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  1. A very clean loading bench is the sign of a deeply disturbed person
  2. Something to keep in mind is that for those of us who shoot long guns off the left shoulder, moving left to right on a stage makes it awkward to carry the long gun, much like moving right to left affects the right handed shooter. It can also be a safety issue with newer, less experienced shooters. As to the gunfighter part, I'm not interested in placing or winning my category, so I'm not bothered by shooting double duelist. With 25+ years of shooting SASS, including all Heluva Ruckus matches from 2000 to present, I'll note that you will never make 100% of the shooters happy, the top shooters will always win regardless of how the stages are written and complicated stages affect the less skilled shooters a lot more than the top shooters. Another suggestion is to look at the scores from this year and see if any stage had more misses, procedurals or slow times than what would be reasonably expected compared to the other stages. And you did a very good job of writing the stages this year.
  3. Once De Havilland figured out the problems, Comet IV and it's offshoots (mostly military) went on to be reasonably successful civilian airliner and was the basis of the British Nimrod, a maritime ASW aircraft which had a role similar to the P-3 Orion. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/De_Havilland_Comet
  4. Pretty much as soon as I leave the house and have to deal with the public
  5. The only country that might benefit from intentionally damaging/destroying the Nord pipelines would be China and I'm not sure that the Chinese are capable of carrying out such an operation or that China would risk angering so many countries that they do business with. The U.S., Europe and Ukraine don't benefit, since Putin would consider it an escalation. Russia wouldn't do it because it's both an escalation on their part and they don't benefit from it either.
  6. Look at the bright side: All of the video of her sticking her foot in mouth and otherwise saying stupid things will provide lots of proof of her incompetence if she has political aspirations after she is no longer VP
  7. Link: https://www.ksat.com/news/2022/09/27/texas-couple-finds-fully-automatic-military-grade-m16s-in-storage-cases-purchased-online/ A dozen M-16 get "lost" and no one notices? A bunch of people are going to be in trouble.
  8. A decent band, a little bit better singer, but unlikely to ever hit it big. There is a lot of different kinds of jazz, some of it I like and some of it I don't. The biggest problem to is finding good new music, because what little I hear on the radio is either classic rock, songs I've heard a hundred times before and pretty much everything else, regardless of genre, is bad. Youtube is good, Amazon Music is ok (some of it is free if you have Amazon Prime) and iTunes is very good.
  9. They probably want to remove him, the real question is can they? Putin has either the support of the the senior military (maybe) or more likely, the almost complete support of the FSB (and other internal security agencies).
  10. The woman is about to become very rich and I doubt she'll be charged for the road rage incident. Both police officers should be fired.
  11. Maybe this will help: https://ammoseek.com
  12. Pretty sure that if they try to break into a gun safe using a mini gun, the neighbors and police are going to hear them
  13. Right now 2.5" shells are is pretty much reloading only right now. From what I have heard RST will sometimes have small quantities of 2.5" 12 gauge. Regarding your German double, http://www.doublegunshop.com/forums/ubbthreads.php might be a good source of information on it, what pressures it can handle and the posters there have been very helpful to me in some of my research in antique shotguns.
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