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  1. 7.62 x 39 is just about as expensive as 223/5.56 these days, mostly going for .40 to .45 per round for steel case.
  2. For a hunting rifle an 18 or 20" in 350 legend makes sense, combined with a fixed stock and a good scope. Next I would build a pistol with a 10.5 or 11.5 inch barrel in a 5.56 or Wylde chamber.
  3. We get winds here but this week has been especially strong. The damn red dust gets everywhere. Now my Dish is out, couldn't be reset remotely and can't get a tech here until Friday
  4. I'm sure a lot of you know the history of the Model 1893 and how it was improved upon and eventually replaced with the Model 1897. The story goes that Winchester was concerned about the safety of the 1893 with the advent and upcoming widespread use of smokeless powder shotshells and offered to replace any 1893 with a brand new 1897. Most would assume, as did I, that this "recall" of sorts must have happened in conjunction with the introduction of the improved 1893, the 1897. According to one well researched article I found, this is not the case. According to the article, it wasn't until 1901 that Winchester began offering the 1897 replacement. This makes sense as I assume that as more and more smokeless shells became available, the issues with the 1893 began to surface. However, according to the article, only a small percentage of the 1893's were returned for replacement, so maybe a lot of the owners were still using black powder and did not experience any of the smokeless powder related issues. The article goes on to attempt to account for the whereabouts of the remainder of the 34,000(+) 1893's that were produced. I know where two of them are as they currently reside in one of my safes. The Winchester Model 1893 Shotgun – Surplused
  5. In getting ready for the Four Corners Regional, I checked my EMF imported "Hartford" model and found the cylinder would spin much too freely. I figured a broken hand spring and put it back in the safe. Today I took it apart and alas, I discovered a broken hand spring. I checked VTI and am awaiting their "check stock" return email. I was hoping that someone here might have a spare they are willing to part with. This particular revolver is one of the first ones EMF had produced by ASM back in the early 1990's and is supposed to have parts interchangeable with 1st gen Colts. I do know that Colt screws work in this gun. So, anyone have a spare they would be willing to part with? Thanks. Wyatt
  6. From a Chuck Hawks article "Double gun Terminology" Doll's head: Designed by Westley Richards, the doll's head is a compact top rib extension that fits into the top tang. It uses no bolt and does not serve to prevent the barrels from rotating open about the hinge pin. However, it does strengthen the action by resisting the force upon firing that attempts to break the action bar where it meets the standing breech. This is the point of greatest stress when a break-open action gun is fired and the Doll's head is an effective reinforcement. The famous American Parker action used a doll's head, as have some guns from such famous British makers as Westley Richards and Charles Boswell.
  7. Lookin mighty dapper Bob, mighty dapper indeed.
  8. Thanks guys, I hadn't seen Virgil and Allie in "God, since forever ".
  9. Same to you Hendo. Had a great time. One of the best posse's I've been on. I had a couple of bobbles the first day, but finally got my groove back.
  10. Hey Canby, long time, I'm on posse 4. You still shooting BP? I'll be shooting Ssssilver Ssssenior (how did that happen?). May bring out the c&b pistols for fun one stage or so. Gonna be fun. Friday weather shows scattered thunderstorms in the am. Tomorrow is the infamous Hurricane wind.
  11. Tomorrow will be my first shoot in 5 years. Four Corners Regional 3 day here in Hurricane, Utah. Wish me luck. BTW, my last shoot 5 years ago was the Four Corners, which was a great influence in our moving here.
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