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  1. Looks like one of the barrels is 7 1/2" on the photos. Please confirm they are both 5 1/2". Thanks
  2. I'm sure looking forward to it. Last year I took advantage of the swimming hole. It was cool and relaxing. Anybody that thinks FL is any cooler in July than KY just might need an attitude adjustment. C'mon FL shooters! LET'S GO TO KENTUCKY!
  3. TFJ I was going to message you and tell you to contact Preacherman. We have had extended conversations on the road about Lee Liquid Alox. This is what I would do in your position. It is the easiest and cheapest to try so if it doesn't suit you then you haven't lost much. Waimea
  4. I'd have been surprised if it were any other way. Tyrel is one of the best around. Waimea
  5. I have gotten a couple. Mostly by getting into exciting conversations at the unloading table. It's always such a surprise at the next loading table to open a revolver gate and find spent brass in there.
  6. When I first started shooting Outlaw I would bring two boxes of SG shells to every match and I needed every one. Misses come with the territory. Just go for it Marshall. When you make hits you think you shouldn't have that's a great feeling. Waimea
  7. Courage is being scared but saddling up anyway.
  8. Probably a long shot but I am looking for a set of grips for an H&R Model 732. They don't have to be original. Let me know what you have. Waimea
  9. Waimea

    Big Drink

    Congratulations, NOZ!!!
  10. Waimea

    Reloading Dies

    Well if Dillon dies are good enough for you, that just settles it fer me. Outlaw philosophies: pray and spray or one shot, one kill
  11. Waimea

    Reloading Dies

    Caliber mostly will be .38 spl. But 9mm, .32 s&w, .38 s&w and all derivatives of .45 are being considered.
  12. Waimea

    Reloading Dies

    I have always used Dillon dies with the Lee Factory Crimp die. But I have heard that RCBS puts out some purdy good dies. I came upon a new-to-me Dillon 650 and need to get some dies. So what do you use and why? Waimea
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