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  1. Maybe look on Colt Forum. There has been some discussion about that over there. I don't recall any saying what to use or how to replace. Mostly its like or dislike. https://www.coltforum.com/forums/single-action-army/353583-what-happened-quality-new-3rd-gen-saa-s-8.html# Maybe some info on this link?
  2. I have three Colt SAA in 45Colt. Two are second generation and the other very new third. The throats on all three are 457-459. When I make my own bullets, I size them to 454. I use 454 in my Marlin 1894.
  3. Test done. No hearing aids today. Suggested I see ENT Dr. For possible medical treatment.
  4. "They" are fighting a war of attrition and have more money to fight with. "They" erode our second amendment rights one inch, one bullet, one stupid law at a time. "They" can spend enormous amounts of resources and still loose nothing because "They" can just start over somewhere else. Did "They" really expect to win? Probably not. "They" may be trying for some compromise that sounds reasonable (on some emotional level) but is just a Trojan horse to expand into more control.
  5. Missouri Bullet Company will custom size at no extra charge for 1,000 or more and give SASS discount.
  6. Anyone "pairing" their hearing aids to Bluetooth devices like smartphones, tablets or TV? Is it worth doing? The Phonak models I plan to look at tomorrow should have that capability.
  7. T.J's Enterprise contact is a little hard to find. They don't have web site. Do everything by mail of phone. TJ's Enterprises3652 Neltner RdAlexandria, KY 41001(859) 635-5560 This should be Mike Sayers email address. tjsliners1992@gmail.com Last I contacted him he had turn operation over to his son. The reason I posting this is because they offer a 38WCF barrel liner smaller in outside diameter.
  8. Several Mae (something) alias but not Mae Bee Mae B. Knot
  9. We talked a good bit with outfit that matkets Phonak. A much better feeling and prices than Beltone. We have an appointment Wednesday morning to do test. He will program a set and let me try them for a week at no charge.
  10. Looks like guys are working night and day to comeup with new ideas of how to use the new APP press.
  11. Here is a picture of our late John Bear. I wouldn't know him without his smile.
  12. I'm down frying 3 each morning for breakfast 6 days a week. Sunday we have biscuit and gravy. The only way to cook then is in a well seasoned iron skillet. I cook in lard - yes, pork fat. Wait until the bottom layor of white turns white and top is steal clear, then flip. Turn off heat and let them finish cooking. A little poke beside the yoke will tell you if can whire is done.
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