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  1. Hey Shorty! Glad to hear you're holding up. If you're ever down the hill on this side, let me know. Doc
  2. Just get wet and clean the guns after. As long as you stay warm, it's all good.
  3. That web site is way out of date now. The current one is http://cagunslingers.com Doc
  4. Couldn’t agree more. Great folks and I love my new rig!
  5. I wouldn't get a Sharps. I'd get a hi-wall. Lock time is much faster. The lock time on a sharps is very slow.
  6. If your springs are too light to set them off, your springs are too light for "race" guns. Lock time is important. Springs that are too light cause more issues than primers not going off. I know shooters that can, quite literally, out run a gun with light springs. Just stop putting light springs in your guns.
  7. I like 19lb springs. Faster lock time.
  8. No P. That's a valid option. We do stuff like this (no specified order) on a fairly regular basis. The data does not support your suspicion of more misses called. :-) Doc
  9. Disclaimer: This resembles a stage that I wrote today for the Sloughhouse Irregulars match for August 31. There's no need to make complicated stages (though if tossed in rarely they can be a lot of fun if done well). They can be simply written and a ton of fun to shoot. The target layout has a lot to do with it. Here's a very simply written stage with a lot of room for creativity by the shooter. Picture 6 targets. all approx 16 inches square. 2 at 4 yards. 2 at 8 yards. 1 at 14 yards. 1 at 20 yards. Spread out so targets are not close together, and at different heights. 4 shotgun knockdowns at about 10 yards. 10 pistol, 10 rifle, 4+ shotgun Stage long guns safely. Must use at least 2 shooting positions (standard description for this range - storefronts typically have 2 windows and a doorway, each with a table). Start at position of choice with your hands on your own butt. When ready call out “that was a long ride” At the beep… If with shotgun: knock over the 4 shotgun targets. If with pistols and rifle: shoot each target at least 3 times. No double taps. No triple taps. (there are 6 targets)
  10. This is a very complex question. There's so much that goes on between the ears. The answer to monthly's practice or competition or fun is really YES. How do you handle the pressure if you call it "competition"? How does your approach change when it's "practice"? How does your attitude change when it's "for fun"? I could probably write a long essay on this. But it really boils down to what do you do to yourself depending on your approach? Or is it a better approach to just go to the match and shoot and have fun? Frankly, the most mental calmness generally comes from that. Regardless of whether it's a monthly or EOT. Everyone is different. Figure out what works for you and don't worry about the rest. They're outside your control. Doc
  11. Thanks! As I said, they aren't hard to make. Get some cheap ply and start experimenting. It won't take long to work it out. Doc
  12. I gave up on checkering altogether. Instead I just use a 1/8 inch chisel and cut the snot out of the wood. Works great and my hands are happy. I've also used a sandblaster. Those grips look fantastic. Before my hands started shaking (I have a genetic issue with a palsy), I used to make pistol grips out of exotic woods. It's not hard. The fit and finish takes the most time. A drill press for the escutcheon is important.
  13. Still not going to happen. I'm happy to pass out my phone number via email, but it's not going on a web site.
  14. Honestly, I ain't puttin' my phone number on the interwebz. No way, no how. There's an email address. And I'll respond within 12 hours. Sooner on the weekends. I get enough crap and robo calls. I'm not posting my number on a web page. Doc
  15. Just to be a pain, it's more like $24.99 with a $5 discount at one store, vs $19.99 at another. :-p
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