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  1. I was heavily into The Rifleman series just before I found SASS. I bought a Henry large loop and commenced to try spinning that thing. It isn't as easy as Chuck Connors made it appear.
  2. When I nab a youngster and his whole family gets involved that's the greatest feeling. We'll all be at TBones Comin' at Cha this next week.
  3. Waimea

    White 73

    I bought as new from a dealer on GunBroker. $1275 Thought it was pretty good considering the ridiculous inflation we are in right now. It is stiff and obviously not tuned at all. For sure no short stroke.
  4. I wish you had the Broomhandle back. That thing was the coolest.
  5. Waimea

    White 73

    I'll let you know. Sure looks cool though. I might turn into one of those guys that wipe down there guns after touching them. NAH! Let 'er rust.
  6. Kajun has a thing about chickens. But they don't have big enough eyes for me. (That should smoke out some riff-raff). Anyhow it all starts at the Badlands Bar 3. Not enough adult supervision.
  7. Waimea

    White 73

    I just bought one. It's probably turning to dust as we speak from the salty Florida air.
  8. In the Fall of 1971 the family was headed back to the ranch from town in Upstate NY. Dad saw an impromptu flea market with 15 or 20 tables and we stopped. I found a Remington semi-auto .22 with bakelite stocks for $15. Dad loaned me the money and that baby was mine. I paid him as soon as we got back to the house. First gun I ever bought on my own. Lost it in the house fire we had in the Winter of '72. Lost a bunch of other stuff too but that was one of the hardest.
  9. These are really a couple of the nicest Schofield's I've ever seen. Going to be on display at Comin' at Cha but I wouldn't wait too long cuz some lucky person is gonna snatch them up. Great price for the pair.
  10. So let me get this straight, Kajun asked for a thread to be locked so's he could AVOID being a troublemaker. And nobody questioned this? Did anybody call the PO-PO or Evil Bob to get a wellness check?
  11. We would love to have you. Our 2 day annual is in January. Watch the Wire for details.
  12. You need to mosey down to SWFL. Some of us have been known to drink beer after the guns are put away.
  13. This is a fun thread! As a fantasy game I like to think of stuff that might have happened back in the day. Like you're shooting a bunch of bad guys and there always seems to be just the right amount of bad guys to be picked off with 10-10-4+. But lo and behold you've run out of ammo and there's 5 more baddies that are just begging you to send them to their maker. As it happens there's a dead man lying on the ground and his gun is just waiting for you to pick it up and shoot all 5 bad guys. I call it: SHOOT THE DEAD MANS GUN! The problem with this stage was that the dead man had expended all the rounds in the gun before he expired but he was kind enough to leave his ammo pouch. You gotta reload 5 on the clock. 30 second bonus. It was optional. In the (near) future the Dead Man's gun will be loaded.
  14. Put me in line behind Forty Rod if'n he don't want a project, I'll take it. I don't have enough projects around the house to keep me busy.
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