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  1. Now there's an offer u don't see every day. I have to see how things are going. But the offer is very much appreciated. Waimea
  2. Always a great match. Love the people. The setting is awesome. Camp the whole weekend for 10 bucks. Some food included. Pot luck one night. Hard to beat. If you haven't been, you should really try it. Waimea
  3. Waimea

    Never, Ever, Ever!

    Never, ever, ever forget to cheer for Cypress Sam when he takes his hat off. Very happy it was just a bit of ear. I was spotting for Cypress Sun (son of Sam) when Sun had an out of battery on his '97. That wrecked a perfectly good SG.
  4. Waimea

    Outlaw Category

    Everywhere you turn at Oak Ridge you trip over a dang Outlaw. That's mighty fine shooting there Mister Badly. You been shooting with Cactus Red or Loose Cinch? They are big on shooting rifle from the hip.
  5. THAT'S the SASS I know and love
  6. I know. THAT is what makes SASS SO special. You ARE bending over backwards but it's natural. And that's what makes it great.
  7. Ok I know there's gonna be some laughs over the title (Sun, I'm counting on you). But this is a serious post. Question: What have you seen or even heard of that makes you proud to be a SASS member? I started this thread bc someone asked how he can still shoot after getting a colostomy bag. BIG TAKE AWAYS FOR ME: He still wants to shoot. His pards want him to shoot. SASS says whatever you can do to help someone with a medical problem still shoot, do it. THAT'S AWESOME! Waimea SASS Proud
  8. One of the GREATEST reasons I love SASS as a whole is that we bend over backwards to help people who want to shoot. This thread highlights it. THANK YOU!!!
  9. I have shot these pistols and can say that they are slick. The Bisley hammers are awesome.
  10. I wish I had read this 10 years ago. It took me several years to feel like I was "good enough" when all along I already was. This post reminds me of my good friend Gabby whose first match was Ides of March. At the time Ides was not the State championship but it was still 3 days long. He dove into it like he was born to it. Competitive, yes but for him it was all about the fun.
  11. I have no personal experience with this gun except when I first saw it... I WANTED ONE! Hope you buy one soon and post back here how much you LOVE it. PS I had an Earl that I sold in a moment of madness.
  12. Let me be the first. HAHAHA HAHAHAHA HAHAHA HAHAHAHA HAHAHA LOL That's a good one!
  13. "a big man with a big heart" Not much more to ask for in a friend. I'm sorry for your temporary loss. However, the reunion will be fantastic. Waimea
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