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  1. The last time, a long time ago I got into trouble but I will be short and sweet and hopefully won’t ruffle to many feathers. This is not a privately owned, for profit business, which could claim little or no transparency. It is not a non-profit charitable organization either. It is supposedly a non-profit club with certain rules and regulations including the reporting to the IRS the activity on certain forms specifically for its type of entity. But I believe there are certain rules like a condo association that it has to live by and answer to. I don’t know what those are in California. But I have come to realize that like the saying goes there is no fighting “City Hall”, so either accept the powers that be or don’t but you won’t change it.
  2. And that you can take as a business expense! At least you should if you aren’t. As are all the expenses competing. Please don’t get me wrong, envious you are in a business where you can. But don’t equate what you pay to someone who is a regular member.
  3. You don’t know what u r missing! The checkered forearm and stock are things of beauty! While not a big fan of the silver “plating” it does set off the blued barrel and magazine tube. I have both JW commemorative 92 & 94, and they are both the same configuration and I love both. I also had a 94 XTR in 30-30 with the checkering and it just adds a touch of class to the rifle! If you could see it face to face I bet u would change your mind. Someone is going to get a beautiful rifle. If I hadn’t just bought my Uncles 60 year old 94 in 30-30 I would be contacting the poster. I am already looking for a JW loop lever and checkered wood to replace existing items.
  4. And in all fairness, spending the requested price, a buyer should be aware that there is a recall, not necessarily from the seller. The one cowboy showed he was a knowledgeable shopper. And I find it a little hard to believe that Colt is only taking 10 days to fix something based on their other special order productivity, but I am glad if it is true. I also was interested as I am trying to replace a 1911 my father had brought back with him from the Korean War but with the way those original ones are priced a little more and I might get one of those instead. But I knew nothing of the recall and I read American Rifleman and visit the Colt Forum regularly. So I am glad for the information and think that sometimes we look the wrong way instead of the good. I have the utmost respect for Dutch as he has taught me a lot here on this wire and the warning was meant to warn against the wrong behavior on the wire. And I also believe the seller is being truthful as well. Can I suggest that we might give everyone the benefit of the doubt?
  5. And if the deal falls thru please allow me to be next in line! Nimble Fingers 954-557-8571
  6. Oh ok thought there was a special Winchester model I was not aware of. Thanks for the answer.
  7. Ok have to ask, what is a “Montana Barrel”?
  8. Someone else posted Midway having a sale on Uberti Black powder pistols and they have your pistol on sale. Don’t know if it in your price range but check it out as it is fun to look at!
  9. They do, a flat black, unless someone else already commented on this. If you want to know what vendor and how much let me know.
  10. “Petulant Becky?” No just not interested in playing silly reindeer games! No probably wouldn’t be too expensive but I don’t shop where I get hassled. Good luck with your new post, hope everything sells. I go to the website and buy there, they won’t call me petulant, they will just thank me for buying.
  11. Ok I am confused, if you didn’t want to sell the belt why mention that you are going to sell it with a holster? And somehow I thought you had mentioned you had a few, now only one in the top post, even though you mention “selling them” just above. So never mind and you can keep them.
  12. How much are the belts and could you send me photos if you don’t want to post here? I am interested in one as I have the holster, and the belt I have is to short. Thx! Nimble Fingers
  13. Just my luck, enjoy Darren! But if you change your mind, I would like to be next in line!
  14. If Darren doesn’t want it then yes I will take it. PM me if he says no. Thx
  15. I've got a Vaqaero 7.5" stainless 44 barrel for $125 shipped if you're interested

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