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  1. With the rain coming in, it’ll be tough. The matches here near Sacramento have been cancelled. Doc
  2. Slowing down doesn't mean less misses. Any more than speeding up means more misses. What causes misses is as simple as the sights weren't on target when the bullet left the barrel. Fundamentals. That's where it's at. See what you need to see to hit each target, nothing more, nothing less. For some targets that may mean a very rough sight picture. For other targets, it may mean a very clear sight picture. Once your fundamentals are sound, it's all in your head.
  3. I use one of those too. One possibility is that the founder didn't know if there was a market or not. So he advertised and once hit the minimum number of items for the order can get them made. If he didn't hit that, send back the money.
  4. This. Don't overthink it or make it complicated. You're not cutting crown molding :-p
  5. That explains those funny lookin' wagons what just shows up every couple of weeks. No one ever did figgur out what pulls 'em. Rather odd those wagons. They ain't hitched up to any critters.
  6. I am in full agreement with you (imagine that?). There are a lot of shooting games for slide action guns. Some of them can very easily be shot with a single stack 1911 (Steel Challenge for example). Allowing 1911's into the mix is opening a can of worms that ought to stay sealed.
  7. Nope. It would be a different game altogether.
  8. There are some rule changes I'd make, for example allowing moving while shooting with all guns (there are specifics regarding doing this safely that would have to be spelled out). On that rule alone, I am MD for a NON-SASS affiliated club and I have at least 1 stage every match that specifically does not follow SASS rules regarding moving while shooting. I spell out the safety rules and they are enforced rigorously. The smiles after that stage are 2 are amazing. Folks love it. I'd really like to see some movement in that direction, and I'd be happy to help with the writing the rules. But really, to grow, it's about marketing. That would require a lot of A/B testing with a small spend to find the messages that work and then a bunch of $$$$$ to put it into place. Pending finances, support for new local clubs with marketing budget and copy, along with targets and stands, and the "muscle" of an international org to help the host club decide they want to get going and then grow the local membership. The list can go on and on. But it requires $$$$$$.
  9. Going on the market for $1M doesn't mean it's worth that. We'll find out what it's worth after it's bought.
  10. I agree with you on that spring. I run 19lb springs in my Rugers as well. Lock time is important. I have enough stories of shooters outrunning lock time to not go to 14 pound springs. Trigger spring will be up to you based on personal preference.
  11. So far, just ribs. Going to do a tri-tip on Sunday and use it to make chili. Turkey for Thanksgiving. It'll get a lot of use.
  12. If I said what I really think of this low down god forsaken disaster of a state, Allie wouldn’t ever give me a hug.
  13. The last little dog I had weighed in at 175 pounds.
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