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  1. That was the movie we saw on our first date in May 1977. Forty-two years later we still laugh about the melting nose
  2. Guns marked with an A or B are Model 1893's. Just like with the C, D , and E versions of the 1897's Winchester made improvements to the '93s over the years before they recalled them and issued the 97 in its place. You could turn in your '93 and Winchester would replace it with a new '97. Out of the 34,000 or so model '93's made I know of at least two that were not turned in, 'cause they're sitting in one of my safes, one an A and the other a B
  3. Looks to be a case of Steampunk meets Choo-Choo train
  4. We spent the holiday at Sundance Resort up by Salt Lake City. On the drive up from Hurricane we had clear skies and little snow except on the mountain tops in the distance. We drove home today and it was solid show as far as you could see from Sundance to just south of Cedar City.
  5. OK guys, let me set the record straight, I DO have lighter springs in all three of my Colts, but no short strokes in any of my Winchesters (Uberti)
  6. If I lived in North Korea I'd like to skip the winters there too
  7. Can't remember the last gun I bought, but my wife had her eye on this Glock 42 for herself. Since moving from CA to Utah this year I didn't have a gun in mind. When she said she wanted this one we went to the local ACE HARDWARE and brought this home. No waiting period, just the background check and we took it home. Living in a free state is good. This just made me remember the last gun I bought. Went to my local gun store to buy a Uberti 1873 carbine in 45colt. Didn't have one stock but the guy helping me said he had a 66 in 38-40. New and unfired. He wanted $675. So, $1050 for a new 73 or $675 for a new 66, guess which one I bought?
  8. From that same performance and in my opinion, John's finest.
  9. Anybody ever see these before? Directions say load one, pull trigger, shotgun clean. Seems like another solution in search of a problem. Website link: https://huntegoltd.com/products/cleanshot-12-gauge Video shows a guy shooting two rounds from each barrel of an over/under, shows bores with some residue, then one of these each and bores are shining like the sun. He then puts gun in case, all done. I think there's a little more to gun cleaning than just the bore(s).
  10. Without a doubt, Young Frankenstein, followed closely by The Great Race, then Caddyshack (mainly because of Rodney Dangerfield).
  11. End of Trail 2002, Norco, California Left to right, Tex Boden, Duke Chisum (RIP), Mayobard, Yours Truly, and Pat Riot.
  12. Durango Junction High Country Shootout, 1991, hosted by the Durango Kid in where else, Durango, Colorado. My first alias was Josh Randall.
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