want to clean and polish up the carrier without completely taking the gun apart, you may try this trick. Nice to have a pick and twisters to get things moving in the right direction.
  7. On the carbine, the spring can be shortened even more. I did some additional mods but cutting the spring is the major gain. Keep the tube clean and port hole polished and the spring has to have only enough strength to push the last shell onto the carrier l
  8. Lonesone Ryder shoots cap guns with two hands in frontier cartridge category.
  9. I wouldn't. The frames were made from stronger steel on the smokeless models.
  10. First impressions: It deceptively heavy for such a little package with its16.5" barrel. Despite its shortness, it balances well. The action feels smooth and light for a lever gun straight out of the box. It has a real sold feel to it. I kind of like the lever shape. The walnut furniture is finished well and fits good for a price competitive gun. The barrel is polished well and blued while the magazine tube has a brush finish and blued. The lever, trigger, hammer look to be just tumbled or cast and blasted and finished to a dull blue/black. The action is pretty much a ripoff of the Marlin - more like the 336 series with its round bolt and and port hole ejection cut rather than the square bolt 1894 design. I can see where some of the same action improvements made to Marlin could be made to the Henry. By the way, it'll hold 10 C45S rounds. I can't find any "cowboy up" accessories or any mods. Maybe dress it up will brass tacks?
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