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  1. I see we don't hold a monopoly on stupid politicians
  2. Some new information that contradicts at least some of what has been previously reported: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2024/mar/01/rust-movie-shooting-assistant-director-armorer As for Baldwin, I suspect that there will be no plea deal. If there was going to be a plea deal, it probably would have been offered by now. So either the prosecution feels they have a very good case or if a plea deal was offered Baldwin rejected it.
  3. Is it bad that I recognized the Schwarzlose pistol? On edit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mars_Automatic_Pistol The 45 Mars long was a 220 grain bullet at 1220 FPS
  4. That presumes accurate reporting by the MSM. Without reading the trial transcript or hearing from someone actually present at the trial, it appears the prosecutor(s) were successful in convincing the jury that she was at least partially responsible. Her alleged behavior prior to the trial was not helpful. As for Baldwin, even that despicable POS deserves a fair trial. Based on the MSM's reporting it sounds like he was guilty of involuntary manslaughter. If found guilty let's hope the judge holds him to the same standards as Reed.
  5. I remember a scene in The Big Sleep (1946) where the car registration was wrapped around the steering wheel shaft, so figure either California or at least Los Angeles Country required by at least 1945 if not earlier.
  6. Of course it's been re-engined a couple of more times
  7. Maybe there are still bargains at gun shows, but I haven't seen one in a long time. Anything new or easily available used is cheaper online. I'll go if I'm in the mood, but my expectations are low and I'm usually annoyed with myself when I do go.
  8. We'll never see those days again. If the world settles down and peace breaks out in various parts of the world, we MIGHT see $50/1000 again.
  9. Iran just pissed away about 300 missiles and drones, that's a fair amount of money down the drain and since Iran has been supplying Russia with drones, I doubt Russia is going to be pleased when Iran diverts those production lines to building Iran's supplies of drones and missiles back up. If this continues, using the bomber fleet, including the B-2's and perform the following strikes, minimizing civilian casualties. If Iran chooses to behave itself, the strikes stop: Strike one: We eliminate all Iranian naval vessels, their bases, repair facilities and fueling facilities. If Iran continues to be difficult, Strike two: Destroy all armed aircraft of the Iranian Air Force, their bases, repair facilities and fueling facilities. If Iran continues to be difficult, Strike three: Destroy all of their tanks and AFV's ,their bases, repair facilities and fueling facilities. If Iran continues to be difficult, Strike four: Using precision missiles and small diameter bombs, kill senior military leadership, which includes the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. On edit: As part of Strike one, turn their nuclear design and development facilities into a crater
  10. I'm fairly certain that the the Israeli SAM systems are of Israeli make as are the missile production lines.
  11. Done With Bonaparte and Brothers in Arms are both songs that capture what it is like to be a soldier better than any other song I've heard. Mark Knopfler is an extremely talented songwriter when it comes to a song that tells a story. Some are sad & serious like Done With Bonaparte and Brothers in Arms. Some are whimsical like Secondary Waltz and Quality Shoe. Money for Nothing is a very good satire song about the early days of MTV. Much of Mark Kopfler's work, either a solo artist or as part of Dire Straits can be heard on YouTube and he is definitely a musician that gets better the more you hear.
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