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  1. Great thank you! I can print it and compare to a normal one to get the scale.
  2. I just read that the rifle John Way e used was designed by Yakima Canutt and was the used and modified with the screw in the lever to fire it by closing the lever, along with another and an El Tigri model for the scabbard on the horse. I believe that one was also used in El Dorado by Robert Mitchum. I am looking for design information so I could have one made that would be a true “D”. If anyone knows of such specs or drawings let me know.
  3. I have a Winchester (Moriku) 1886 that i wouldn’t mind him doing the same to mine, along with the checkering. Does someone have his contact information?
  4. Sorry, thought I was giving someone info. I still don’t now what MOA means. Know what it stands for but not what it means. most people really do believe it stands for assault rifle. You got me.
  5. And I was a new shooter in 95! So what? If they can do it other shooting competitions then we could as well. This sport has evolved. I remember when no one could benefit financially from competing, does Evil Roy six guns ring a bell? And you might have mechanical skill sets that someone doesn’t have or want to get experience on $1,000 used rifles when you and I had 92’s and Marlins that were far less expensive to “play” on. and I correct you one last time as well, our sport is too expensive and too competitive for new shooters to get started in. If you want the sport to die keep it the way it is, as most of the fans of Westerns are my age at 67 and the young adults you want in this sport then change either has the come or we will all be reminiscing about how SASS was so fun when it was alive.
  6. And yet doesn’t IPSIC have a stock class for both semiautomatic and revolvers!
  7. Honesty, and as well as if some has tuned guns others would be able to tell, just like long ago shooters were accused of “mouse fart” .38s, remember. I am thinking if a lever action was short stroked you that have them could tell, yes? Finally the new shooters to the clubs and the sport would be the ones in this class, someone with 10-20 years of shooting 1873 & 1866 model rifles would be suspect and too fast to want to be in that class just to be in 1st place, not the Cowboy way, right?
  8. Sorry High Spade, thought I made it clear, 10 years ago the guns and the ammunition was a lot cheaper. Vaqueros were around $500, .45&.44 were about $30 for a box of 50, and the special parts and gunsmithing fees have certainly gone up. Just got quoted $95/hr, charged by the .10hr by a gunsmith at Shoot Straight here in FL. THE COST!
  9. AR stands for Armalite Rifle, Armalite is the company that started building Stoner’s invention but couldn’t keep up with orders and contracted Colt to build them and that’s how Colt started building the M16 and M4. Armalite build both the AR15 and 10, the original caliber, .308.
  10. With brand new Colts being around $2,000 and above and used ones being well above $1,500, I can’t see a “restored” Colt from even Turnbull not be worth the purchase and restore price. But I like Colts and I like refinished guns as well. I have picked up a 1887 shotgun, 1876 and 1895 original Winchesters and plan to have them all refinished. I want to make sure they work well and depending upon how much, ha be them look like they just came to me from the factory. Am I doing the refinish for “investment” purposes? Hell no! If my son sells them after I am gone, who cares, like HK I like the looks and k ow that the shotgun and rifles will function correctly. HK, if I had bought those 2 Colts at the price you got them for they would also be candidates for refinishing as they to me are history and should look the best they can, but that’s me!
  11. I would like to buy them. Sending my address in a pm. Send me your email for friends and family payment.
  12. The thing I have possibly in common with them is my height is in my torso and arms. Made it easier to twirl the 20” commemorative and the Browning. Never saw Josh Randall twirl his Mare’s Leg, just fire three bullets fast out of it. That’s why I wouldn’t put JW style lever on it. I just love the guns my western hero’s. One day I will get a copy of Gene Barry’s pistol in Bat Masterson. And speaking of levers, in Stagecoach, JW had a big D lever, then after that he kept using the “squashed” D. And in El Dorado, he had his and it looked like Johnny Crawford borrowed the Rifleman’s rifle , because it had the D along with the “screw” to fire the trigger, to Robert Mitchum. who designed the change on the John Wayne style large loop. Probably been answered before but don’t remember.
  13. “16 92s are the best for spinning. I have a Browning 92 with a quasi large loop that kind of worked, but JW Commemorative 92 works better for me but I am 6’1”. I used to do it with a 94 large loop and that took some extra arm movements. Nate Kiowa Jones works miracles with 92s, I want to give him a Rossi 92 with a 24” octagon barrel in .44 mag and have it done like the “Henrys” John Wayne handles on The Commancheros movie. One of these days, that and a Mare’s Leg like the first model used in Wanted Dead or Alive.
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