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  1. Be careful with anything containing Carolina Reaper...... Might melt your taste buds.... Carolina Reaper - Wikipedia
  2. And all Cowboys keep a keen eye on those PSA numbers... I wouldn't have known I had prostate cancer but for my doctor alerted to an immediate increase.
  3. While blowing leaves with my Stihl backpack blower, I stepped onto a small round limb, slipped and fell back onto the blower. A rock caused the gas tank to crack in a small place, and even after using adhesive to repair, it still would leak just very slightly. I merely put a Kotex pad under the tank and continued using the blower for two more years. Would just change the pad once it got a little soiled. The drip was so minute, I wasn't worried about fire as it was all on the very bottom.
  4. I too am a cancer survivor of fifteen months after Prostate Cancer surgery. It is so easy to let yourself question "why me", and fear and anguish take over your thoughts. But if you are acquainted with our Creator, we just need to stay focused and know that His will is for us to be a blessing to others even when we don't understand. This bookmark helped me rest assured that all IS well, no matter what comes our way. Hope it will help you as well.
  5. I agree with Pat... Some of the memes I posted that were all deleted, are still currently on display by others who have since posted the same.... Guess I will just lay low and not be stalked as a trouble maker.... Already got kicked out of church because my daughters went to the college age class of Bible study rather than the class they would have been in at the time....
  6. I've noticed that memes I find funny and thought provoking are being deleted. I certainly don't try to disparage any person, group or issue. Just wondering if the Saloon would be better served by not posting if my sense of humor offends others.....
  7. Maybe there's hope for animals in Heaven. Christ returns on a white horse, and it is stated the lion will lay down with the lamb.
  8. Once had a trustee prisoner at our Law Enforcement Office who was nicknamed "Shopper". He explained that he could shoplift anything he wanted by putting it into a large trash can. He would then go to the checkout lane with the youngest girl at the register. While behind the persons in line ahead of him, he begins telling the girl that she is the prettiest thing he's ever seen and wants to date her. Continuing this ritual to put her on edge, she becomes so embarrassed that she won't dare look in the trash can, as she only wants to get him out of her line as soon as she can.
  9. Touching scene this morning during our walk. Newborn fawn being cleaned by mom, then standing for the first time... I was about 30 yards from them...
  10. But they all had a real good Daddy and Mama...
  11. Right there with you....Have taken a big hit
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