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  1. I keep my pistols on specific sides. No real reason other than being OCD..
  2. Hope to see you at Tusco this year pard!
  3. Thank you to the 23 shooters who came out to shoot with us on a Cold February Day at Tusco! Congrats to Lucky 13 our Top Overall and Men's Shooter and to Hey Sugar the Top Ladies shooter on the day! Scores are up, check them out: https://www.tuscolongriders.com/2020-scores See you in March! Bubba
  4. Looking like it might be a bit wet tomorrow but we will be undercover. Come on out and join us!
  5. Charlie if you wear this I will get you some cookies!!!
  6. Almost February already!! Tusco Long Riders will be shooting this coming Saturday, Feb. 1st. Registration starts at approx. 8:45am. Mandatory Safety Meeting 10am. Pam's Chuckwagon will be open with Breakfast and Lunch available for purchase. Will be setting up probably 3 stages, shooting them 2 times each, scoring 6 stages. Stone Creek Drifter will be setting up the stages for Winter Range practice! Come on out and get ready! Cowboy Dress optional, dress warm. Right now, looking like 42 degress and partly sunny... See you at the range! Buckaroo Bubba
  7. Thank you to the 26 shooters who came out to shoot with us on a Cold, Damp day at Tusco! We started off the year nicely! Congrats to Lucky 13 our Top Overall and Men's Shooter and Angie Oakley our Top Ladies Shooter! and our only Clean Shooter on the day Stone Creek Drifter! Scores are up, check them out: https://www.tuscolongriders.com/2020-scores See you in February... weather permitting.. Buckaroo Bubba
  8. Yes, we have a lot of great helpers and support. The Rifle Club that we use has been great to us. Going on our 25th year! Thanks!
  9. Happy New Year everyone! Our season at Tusco is getting set to kick off. Our first match of the year is scheduled for this coming Saturday January 4th. Registration starts at approx. 8:45am, safety meeting at 10am. Pam's chuckwagon will be open with breakfast and lunch available for purchase. Please fill out a new range release form for 2020. https://www.tuscolongriders.com/range-release (or we will have copies to fill out at the range) Planning on setting up 2 or 3 stages, shooting them either 3 times each or 2 times each (under cover).. either way.. scoring 6 stages. Cowboy Dress is optional! Dress warm.. Weather is looking decent, upper 30's... See you at the range.. Buckaroo Bubba
  10. Thank you all for another great season at Tusco! We appreciate all the generosity for our Charity Match! $1700 is simply amazing!! Thank you! Congrats to Hooligan Howes our Top Overall Shooter, MissalottaT our Top Ladies Shooter and to Life-R our Top Josey Wales Shooter on the day! Scores are up: https://www.tuscolongriders.com/2019-scores See you in 2020!!
  11. Looking like a decent day to close out the season. 51 and partly cloudy.. Come on out and help our Charity... and bring a dish to share for lunch..
  12. Howdy All, Our next and final match of the year will be this Saturday, November 2nd. This is our Charity/Josey Wales Match. The stages will be setup for shooting Josey Wales. You DO NOT have to shoot Josey Wales, you can shoot a Normal match if you like. We will have Josey Wales categories for each category. (Josey Wales Gunfighter, Josey Wales Duelist, etc.) All proceeds from this match will go to the Midvale/Barnhill Shared Christmas Program. It helps needy families in the area during the Holiday Season. Also, we will have a Pot Luck Lunch. Please bring something to share for lunch. Pam will have Breakfast available for purchase and she will have Italian Sausage, Hot Dogs and Chili for lunch as well. So please bring some of your favorites to share. Registration starts at approx. 8:45am, Mandatory Safety Meeting at 10am. Come on out and helps us end the 2019 Season at Tusco! See you at the range! Buckaroo Bubba
  13. Tex doesn't like me posting prayer requests for him on the SASS Wire so please keep this one private.


    A message from Cat:


    "Tex in hospital with very bad infection-sepsis. Is in critical care unit in Pres downtown. Thought u should no. Cat"

    1. Buckaroo Bubba

      Buckaroo Bubba

      Thank you! Thinking about Tex!! Prayers up!!

    2. Edward R S Canby, SASS#59971

      Edward R S Canby, SASS#59971

      The information regarding Tex is now posted on the Wire.  I notified you because you are a faithful CAS prayer warrior.

    3. Buckaroo Bubba

      Buckaroo Bubba

      Appreciate it!! God is good!

  14. SASS Alias: Buckaroo Bubba SASS #:66861 Where you are from: Paris, Ohio How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: 14 awesome years
  15. Buckaroo: My email is   vichalls@hotmail.com    Thanks Bulldog Brown

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