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  1. In that case he would need a referral for a second opinion and the doctor would have to bill it as other than a wellness or routine check up visit. Or pay out of pocket.
  2. That depends on the health plan's benefits and whether a referral is needed or not. How the provider(s) bill MAY cause a problem. As an example, if both bill for a wellness visit, which normally has a limit of 1 per year, then expect claim payment issues. I work for a major health insurance company.
  3. I have one of the old Navy Arms 1866 (made by Uberti, imported by Navy Arms). The two flat springs can be replaced by Whisper springs, you'll have to remove some metal from the brass base of the Whisper spring, but I'm pretty sure you'll find that easy to do. https://onlineoutpost.net/collections/all-gun-parts/products/whisper-spring-kit-new-extra-duty-186618731860-henry I got mine from the The Smith Shop before they closed and sold the inventory to Online Outpost
  4. I have 38 unopened packages, each with 4 pieces per package, 1/300 scale (2 towed artillery, 15 Tank or SP & 21 trucks, APC's, SP's and armored cars) of unpainted lead miniatures for table top gaming. The time period seems to be WWII to present. I also have a ziploc bag of what seems to be 1/1250 scale 27 WWII warships of various classes. I would like to get $50 + shipping for them. First PM gets the lot SPF
  5. It seems to have a good director and there are a number of talented actors involved, so I'm optimistic. I did think the Dune TV mini series was decent, but the first movie was pretty bad.
  6. Say what you really mean!!
  7. I didn't want to sidetrack the Hollywood to New Mexico thread I waste a lot of time on You Tube and have seen a lot of talk show clips with American, United Kingdom, Australian and New Zealand actors and almost invariably it is the American actor who the pompous ass even when they aren't the biggest, richest or best star on the show that day. I know there are American actors who are class acts (Tom Selleck, Sam Elliott and Robert Downey Jr. come to mind), but sadly they seem to be the exceptions.
  8. Connecticut extended the effective dates as well (effectively 180 days) and is allowing & requiring renewal for existing pistol permits by mail. Renewal is $70, plus the cost of a "passport" photo, stamp and notary public (if your town doesn't for it for free).
  9. Let me look in the couch cushions
  10. I started shooting SASS in 1997 and I don't think I ever considered quitting. Back then I would shoot 2-3 matches a month, but now I shoot a couple of annual /state championship matches and my home club. I've become a fair weather shooter, no more shooting in the rain, cold or very hot weather. I used to try and be competitive, but the last year SASS had the modern category made me change my approach. I wasn't having fun anymore and I was taking things too seriously, which brought out unpleasant parts of my personality that I normally keep buried. At a state match I ended up w
  11. Driving home on a divided highway one night about 30 minutes after bars had closed (I was 100% sober) and I come over this slight rise to see headlights coming directly at me, but managed to swerve out of the way. Even 20+ years later I still think that if the Lincoln MKVII I was driving didn't have the great handling that it did, I probably would have died that night. The Lincoln was a tough car, but a head on collision at what was probably a combined speed of at least 120 mph didn't offer good odds for survival.
  12. In the early days only the very rich could afford to fly commercially or steam first class on a passenger liner. While neither is exactly cheap these days, it is far more achievable for the average person now than in the beginning. Branson & Bezos have shown that it doesn't require a government backed program to go to space and land safely back on Earth. The people the various governments have sent into space had all spent months, if not years, training to go to space. Branson & Bezos have made the same journey a matter of sitting down and strapping in. so that just abo
  13. This happened in the late 1980's, I was following a friend along some back roads. He was driving an Acura Integra and I was driving a 1977 4 door Oldsmobile Cutless Supreme. Many of the roads were twisty and I was having problems keeping up with the smaller, better handling Integra when we came to a straight part of the road with a small bridge. I saw the brake lights come on briefly as he crossed the bridge. Trying to catch up I crossed the bridge without touching my brakes and heard all four wheels chirp when I hit the road after becoming airborne briefly. I was coming home
  14. Flush toilets, hot/cold running water and a roof that doesn't leak......
  15. I keep reading the title of the OP as "Alien Origin Discussion". Are any of you from outer space?
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