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  1. My Mother’s family is from Janesville WI, where they were once based. Had Parker pens in grade and high school late 60’s to early 70’s. Haven’t seen them for a while.
  2. That’s why I got the 1928 model, growing in Chicago and watching the “Untouchables” TV series. I did pick up a 10 inch barrel to replace the 16 inch when I get the “tag” but I would also like to modify the receiver to accept a detachable stock. I picked up an old one just so I can see what is needed. Not sure how to get that done but I will start with the barrel.
  3. But that defeats the purpose of trying to get it to look like Josh Randall’s, JW’s large loop doesn’t look like it. And Robert Mitchum’s rifle in El Dorado must have been borrowed by Johnny Crawford because that one looks just like the one in The Rifleman.
  4. I have 3, all 1892 variations: First would be to send a Rossi Mares Leg in .44 mag to Nate Kiowa Jones to have shortened so as to be a “copy” of Josh Randall’s as he has for others. Second would also go to Nate, a Rossi again in .44 mag, with 24” octagon blued barrel, and have him get the receiver, lever and butt all plated in “brass” to look like the rifles in “The Commancheros”! Finally, not sure who but to take my Browning 92 and have a “D” ring put on it for a Rifleman copy. There was someone who did it off an original not Japanese made Winchester. Perhaps Nate would be the one for that as well Not much in the amount of custom work but definitely 3 I would like for my collection!
  5. H&K USP 9mm & .45 full size? FNH/FNX .45acp PPK/s .380 7rnd w finger rest factory
  6. Did we miss the price? Sorry missed price tag in picture.
  7. Ok how about an physical address where the shoot will take place to go watch? I am on the SE Coast of FL and want to see if it is close enough to go visit and see the tournament and any vendors.
  8. I was thinking of found something similar to a Taurus lightning in stainless .45 Colt getting a replacement barrel made for .44 mg that would also allow .44 spcl.
  9. I bought mine from Bud’s Gun Shop, not to dissuade you from the other suggestions.
  10. On “Inspiration” channel, 244, is The Legend of 5 Mile Cave, also can rent on Amazon, made in 2019. I am willing to bet it is filmed at Old Tucson Studios! And even more humorous is that one of the characters is shooting a Big Boy!
  11. It is very sad. My first visit to my parents in Green Valley, they took us there and Tombstone and we went and visited every time we went back! Unfortunately last year when I was taking care of my mother before she past and then a month afterward my wife and I talked about it but didn’t go. Kicking myself now. It has always been my fantasy to win Powerball and the buy it and build back some of the buildings from the John Wayne movies that burned and get craft vendors to open stores like at Tubac.
  12. To be honest some little rain is all on the way home on I95 the sign said tropical storm watch. I am on the east coast by Ft Lauderdale. Even the last hurricane missed us. But thanks for mentioning it.
  13. Grass Range, got the Ammo and looks great. Sent you a pm about getting a tracking number if you need it. You should have my check by weeks end.
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