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  1. The three of them on the range is bad enough...
  2. 1) Don't take the game too seriously. IJAFG. (It's just a *Fun* Game) 2) Cherish every Friendship you make in our sport. You never know when the last time you see someone will be. 3) Ask questions, a lot of them. Firearms, Reloading, Shooting Style Questions. Bonus #4) Don't be afraid to try different things, I wish I would have jumped to Gunfighter long before I did.
  3. Yup that has to factor in too. That's why I don't make it to more big matches, don't want to leave my kids too much. That's a big factor into the value aspect as well. In the meantime, we enjoy having you at Tusco!!!
  4. Yup, thanks Allie. I just preached safety to him. Just wanted him to get thru the first one safely. Told him not to worry about speed or misses. Will gradually ease him into other things. I had to do scoring, and other club stuff as well, so my Dad, Moosetracks, helped him quite a bit too. Teddy Bear Howes!! Might have to change his alias for him... @hooligan howes He's my buddy!!!
  5. He is a big Teddy Bear! He won't hurt you!!
  6. I need to start messing with Howes! I have no room to slip up with him anymore!!!
  7. A few weeks ago my nephew, 12 years old, quizzed me about Cowboy Action Shooting. Just so happened that we had our annual promotional event coming up that next weekend. My wife brought him to the event so I could give him more information about our sport. I spent time showing him our firearms, gave him a shooters book, and had him watch some videos. He was all ready and excited to compete. So this past Saturday he joined me at Tusco. Now, he was no stranger to firearms, just didn't have that much exposure to Cowboy Guns. I felt comfortable from a Safety point of view with him shooting the guns. He did great. Was extremely safe with the guns and handled everything with ease. He is ready to go again. Randy aka "Trigger Happy" (not official alias.. yet.. might be taken) (Costume Police, I know, this was his first attempt. He just wanted to try it) I wish more folks could see great kids like this safely enjoying firearms, instead of just preaching, "Bad Gun".... Hopefully we have another Youngster shooting with us as a regular now! **Special Thanks to Moosetracks and my Posse for helping with Randy and showing him the ropes** Hopefully he didn't learn too many bad things from Hooligan Howes, Raging Thunder, and Angie Oakley.... Just thought I would share this. Thanks, Buckaroo Bubba
  8. Your turn to watch Howes!!!
  9. Hey Turkey Flat's Jack!! I guess it's all relative on how you want to see the value. Couple things I noticed and value when attending the State Match: 1) The level of competition. I may shoot in the Top 5ish at our local matches but going to the State Match, you quickly realize that you are not as good as you may think or how much work you need to do in a competition sense. You see how good those guys are! That's a good thing. It pushes you to do better, if that's what you are looking to do. 2) The atmosphere. The first state match we went to I was on Stone Creek Drifter's posse with Multiple National and World Champions, and a SASS Hall of Famer (Lassiter). Little bit of Star Struck. But the greatest folks in the World! 3) When you start breaking down the costs you can see where the money goes. For example, Ohio State, $125 Entry. You get Steak Dinner Friday Night, Side Matches Friday, Main Match Saturday and Sunday, Nice Banquet with Dinner Saturday Night. Very Nice Awards, Nice name badges, Shooter Gift, Tickets to go into the Raffles at the banquet, etc. 4) You support SASS and the host club. You get to be a part of keeping our State Match (or whatever match) successful. 5) The friends you make are priceless. I have met many folks I previously only knew from the Wire or Facebook. 6) It gives you a break from the every day life. Look at the monthly matches you attend, the feeling it gives you. Now multiply that by 3 (days)... 7) **Adding this too.. I get to spend time with my Dad... that alone is Priceless for me** Ultimately, it's like everything else, the way you see the Value is in your own eyes. Yes, the costs can add up but is it worth it to you? If you want, most big matches have camping available, which saves the hotel costs. I don't camp, I like staying at hotels, Air conditioning, showers, etc. (Plus I get to write off the hotels and such being I am Vendor most times). If you don't feel you want to spend the money for a State or above match. Support the annual matches, we are lucky to have Tusco, Sandusky, and OVV relatively close that have annual matches. Value wise you probably get more from certain annual matches. Clothing.. I take like 4 sets of clothes for multiple day matches. Friday Side Match Day (for most), Saturday Shoot, Saturday Banquet, Sunday shoot. Granted I don't go to the extent you do with clothing. Hope that helps.. Turkey Jack!! Bubba
  10. Thank you to the 57 shooters who joined us on a great day at Tusco!! Again, you people amaze me, like Hillbilly Drifter and Frontier Lone Rider who travel as far as they do to shoot with us! Along with our other regulars! Can't thank you enough for all the support. Welcome to Tusco, JR Holliday and Trigger Happy!! Scores are posted, check them out: http://www.tuscolongriders.com/Match_scores.htm Congrats to Mad Dog Max our Top Men's and Overall Winner and to Angie Oakley our Top Ladies Shooter on the Day! See you May 4th for our next match at Tusco!! Buckaroo Bubba
  11. We will assign someone to fan you princess ... Hillbilly Drifter you want that job??? Seamus might want to do it....
  12. My rule of thumb is if we have to cancel a match, it will be done by 8pm the Friday night before the Saturday Match. Folks know that I will post it on the our website, Facebook, SASS Wire and Club Email gets sent out. I also call a handful of people I know that do not get on the computer. Weather doesn't hinder us much. If it rains we have the ability to setup under cover. Typically the only reason we cancel is because of temperatures in the low 20's or below or if the Wind Chill is going to be crazy. Or if the range conditions or parking lot is dangerous, mainly due to ice. We typically have to cancel at least one of our Winter Matches.
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