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  1. On the other models the trigger guards are removable, have to believe they also are here on this model as well. But I will ask that as well.
  2. Are the other barrels still interchangeable? I would rather a .44mag/spcl barrel on it. Will call company on Monday to see as well.
  3. Sorry for not seeing this sooner. I will warn you that it could be painful from a pressure standpoint. I had to have it after the second detached retina so the scar tissue in healing wouldn’t pull a different part of the retina away. In my case the doctor had me in a chair and the laser was part of his head mount. I could feel the “punch” of the laser as he got rid of the scar tissue and floaters. There won’t be any downtime but you will need your favorite headache medicine. Good luck.
  4. Thanks for the additional advice. Don’t misunderstand, l am not going to go thru boxes of 45-70 cartridges, too expensive and not necessary, I want to shoot for the experience and for special hunting and competitions, not for punishment. Appreciate all the feedback from all posters.
  5. Again thanks for the advice, but I only reload .44 spcl/mag on my little Square D. I will look to make sure that I am not getting to strong a round in the .30-06.
  6. Thank you for your suggestion. I did buy a pack of Hornady Leverevolution to shoot in the 1886, figuring that the 24” barrel and rest of the gun’s weight will take up a lot of the recoil. I was also concerned with shooting a P17 and an Enfield Jungle Carbine both in a .30 caliber rifle round thinking that I would also get a lot of recoil from them as well.
  7. Update for those of you in my or close to my condition. Just saw my surgeon and optometrist and both said that I could go ahead and shoot with no negative effects to my right eye where I suffered the double detached retina. So I will soon go and enjoy my 25th anniversary present from my wife, my 1886 rifle. Thank you all for you relevant advice from your own personal experience and Wolf Bane for making me aware enough to ask the question with his wonderful episode of hunting water buffalo in Africa with a 45-70 lever action.
  8. I am sorry for your loss, especially one so tragic. Our thoughts and prayers are with you with the wish you possibly can get over the loss and possibly consider a replacement to assist you to get over your loss.
  9. Ed’s Red? Homemade? Any chance you can share the recipe? My wife hates the smell of Hoppes and I have been trying to find a good substitute. Thanks in advance.
  10. Got one and haven’t shot it yet. Thanks for the warning and the solutions!
  11. You didn’t hurt my feelings, I don’t own one, but you might have someone else who does, not sure, but why take the chance? But at least you are not a “poser”, you actually have shot one and are entitled to a more “cordial” opinion possibly? But hey what do I know, I was raised not to say anything that might be mean and hurt someone. Saying something more along the lines that in your opinion you find no value in them but to each his own is a kinder, gentler way instead of calling someone else’s rifle a canoe paddle? And thank you for all those kind blessings and telling me that Jesus has me in his book. Glad you are aware of all that and can tell us our status. But between you and me I am still working on staying in His good graces. It sure why anyone on this forum feels the need to criticize others’ equipment but it happens still and I would like to suggest it doesn’t have to be.
  12. I also would like to suggest that you change the date in your title to 1860 as that is the model of the pistol and could possibly get more views?
  13. I agree completely with on the 9422! Got it for my son from Bass on sale for $350 10 years ago and wished I bought another in .22 mag! If I had the $700-1100 now I still would but I have an 1895 that I have to buy first!
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