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  1. Only two weeks until High Noon at Tusco!!
  2. Our annual Tusco Long Riders/Wags 4 Warriors match will be Saturday, October 19th. Setup at 7am, Safety Meeting at 10am. We need about 20-25 people to help out with this match. This match will be for Wags Veterans only and Cowboys/Cowgirls that want to help out. No spectators. You can only be there if you are helping out. It will be ran just like our normal monthly matches. Would like to pair a Cowboy/Cowgirl up with a Wags Veteran. You would work one on one with them. They would use your guns and ammo. You can shoot the match as well. There is zero cost. No fees. Breakfast and Lunch will be provided. This is a great opportunity to provide a great day for one of these fine folks with Wags 4 Warriors. If you would like to know more about Wags 4 Warriors, please visit their website: https://www.wags4warriors.org/ Please let me, Split Rail, or Stone Creek Drifter know ASAP if you can help. Thank you, - Buckaroo Bubba
  3. Howdy All, High Noon at Tusco 2019 is fast approaching, only about 3 weeks away!! For those who are attending please see the list of "Important Notes" on our website. https://www.tuscolongriders.com/high-noon We look forward to providing another great High Noon! See you there! - Buckaroo Bubba
  4. Thank you to the 46 shooters who came out to join us on a great day at Tusco! Congrats to Mad Dog Max our Top Overall and Men's Shooter and to Honey B. Quick our Top Ladies Shooter on the day. Scores are up, check them out: https://www.tuscolongriders.com/2019-scores Special thank you to Stone Creek Drifter, his wife Penny, and Split Rail. They took it upon themselves to setup our targets on Friday! Such hard and dedicated workers!! Thank you!! See you at High Noon at Tusco 2019!! - Buckaroo Bubba
  5. The Tusco Long Riders are shooting this coming Saturday, Sept 7th.. Registration starts at approx. 8:45am, Mandatory Safety Meeting at 10am. Planning on setting up 5 stages, shooting the first one twice (if you want), scoring 5 stages. This is our last regular monthly match before High Noon at Tusco! Weather is looking great! Pam's Chuckwagon will be open with Breakfast and Lunch available for purchase.. **We could use a couple extra people to help with setup at 7am if you can make it** See you at the range! Bubba
  6. You can leave the first pistol in the window.. "Revolvers are returned to leather (re-holstered in a safe condition) at the conclusion of the shooting string, unless the stage description specifically directs otherwise (e.g., “move to the next position and set gun on table or prop”). A shooting string is defined as shots from one type of firearm prior to the next type of firearm engaged." "Shooting string – shots from one type of firearm prior to use of the next type of firearm engaged."
  7. Thank you to everyone who came out to shoot with us today! Congrats to Culpepper our Top Overall and Men's Shooter and to Lacey our Top Ladies Shooter on the day! Scores are up, check them out.. https://www.tuscolongriders.com/2019-scores See you in September.. Buckaroo Bubba
  8. Really looking forward to this match! Glad it worked out this year to get over there!! About time right?
  9. Fyi, I have your plaque from OVV..I will bring it Saturday!!
  10. That time again.. The Tusco Long Riders will be shooting this coming Saturday, August 3rd. Weather is looking great, mid 80's and nice!! Planning on setting up 5 stages, shooting the first one you start on twice, if you want, scoring 5 stages. Pam's Chuckwagon will be open with Breakfast and Lunch available for purchase. Registration starts at approx. 8:45am, mandatory safety meeting at 10am. Come on out and enjoy a nice summer shoot with us!! See you at the range! Buckaroo Bubba
  11. Had a great time as usual! Thank you all for your hard work putting on this match! Such a great place to shoot. Always enjoy being around this group!! Keep up the good work!! Congrats to Culpepper!! and Kanshee Pick'em!!
  12. Howdy Widder.. Thanks for the info but I was talking just in general. Not so much the Jedi numbers. We often host close to 25-30% of the shooters being some sort of Gunfighters at Tusco at our monthly matches. Just seems like the Gunfighter category has become very popular lately. Could just be because I pay more attention to it since I switched to GF a handful of years ago.. Make sense though.. shooting Gunfighter is the most fun!!!
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