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  1. No, I didn't comment at all.....I learned my lesson by being scolded........
  2. I posted these on the Prestige License Plate post, but wanted to share here as well. This is a 1978 Datsun 280Z, special Edition called the Black Pearl. I bought it in 1980. It is not a muscle car per se, but a true sports car, 170 HP in a straight line 6. Only 1500 were made in the Black Pearl edition, as the color black was considered a color of sorrow, and it was thought that black would not sell. This is the original paint, only 93,000 miles on her......
  3. My wife and I had a Schnauzer for 11 1/2 years, and finally had to put her down. Was extremely saddened to know she wouldn't be at the door to greet me upon coming home from work... Said a prayer, acknowledging that it may be silly to pray over the loss of a pet, but needing God's healing touch. Got home, deathly quiet without "Libby". Wife got home, cried. Daughter got home, really sad. We decided that we needed to get out of the house and go to the walking track to clear our minds of the loss of Libby. As we walked the track, a cloud appeared in the sky, see below photos. The first cloud, she's looking, the second cloud, she's standing on her hind legs chasing her ball. Confirmation that NOTHING is t oo trivial to pray about, and that God does see and know our needs, answering prayers. Is it just me, or does that appear to be my dog?
  4. And I've often wondered what happened to Rocky Meadows......
  5. Ingenious, but a waste of a good Z..........
  6. JM Marlin in 44-40 for sale in south Ga. Not affiliated with me in any way, just sharing as it is a hard to find item...... https://www.theoutdoorstrader.com/threads/fs-1894cb-44-40-jm.2268822/
  7. Interesting read about the NRA troubles.......... https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/nra-tell-all-book-by-former-chief-of-staff-promises-to-detail-corruption-fraud-culture-and-finances-in-shambles/ar-BB187jIH?ocid=msedgdhp
  8. Hardpan, You just brought back precious memories of my childhood. Also, made me remember one of the funniest times in church. An elderly gentleman, who was by now almost deaf, was at one time the song leader. "Eston" was asked to get up and lead the congregation in a song. As most portly gentlemen do, upon rising from the front row pew, he tried to adjust his pants. What he didn't realize, is that instead of pulling on his trousers, he grabbed the waist-band of his boxers, and stood for four verses, facing the congregation with his colorful shorts pulled up to mid-chest. The song was great, but hard to sing with everyone trying to suppress the giggles.......
  9. I was in Louisville, Ky. back in 1978 for a two-week training seminar, and Billy Joel with his band was staying in the same hotel. Some of his group, who were very cordial, agreed to get him to sign albums for several of us, so we all went and bought an album. When asked to sign them, Joel refused, so we all took the albums back for a refund. Never liked Joel since.......
  10. Link to the article........ https://www.ajc.com/news/nation-world/breaking-ny-attorney-general-seeks-to-dissolve-nra-accusing-leader-of-grossly-misusing-funds/5YAIALUS4FHINLYKUAF3CLIPNM/
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