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  1. 40-45 a week in IT!?! Dagnabbit things have changed. I used to work 40 hours a DAY! You probably don't even carry a beeper. DAGGONE WHIPPER SNAPPERS! Waimea
  2. Finally, the keys to the kingdom. I asked Stan to help me shoot my rifle faster and all I got, after he looked at my rifle, was, "You might wanna clean that gun once in a while." Waimea (still feeling the sting)
  3. It'd be a lot of work and I am just thinking with my fingers here. Has anybody ever thought of producing a TV show for Public Access TV? I found CAS, like many, through the Outdoor Channel and the show that Tequila was hosting. I don't know what kind of money something like that would cost to get it on the air. Maybe I will check it out here and let you know. Waimea
  4. Hey Outlaws I went to this match last year and I liked it so much I am going again this year. There's a whole gang of Eastern Outlaws I never shot with before. These guys welcomed me like I was part of the family. The part you actually WANT to be with. Camping (dry) is plentiful (almost unlimited) and they are only asking for a donation of $10 for the whole weekend. Last year they had a portable shower which was fun. Not kidding, FUN! It was on a trailer and if you wanted to you could probably get some practice skiing. Even if you didn't want to. Pot luck dinner on Friday. What awesome food. Special thanks to whoever made BUCKEYES. I still have dreams about them. The range is in the trees and is mostly covered from the sun. I encourage anybody thinking about it to take the leap. It's a GREAT match. Waimea
  5. I wish you the BEST. I hate seeing small business being pushed around by big government. Waimea
  6. Won't be able to make the Kentucky State shoot in May. SADLY. Got some "issues" that need to be addressed. Might involve a sawbones with a knife. That part is in discussion right now. But I will keep him covered just in case he's lookin' to collect a bounty. I WILL be at BLACK GOLD 2019!!! Best of luck to Copperhead and Miss Bo and the rest of the Ponderosa Pines crew in the new Kentucky State Match. Waimea
  7. What CPJ glosses over is that he founded this after going to numerous other Veteran charities and found out that a large percentage of donations go into advertising to get, what, more donations. With this charity 100% of the donations go back to the Vets. It is run for Veterans by one of the best. CPJ runs this in his basement taking no money for "administrative costs". Proud of YOU, Outlaw Brother. I'm glad you keep coming back. Waimea raceforthewounded.com
  8. Branchwater I'm glad I finally recognized where I seen you before. YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! This game is for everyone that is young and young at heart. It can be difficult and sometimes frustrating to run the timer for someone who has a hard time hearing and I have to admit it was challenging. But the smile at the end of the day is what it really is all about. It was good shooting with you. Hope to do it again sometime. Waimea
  9. I believe there ARE some odd Outlaws. Some may even say "WAIMEA is an odd Outlaw". (They'd be wrong, of course). But I don't think the whole category is odd. Waimea
  10. I wish it was a v10. V8 5.4 Triton At first I was upset about it but $500 as opposed to $3000! All of a sudden I am ok. Anyhow, it doesn't owe me anything. I've driven it everywhere hauling lead. 230,000 miles now. Thinking of getting an F-250 and was floundering about gas or diesel also. Then I found this thread.
  11. My f150 just spit a plug. $500 fix. Old school mechanic.
  12. If you can't go with an Outlaw then ya might just as well go with a Badman. Waimea
  13. I would like to meet Mr Stinar. Sounds like a great guy. Waimea
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