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  1. I've been going to gun shows for about 40 years now and I don't think I've ever seen/found what you would call a good deal. It always seemed what they had to sell was priceless and what you had to sell was junk that nobody wanted but they would give you about 30-40% of it's real value. (Hey, I gotta make a profit on this they would say). Back in the '80's before the internet they were a good place to get some stuff you generally couldn't find at your local gun store. Reloading supplies were generally fairly priced as was ammunition. Then over the next 10 or so years they had fewer and fewer guns. The last gun show I went to in California (around 2011) was unexpectedly huge, with three full buildings and the outside spaces between the buildings as well. Since moving to the St. George area I've been to 4 gun shows. They only hold two a year at the Convention Center. One large building mostly full and not so much of the non-gun related stuff. The two big ammo dealers had plenty and the prices are about the same as the retail stores. No reloading equipment/supplies to speak of. I did manage to get a decent price for a Czech Mauser and Russian SKS I'd had for years and I was able to get all the parts needed to build a 7.62x39 AR.
  2. The Black Pirate (1926) with Douglas Fairbanks Sr. He does quite a few awesome stunts throughout the movie
  3. Excellent presentation by a true ambassador of our sport.
  4. How to read a vernier scale. http://tmtpages.com/vernier.htm
  5. Rye, I've got the same 10/22 only my stock is the Grey laminate. At the St. George gun show last month they had one for sale at $650. Guy honestly said that's what they're going for. I have a Nikon Rimfire 3x9 on mine. Matches up great with my stainless Browning Buckmark.
  6. The RCBS tray has a little slider (see that green nub) built into the lid that prevents the primer flow .
  7. I love using the LEE Bench Priming tool but hated the folding primer tray. The "open/lock/on" switch was finicky, often resulting in primers flowing out the chute before the tray was seated. At 10 to 12 cents per primer nowadays I hate losing one. I have the RCBS hand held tool, but I find the "universal" shell holder less than so, often launching a shell across the room. I pulled the RCBS tray and found the attachment point identical to the LEE system except for the height. A few swipes with a file and Xacto blade made for a perfect fit. Of course it won't fit the RCBS anymore, but that was solved by ordering a new tray from Amazon for 10 bucks.
  8. Kinda fills the niche that the Dillon SDB used to. SDB is now around $650.
  9. The company has been in business since 1931, so I don't understand your comment about history. Am I missing something?
  10. Realizing you've already made your decision (correct by the way) my rule of thumb is to always take them apart. If you shoot them you lose the bullet, primer and powder.
  11. You could also take Peachy and add Keen, so it was Peachy Keen With Keeno you could add Jet, so it was Keeno Jet Cats and Chicks. Boys and girls, usually referring to teenagers and above
  12. My identical twin grandsons are named Tanner and Conner. My brother dated twins named Rhonda and Robina. My father Edward was a fraternal twin to Joseph. What I always found interesting about them was my dad was muscular and athletic, whereas his brother was the stereotypical 98 lb. weakling.
  13. I recently purchased and am very pleased with a set of Igauging Absolute Origin 6" digital. Reads to .0000, very smooth operation and takes a more common 2032 battery. $44 on Amazon. Watch a review at
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