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  1. Makes ya wonder if there are grounds for a class action due to lack of "equal treatment before the law" for those of us that did pay those loans back.
  2. As a fellow bassist, many gigs the soundguy hasn't bothered to take the DI out from my amp (Mesa Boogie, either a TT-800 or the D800+). It's running into a 1x15 and 1x12 (matching Mesa Subway cabs). It gets LOUD. And sounds so much better than that old Ampeg thing I used to haul around. My back can't deal with so much weight any more, and I never could get an agreeable tone.
  3. Not only are there many options in wireless systems, amps aren't needed either. Many go straight to the PA or FOH (front of house) and use in-ear monitors and/or stage monitors. No guitar amps. Many venues require a quiet stage these days. I do not like it as there is a visceral quality to playing through an amp, but it is the sad reality. Also, you're watching a video. It's a microcosm of Hollywood. It's all for show. They are not playing live in the video. The audio is a pre-recorded track.
  4. And here I am thinking about selling a bunch...
  5. This. My wife rides near on 200mi a week on her bicycle. I did before the last knock on the head (doc said if I have another, I may not wake up).
  6. I have one too. Great little flashlight.
  7. I do not know why you are expecting critical thinking from them...
  8. Thank you! We're working on a recording. Not sure if it'll be out by end of year yet or not.
  9. If you dig through YouTube enough, you might even find my band!
  10. I owe you all an update. It's been a long journey. Dad is off dialysis and out of the long term care facility. He's home! A visit will be coming up soon. We've had some phone calls, and some video calls. He's doing very well and his spirits are high. Thank you all.
  11. I use YouTube. Watching a video of a song can take me down a rabbit hole of other artists. Spotify will do the same.
  12. I've had several Toyota's, all have been solid.
  13. Update. Dad had a remarkable turnaround over the last month. He's down to dialysis 2-3 times a week. He can eat very soft food, though has a PEG (I think that's the term) for feeding. They undid the tracheostomy. In short, in the last month we've gone from death watch to getting discharged to a long-term care facility. Thank you everyone.
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