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  1. I went back the next year (1992), did the train ride, stayed at the Strater. Good times.
  2. A little trivia about Bounty Hunter and how he chose his alias. I was shooting the 1991 Durango Junction High Country Shootout. I'd been shooting CAS for about two years and managed to come in at 5th place. My alias was Josh Randall. Bounty Hunter came in at 6th. I did not know him at the time. After the top 10 were announced this guy, dressed to the nines, including batwing chaps, comes over to me and introduces himself. He tells me he wanted Josh Randall as his first choice alias, but settled on Bounty Hunter, Josh Randall's occupation. Funny too that we share the same last name, though not related. Never shot with nor saw him again.
  3. You may want to check your price on item #1. Wyatt
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