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  1. Having a BP friendly lube isn't quite the same as having enough lube. ;-) I used to add a lube wad between powder and bullet when I was shooting BP in 45's just because there wasn't enough lube.
  2. While not SPG, these have a BP friendly lube: http://cowboybullets.com/
  3. At least in response to this, removing the transfer bar won't cause it speed increase. However it is one less part to break. A 14# spring could cause a speed INCREASE due to longer lock times. If you want to get faster, you have to practice, and practice the right things. This may help: http://laststand.org/BreakingTheShot/BTS.aspx Doc
  4. Is the tab on the bottom of the bolt in place an not broke? Just a thought and may have nothing to do with the issue at hand. That would have been a better pun if it were a revolver problem...
  5. We had a match on Saturday where you were locked in a jail. On the clock, you had to use a broom to retrieve the key from a hook and let yourself out. That was fun!
  6. I’m going to miss him. As are many others. RIP my friend.
  7. Mine is in the range bag or hanging on hooks mounted to the wall.
  8. Read this: https://brianenos.com/shop/shoppractical-shooting-beyond-fundamentals/ It's the first step on a long journey.
  9. Is Twin still shooting? If so, say hi to him for me. Or Dig ‘em Deep? Cody? Punch?
  10. That's a right purty gun! That said, I'm an odd ball. I much prefer working guns that have been around the block a few times and still running well. If I had a gun that clean, I'd have to dirty up and drag it around the dirt for a while
  11. I suppose, but you'll lose and the charity will win - not such a bad thing. I'm slow :-p
  12. Now don't react until you've read this in full. I'd love to see a "Boss of the Range" category. Here's how it goes. Any shooter that wants to participate is eligible. This is solely a fund raiser for a charity. First, stage an auction. Participants bid on the shooter they want to shoot in their name. For example, I want Smokestack and have to bid on him. Smokestack's scores count for both his score and for his "Boss of the Range" (alternatively, the shooter shoots twice - first time for his score, 2nd for the Boss of the Range score - Boss of the Range stage scores are not eligible for overall or other category awards). All money raised in the auction goes to the match selected charity. Winner gets a nice silver belt buckle and bragging rights, along with a tax deduction. "Boss of the Range" is not eligible for overall awards. The shooters have to be willing participants and can not be "volunteered". Note that the person that wins the auction still has to pay a match fee. A minimum bid may not be a bad idea either, maybe $200. Comments on the general concept?
  13. Gotcha. That makes for a very long day. We're all doing well thank you. Hope you and yours are well too!
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