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  1. Welcome to the fun Apache Bullets! Wishing you success. Waimea
  2. I am partial to badges. There was a club here in Florida (T&R Ranch) that used to go to thrift stores and buy any trophy they could find. Bowling trophies seemed to end up in thrift shops quite a bit so that's what folks got.
  3. 5.6 million more people that will be mad if 2A is stamped on.
  4. I have recently gotten back into coin collecting. I saw a Bicentennial quarter on ebay for $3000. This is a pretty common quarter. So why $3000? I guess why not? Somebody's fishin'!
  5. I remember when Judge showed me this. All I could do was say WOW! IF I HAD AN SUV I'D BE ALL OVER THIS! Hope you're doing good, Yaz. Waimea
  6. Talk like that could get a man bushwhacked.
  7. Unfortunately I don't have lead outside of bullets right now. Supply is tightening and demand has only gotten greater.
  8. I guess at this point I wouldn't care if they came in a paper bag.
  9. 2 months ago you could have just walked into Walmart and bought one. Have been avoiding the sporting goods section lately. Just makes me sad.
  10. I am not sure if she does custom work but try Lady T. She owns Bullet Splat Jewelry. https://www.bulletsplat.com/ Couldn't ask for better folks.
  11. Thanks, Duffield. I will not touch it myself if I decide to do this thing.
  12. I used to really care about patina on an antique object but I have now gone the other way. I just didn't want to take a really collectable gun and completely ruin it's value.
  13. Issue stamp is there but very faint. My Uncle just up and gave it to me in 1998. He's asked me several times of I shot it. He thought it was a .30-06. The flood was almost 5 years ago. The stock puffed up some but after some time in the house with the ac on it eventually went back to pretty normal. It did leave a water stain.
  14. Talk like that could get a feller back shot.
  15. That's funny right there. Glad to know you're thinking ahead Seamus. Kinda hoping you won't be able to use this scam, I mean scheme...uh, ENTERPRISE for a few more years.
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