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  1. Ditto! Wait.... Ditto may be annoying to someone. Maybe, "Me too." No... Try, "I also."
  2. I've heard a lot of good reports from the Browning/ Winchester service center in Arnold Missouri. I needed to replace some parts on a Winchester Miroku 73 that had been butchered at a tender age. Sawmill Mary called the service center and the lady that answered the phone walked back to the parts inventory and pulled the parts and bagged them while on the phone. Done. Got them in a couple of days.
  3. I don't know. It just sets in the dark safe with a sock over it. I think it's a recluse.
  4. Then there is a Century Limited in 44WCF. One of the few guns we can't shoot.
  5. I had one we picked up in Nashville. But we were not on the road an hour on our return home when it came to be Sawmill Mary's. It was tuned by Widder. Slick gun. She has at least 5 other Marlin 1894s but this is THE one.
  6. Then why shoot a cap gun in the first place? Looks to me that paper cartridges were used extensively through the War of Northern Agression and probably were made or bought until modern cartridge guns made them obsolete. We shot with a great cowboy weekend before last that had a new pair of 58s and completely new setup for loading paper cartridges made with conical bullets he'd cast. Faster? Batter? I couldn't say. The way it was done back then? Very likely.
  7. If you're shooting 4 cap guns Josey Wales, time don't matter! What the heck, who are you competing against anyway! I shot Josey Wales last fall with a pair of 45Colt and 44WCF BlackMZ loads. I don't even remember my times. I did shoot 4 clean stages and missed one or two on one and crashed on another.
  8. Did that and went to heavier bullets sized to 454 and roll crimped. Helped keep crap from peppering my face but inside of gun still stove pipe got black after a match.
  9. I'd never heard of one until I ran across one in 357 magnum on GB. I suspect it's another show and no go model from Cimarron. I have an Eliminator 8 in 45Colt. And really like the looks and feel. But, although it was suppose to have be new, it was a mess inside. I just suspect short stroke was too difficult to get right.
  10. The carrier in the Marlin 1894 45Colt can modified to run C45S. But it still is bad about blow by. I haven't shot my Marlin 1894 converted to fire C45S since I got 44WCF.
  11. Now that Starline has taken up stocking and distribution of C45S, the cases are easy to get and affordable. Reloading requires some set up and considerations. The case makes wonderful smokeless loads and even better black powder or sub loads. No fillers required. https://www.grafs.com/catalog/product/productId/76283 Yes! A full case load of BlackMZ is too powerful! I load 1cc in my C45S loads and still get tons of smoke and plenty of kick.
  12. I started out with 45Colt because I had been shooting single (and double) acrion 45Colt for 50 years. I had everything to reload them including casting my own bullets. So it was less expensive to shoot than to start over. But.. I also could say that with 38 Special, 357 Magnum, 44 Special and 44 Magnum. Also 25-20 and 32-20. I shot my first match with an antique Marlin 1894 in 25-20. They had to get out the rule book to verify it was allowed. Since then I've added 44WCF and 38WCF to the list. Sawmill Mary likes to shoot the Missouri Bullet Company poly coated bullets. She calls them her "lipstick" bullets. I cast most of the bullets I shoot out of reclaimed lead from my bullet traps.
  13. Just think how much better you'd done with properly fitted base pins.
  14. If I remember, the next time I'm in the hardware store I'll pick up a 1/4" cap screw and see how much work it would take to make it into a base pin. I just make my own but I have a small lathe and taps, etc. I custom fit pin to gun and bushing.
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