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  1. Only to watch the news in the morning when getting dressed.
  2. Rye, You said the Mini 14 was yours before. Think back on why you bought it in the first place and then why you sold it. If the reason for buying it outweighs the reason for selling it, then go for the Mini again. AR's are pretty much a dime a dozen nowadays, but there is only one Mini 14 that was yours before and with a custom stock that you personalized it with. Wyatt
  3. Update. I ended up buying the RCBS and it works like a charm. 100 rounds in about 15 minutes, no damaged lead.
  4. Griff, One of my first SAA purchases when I started shooting was one of the original EMF Hartfords, serial number 7XX, right around 1990. It does not have the coil spring , just the regular flat hand spring.
  5. I thought clicks was short for kilometers. From the Viet Nam era. One that drove me crazy when I was working was the newer officers using "mikes" for minutes. "I'll be there in a few mikes". Drove me crazy. Is the word "mikes" that much shorter than minutes. The word kit to me means an assemblage of items, eg, a shaving kit consists of the razor, shaving cream, small mirror stored in a dopp bag. But I wouldn't refer the each as a piece of kit, I would call it a razor, etc. Another example would be a model car kit.
  6. Thanks for all or your responses. Just to try it, I pulled out my kinetic puller and managed to get through a 50 round box in about 30 minutes, including separating the bullets and powder. Not bad really and the majority came out with one good, solid whack. I think I'll pick up the Hornady anyway to see how well it works. Can't have too many reloading tools
  7. I find myself needing to pull about 300 .45acp RNL (230gr) bullets. Nothing wrong with the load but I'm going to sell my Kimber and won't need them. Since I am beginning to load 45 Schofield (thanks Prairie Dawg) I am going to repurpose them for that load. I can also reuse the 231 powder and sell the primed cases. Been looking at the Hornady and RCBS collet pullers, watching a few Youtube videos as well. One says the Hornady collets are thin at the mouth and subject to chipping, another touts the ease of use of the Hornady cam lock lever with no mention of the collets breaking. Consensus seems to be they are both better with jacketed bullets. I would like to hear from you all on the pros and cons of each and which you would recommend for my purposes. BTW, I do have a couple impact pullers but for this amount I would like a more efficient method. Thanks Wyatt
  8. That whole story sounds fishy. First off they call it a percussion shotgun. Really ? It is the same model used in Tombstone, and I feel that's as far as the "provenance" goes. The front trigger opened the barrels to load. Wyatt Oops, did a little research and according to Peter Sheryako, who supplied all the guns and hear for Tombstone, in his book "The Guns and Gear of Tombstone"' Fred Dodge did own said gun, serial number 927. Did he loan it to Wyatt, who knows.
  9. Check out Lee Precision Factory Sales. It's kinda like Lee's online outlet store. You can find most of their products and a a pretty good reduction in price. These are not seconds or close outs either. They are my go to place for Lee products. Wyatt
  10. Last time I had to put a "stop payment" my bank charged me $35. Now, I don't know how much your bank charges, but compared to $3.50 for peace of mind.....no brainer for me
  11. Charles Daly is an importer, just like Cimarron and Taylors. Chiappa is a manufacturer, like Uberti and Pietta.
  12. Yah, I shoulda watched it before posting it, but hey it is Hckok45
  13. I'm surprised Rye hasn't posted this: Hickok45 test and review. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5tI1bNB0-s
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