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  1. When you get those, turn them around to positive thoughts and visualize what you're going to do. It takes a lot of practice. Hope you can come visit soon. Doc
  2. The word "don't" is evil. Better to think "hit the target" "hit the holster" "clear the shotgun" etc. Your brain holds those negative thoughts and it can turn into a self-fulfilling thought. When you catch yourself thinking "don't spill the soup", reset that to "walk smoothly". Turn the negative thoughts into positive ones.
  3. I use one called "Make Ready!" when shooting an airsoft gun. Works really well.
  4. For starters, you're overthinking it. Go read the Brian Enos book "Beyond Fundamentals". If you've already read it, read it again. Other than that, I don't yet know quite how to put something like this down on paper.
  5. You can't eliminate negative thoughts. You CAN replace them with positive ones. Hit the target, efficiently. It's that simple.
  6. This. That ammo needs a better crimp.
  7. My wife says “not enough”. Nothing more needs to be said.
  8. Sounds good. Currently planning to be at the Rangers match Saturday
  9. I could use the spanner wrench, and spare firing pins...
  10. That’s a lot of fancy gear. I’m old school. A hunk of wood dipped in pitch burning in a bracket on the other side of the room works just fine.
  11. Is it bad that I’ve been to some of those ranges and know at least 2 shooters from each photo? Miss seeing you FJT. Let me know if you’re ever in the Sacramento area. We’ll make some music and drink some bourbon.
  12. It’s a Steoger. Cheap gun. One day I’ll fill you in on what happened to mine.
  13. Basil Hayden Dark Rye is what I thought of....
  14. No worries. If you think about it, this game IS "stand and deliver". Say your line, stand and deliver; move, stand and deliver; move, stand and deliver. Only way to stop that is to rescind the rule preventing moving while shooting, or at least the "one continuous fluid movement" part of the rule.
  15. I wasn't complaining about the stage instructions. Rather about the SASS prohibition against shooting on the move.
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