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  1. The Magtech brass worked with no roll or taper in my first year 1887. I've shot it in a couple of matches and just shoved one down and inserted the other in chamber.
  2. There were motor and starter rebuild shops around. We had a machine that used large DC motors that would just get used up. Had them rebuilt.
  3. Top levers can be reversed on some model double barrel shotguns. Don't know if it's possible on your gun.
  4. You may talk with Bill Fuchs at Spring Creek Armory. I don't know if he does plating removal but would probably have it done by the right people. He's gaining a lot of respect for his work on Colt SAA. https://springcreekarmory.com/
  5. I haven't used this powder but I've been told it's the same as BlackMZ. I've loaded that for years. I use 1cc in 38 Special cases. I didn't note the bullet weight. It's not critical anyway.
  6. With powder hard to impossible to come by, here is some in stock. https://www.grafs.com/retail/catalog/product/productId/83678
  7. I looked for copper Chore Boy at our local Ace Hardware store. Couldn't find it. Ask The Helpful Hardware Man and he said they keep it under the counter. Totally puzzled, I asked why. He explained that crack heads steal it and tire air presure gauges to make pipes. He went on to explain meth lab guys come in and a specific list of items. P.S. While I have used Chore Boy to clean crusty bores, I mainly use it to take rust and crap off of blued metal. Much safer than steel wool.
  8. Strange, Sawmill Mary buys it because it's less expensive than the real stuff. I just throw it in a medium hot skillet for a minute or two and flip. Until it shrinks a little. Still limber. I've never cared for chrispy bacon.
  9. Any reaction from the others on the posse about your Bisley? People often ask me about guns I bring because often something new and different. Would like to see more pictures of your Bisley.
  10. Well, all-righty then. Looking forward to it.. The human hand is very adaptable. I can shoot about anything equally bad..
  11. When I was a growing boy I would help dad work in the woods. He was into "forestry management" (aka a logger). He would bring a can of TREET caned meat (because it was cheaper than SPAM), a loaf of Wonder bread (the only bread bought in our household), a can of Van Camp's pork and beans. He'd brush off a stump of the latest fell tree and take his pocket knife and slice up the TREET. He'd take two slices and make himself a sandwich. I would eat the rest with a half loaf of bread. We'd split the can of beans. Later in my professional career, I traveled a lot. I've been in most major cities and have eaten in many fine restaurants. Seated at the table in a group looking over a menu fit for a king, I hear, "Oh, I don't know what I want. Nothing looks good.". I'm thinking, "You ain't been hungry enough until you've eaten TREET on Wonder bread off a stump in the woods and thought it was great.".
  12. Keep checking ebay. There are five cylinders listed at this time under $100. But are 357 Magnum or 38 Special.
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