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  1. Waimea

    Lead shot

    LOL I know the feeling.
  2. Waimea

    Lead shot

    Every once in a while I have a bunch fall in my lap (figuratively). I saw 2 bags of 50# for $100 and didn't know if that was the going rate. Sounded high.
  3. Waimea

    Lead shot

    What are you paying for shot lately? Could I look it up? Sure, but this is more fun. Waimea
  4. If'n you had a mind to wander a bit further south the Ides of March is a pretty good match and happens to be the State match. Camping nearby.
  5. Me too. I bought 5k back 7 or 8 years ago. Had to double tap the lever on the 650 to get them to seat all the way. Did this 2000 times then sold the other 3k. Double tapping the lever seems a small price to pay now that it's so hard to find primers.
  6. I would've opened the vault for that trade.
  7. Since I was the only one, the category was Outlaw Buckaroo. I don't know if they scored me with the main match. It didn't matter to me one way or another.
  8. I'm shooting .22s. So far the only one at my club. I wish I hadn't sold the Henry .22 I bought from Col. Thomas 10 years ago. I paid $80 for it. Anyhow, I will share my .22s with anyone that wants to shoot them in Punta Gorda Florida next week.
  9. I do but it goes to my old email. Not really too helpful. This wouldn't really have been an option anyhow, but thanks.
  10. Guess I'm gonna have to start checking the Classified section 3 or 4 times a day. Course the drive to N California and back prolly would've kilt me anyhow.
  11. Here's a photo of the back of the old grip which of course fits perfectly. "OLD MODEL XR3 FRAME"
  12. So an update: It indeed looks like the plain old XR3 grips would fit my Single Sixes. HOWEVER look at the last line on the graphic Ozark Okie provided. "The locator pin is in a different position though." Well, great. That's kind of a big deal don't you think?
  13. The Short LOOKS like it might fit the best BUT in '58 they hadn't thought up the RED part yet so I can't wrap my little brain around the discrepancy in the timeline. I am trying to fit a .22 also. I never mentioned that as I didn't think it was important. Grip frames are grip frames, I believe.
  14. Thanks Larsen. My '58 Single Six has the XR3 on the grip frame as described. We provided all this info when we ordered the grips and they still sent the wrong ones. Now I am gun shy. That's why this thread as I wondered if there was something I missed. I don't think so. I'll give it another try.
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