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  1. Ground chicken with fresh basil, chopped onions, scallions, mushroom spiced with ginger, creole, Turkish red pepper, red curry and cooking sherry with white rice.
  2. Definitely not SASS legal, but kind of neat
  3. Yes I do know that a lot of countries used a Crown over an R, which is why I provided a link to the proof marks so that the OP can identify what he has.
  4. Here is a link to the various proof marks: http://www.nramuseum.org/media/940944/proofmarks.pdf And Chase Randall is probably right
  5. First determine his eye dominance. Being cross dominant is not uncommon. My recommendation if he is left eye dominant is have him use his left eye to aim with and either buy left hand guns or learn how to fire "right handed" guns. I am right handed but have a dominant left eye. For pistol I hold in it my right hand, use the left hand to support the other hand and tilt my head slightly to the right so I can aim with my left eye. For rifle I put the rifle on my left shoulder and use my right hand to support the rifle. I've been doing this probably since I was about 10. It is very rare for me to find a gun where this is an issue and I often find it an advantage. For example, using a 97 I can load it with my dominant hand as well as see what I am doing. I can manipulate all the buttons and switches on an AR-15 without a problem. It is rare for me to find a firearm I can't shoot (and probably shoot fairly well) based on the above, I've even fired the M-60 off my left shoulder using the right hand to support the ammo belt. An AR-15 isn't an issue, neither are any of the handguns or shotguns I have handled. I will gladly address specific firearms if you have any in mind.
  6. They were eaten by the meth geckos
  7. Due arthritis in the knees and bad feet I can't wear regular cowboy boots for long periods of time. I've been wearing the Justin 6" lace up Transcontinental Brown for more then 15 years. I wear them all the time at cowboy shoots and most of the time year round. I finally had to replace the soles about 2 years ago. And I've been grateful for the waterproof Goretex liner more times then I can count.
  8. 5"/38 on a "simplified mount for merchant ships and auxiliaries" http://www.navweaps.com/Weapons/WNUS_5-38_mk12.php A picture is on the right side of the link across and slightly down from the picture of the USS Independence
  9. I'd rather stand in a upstairs window with the remote control for a bunch of these
  10. I'm more worried about the meth geckos which are already in the United States
  11. They may very well have known their state's laws, that doesn't mean they made the right choice. Look what happened to George Zimmerman, he made made a poor choice and now he is broke, unemployable and $2+ million in debt even though he was found innocent and didn't break any laws in his state (or most other states as well).
  12. No law enforcement and/or combat experience, but I'll offer my thoughts anyway First KNOW your state's laws regarding under what circumstances lethal force is allowed. Under the circumstances known to us at this point, I would have stayed in the house, locked the door, called 911, loaded up the guns and retreated within the house to a choke point (staircase, hallway, etc) of my choosing. CT law is essentially in reasonable fear of death or grave bodily harm or arson of an inhabited dwelling. Given the political climate in CT and the cost of a good lawyer for a trial*, I am not going to shot unless I absolutely have to. *Figure at least $50,000. Reportedly George Zimmerman owes his attorneys $2.5 million in legal fees
  13. For skeet, pretty much any decent brand of ammo that pushes either 1 oz or 1 1/8 oz of #8 or #9 out of the barrel around 1200 fps. I prefer 1290 fps, but really anything between 1150 and 1300 is suitable. Anything slower affects how much of a lead is needed and anything above 1300 the recoil out weighs any benefit to the higher velocity and prices start going up. I've been using Herter's from the local Cabela's simply since it is the cheapest, but I've also used Walmart Federal and Winchester 100 round packs as well. Weather and Covid-19 permitting I generally shoot 2-3 rounds of skeet every Sunday
  14. I usually carry a Zero Tolerance 0350 which is made in the U.S.. Last year I decided I would not carry a knife (or gun) that had sentimental value or something expensive (relatively) or hard to replace. Worst come to worst, I don't want a knife or gun I care about sitting in a police evidence box. I'd rather it be something I can replace if necessary.
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