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  1. More corporate-type terms, but used in law enforcement: Lt: I need to get some "face time" with my boss (Capt). Another, one manager (Lt) to another (Lt): What's going on in your "shop"? Another is "best practices". Don't get me started on proper English. I was taught not to use double adverbs, yet I hear them all the time nowadays. I guess they want to stress how "very seriously" they are on a subject!
  2. Yesterday was also my 65th birthday. I used to tell people that April 15th was the day Lincoln died, the Titanic sunk and it was income tax day. Now, unfortunately I have to add the Notre Dame Cathedral.
  3. Bob, You got that right about Marie Osmond. Really fell for her when she started those Nutrisystem commercials. We lived in Las Vegas for two months during our recent transition from California to Utah. Saw the Donny and Marie show at the Flamingo. Three rows back from the stage, absolutely beautiful in person.
  4. River Junction Trading Company has a small section of parts.
  5. Wow, Sgt. Drydock. Haven't seen you on the Wire in years!
  6. I need to sale my car, so I'm putting it up for sell.
  7. March 18, 1882 Wyatt's beloved younger brother Morgan Earp was killed by ambush in Tombstone, AZ . The very next day was Wyatt's 34th birthday.
  8. Welcome back Nubbins. Miss your posts.
  9. Right off the 15 at Blue Diamond is the Oasis RV Park. It's at the south end of town but easy to get to. We've stayed there several times. Very nice park.
  10. I just wish they made them in 38-40.....I wonder if a 38 special could be re-chambered and bored out?
  11. Deuce, I recommend you get a copy of Dodge City by Tom Clavin. Tells the story of Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson with equality, if not more heavily wieghted on Bat that I have ever read before. Wyatt
  12. Thanks Joe, IMHO the Moody Blues are the greatest rock and roll band of all time. They should have let Ray do more solo's. Interesting fact is that the Moodies only took off after they hired Justin Hayward and John Lodge from the Animals. Justin is the most underrated singer/songwriter from the English invasion, having penned the vast majority of their hits, as well as being the lead vocal in most all of them. The following is an hour long video from 1970, featuring most of the songs till that time. I love Ray's "Lazy Day" song. Wyatt
  13. Hey Pat, EOT was in April back then. Stayed in April for the first couple of years at Founder's Ranch and was only moved to June because the weather in Albuquerque was so bad. Monsoon season I think. SASS shows my join up date as June 1991, but that can't be correct because I shot my first EOT in April 1991 with my first alias of Josh Randall. I also remember buying my first rifle, a Marlin 1894S before Jan '91 because that's when CA imposed the 10 day wait on long guns. I'm pretty sure I joined sometime in late 1990. Wyatt Earp 1628Life
  14. I may be mis-remembering, but didn't Becky belong to Logan?
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