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  1. I keep a close track on old westerns. There must be a hundred about Jessy James. Most of them show outdoor scenes that dont resemble Missouri at all. The exception is Jessy James made in 1939 with Tyrone Powers and Henry Fonda. Shot in Missouri.
  2. Got a lot of "Little" something or other on members list here on the Wire. But I don't see. Little Dickins. Mom would give the title "Little Dickins" to every rambunctious kid at one time or other. I don't recall anyone else saying that.
  3. I have a pair and when the buzzar sounds, I can't tell the difference. Like CC said, I had to put stronger hammer springs in them to get them to go bang every time.
  4. My Colt gunsmith buddy Bill Fuchs is good at all aspects of Colt SAA repair and restoration. He's inspired me to make grips for my 1860 Armys. But it took me most of a month of off and on work to make two grips. He chuckled at me. He makes most excellent grips out of all kinds of materials. Total elapse time over a couple of days for glues to cure and finishes to dry. But only minutes compared to my hours at a time.
  5. Been doing it for many years. Got bullet traps here on the home range also.
  6. Since the sight is cut into the top of the hammer, how would you sight the gun? What am I missing here?
  7. Up at cross roads of I70 and US54 the big sign says "Lake of the Ozarks". That's right. About 10 miles on US54 is state Route H. Flat land tourists (as we local folks call people from Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Iowa) turn on Route H and go until they run into an inbred local playing dueling banjos. Then turn around and stop in at gas station for directions to Tan-Terra resort that is also on Route H but at least an hour further south. The state letters the secondary roads and they are only unique inside each county. They duplicate in each county.
  8. It amazed me how in to old westerns you could be in Deadwood one day and El Passo the next.
  9. I seldom shoot two matches in a row with the same mix of guns or calibers. 32 S&W, 32WCF, 38 Special, 38WCF, 44WCF, 45 Colt. 12 gauge and 10 gauge. Usually my choice is influenced by latest gun I've made ready. I love the old guns.
  10. They had in Borrego Springs an Italian Restaurant in a little strip mall ran by two brothers transplanted from New York City. I always figured they were on some kind of witness protection plan.
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