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  1. Check with SGAmmo, at the link below.....Not sure if this is the rimless variety, but maybe they can direct you to a source..... 8x56mmR Ammo | SGAmmo.com
  2. Wallaby Jack, I perceive that all of us on the wire are like family.....And I've never known a family that didn't have squabbles occasionally. I recently told my wife that "nothing" looked REALLY good on her.....She was offended that my attempt at a humorous compliment was misinterpreted. So I guess it's just what mood someone is in and they don't read through the intended content......I look forward to your posts......
  3. This will explain the story behind the song...... Hannah Ahlers Obituary | Hannah Ahlers Funeral | Legacy.com
  4. And yet Facebook allowed a convicted drug dealer to post long videos of the all nude dancers helping him celebrate his release from prison.....It stayed up for three days before being blocked.....
  5. Mike, I have a 17 Mach 2 rifle....I would suggest NOT trying to shoot Mach 2 in any other caliber gun, as the bullet diameter is slightly smaller, and ultimately will tumble rather than spin as it exits the barrel. I would think the store might trade back if they are local to you now. If not, maybe you can sell to someone near you..... Mach 2 seems to be the only 17 readily available at the moment, but is priced higher than normal..... Gracos Kid
  6. I seem to recall reading recently that someone was looking for 8mm Nambu ammo.....I am merely posting this link to help someone out.....I have nothing to do with the listing.... . 5 50 Rd boxes of 8mm Nambu. . $125 or Trade for 40 or 38 For Sale West GA | Ammunition Classifieds in Georgia | The Outdoors Trader
  7. Please search the interview of General McInerney and his explanation of "Hammer" and "Scorecard".....These were developed to subvert elections in foreign countries and control the winners......Now they have been taken over by Obummer and company and can manipulate all voting machines using the Dominion products.....Very interesting read ......
  8. That's the reason we need to be careful about who we request to pray for us......You never know WHAT they are praying, and if their prayer will even get off the ground......
  9. It's gratifying to know that there are young people in Russia who are acquainted with our Savior.......... Hope they continue to sing!!
  10. I have never seen this model of S&W .22 single shot revolver, and thought some of you might just like to view. NOT trying to imply help with sale as I have nothing to do with it, just to share photos of an old gun......... Smith & Wesson Model 1891 .22 LR 1st Model For Sale Metro Atlanta | Handguns Classifieds in Georgia | The Outdoors Trader Thanks, Alpo..... Guess I should have called it a pistol instead of a revolver, as it can't revolve.......
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