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  1. 6-25-2021 Price Reduced to $1075 shipped from my FFL dealer to your FFL. Thank you for looking, Professor Thoreau
  2. Magnum Research BFR [Big Frame Revolver] Magnum Research BFR six shot stainless steel single action revolver chambered in .44 Magnum with a 7.5 inch barrel. I bought this new earlier this year and it is a bit too big for my small hands to consistently handle gracefully. It is in excellent condition with the original box, paperwork, scope rail, Hogue grip removal tool and two extra front sights – the Low and the Extra High. It has a High front sight currently installed. This revolver is accurate, extremely well made, robust, and it has a very nice trigger. This model is made to
  3. Good Morning Goody, This revolver does have features not seen on the normal run such as the speed cylinder release and the tuning by the Performance Center. It is set up to work well in competition in addition to working well as a "normal" revolver. I am not familiar with the various competitions that it qualifies for so others will have to fill in those details (Smile). And, yes, it is a very fair price. Just thinning the herd and avoiding GunBroker fees. Thanks for your note. Professor Thoreau
  4. Smith & Wesson Performance Center Model 686-6 Plus (SKU number 11760). This is a stainless steel 7 shot revolver chambered in .357 Magnum with a 5 inch barrel, vented rib, and easily replaceable front sight. This revolver has been tuned by the S&W Performance Center and it is in Excellent Condition. The serial number is DJT 4690. It comes with the original box, paperwork, and 10 TK Custom moon clips made for the S&W Model 686 7 shot revolver. $995 shipped from my FFL dealer to your FFL dealer Thank you for looking. Professor Thoreau
  5. Thank you for handling all the details smoothly from your side. Greatly appreciated and I am very pleased!!! Professor Thoreau
  6. Thank you for the tip, Abilene. Appreciated!! Cypress Sun, I did send you a PM with my full information earlier and just sent another which you can reply to with information about where to send payment etc. Thank you both!! Professor Thoreau
  7. 4-8-2021 Greetings Cypress Sun, I will take the following: 1 - RCBS Hand Priming Tool. Tool has large primer set up and has the small primer guide sleeve but is missing the small primer ramrod. Price $30.00 shipped. I will send you a PM to start the detail gathering process... Thank you, Professor Thoreau
  8. Bump to the top for the weekend viewers.


    Thanks for looking,


    Professor Thoreau

  9. Any chance on that SW being shipped?  The address is on the license.

    1. Professor Thoreau, SASS 2611

      Professor Thoreau, SASS 2611



      Good Afternoon Buffalo Nichols,


      I got the Smith to my FFL dealer on Friday a little after twelve noon.  I just called and was told that he had just gone to the Post Office so it likely did not get shipped on Friday after he closed the shop.  I will get you an update and the tracking number when I hear from him. 


      Thanks for your patience,



      Professor Thoreau


    2. Professor Thoreau, SASS 2611

      Professor Thoreau, SASS 2611



      Good Evening Buffalo Nichols,


      My FFL dealer shipped the Smith at the USPS today around 2:30 and the tracking number is:


      The Expected Delivery Date is this Thursday.  Please let me know when it arrives.


      Thank you and have a great evening.




  10. I would offer you $450 shipped, best I can do and if not I wish you the best of luck.

     If you accept I get me your address and I will get the MO and CR out tomorrow. My address will be on the C&R.

     Buffalo Nichols 

    1. Professor Thoreau, SASS 2611

      Professor Thoreau, SASS 2611

      Good Evening Buffalo Nichols,


      Thank you for your offer. 


      Yes, I will take $450 for this S&W which will include shipping to your C&R.  My information is as follows:


      Jim Waldon

      10 Coachman Dr.

      Eugene, OR 97405


      e-mail: jmw97405@sirikirpal.com


      I will mark the item "SPL" after I post this note to you. 


      Thanks again and looking forward to hearing back from you confirming that you got my note etc.  If you include your address, I can get the Smith packaged up and ready to go to my FFL which might speed things up a bit when your payment arrives.




      Professor Thoreau

      AKA Jim Waldon

  11. I purchased two pair of new Ruger Grips from Professor Thoreau and the experience could not have been more pleasant. The Professor is a true Western Gentleman!!

    Sweet and Sassy Cindy

    1. Professor Thoreau, SASS 2611

      Professor Thoreau, SASS 2611

      Thank you!!

      Sweet & Sassy Cindy is a wonderful person to do business with.

      Professor Thoreau

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