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  1. Just when I think I heard em all. For them that don't know how to say it: Why-MAY-ah Waimea
  2. You just gotta spoil my fun, don't ya. No, I did not realize that. Now I need to go on a quest. Thanks, I am glad I didn't blow $500+ on a muzzle stuffer. Would have slowed my times down some too. Waimea
  3. Not to start a riot but I just spied this. I'm thinking it might be cool to shoot in a match. 12 gauge. And no, Cypress Sun you're not getting near me with a knife.
  4. I haven't had Curly Bill work on my 97s but I left my '73 with him and, BOY HOWDY, did I get back a smooth gun. I suppose if I had to have surgery and there wasn't a doc around, I would have Curly Bill do the job. He's awesome! Waimea
  5. Did you eat the whole dang bird?
  6. Truer words were never spoken. Waimea
  7. I'll just put in a couple of cents here. JR is a great guy to do business with. He is quick with a smile and likes to tell stories over a beer or bourbon. Maybe both. We'll have to try that sometime. Anyhow he is a Pard to ride the river with. Waimea
  8. Outlaw Gambler ClassicOldwestArms.com
  9. I'm thinking the Hillbilly category is starting to look good. Dang whipper-snappers!
  10. Part of the fun (and responsibity) of shooting is reloading. You need to get each of them involved. Or you could hire full-time help. Waimea 
  11. Sometimes I put 11 or 9 in the boxes.
  12. Ain't it just something to look forward to in the Spring?
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