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  1. Don't have chickens. But my mom had every type of fowl. Many ugly ducks, chickens, genies, gease, turkey, peacock, doves and quail, to name a few. She'd go to animal swap meets and bring back ugly stuff. Wasn't for eggs or meat. Just wanted them. New to country city neighbors have chickens. Don't know how he's coming out on them. He had a "tractor" pin to raise chicks to pullet size. Moves the pin every couple of days to give them new grass to pick through. They have 3 boys and a girl to feed. The one thing I'd consider is the commitment to take care of them 24/7/365. You just can't pull up and go some place for any length of time. Would have to have someone to back up your job.
  2. I did work in Alamo, Tennessee. Davy Crockett country. I staid in Jacksonville, nearest town with accommodations. Asked natives where to get breakfast. Oh, easy, Cracker Barrel. It had just opened up and was the sensation. I seen it along the street but didn't look like any eating establishment. Looking back at Cracker Barrel history, it wasn't the first but one of the early expansion branches.
  3. 40 years ago, sister-in-law took us to a Mexican restaurant in Los Cruces, New Mexico where I first experienced Huevoes Rancheros. A sinfull amount of food. First experience with chrizo sausage. I've had Huevoes Rancheros many times since but never equal or the same. Burp. Now I'm hungry. My breakfast habit this winter has been an egg omelet with taco cheese, pepper, onion and mald salsa and BACON.
  4. OK, Googed it. Cafe started out mainly serving coffee and pastries and such. Diners differ by serving basic comfort foods an usually all foods all day. I know some places are only open until say 6:00am to 2:00pm. Restaurants tend to open about 11:00 am. Hit one place in small town in northern Iowa that opened about 6:00 am and served a limited selection of breakfast items, rolls and buns, etc. They closed at 10:00 am and at 11:00 a Italian restaurant opened to serve pizza and spaghetti and such.
  5. Don't know where cafe stops and diner begins. Some are named such. Last week we drove all the way to Boonville to the Main Street Diner. I checked on Google maps and they said open. Got there and it was closed.
  6. Talk about prices, we stopped in to a restaurant almost local we hadn't been in before. (Other two options were closed.) Didn't look like New York or Los Angeles but a hamburger was the cheapest on the menu at $17. We excused our selves and left. Down and across was a butcher shop/deli. They had a barbecue brisket lunch special for $13. Got one and split it. It was plenty. I'm seeing new price options like extra $3 for lettuce, pickle and tomato.
  7. We don't eat fast food often, but Friday I got the hankering for Arby's Ruben and curly fries. Mary had coupons. She went in and ordered to go. Came back with the stuff and said the lady waiting on her was 82 years old. Convoluted story how that detail was let out.
  8. Coming back from Wyoming, we dropped down out of Nebraska to 36. We were late on breakfast but hadn't seen anything along the way. Got to 36 in some small town and spotted a cafe down the way. Can you believe that? Wasn't much and coffee included. Mary saved half her ham and we both saved a piece of toast. Later down the trail, we each had a sandwich with the leftovers. Came back through the next trip and it was closed. I guess it was a Covid victim.
  9. A couple of times when heading out to Wyoming, we stopped for breakfast at the Oregon Trail Training Post. They had a table full of "regular" local customers. Lady come out. Said she'd be our server and cook. No menu, she had eggs, bacon, ham, biscuits and gravy, and so on. We made our choices and off she went. It was as ordered and good. Maybe a little over $10 for two.
  10. I never herd or seen this style of dancing before. Fascinating.
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