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  1. Update on our charity donation... The Tusco Rifle club and their Steel Plate match collected another $600 to combine with our donation. In total together with the Rifle Club we will be donating $2800 to our charity!! Wow, just wow!! Thank you to the Bosio's for joining forces with us to help this great cause!
  2. Thank you to everyone who donated to our charity match today. Every year I am so impressed by the generosity of our Cowboys and Cowgirls! We will be able to donate $2200 to the Shared Christmas program this year! Can't thank you all enough! Congrats to Life-R our Top overall shooter today who shot Josey Wales! Very impressive!! Also congrats to Kit Colleen our Top Ladies shooter on the day! Thank you all for another great season at Tusco! Looking forward to a more normal 2021! Scores are up: https://www.tuscolongriders.com/2020-scores See you in January! Buckaroo Bubba
  3. Howdy All, Our last match of the season is fast approaching. The Josey Wales/Charity Match will be next Saturday, November 7th. Safety Meeting at 10am. We will be setting up all the stages for Josey Wales. You DO NOT have to shoot Josey Wales, you may shoot a regular match if you would like. There will be 5 shotgun targets setup on each stage. Categories will be divided up as well, example, Josey Wales Gunfighter, Josey Wales 49er, etc. One big change for this match.... We will not be doing a Pot Luck Lunch. Due to covid, we think it would be best to let Pam control the food. Please do not bring anything to share for this match. Pam will have Breakfast and Lunch available for purchase as usual. We also will be observing all the other Covid arrangements like we have been dealing with this year. This is our Charity match. All the proceeds from this match will go the Midvale/Barnhill Shared Christmas Program. Those are the two towns that surround our range. The money will go to each town's Christmas program to help some families during the holidays. Come on out and help us make a nice donation. (Free Match certificates are not valid for this match, we want to donate as much as we can for this charity.) Thank you! See you next Saturday! Buckaroo Bubba
  4. http://www.shootingbums.org/jedi/
  5. Thank you to everyone who joined us at the 25th Anniversary of High Noon at Tusco! It was an absolutely perfect weekend! Congrats to The Cumberland Kid our Top Overall Shooter and to Angie Oakley our Top Ladies Shooter for the match. Congrats to the 20 Clean Shooters on the weekend! Scores are up: https://www.tuscolongriders.com/2020-scores Thank you to all the Sponsors and to everyone that helped out with the match! Next match is our Charity/Josey Wales Match November 7th! Thank you! Buckaroo Bubba
  6. I had the honor of presenting our newest Jedi this evening at High Noon at Tusco! Welcome to the Jedi's ..The Cumberland Kid.. This kid is simply amazing shooting Gunfighter and along with that is an asset to our clubs here in Ohio! Congrats Cumberland!!
  7. Howdy All, High Noon at Tusco 2020 is only a few days away! Just a reminder about a few important notes. 1) If you would like to join in with the campers dinner on Friday night please contact Angie Oakley. 2) Please bring a chair. The Saturday night dinner will be outside up at the range! Dinner will be served at 6pm by Hog Heaven servers. We do ask that you wear a mask while going thru the food line. Dress warm! Looking like very fall weather for High Noon. 3) Pam will have some food available from Noon-3pm on Friday at the range. 4) Thursday morning at 8am is the earliest you can arrive to camp. Please be courteous with how you park your campers. Do not take up anymore room than you have to. If you have a camper, please use the far entrance. (Not the drive with the gate house). Remember the electric is very minimal. 5) When you arrive please pick up your shooters bags in the range clubhouse. Posse assignments will be posted. Please check to see which posse you are on. 6) If you have not been to Tusco this year we need you to fill out a Range Release. https://www.tuscolongriders.com/range-release 7) Alcohol is not permitted anywhere on the Rifle Club property. Any questions about High Noon please talk to myself, Prairie Dawg, or Stone Creek Drifter. See you at the range! Buckaroo Bubba
  8. Looking like fall weather for next weekend!
  9. Howdy All, High Noon at Tusco 2020 is only a week and a half away!!! Please see the "Important Notes" on the website. Especially some of the changes this year because of Covid. Mainly, the Saturday night dinner will be outside up at the range, please bring a chair and warm clothes! https://www.tuscolongriders.com/high-noon See you at the range! Buckaroo Bubba
  10. Thank you to everyone who joined us on a nice September day! Congrats to Gray Hare our top overall shooter and to IV Woody our top ladies shooter! Next up High Noon at Tusco! Scores are up: https://www.tuscolongriders.com/2020-scores
  11. Howdy All, Our next match is this coming Saturday September 5th. We will be using the same procedures as our last match. We are taking the Covid 19 virus seriously and will be taking some extra steps to provide as safe of an environment as we can. What to expect: · We “recommend” a face covering. · We will have breakfast and lunch available for purchase. However, we ask that you go outside to eat. No inside dining. · Please bring exact money to pay for registration. This will limit the amount of times money is exchanged. Simply put, if you attended already this year and paid for Cowboy Membership, it’s $10, if you haven’t and need to pay your membership in addition to the match, it’s $20, if you only plan to shoot once at Tusco it’s $15. If it’s your first time ever shooting at Tusco, it’s Free, or if you have a Free match certificate. · Only one person at a time at the registration table. Once you register please head back outside. · We will have sanitizer at each stage. · Awards and Prizes will be handled a bit different as well. To be determined. · Please try to refrain from handshakes and hugs. · Give as much room as possible at the loading/unloading tables. · Even if you are not concerned about the Virus, please be considerate and respectful of others. · If you do not feel well, please consider staying home. If you are “at risk” please consider staying home. · Following the SASS recommendations, we have a new range release form. We will need everyone to fill out a new range release form. Even if you have filled one out this year. You can find it on the website here: https://www.tuscolongriders.com/range-release There will be forms available at the range as well. But to cut down on contact, please bring a copy already filled out. If you filled one out in June, July or August, you are good. Planning on setting up 5 stages. You can shoot the first stage you shoot twice, taking your best time. Scoring 5 stages. Registration starts at approx. 8:45am, Safety meeting at 10am. This is our last normal match of the year. High Noon in October and Josey Wales/Charity Match in November. Thank you, Buckaroo Bubba
  12. Tex doesn't like me posting prayer requests for him on the SASS Wire so please keep this one private.


    A message from Cat:


    "Tex in hospital with very bad infection-sepsis. Is in critical care unit in Pres downtown. Thought u should no. Cat"

    1. Buckaroo Bubba

      Buckaroo Bubba

      Thank you! Thinking about Tex!! Prayers up!!

    2. Edward R S Canby, SASS#59971

      Edward R S Canby, SASS#59971

      The information regarding Tex is now posted on the Wire.  I notified you because you are a faithful CAS prayer warrior.

    3. Buckaroo Bubba

      Buckaroo Bubba

      Appreciate it!! God is good!

  13. SASS Alias: Buckaroo Bubba SASS #:66861 Where you are from: Paris, Ohio How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: 14 awesome years
  14. Buckaroo: My email is   vichalls@hotmail.com    Thanks Bulldog Brown

  15. Hey Allie.. I had made that suggestion to Misty and her crew awhile back. It's a minimal thing, and I am sure they have their hands full with other stuff. Thanks though! Bubba
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