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  1. Will it attract a magnet? I think I asked that earlier. Wondering about the iron content. Still thinking it might be a meteorite. Sounds like it's not magnetite, but if it has a high iron content, it could be that it came from space. But really can't tell without having it in hand.
  2. Got an update from my sister. Dad is still sedated and intubated, and the pump is still on to keep his heart from working too hard. They did reduce the sedation some to check his mental capacity and the test came back normal, then they brought the sedation back up. So far so good. No news is good news right now. Thanks for the prayers. Doc
  3. Is it magnetic, or will attract a magnet? Feel heavy for it's size?
  4. Thank you everyone. I'm hoping to talk to him next week. I'll post up when I have some news.
  5. Some few weeks ago my dad had a heart attack. It was asymptomatic, or he was too stubborn to go to the doc. Either way, he went in to the ER when he was short of breath and his hands were turning blue. Turns out he has a VSD and several blocked arteries, along with some necrotic heart tissue. He had open heart surgery today, 8 1/2 hours. They were able to close the hole, and bypassed all the blockages. He's in recovery. Still under sedation with a breathing tube. So far so good. I think we're through the worst as the surgeons gave him a 25% chance to survive the operation. If you're so inclined, please put up a prayer for his recovery. Many thanks. Doc
  6. Nope. Not much of a game. The next one is shaping up to be a game.
  7. Yup. The doctor said dad should be dead. But he's doing ok, thus far. Hopefully they can fix him up in the next few days.
  8. My dad is going through this now. Surgery (hopefully) will be in a few days for the bypass and he also has a tear in his heart from a heart attack he had in the last few weeks and didn't know about. Doc said he's shocked he's still alive. They have a pump in now to keep blood flowing to his organs. I'm sitting here on pins and needles waiting for updates.
  9. A "cow" is even an organic machine.
  10. Sort of how I ended up learning. But by then there were electronic timers. You started earlier than I did. The last time I went to EOT, I was handed the timer on the 1st stage, and took it on every stage to help out. And I was happy to do it. Had one strange thing happen to a shooter at a Regional. Ended up needing to get the MD to make the final call. He agreed with me, and we moved on. Never be afraid to ask for help.
  11. Wife has the Evolv from Starkey. They are custom molded like the earplugs many of us use for shooting. She got them through her audiologist. Warranty is 5 years I think. We'll send them back at 4 for new rechargeable batteries. They work very well and she's quite happy with them. She lost her "selective hearing" excuse with me though. Anyway, that's my suggestion.
  12. The hit didn't look bad. There must have been some underlying condition that was missed. My wife suggested an anyurism (sp?), or some other heart problem. Sure hope he recovers.
  13. I don't do New Years Resolutions. If I decide to do something, I'm not going to time it around an arbitrary marker like new years.
  14. Likely to bed by 10 tonight. For us, just another night.
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