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  1. Thought I had replied to this post before but don’t see it now. Broomstick, please don’t let some of the posts intimidate you! Go for your choice of leather. Get what will make YOU happy!
  2. Just saw 30 seconds over Tokyo on TCM over the weekend, wished I had known. I had a chance to meet some of the Flying Tigers in a Holiday In lounge back in 1988 and was blown away how much fun these gentlemen and their wives were. Yes all these men need to be remembered.
  3. Thank you sir for responding. Love your show, learn a lot and was asking if it really could/had happened to others. My surgeon is a young guy who doesn’t shoot. So before I put my right cheek against the stock of a 24” Moriku Winchester 1886 rifle and pull the trigger on some Hornady rounds I thought I better see if this is a possibility. The two detached retinas were cause by the healing from cats to surgery in the one eye I have. And each time I was in front of a screen at work recording journal entries. With an eyeball shaped like a football I was later told after the fact that the detachment is possible, painless and basically looks like a shade covering your eye. So again thank you all for your responses. If anything I will shoot from the hip of the latest addition to my lever action collection.
  4. Ok all I wanted to know if any other shooters had been told by their doctors not too shoot 45-70 because there was a chance that you could get a detached retina after Michael Blaine mentioning shooting his Marlin 1895 was chancing one. Of course when I have my periodic check up in 2 weeks I will ask the surgeon that fixed the two over a year ago if there is too good a chance to get another from the recoil. Unfortunately yes I do worry about that “veil” as I am still working as an accounting professional had would like to have both eyes working. For those of you that shared your experience thank you as that was what I was looking for.
  5. ? EDidn’t mean to make it sound cryptic but after cataract surgery and two detached retinas in my right eye, I am now afraid to shoot a Winchester 1886 that I just purchased. Why? I just saw an episode of shooting galllery and Michael Bain’s said something about getting a detached retina shooting a 45-70! I still have a band on my right eye from the second surgery and I definitely don’t want to go for a third one. Should I worry?
  6. No I figured you were looking for one! And I thought this forum already had people to monitor content, so as it is probably stated in the guidelines as well, let them monitor the content and let the other readers of the forum answer the man’s question for advice? Sound good?
  7. I think the poster was looking for advice from SASS members who compete in other shooting sports. I also believe I have seen SASS clubs throwing WB shoots mentioned on this forum? Not sure why you have never made the same comment as above when either those posts were made or when others have mentioned WB equipment requirements? Do you begrudge him this community’s opinion and advice? Does that mean that nothing other topics to do with SASS and only SASS can be posted? Sorry, I see someone being possibly rude to a poster I question it.
  8. No name worked for Clint Eastwood in his Spaghetti westerns didn’t it? Had to throw it in there.
  9. And a Father’s pride, I am sure. Meant no offense, didn’t know. Figured there was a “soiled dove” in the competition and went for the humor. You are fortunate to have the time with her! Enjoy as they grow up too fast.
  10. Is the “little” girl too cute and causes you to be distracted?
  11. No need to apologize, I will do as you suggest. Hope the camera install went well.
  12. Thank you all, sorry for misspelling the last name, yes that is the place. Interesting that trying to market to the tourists was its downfall. Appreciate the info.
  13. Does anyone know if there is any business taking over the location? I have friend who keeps telling me we need to re-open it as a gun store, and while I chuckle when he mentions it, I am interested in a little due diligence towards the possibility. Anyone know who I would contact if the building is still vacant? Thanks.
  14. I have a Randall Bowie on order, won’t see it for another couple of years but I do have a big Bowie I got at Phil Spagenbergers in Tombstone before they closed and it came without a sheath. I would love to get a sheath from this “Sullivan” guy especially since as you say he is in Tampa and I am down by Ft Lauderdale. So how can I contact him to send the knife? Appreciate any help!
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