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  1. An electric wok and if there is no power, a wok
  2. The recoil is far less then most people think, between the weight of the gun (my Spanish 10 g double weighs about 12-13 pounds) and the black powder, even my heavy loads are mostly a giant shove, even when I pull both triggers at once.
  3. Fortunately I'm not going to have to make that decision. I am unwilling to commit US resources, money and servicemen to a shooting conflict with Iran. I am tired of the US being the world's policeman, but also recognize that the alternatives are worse. However there is a part if me that would very much like deal with Iran now and I would do so by using B-2's and cruise missiles to destroy as much of their military leadership, equipment and any infrastructure or industry that directly supports their military as possible.
  4. Online shopping is going to put most of the smaller retail businesses and retail chains out of business. I really only expect the big box stores, bigger food stores and specialty stores to survive. Online you can get the same item cheaper, shipped to your house for free or at a minimal cost on most things and in the size, color, configuration YOU want. You can also see how well reviewed the item is and you don't have to deal with a sales associate that knows less then you do about the item you are shopping for.
  5. Heluva Rukus, the NY State Championship. Link: http://www.circlekregulators.com/ I've been to every one since 2000 and each year they manage to do a better job than the year before. The stages are well written and the shooter often has an option on how to shoot the stage. The props range from good on stages that need to be broken down after a shoot to very good for the permanent stages. The 2019 shoot had people from at least 13 states and Canada. Until they went to 2 flights several years ago, the shoot would fill up in days and most of us sent our applications by next day mail to make sure we got in.
  6. Congratulations and thanks to all of the Circle K Regulators who work so hard to put on a such great match. And thanks to Posse 6 for all the fun we had!
  7. Hmm For cowboy it is the 10 gauge with heavy loads For general plinking any of the following depending on my mood: the Martini Cadet in .22 LR, the Martini-Henry in 45-70 with the Unertl scope, the Colt 1903 Pocket Hammerless in .32 ACP. For shooting skeet any of my British hammerguns with either smokeless or black powder loads depending on what they are proofed for.
  8. I can't answer that question, but I do know I asked Siri for a bottle of your best bourbon and it arrived 3 days later. Thanks!!
  9. It might be worth while to take the action out of the stock and see if there are any other additional markings that may be on the underside of the barrel or action.
  10. Not from me. I've read too much history about the British Indian Army, which included, until the Partition of 1947, very many honorable & courageous Muslim soldiers that fought with distinction alongside Hindu's, Sikh's and the various other religions that were part of the British Indian Army.
  11. There is an outfit in Wisconsin re-manufacturing DC-3/C-47's to a number of variants, adding turbo props and everything on the airframe is either new or verified to have zero fatigue damage/wear. https://www.baslerturbo.com/ DC-3/C-47's will continue to fly until either there is a dramatic and inexpensive break through in delivering things by air or the FAA and it's foreign counterparts ground them. IIRC The FAA did that with some Ford Tri-Motors that were still on active passenger & cargo runs somewhere in the Great Lakes. Despite no issues with safety the FAA strongly "encouraged" the airline to stop flying the Tri-Motors.
  12. The Tico Belle was built in 1942 and will be flying supplies into the Bahamas Link: https://www.floridatoday.com/story/news/2019/09/06/wwii-tico-belle-takes-flight-brevards-bahamas-relief-missions-after-hurricane-dorian/2232953001/?fbclid=IwAR2UweqZVE2ZAdpE2CQ7R5Ec4FZwaaL-7JG4XyJdKueNcNfnO8Z2nRu3CaQ
  13. Link: https://legalinsurrection.com/2019/09/hero-woman-in-bahamas-saves-nearly-100-dogs-during-hurricane/?fbclid=IwAR0B_O7AzgcgeyZXwScAWb2pQyhfHHAl2U9fO9Pp3W-CcGysnGO6zs-WnuU#comments What a wonderful human being. As for those who abandoned their dogs, well I can't use those words here.
  14. It's not about facts or logic. It's about fear and emotions. And we will never convince the true believers in favor of gun control to change their minds.
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