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  1. Whatever you get, save your brass!
  2. You're being generous. It's been going downhill since Wilson.
  3. Just one more step on the path started by president wilson over 100 years ago.
  4. Now Alpo, there's an issue with your premise. You're making the assumption that someone would pay for a "plant based burger" (whatever that is) to start with. It's like asking "why did you beat your wife?" I wouldn't pay for a plant based burger. So I can neither say yes nor no as an answer to that question. And no, I didn't beat my wife. The bruise that she's going to have on her cheek on Saturday will be a result of not holding her shotgun properly.
  5. In IPSC, to make Major, you need a PF of 160. It's not a light load by any stretch. Doc
  6. Years ago I was teaching a shooting school at an unnamed state match in the NW. We started out shooting groups on cardboard IPSC targets to determine point of impact (POI) and if it's different from point of aim (POA). Anyway, one guy shooting 45's wasn't putting any holes in the target. I went over to look and, sure enough, his bullets were bouncing off the cardboard target. 165gr bullets out of a 45LC - no idea what the powder charge was. The teasing for that lasted the entire match!
  7. We really need to chat. Send me a PM sometime and I'll send you a phone number. Oh, and go back to the 125gr bullets. And Stump, stop waiting for feedback (read Brian Enos's book again, especially the sections about awareness)! Doc
  8. Quite the squirrel obstacle course.
  9. Everyone's feet are different. You're just going to have to try on a mess of different boots. That said, I like the Ariat work boots.
  10. We use Logitech cameras and headsets (with mic) from Plantronics. Doc
  11. For me it was cost. 38 spl ammo is less expensive. Some time back when I practiced a lot, I went through over 1500 rounds a week. It adds up quick. Doc
  12. My memory ain't what it was. Too many knocks on the head.
  13. And the '73 rules out B-Western. Everything else is available. You said this in your post: "I like fatter rounds compared to .38 Special. So I'll do this sport with what I am liking and go to .38 Special later when I can't get faster through skill. " There are reasons for .38 spl. This is not one of them. If this is your criteria, you'll never feel the need to switch. I could write a book on it....
  14. The quality of writing has decreased significantly. Deciphering the intent of the article has become difficult, case in point is the article posted above.
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