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  1. What you do in practice you will do in a match. Something to keep in mind.
  2. I was referring to indoor climbing on manufactured climbing walls. From my perspective, the interesting part of climbing wasn't the physical activity. It was figuring out the problem. It was being out in nature. It was everything but being inside a building and climbing on an manufactured wall.
  3. Wall rock climbing? In my youth I spent a tremendous amount of time climbing real cliffs. Some with ugly results and broken bones after impact with the ground, others with potentially lethal consequences in the result of a mistake. This kind of climbing is more akin to gymnastics than actual rock climbing.
  4. That's what Armor All is. A silicon spray. Spray it on, wipe it off.
  5. After 6 concussions and a TBI, I'm lucky I remember my wife's name.
  6. My birthday happens to fall on the day that the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, though a few years removed.
  7. You clean it? I only do that when I shoot BP. I'll note that I also use a sizing tool on the shells when I put them in my SG belt. One of these: https://www.badmanbullets.com/OnlineStore/proddetail.php?prod=SliX-Shotshell-Checker-Sizer-Combo
  8. Suggest you read this: https://cagunslingers.com/errata/BreakingShot/BreakingTheShot.html
  9. Just keep the chambers clean. I do use Armor All on the shells, that really does help them come out. But chambers are dry and clean. Lubes are a place for grit to stick to. In my experience, that causes problems in the chambers.
  10. It just requires a bit more awareness/focus when taking the shot to ensure a hit that isn't an edge.
  11. That sounds an awful lot like what happened when my wisdom teeth were pulled. Hope you're healing up ok.
  12. Fun discussion, isn't it? You hit page 5 though! Hopefully one day we can hash it out over a libation. On a drift, it was a tough weekend. Funny story with a painful ending. A friend was over yesterday and we were doing some reloading. Then we went out for lunch. When we got back, one of the dogs got really excited and couldn't hold his bladder. Yup, on my feet. I got in the tub and pulled the handle to turn on the water and ended up holding it. A bunch of brass and plastic at my feet, and water coming out of a place where it shouldn't. The handle came through
  13. What if the "next shot" is tomorrow, or next week? You're not taking the shot yet. At the moment (as in right now), you have no control over it. It's still an imaginative future state that doesn't exist, so it isn't yet important. The danger is that you can start to apply expectations to that shot. Expectations come with demands. They come with performance requirements. Expectations start to create an "ideal state" where you expect a particular result. Expectations create fear of failure. Expectations and the fear of failure that goes with it creates a block for performance. Our mind
  14. You've made the right choice. The interest in the question is getting to the why. Ok, so now we know the most important shot is the one you're taking NOW. But why?
  15. Pending the specifics of what you mean by "Next" you may or may not be right. But now tell me why that's the case. Then we'll have something to discuss :-p
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