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  1. Taking a break from audit schedules, and I am afraid I will upset some people, but here goes! I was thinking of trying to get a Henry receiver from Henry Rifle, and then counting down a rifle barrel, or paying them to do it it to a 12" length for the pistol version. Fantasy, not all the ideas worked out yet, but that was my dreamin'. I figured I could go to someone to heat up the lever to match a grip that I would have to play with say an Army or Navy style C&B grip, not sure of the size. Still in the pie in the sky stage, but food for thought and discussion.
  2. Someone will also volunteer info, especially Fingers McGee as he has been collecting them for a while. I believe the 2nd Gen are Uberti and possibly Colt parts that were assembled at the Colt Factory, where as the 3rd gen (Colt Signature Series) were assembled and modified by a company whose name escapes me but was owned by the father of the man that owns Henry Rifle. They assembled the team aiming parts that colt had and also contracted with Uberti for additional parts in different materials and finishes and even had someone do engraving on certain models. Some were made out of stainless s
  3. Sorry for not responding sooner, working, if the other buyer falls thru let me know and I will definitely meet you in Naples someplace.
  4. Where in SW FL? I live on east coast by Ft Lauderdale.
  5. If you want to stay with a Winchester, Hinterland Outfitters currently has a 92, 20” barrel in .44mag in stock. I have more than a few of these and they are all great rifles and smooth out of the box.
  6. Reminds me of the rifle in the movies Hombre & Rio Conchos!
  7. Yes on the cavalry model, but I am asking what is the difference between he Army and the Navy models as they both look the same except for finishes possibly.
  8. Tortoise, You got me curious so I went to Pietta and saw all the models being offered. And I couldn’t tell the difference between the Army and the Navy models, the Old West model looks like the other two only aged. What is the difference between the three other than finishes? Thanks.
  9. Glad to hear that they are being responsive, wish them much success in their new endeavor.
  10. Ok saw all that we shouldn’t use, what should we use? How do we clean and protect Nickel plated guns?
  11. All valid points on both sides of the coin, but if you start up a business, you need to have a FEIN and corporate registry with the state to open a bank account. All that takes an address. As for a website designed to do business over the internet, this is something that is quick and easy to do, nothing compared to even 10 years ago! and lastly it is common sense for the new owners to look at their own website and judge whether they would use it. This business has spent a lot of effort but only went 8 yards instead of the whole 9 yards. and unfortunately we need to be cautious in dealin
  12. And I thought that was a made up name from “Big Jake”! That was fun to learn.
  13. Isn’t that in that silly horror movie, where Oliver’s widow is thinking that her home is haunted by everyone killed by a Winchester rifle?
  14. Not to make you rethink your choice but Taurus just came out with a model that shoots .460 S&W, which I believe will also shoot .45 Colt and .454 Casull. You might want to entertain getting one of those instead. As for stuff to trade/sell, you might want to post some of the items that you have to trade.
  15. First, now that I read what he was originally was writing about Colorado, I CARE! You see I collect Winchester lever rifles as close as I can to either originals, Miruko or replicas. Secondly, it would be fun to find out what others had as I am trying to get a 1876 and 1895. so as I am told many times by moderators here, if the post or poster upsets you or writes about something you are not interested in or don’t like, don’t read it! That way we who do care get to read what we like. Ok?
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