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  1. They're gonna be heavy.
  2. If it be a medical issue you can wear anything you want. Waimea
  3. Waimea

    What?!? Tinnitus

    I'm guessing YES. Stick your fingers in yours ears or use plugs. Still ringing? Mine do. It's all in my head.
  4. Waimea

    What?!? Tinnitus

    Ok some of you have already answered my follow up about hearing aids. I THINK I can still hear pretty well BUT the dang ringing is preventing me from hearing optimally. So if I do venture down the hearing aid route I don't want to hear people shouting (or seemingly shouting) at me. I just want to hear normal, no ringy-dingy. The really annoying part about this is that I did wear hearing protection while working in the factory but when I was a young sprout I didn't while shooting. I only went to a couple of concerts when I was a teen. Didn't care much for them. TOO LOUD. Sun, looking forward to seeing you again soon.
  5. Figured this would be a good place to ask. And I'll say it real loud. Has anybody found any real relief for their Tinnitus? Mine seems to be getting worse. It was at the annoying to me level, now it's making me (more) annoying to others (esp. to the wife who doesn't like shouting). Would appreciate first-hand experience. Waimea
  6. We love visitors. We seem to be 3 hours from everywhere. Keeps things at a normal pace though. Waimea
  7. Try Punta Gorda. Hook up with Big Bore John. He lives near Okee. Told me yesterday he likes our club so much he doesn't mind the ride. We have hot dogs and BYOB when we're done shooting too. Hard to beat. Waimea
  8. Noz Glad you made it through your ordeal. Maybe see you and Miss Lorrie at BG. I HOPE. Waimea
  9. Thanks for the update, J-Bar. I was just thinking about Noz the other day wondering how he was doin'. Waimea
  10. Uh oh. Says all the other Outlaws. Congratulations, Kid. You are always a great competitor and dang fun to shoot with. Waimea
  11. You're scaring me, Tyrel. Scarlett IS the Queen of Hugs!
  12. Welcome Brother Jedis! Waimea
  13. Have a great shoot! I'll bet your friends will be happy to see you. Waimea
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