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  1. Living the Outlaw life. You stole that stuff, Kid. I'm proud of ya.
  2. I'm not gonna go with a "bunch of pards". I'm thinking that's why the Founders in their infinite wisdom said Let's all have aliases! So even if I name names nobody's gonna know who anybody really is.
  3. This looks like mini ring toss. Now it's serious.
  4. You're still burnin' the place down. Good on ya! Miss you too!
  5. That looks like a mini ring toss game!
  6. Thanks for the great photos Seamus. I love Black Gold! The people there are the greatest! It's my favorite match of the year.
  7. Professional witnesses are the only reliable witnesses. I'll take it. My honor could use a little buffing. Surprised it took so long for u to chirp in, Kajun. Must be Joe is filling the juice tube early.
  8. Happened at CAC so there's no rule about it staying there. AND there's pictures. But I don't want to spoil Lickskillets fun. I do reserve the right to cross examine though.
  9. He's pretty good with a '73 as well, if we're talking about the same feller.
  10. I want to know who your Godfather is.
  11. Everything I did led me to here. Are u asking if here is that bad? Do I have regrets? Here is pretty good. I have regrets, but too few to mention. Waimea
  12. They're all drinking Copperhead Juice.
  13. Pictures please. I know you're all having fun. I'm not (at BG). Need a BG fix. What did u find at the cowboy yard sale today? One of my favorite parts. Waimea
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