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  1. Well it’s not an old Colt, but I had. Winchester/Colt commemorative changed from .44-40 to .44 spcl with a new .44spcl cylinder and shorter .44spcl barrel. I kept the original cylinder and barrel so that if I had to sell it I could. Wanted a short barreled Colt for my right hand to be like John Wayne shoots.
  2. Got home late and couldn’t find it where I thought I left it. Give me another day? Or if someone beats me to it not a problem.
  3. Are u talking about the wood stocks that go over the grip? If yes I will send pictures when I get home.
  4. Ease down Seabiscuit! I think the gentleman needed to be made aware, not arguing with you. There are plenty of people who are caught unaware and you are doing him a service in telling him why. Thank you for listing the various reasons/warning signs he and probably others here should watch out for.
  5. Was just told that Beretta stopped production? Are these still available? Have a friend who wants a new in the box one with blue fired screws for his son’s graduation present. Looked on Gunbroker, no luck for that barrel size, Beretta USA.com doesn’t have it on the website. Anyone have a source? Thanks in advance.
  6. Rooster would like to suggest that if you ship the conversion cylinder separate then you can ship directly. But if the conversion cylinder is shipped in same package I believe that may constitute a cartridge pistol and would need to ship to a FFL? I could be wrong, and will let others more knowledgeable confirm or not.
  7. Try and get the additional $100! This is a 2nd gen model, worth $500 by itself, the accessories are worth at least another $150 and the case $80! This Colt can even letter. Great deal from a great cowboy. If I didn’t already have one I would have this one when he first posted it.
  8. I am thinking you know this but just in case please don’t ship pistol in the case! Bought one from a store off gunbroker and that’s what they did, ending braking some of the separate wood dividers. Get better soon!
  9. I always regretted that the Kasdan Brothers never made sequels because I sure got excited with Kevin Kostner’ “We’ll be back!” Line at the end. But alas no such luck! Wish they had.
  10. Thought I would check here first before going elsewhere. I have an older 1894 that my Uncle owned waiting for me in Janesville WI and I want to get a large loop and eventually get a checkered forearm and stock on it as well. Let me know what you have. Thanks.
  11. My apologies as to you not knowing about his passing. It was a long time ago and it did get a lot of coverage here on the wire. Still I shouldn’t have made an assumption that you were “beating a dead horse” no pun intended.
  12. Wow, so with no regard to the history of bad health and economic down turn he had, you decide that you can’t get over it. I met the man twice when visiting my folks in Green Valley AZ, once in Tombstone where I ordered and paid for up front 2 holsters in a Duke style for my son’s 2 Colt Nebraska commemorative Pistols, which I received and my son loved. Then about a few years later when again visiting my folks and going again to Old Tucson studios, love walking the same ground as the Duke, my family and I walked into a leather shop and there he was all 6’,3-4” of him! Believe me when I say Big Ed was big. And at 6’1”, I am not small myself. He kept trying to do what he could with his health issues costing more than he could earn and still take care of his family. He tried to make amends, tried to catch up but ended up dying before he could. He needed the upfront deposits to buy materials and pay for the shop costs. So Buckeye Pete, you were one of the ones that lost out and for that I am sorry. But he did a lot of good work for others as well, and like right now, sometimes you can’t control the situation. He died, let it go, it’s not like he is living off of your deposit, if he was, I would be right there with you, but he had worse luck, didn’t he?
  13. Isn’t that what our neckerchiefs are for? That we could go around looking like we were going to rob a stagecoach or a bank any second!
  14. I’d be smiling too if I could hold two different rifles that the Duke handled!
  15. Well it is probably my Catholic grade school handwriting class that influences me as to which is the “D”! But hopefully we can enjoy this “insanity” instead what is happening in the world. Again had I not seen that Shepherd of the Hills was in 1941 and I am thinking that Stagecoach I think was in 1939, it made me wonder what movie was first. And then here’s another. Did Robert Mitchum have Johnny Crawford “borrow” Chuck Connor’s Rifle for him to carry in El Dorado?
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