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  1. Who is the “no good, yellow, yankee liar” that said anything about John Barleycorn? Never dealt with him but have seen him on the Wire many times. Reputable man, undeserving of any disparaging word!
  2. You might have heard complaints back in the day with people shooting short stroked guns, under powered .38’s and even getting “sponsored” but it didn’t seem to get very far. The game is supposed to be fun, there is a small minority of the shooters who are competitive, the rest participate for the chance to shoot cowboy guns, dress up and socialize. So if we want this game to continue more changes and acceptance of .22 ammo and firearms may be in order! Who know maybe by summer we all won’t get pushed around with the virus restrictions and both gun and ammo prices will come down to reasonable
  3. We had great success when Bass would do their August Hunting Classic, having a table showing the various guns and walking around , heeled but of course not loaded. Obviously August is far away, if they are even doing it this month, but you also might want to think about sponsoring a table at the local gunshows and direct the people that come see your table to the vendors who have Wranglers and Henry .22 rifles for sale. There are always a few at our shows down here in So FL.
  4. So let them! About 15 years ago, my son wanted to shoot with me. I belonged to the Goldcoast Gunslingers out of Ft Lauderdale at the time. He already had 2 Colt Nebraska Commemoratives I had bought for $200 a piece and I went over to Bass in Dania Beach and got a 9422 XTR, for $299 on sale. Then I got single shot 12ga & 20ga shotguns for $75 apiece. Thought I was all set for the Buckeroo category until part of the club decided that .22’s were too dangerous to shoot, to big a chance of the bullets ricochet back at the shooter because the targets were to close and too high velocity. Long
  5. Here in South FL there are a lot of Henry Rifle Co Models, but non yet of the new side gate models. I would suggest that lever action rifles in pistol calibers can hold at least 10 shots and could be an alternative to the “black” rifles that are now being discussed to be outlawed.
  6. Sorry, don’t have a new one but have 2 92’s, 73, 66 all Winchester and a Browning 92 all from Miroku and no issues. Can’t imagine there is a problem.
  7. But if they are putting out a 1873 that shoots.44mag, I would think a 10mm/.41mag would be less pressure.
  8. Agreed, very nice people, but small selection. As I told them I had everything they had except for a Ruger old Army. If you are stating then they are the place to go.
  9. They are very friendly! Got a Flintlock rifle from them Aug 2019, when I was visiting my Mother in Green Valley for my birthday. Small shop though if you go in person.
  10. Wouldn’t it be close to a .41 Magnum? Lever actions in .357 and .44 magnum, why not .41?
  11. I have watched many a cowpoke here on this forum since the late 90’s seem to “belittle” people’s choice in what they shoot. Back then it was a Marlin, now it is a short stroked ‘73. When I joined people wanted to have fun, live out their fantasy about being in the old West and shooting what they wanted. Did I think that the sound of your post was critical? Yes and the called you on it. Glad you counted to ten, perhaps you feel the need next time to criticize a gun that is approved for use in this game, you might want to tone it down a bit. I do have a friend who is not a member and he just bou
  12. Wow, of course you are entitled to your opinion but when is nonsensical laws deemed bad and you putting restrictions on what is made and sold ok? Thought that was what our country and capitalism was about. Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and if that means buying Henry Big Boy rifles, then so be it! They can’t keep up with demand so there must be a lot of people who disagree with you.
  13. Yancy Derringer would be proud!
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