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  1. Fighting fire with more fire does nothing to fix this type of situation. What if you have other neighbors on your other side or behind you? Now you are disturbing their peace. And as Pat noted, it can only escalate from there. And disturbing the peace does not have a time frame (although some jurisdictions may still apply this archaic rule). Only after 10PM and before 8AM? What if you work midnight shift and sleep during the day? Your peace can't be disturbed because it's daytime? Best thing is to contact the parents and advise them of the situation. Having a recording might not be
  2. Just came from the grocery store. There, I thoroughly examined a bottle of Mrs. Butterworth's syrup. Can't see any resemblance to a black person. Looks to me to be more European, maybe Dutch. If they just added some color to the clear plastic bottle they could avoid the confusion. I seem to remember the old commercial where they animated the bottle. Sounded more like my German grandma. Oh, and Aunt Jemima's portrait is nowhere to be found on the bottle. Didn't check on Uncle Ben.
  3. Pretty soon they'll be after Log Cabin because, you know, Abe Lincoln was born in one.
  4. "Are you gonna do something or just stand there and bleed? (shakes his head) "I didn't think so" "Just acquired us a quarter interest in a game at the Oriental" "Acquired?" "So to speak" "Depends on how you're lookin' at it. I mean its' not like anybody's puttin a gun to there head, now is it?" "You're not as stupid as you look Ike"
  5. Cutie. I remember when my grand daughters were small. Now they are teenagers and the oldest gets her driver's license next month
  6. Any soft drink that is not diet. Way too sugary for me now. Rolo candy. Used to eat these by the roll at the movies. No hankerin' for candy anymore. Dinty Moore beef stew. Another thing mom used to make me for lunch. Tried some a few years ago, NOT the same product.
  7. Have had a hankering for a .357 mag double action revolver for some time as I currently do not own one (had a Model 66 2 3/4" when I was a detective late 80's). Really wanted a Model 19 as I love the blue and wood (see Birdgun's). Want an older model without the safety, but prices are sky high. New Smith's retail for around $795 but are virtually unobtainable right now. Went to Sportsmans to see if they could order one (NO) but saw they had a row of stainless Smith's (police trade-ins) on the wall that weren't there a couple days before. Three Model 66's and one Model 65. Two of the 66's were
  8. Seem to recall in the early 60's from when my dad and older brother would buy a few 50 round boxes to go jackrabbit hunting, they were around 25 cents a box.
  9. Not talking hamburgers, hot dogs, and such, but actual brands. I grew up eating Chef Boyardee Ravioli for lunch. In grammer school, if I didn't like what the cafeteria was serving, I'd walk the 1 1/2blocks home and mom would make this for me. Still et them today. (as a side note, I couldn't/can't stand any of the other of the Chef's products) Oscar Meyer Smokies. Rice a Roni. Back then I liked the beef flavor the best. When mom made it for dinner, I'd take a spoonful on a piece of bread, fold it in half and eat it. What are yours?
  10. "Why do you shoot that old Evans, Joe?" "'Cause it holds 28 rounds and I ain't a very good shot"
  11. Sounds like you got the better end of that deal
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