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  1. On our way home from visiting with Rolan and his lady fair. My son joined me in the 19 hour trip from Coconut Creek FL to Rolan’s House in GA. The hospitality shown us was exactly what you would expect from a Southern gentleman, like we were old friends! I have communicated with Rolan back in the early 2000’s when I was new to our game, and he was very helpful and knowledgeable offering advice on many topics without judgement! The shotgun is a treasure and will stay in family if my 25 year old son has anything to say about it, who kept commenting on how warm Rolan’s welcome was as well. Thank you Rolan, you truly are a “gentleman and a scholar” as the phrase goes! Ninble Fingers
  2. Sorry LQ. Once my son heard I had made the commitment with Rolan, he agreed to a “road trip” and we are leaving tomorrow am at 7 for the 9.5 hour drive up to pick it up. It will be a pleasure to meet Rolan, I remember learning from him when we first got into the game back in early 2000s. So we will be coming back home with it and will enjoy it, both of us.
  3. So I have the funds and live by Ft Lauderdale so I can come pick it up if that is your plan or do you get down to Central or South FL? How do you want to be paid?
  4. Thanks for the heads up. Still would rather a 7.5, but now I will be checking out the Ruger forum.
  5. To be honest I am thinking that Wildcat’s picture is very poor quality and if he took a better quality picture you could probably see the stagecoach scene on the rack better as well as the engraving on the scabbard. I have the scabbard and it looks like the one above. But for the price being listed you need to be sure.
  6. Not to hijack Darren’s post, but if you have a 7.5 and Darren doesn’t want it I will take it for a blued OMV I currently have with a 4&5/8”.
  7. Hey guys I responding to the very first post by Dogmeat. Seems to me that again a lot of us here have much more experience and I did take a little offense to the ego remark! Wouldn’t have to someone saying to us down here to be safe, whatever we choose to do. My family and I have been thru hurricanes in the last 25 years and have never evacuated. The reason that we haven’t is that we are in a cinder block bldg and well protected. The worst time we have had was when we and s lot of gas stations were out of electricity for almost a month! So thanks for advising people to take as much care and precautions as they can, staying safe, and leave them without the “ego” comment. If I don’t shutter up, there is a good reason for not, based on my particular situation and experience. Got nothing to do with ego!
  8. Hey Dogmeat, while I appreciate your good wishes there are those of us that have ridden more than a few of the “sea Broncos” and while you may think my ego is getting the best of me, for example, right now I have waited to put up shutters where I am just south of Deerfield Beach, with a tropical storm watch over me. I have water food gas for generators, but at the moment there is no need for me to put up the steel corrugated shutters. Going to wait until tomorrow morning to see what direction the storm takes becuz we have had ones who zig when they were supposed to zag. Now this isn’t my ego talking, it’s over 30 years of experience with hurricanes! So don’t take our watching as playing up to our egos, it’s our experience that we are playing too.
  9. Does he do regular round barrels? Would love to go back to a 7” blued barrel for my OMV IN 44mag, currently have the 4&5/8” barrel on it, and would like to have the larger barrel for when I go hog hunting.
  10. Yup, Al Capone and the rest of his “neighbors” vote in Chicago elections all the time!
  11. WOW! Phantom I am proud of you! Surprised but proud of you for taking the stand that perhaps there are people who might take offense if people put other people’s purchases down. Keep up the good work and positive attitude.
  12. Very nice people. Got there about 11, and the owners were there with another gentleman who said you must be Nimble Fingers. Lots of great pictures of local shooters on the wall. Unfortunately I had most of what the had already but saw a Ruger old army for $679 and a Pedersoli Flintlock rifle for $500! So after some hemming and awing I pulled the trigger on the Flintlock because I have been wanting one to represent the American Revolution! And got a box of .44 special and .44-40 as we never have them on our SE FL coast. Really enjoyed talking to them about Bordertown and shooting in AZ. Very nice folks, if you are into .45LC or .38 it is the place to go! Thanks again for the friendly welcome.
  13. Thunder stick it is and I have heard of the other 2, do they have websites so I can get an address? Thanks.
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