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  2. Griz Might be easier to decide what appliances you want to use powered by your solar system.Then you can configure your system according to your needs. IMHO the limiting factor(other than cost) will probably be the space available for bigger or extra batteries. Choctaw Jack
  3. Yeah, James didn’t seem to be all there last night. Seemed slow and preoccupied.
  4. I sold my RV and now have a small travel trailer without an inverter. When I had the RV I would run the microwave oven, toaster and TV/VCR on the inverter. When my wife was along and we were boondocking she’d use it for her hair curlers or curling iron. Hope this helps.
  5. McCandless

    Fixing a jam

    You table, or ground, the gun that's in the second hand, making sure that the gun has been fired first. You can't let a cocked loaded gun out of your hand. Then you can clear your malfunction, or rotate the cylinder, of the first gun. Better yet, just shoot that second gun dry and holster it. The guns don't have to be shot alternately, left/right/left/right.
  6. So looking forward to getting back up to Manchester!! It's been a rough spring and I need some smoke, some lemonade and apple pie, and some good folks to share it with!! I've been asked if I am going to be straightening up all those hats that have suffered through the winter!! YES! I'm gonna' do it at least one more time!! I'll set up on Wednesday and will work as I'm able on Wed. Thur. and Fri. The truth is, this is a great way to see a bunch of folks without chasin' 'em all over Ponderosa Pines!! Y'all come see me whether ya's need yer hats fixed or not!!
  7. I have a Remington, Russian import. It has had one smokeless round out of each barrel to test it when I bought it. Has removable chokes and REAL hammers. Excellent condition, as good as new. You can see what I paid for it over ten years ago on the box end. I want $525. shipped with insurance to your FFL
  8. Well, to use a slightly better automotive analogy, consider you have your choice between a Datsun 510 and a BMW 2002, or to be fair from an engine displacement perspective, a BMW 1600. Both are great little cars in their own right, and are wonderful enthusiast cars. The BMW cost a bit more new, and the materials, fit, finish, ride quality and more were reflected in that price. The BMW was intended to be a "compact executive car," the 510 one of the early economy cars out of Japan. You will have a ton of fun in either one, but off the show room floor, one held a distinct edge in quality.
  9. “Chinese POS” is a harsh blanket statement..lol. In reality the Chinese products range from “runny poo” through “this Is worth what you paid for it”. There are lot of folks using TTN and the current models being imported by Cimarron - I have a couple and they run great. You can get one and have it tuned or not - there are pre-tuned ones available also from Evil Roy’s website and others.
  10. Today
  11. Hello everyone. I am still pretty new to to all this, but a coach gun is the last thing I need to start shooting. I am looking for a external hammer coach gun, and am having a lot of trouble finding one that isn't a Chinese POS. Anyone have any recommendations on where to look, or one they don't shoot anymore and would be willing to sell?
  12. Kansas is a separate country, it's in the way of Missouri going to Colorado for vacation in the mountains.
  13. Smoken D


    After 29 1/2 years in L.E., 20 as a Homicide Defective yep, seen how "real people" behave
  14. An encamped “foreign” army. There was no “invasion” in progress.
  15. For those who have an RV with solar and an inverter, what do you use the inverter for? Obviously any 110 ac appliances, but in actual use, how much and which ones do you use it for? I'd like to get solar on my camper, but a decent inverter seems to cost dang near as much as the solar set up, and other than the TV to watch a movie now and then, I don't know that I'd use it enough to justify the cost, especially as I can get a 12v dc TV.... What is your experience?
  16. When briskets' price went through the roof I started buying 2" thick chuck roasts and I would smoke them for a while (doesn't seem to be any upper limit on time here) then wrap it in foil with-beer, orange juice, coke, doctor pepper, water, red wine- you choose and put it in the oven for an again unspecified length of time. Always good!
  17. This gun is as new I only pull it out to oil it bore is very shinny. I m in Phoenix area west side and you can look at it or send someone .
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