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  1. Here is a one shop stop for your cowboy gun parts. https://www.longhunt.com/storelh/index.php?route=product/category&path=88_93 Start with the lighter hammer spring kit. It is easy to install and will make a big difference in effort to cycle the action. Next is the magazine spring and SST follower. While you have tube off, polish the inside mirror bright and wax it. Polish the port hole in the fram. Install new follower and slide in spring. The spring will be WAY too long. Trim to 3" longer than the tube. This will also reduce effort to cycle.
  2. We just got home from a trip across South Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas. Big THANK YOU to South Dakota. 80 mph speed limit on I90 and good road where they wasn't making repairs. And most of all, no masks! We staid in a Howard Johnson in Oacoma that still survived a hot breakfast including biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs and sausage. We didn't stop in Casper and didn't go to Cheyenne, but Wyoming was mask free where we went.
  3. As they say in mule trading, "Education costs.". You may have bought a lot of education on Remington made Marlins. The first Remington made Marlins were generally considered to be assembled junk. They earned their poor reputation. The first ones l handled were pretty sad. But the more recent ones were much better made. The wood grain orientation in the wrist area on this one is all wrong and may lead to busting out. Don't waste your money on a custom made stainless steel carrier. There are a multitude of other factors that figure in the Marlin Jam
  4. I'm wondering how many dead Democrats they find among the registered voters?
  5. Bill Fuchs at Spring Creek Armory specializes in single actions and metal work. He's not far off the Bozeman Trail at Ten Sleep Wyoming. https://springcreekarmory.com/ He rebuilt the front sight on my Colt first generation. That had been filed down to about half height.
  6. They came out with that model right after I bought one. The LITE would have worked for me also. I may have a lot of brass to clean but not the same calibers. 38 hide in 38WCF or larger cases. 38WCF is hard to separate from 44WCF, etc.
  7. Yeah, Frankfort. Makes me smile when I see the shiny brass.
  8. We dropped off this nacked Colt SAA 45Colt made in 1977 with Bill Fuchs at Spring Creek Armory yesterday. He's going to give it a makeover after some old cowboy took the factory paint off'n it. We had a good long visit in it he mentioned working on Uberti Winchester 1873s for cowboy shooters. (Didn't say what work he did on them). Along the way he showed me a Colt Lightning handgun he had refinished and repaired. Told about a Colt Lightning rifle in 44WCF he had repaired. He's refinished one old Colt for me and welded up and recut the notches on several
  9. The cardiologist wanted to do a stress test on me some 15 years ago. I asked how much was it going to cost. I keep getting the run around. Is I was paying a very high premium for insurance that virtually paid for nothing, I wanted to know. Finally the nurse slipped up and told me $4,000. I told them I just had a stress test and didn't need another.
  10. Not gender confused but another goofy twist. Jimmy Dean "plant based" sandwich. https://www.jimmydean.com/products/sandwiches/plant-based-patty-egg-cheese-croissant-sandwiches/ It's a wacko world out there.
  11. The audiologist had me sign a statement that he recommended I see an ENT and that I refused before he would provide me with aids. Ones this "planed-dimic" is done for, I'll try again.
  12. My dentist office will text me. I told them I won't answer the phone. You may ask if they have that option. Over a year ago in the process of getting tested for hearing aids, the audiologist discovered that there may be better hearing in my right ear. He recommended that I see an ENT guy. I made an appointment to see one. Got the appointment right away. Went and they gave me a generic screen test: weight, height, blood pressure, etc. Then about a 7 page questionnaire covering my medical history including health of my ancestors back 3 generations and blood relatives to the s
  13. My cousin Dicky said about tightening lug nuts, "Tighten them until they twist off and then back off half a turn.".
  14. I tried to load one in the magazine and found it nearly impossible.
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