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  1. Weewahootee Vigilance Committee 1st Saturday of the month. Good shoot. Used to be close to home. Not sure if they still do food after. Used to be BYOB too. Waimea
  2. Come to the Outlaw Bullets tent. Hopefully I'll remember who you are.
  3. Congratulations, Brother Jedi!
  4. Beggars can't be choosers. I'll take a Pabst. Ride hard and NEVER look back.
  5. Outlaws never look back. HOWEVER, I will be happy to take some of that spare beer off your hands when we drive back through.
  6. Not much talk of Hurricanes here in Michigan 'cept when folks find out I'm from Florida. Then I'm the resident expert. Right now I'm looking for the that big right hand turn away from land and on out to sea. Bye bye, Dorian. Waimea
  7. Pretty sure folks are linin' up to get my alias. Waimea (Molan labe)
  8. Punta Gorda FL $20/YR membership. Match fees: $10 member fee. $15 non-member Includes hot dog and chips and lively conversation. BYOB but most times there's extra if you forget. Forgot to say we shoot twice a month. 3rd Saturday and 4th Sunday.
  9. You don't give much history. When was your last test? What was the number? Do you do any other high risk things? Renovating an old house? Unless you are pouring the lead water into your well I can't see that as the BIG problem. 48 is not good. You need to figure the source asap. Washing hands religiously was a big help for me with D Lead soap. You might need to stop shooting for a spell to get this number back to something reasonable.
  10. Waimea

    LPL Bullets

    Nawlins Kid and Loco Poco Lobo are a big asset to the cowboy community. Besides being good friends. Waimea
  11. Eyeballed it with a mic. Said .410. But that was on the beveled opening. So Yul, you might be right or maybe it's just a .410 slug. I don't know. Honestly I didn't think the mold would make that much of a difference. They are interchangeable. Waimea
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