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  1. On “Inspiration” channel, 244, is The Legend of 5 Mile Cave, also can rent on Amazon, made in 2019. I am willing to bet it is filmed at Old Tucson Studios! And even more humorous is that one of the characters is shooting a Big Boy!
  2. It is very sad. My first visit to my parents in Green Valley, they took us there and Tombstone and we went and visited every time we went back! Unfortunately last year when I was taking care of my mother before she past and then a month afterward my wife and I talked about it but didn’t go. Kicking myself now. It has always been my fantasy to win Powerball and the buy it and build back some of the buildings from the John Wayne movies that burned and get craft vendors to open stores like at Tubac.
  3. To be honest some little rain is all on the way home on I95 the sign said tropical storm watch. I am on the east coast by Ft Lauderdale. Even the last hurricane missed us. But thanks for mentioning it.
  4. Grass Range, got the Ammo and looks great. Sent you a pm about getting a tracking number if you need it. You should have my check by weeks end.
  5. I was joking! However I think some local clubs do try things that are out of the box. Let’s face it, when this all started there was no shooters handbook and the participants were trying all sorts of stuff until they got the results they wanted. And with more members came more changes. the original poster asked a how about situation, sometimes experimenting is good, resulting in all the different guns we have. Yes the pistol doesn’t shoot well per the people who have experienced them, and they are expensive so no we are not going to have a bunch of people running out to get them to shoot one pistol per stage after reloading. But once in a while it’s fun to see new stuff.
  6. I got an idea, while no one suggested a new category, I’ll give you one anyway! How about the “Nobody Cares” category? And what if there was a side match allowing it? With a “pistol” target far enough away so as to make Phantom comfortable? The club I used to shoot at in Ft. Lauderdale used the same size targets for all three guns, pistol rifle & shotgun. anyway it would be fun to see someone shoot a LeMat at 10 pistol targets.
  7. What’s the difference? Depends on the size and angle of the target. The club I used to shoot at interchanged them all the time. We like using big targets for almost everything. We were into fun, not competition. And as for supporting that you leave your comments with, I remember a loot of people leaving the WIRE and the sport back in the late 90’s because replies weren’t judge mental and belittling. Our numbers are that far apart so maybe you will as well? I am open to what if’s and people enjoying the sport. Sorry if that offends. And yes I am very happy to give my support.
  8. Oh come on Phantom, that was humorous! The poster suggested doing something different and you “seriously” rained on his parade. He was only suggesting something fun, no rule changes, no revolutionary ideas, just a what if. And I will bet that there are some clubs who cater to black powder shooters that just might think about it. and I think you have posted a few times since our last conversation without a peep from me, but in this case you are right, I am bored silly and saw an opportunity to support someone that you happened to comment on.
  9. I was wondering when Mr. Party Pooper would make a comment. Yes seriously! Wouldn’t that be fun if your club allowed you to do that? Off the record and you not competing for anything at the match except for the shooter who has the most fun!
  10. Nope, it’s “stand back and enjoy the show!
  11. Great, now I am the one that needs a name, address, and the shipping costs! Please respond to the pm I sent, thanks. Want everyone to know that Grass Roots took time away from his burnt barn to ship this package to me. I told him not to worry and I could easily wait but he got it out.
  12. Unless you don’t care about being competitive, and then you will use it each time you shoot. If I cared about being the best, I would be shooting and or acting week. But when I did go to the club matches I would really enjoy walking around “heeled” and never cared about what my score was. I enjoy the atmosphere, camaraderie and being a member of club helping set up and take down. If I ever did “win”, it was only because I was the only shooter in the category.
  13. Thanks for responding. Busy day at work. My address is in a pm to you just now. Let me know and I will get the check with the amount out to you. You need to pm me your address as well. Thanks again.
  14. No pm, no email as of 11:51pm Monday? If you don’t want me buying just say so here.
  15. Just to let and everyone else know, haven’t received any information from you to send either a form of payment or a method of payment. Waiting for it, thanks.
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