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  1. And all the JOHN Wayne Movies! Including Rio Bravo, El Dorado & Rio Lobo to name a few. Every year we would visit my folks in Green Valley we would go! Loved it!
  2. The 94 that was joined with a Colt that were commemoratives were both in .44-40, so yes it was made in .44-40 and I also had one in .44mag, Wrangler, 84-94 model with Large JW loop and it was my first rifle in SASS too. I would still have it if I hadn’t gotten an opportunity on a Colt Nickel Buntline in .44-40! I had issues with it because I couldn’t remember how the button safety worked. But loved it and would buy it again.
  3. He did, he went from Tombstone to a shop in Old Tucson Studios. I got a pair of JW style holsters made for my son’s pair of Nebraska Colt .22s which he shot 2 matches and the went straight for my .44s and we never looked back! Great leather nice guy and I am sorry some of you had issues with him but as been mentioned before there were health and business issues that prevented him from following thru on some of the deals.
  4. I don’t believe Spangenberg is open either as a friend of mine who goes to Tombstone every May was trying to get me interested in going in with him and buying it. If it is now I would be interested in knowing who is running it.
  5. Yes they do but it is a “tactical” model in black with a smaller magazine tube that doesn’t allow 10 cartridges to be loaded. However I am a firm believer that if you like the rifle then shoot it. Very few of the shooters these days are “competitive”, meaning that the ones who practice all the time, have all their guns modified and really shoot to win the matches the go to, local thru national. The majority of shooters are the ones that want to have a good time. And so I say to anyone who wants it to enjoy the Big Boy.
  6. No one has suggested it, but what if you took a Rossi Mares leg, get a pistol grip stock and lever and have someone fit the pistol grip lever to the Rossi?
  7. Got mine from Buds Guns, if you are saying you want the Moriku Winchester one! I wanted the same as Jimmy Stewart’s in Winchester ‘73 and that was close as I could come without getting an original!
  8. Obviously looking to hear about new toys if any for our sport. I’ve seen the new side loading pistol calibers in the new Henry tactical models, but unfortunately not a big enough of magazine tube length to allow 10 rounds instead of 7 rounds. So has anyone been visiting and seen only new toys?
  9. Thanks for warning others. I do use safety glasses now that I have caract surgery and don’t wear the prescription Coke bottle glasses I used to. And of course using power tools require a powering up mode to be careful.
  10. Ok you have to be absolutely right because you say so! Or maybe you might be wrong? Lead a horse that water? How condescending of you! I just love these authorities that seem to talk everyone else down. I will agree to disagree and let everyone else do the same. Oh I will take a Diet Coke instead plz
  11. If I remember correctly they stopped making them, not selling them. I see Colt brand new AR 15s for sale all the time. They had too much inventory, hence no need to manufacture more until they reduced their stock. As to the new revolvers I plan on buying a King Cobra this year and a Python next year when the frenzy pricing calms down. Would I like to be able to buy originals, sure, but these newer models will suit me just fine. I plan on continuing buying Colts!
  12. For those of you who appreciate the good news or wanted “comfort” thanks for the response. As for the rest of you I forgot cold weather makes people surly so I will just relax in my SE FL area, a little too warm for me in the mid 70’s.
  13. Wow, ok sorry I even mentioned it! Still think the movie is getting a raw deal, and after seeing the Broadway show in Chicago, NY, and Miami, I am a fan obviously as was most of the people seeing Broadway shows that let it the longest running show in Broadway history. But I digress, just wanted to put it out there that the movie wasn’t as bad as the critics say.
  14. Now this may seem more appropriate in the Saloon, I would ask that it stay here so I can assure everyone who loves the play and the music that the movie is worth seeing despite the critics. Jennifer Hudson deserves another Academy award for her performance and the main character, “Victoria” played by Francesca Hayward is great. You become emotionally vested in the movie! It had this old cowpoke crying as Jennifer sang her song, Memories! Don’t pay attention to the critics it is worth the money!
  15. I have used my portable and brass brush accessories when cleaning and I do use very slow speeds. Haven’t had any mishaps yet and I find it reducing my cleaning time.
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