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  1. Badlands, you just bought yourself a BIG MANLY HUG with your next purchase!
  2. Oh, I know. Gonna be worth the trip just for something special. Getting all excited about the shoot and seeing folks I haven't seen since last year. Yeeeehaaaa! Waimea
  3. Anything you do on the range with fingers is probably bad. Setting steel. Picking up brass. Now somebody comes around with a container of cookies. Guess who used to be first in line. Yeah, me. Now I don't even have one. You might as well suck on a bullet. Anyhow I now wash at the range with DLead soap and cold water before eating. Anyhow, I do sometimes wonder how much lead is in my mustache. Waimea
  4. It's a great Match! In one way I hope you get all the shooters you want but in another way I am thinking less shooters means MORE OUTLAW ICE CREAM FOR ME!!! C'mon guys sign up for this match. I don't want to go home a diabetic! Waimea
  5. Well that's OK. W*rk has got to come first for now. Please stop buying really expensive toys that make the retire date one more year. Do you really need a 3500 dually and a fifth wheel? Wouldn't a 99 F-150 and a tent accomplish the same thing? I'm sure Lady T would be on board with that just like Mrs Waimea is (not). Waimea
  6. Thank you, Cass and Co for putting on another good one! We sure appreciate your hard work. You make it look too easy. Waimea
  7. That's a solid MAYBE. So here's the line up of Outlaws so far: Mean Gun Mark Kid Rich Waimea Partner (maybe) Tombstone & company (maybe) Looks like a pretty good gang.
  8. As soon as we get confirmation from Partner, that makes the required 3 Outlaws for a category. Speaking of Tombstone, he and Whiskey Creek would make an awesome addition to the party. Copperhead Joe and Miss Bo would just be the icing on the cake. ^^^^ All that is just a soft calling out.^^^^ Just in case they might not have anything to do that weekend and the stars are in perfect alignment. I ain't sure but even Mrs Waimea might be going. BTW your idea of Outlaw with all that smoke and fire is the BEST. Waimea
  9. Why don't you bring it to Florida. I know several Cowboys that we could bum some SG shells from for KF to try. LIGHT LOADS.
  10. I have to work on my purveying of guilt.
  11. Feel guilty much? I'm not in the market for a cap gun anyhow, but I do love these little guys.
  12. So you put this up when I'm knee deep in bullets and no way to answer and THEN you take down the picture so I can't even see how cool it was. Wow!
  13. Big Island Lots of Cowboys there. However I have lots of aliases depending on the situation or who you're talking to. Waimea
  14. I enjoyed seeing you and Lil Feathers enjoying your annual trek. Makes me appreciate living in Florida all the more. We MUST shoot together sometime. Waimea
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