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  1. Might want to edit your original post above with the size and caliber.
  2. DELAYED, not scrapped. As said here “Chapter 1” needs more revenue, both in theaters and video on demand. I have been a member since early 2000s and all that time every has complained that there aren’t enough westerns made, well here’s one and instead of running to the theaters to see it, I keep hearing excuses! Go see the film!
  3. Ok, I have heard that Colt will re-roll the original markings on a 1911 as well when you get one that has seen a lot of action as US Property, but then I also heard that they were backed up and it would take 1 to 2 years to get anything back from them. Never been to the plant/offices and now that I recall I did see where I believe they turned over their parts department to either Midway or Brownell but I could be having a Joe Biden senior moment. But if you are saying that they repair it for free, with replacing the parts and service at no charge, then I am all in! Do I contact the service department first?
  4. Thanks to one and all. The pistol is one I got used from someone so not sure the lifetime warranty applies to the original buyer or to the gun, and I have never heard of a lifetime warranty on any Colt, so I will have to check the Colt site and the manuals of my new King Cobra and Python. Thanks for suggesting Peacemaker too I had forgotten about them.
  5. It’s for a New Frontier if there is a difference, though I don’t see why there would be. Looking for sources. Thanks in advance.
  6. So what was Star Wars first three movies then if not a shared story line? If you would rather stay home and watch TV, great! But I saw this film, and it went really quick for three hours, was entertaining throughout it and left ME AND MY WIFE wanting more. So we are both entitled to our opinions. Kevin Costner did a great job and I will see Chapter One again before Aug 16th when Chapter 2 comes out.
  7. Last on was Branded, the broken, reshaped saber gives it away.
  8. I won’t watch it again, thought I was going to see more history on how the bombs were made and less sex but it seems more about how many women he was screwing and poof the bombs are on a truck going to the airport. But to each his own.
  9. Saw the first one looking forward to the next 3 western movies! Support Costner financially as he is the only one producing them.
  10. As I said in my post, the movie “moves” and yes there are a long of story lines, it stands alone. I was left with wishing the next on would come sooner, will be seeing the next one in August! No different than the first 3 Star Wars trilogy, you were left each movie, waiting for the next one. It’s good people, go see it!
  11. This is no different than “series” like Die Hard, Lethal Weapon, Mission Impossible, etc. We are all starving for westerns! Don’t stop yourself because you think it is a series! Go see the movie! As said before support Costner needs to be financially supported to continue even more westerns! If not him who else is going to make westerns?
  12. I took a John Wayne commemorative 92 that was originally in 44-40 and had it “reamed” to allow me to shoot ..44 specials as that was my main cartridge. I could still shoot 4440 but the cartridge casing would bulge out more than normally wood and anybody reloading it could kill still put it in to reloading tool it size it and it was still work. Might want to think about your 4 poor Magnum might still be able to shoot the 4440s and again you would have to do a little more resizing to get the cartridge back to its shape for reloading food for thought.
  13. Thanks, I will, I believe I need a .44-40, saw Frank’s in a collection that Bill Koch had on exhibition once in West Palm Beach, but can’t remember for sure if it was a .44-40. You are right as well in doing an action job, I was talking about replacement parts. I don’t understand why your parts don’t match current Uberti parts?
  14. Haven’t had any replaced yet, but had a few removed battling cancer. Did get some stints put in from a couple of heart attacks. I remembered a post a while ago that was saying your Navy has no replacement parts for it. If I am wrong my bad. Enjoy your 66, and that Remington you beat me out of! I had wanted it as a souvenir relating to my Great Grandfather being kidnapped y the James gang and taking a bullet out of Frank James! Have to keep looking
  15. Saw it just now, and the 3 hours flew by! Loved the story, the locations and the music! Not as accurate firearms wise but that doesn’t bother me growing up with Winchester 92’s all over Hollywood! Can’t wait for Aug 16th for chapter 2!!! Do yourself a favor and go see it, my wife loved it too!
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