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  1. My vision has been progressively getting worse as I get older. It started with reading glasses. Then bifocals. Then it got worse. I'm sure many of you are familiar with this phenomenon. By worse, I mean that out of my left eye, it was like looking through a really grubby window. Yep, a cataract. Doc said it was likely caused by one of the knocks I had on my head. Had one on the left side that caused some damage to my brain, though I'm sure many of you already thought I was brain damaged. Yesterday another Doc fixed my left eye. Apparently really bright and focus
  2. I shoot steel challenge with my Vaquero's. And in PPC with my '73. Go for it.
  3. I remember that stage. I've even used that idea a time or two.
  4. All it takes for this to get off the ground is someone with an entrepreneurial mindset, who is fully invested in a vision and willing to put in the time and energy it will take. There will be a lot of failures along the way too. But you probably know all that. It's just like a startup.
  5. The big Steel Challenge matches also offer up a significant prize table. Even our local matches give out cash prizes. Big difference right there.
  6. I know I voiced my opinion, but right now, we're all voicing opinions. There are no facts to back any of the opinions up. To @OK Dirty Dan: Go to some USPSA and IPDA matches and start talking to folks about why they aren't interested in Cowboy. Do the same when gun shows happen again. Gather some actual evidence. Only then can some sort of plan be formulated to address it.
  7. Creeker, why don't you put together a team, see if you can get some donations/sponsorship, venue, and get it going? Then you'll find out if there is interest in such a thing. Probably will need to do a stand alone match to start with. Just an off the wall thought. Doc
  8. I really don't think the issue is cost. I think that's the excuse that's used, but not the root cause. When I started, our income was really low. Bought used, slowly, saved. If there's a desire to play, folks will find a way. Frankly, I think it's the stages. I know this may not be popular. But really think about it. Why do so many go to IDPA or IPSC? Movement, challenging stages, lots of reactive targets. The shooting part is exciting and fun. SASS rules just don't allow setting up matches like this. As a result, the stages really are very similar. Along the lines of
  9. I believe the basic premise of this is how Western 3 Gun came about. This is an interesting idea, that bears some thought. I'm withholding my opinion for now. Preferring to absorb the discussion. Doc
  10. The answer is a resounding NO. What they ALL have in common is many many many hours of practice, both dry fire and live fire. Smart, targeted practice aimed at making their worst skills into their best skills.
  11. But one of my Dremels has a rechargeable battery! Seriously, Creeker gave good advice for kitchen table smoothing. It's a similar technique to what I use. But I'm not a gunsmith and I didn't stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.
  12. Ah, I understand now. I suppose the answer should be no, as a man isn't eligible to shoot in a Ladies category. To be consistent, why have a box to check for Ladies, Boys, or Girls? The category selected should be sufficient.
  13. Snakebite, I'm entirely clear what you're getting at here. Are you griping that a woman can choose to shoot with the men, but a man can't choose to shoot with the women? Are you getting politically correct here on gender identity? What if a woman identifies as man? Or a biological man as having no gender at all? Or is this strictly an issue with semantics? You know I love you like a brother, and we've had our share of disagreements, and maybe my feeble brain just can't wrap itself around your intent with all of the other noise floating around the landscape, but would you mind being really s
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