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  1. Actually, Hanoi Jane is 82. Ann-Margret is 79.
  2. That's why I called it the Great Sturgis Experiment.
  3. Abilene, His story may well be true. When I started in 1989 there was a Wyatt Earp with a SASS number in the 400's. I would check periodically to see if the alias was available to no avail. I eventually settled on Tombstone Wyatt after starting as Josh Randall. Then, in 2015 I inquired and the alias was available, so I took it. This other fella may have gotten lucky in 2000 and kept the alias until 2015 when he apparently quit SASS, passed away, or whatever. So, I guess I'm Wyatt Earp #3.
  4. That was a great shoot in a beautiful part of the country. I shot the match in 1991 (5th place behind Durango Kid, Tutler, Flint Westwood and Tex), then again in 1992, but I won't talk about the results
  5. The guy holding the "Henry" is Robert Horton. His character was Flint McCullough.
  6. Not here in southwestern Utah. More flags flying on a daily basis than you can shake a stick at
  7. Hardpan, That is a great picture. If it wasn't in color, it could pass for an old original. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Maybe they should rename it the "Sturgis Grand Experiment Rally".
  9. Fizznicks. A hollow plastic sphere cut in half around the equator that had a short tube coming out of each half. You put a scoop of ice cream in one half, snapped the two together and stuck one tube into a soft drink bottle of your choice, then turned it up and sucked on the other tube. Instant ice cream float. Bozo the Clown used to hock them on his tv show. In sixth grade it was the cool thing to do to ask a girl to go steady by giving her a St. Christopher's medal necklace.
  10. Thanks Allie, I looked at the club website and they have an RV map but no details as to facilities. My motor home isn't really designed for dry camping. Seriously considering attending, love the area, went to school at Cal Poly SLO.
  11. What's the camping conditions at the range? Hookups, dry ?
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