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  1. How so ? Lyman Turbo 600, the bowl is solid with a ventilated cover. I suppose some splashing could make its' way down the sides of the bowl?
  2. Can the liquid method be used in a vibratory tumbler?
  3. Samuel Tripp, boy howdy, there's a name I haven't heard in years and years. He mentored me in my first few shoots, then he stopped shooting way back in the early 90's after his dad was injured falling off a ladder. Saw him once at EOT in the mid/late 90's. If you see him again, tell him Josh Randall (remember?) says hi, and I still have his Colt and he ain't gettin' it back for no amount of money
  4. Glad to hear from you Nubbins. Watcha selling ?
  5. Knowing USG's penchant for likker, I'd say it's a night cap
  6. I'll bet when mom passes your sister will be there asap to claim her share of any assets your mom has.
  7. There is a SASS pard by the name of Timekeeper that does great work. He was just on the wire recently, https://forums.sassnet.com/index.php?/profile/2856-timekeepersass-15766/
  8. Hey Hey Mark, Can you PM me the details, I'd like to send Bob a note. Thanks
  9. Happy birthday Happy. Can't believe it's been 20 years since I had the pleasure of shooting with you and Doc and Grizzly at EOT. Wyatt
  10. Big Jim is Jamie's alter ego, in cartoon form.
  11. I've seen that video many times over the years and still can't figure out why he threw the rifle down.
  12. Actually, Hanoi Jane is 82. Ann-Margret is 79.
  13. That's why I called it the Great Sturgis Experiment.
  14. Abilene, His story may well be true. When I started in 1989 there was a Wyatt Earp with a SASS number in the 400's. I would check periodically to see if the alias was available to no avail. I eventually settled on Tombstone Wyatt after starting as Josh Randall. Then, in 2015 I inquired and the alias was available, so I took it. This other fella may have gotten lucky in 2000 and kept the alias until 2015 when he apparently quit SASS, passed away, or whatever. So, I guess I'm Wyatt Earp #3.
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