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  1. Deer in a ghillie suit. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
  2. I disagree. It depends on the beer. I have a few bottles left of a bourbon barrel aged stout I bought almost 2 years ago. I opened one of those a few weeks ago. Holy cow has that gotten good! It aged very well. Dos X's? Doubtful. But a really nice dark beer will age well.
  3. Glad to hear yer on the way to recovery. Best wishes and all that out.
  4. True. bgavin, we can do something at my place. A keyboard and amp don't take up that much space. How's your sight reading for chord charts? Note that I do have a 9-5 type job during the week.
  5. 40, you bet. bgavin, once we get out of this Covid mess, we'll have to sit down with an adult beverage and chat music. That would be fun. Still got some keys and interested in playing again?
  6. Electric bass guitar. I have played upright in the past in jazz and bluegrass groups, but that's probably been over 30 years ago now. bgavin, I have a G&L El Toro I bought new in 1983 which was upgraded with active Seymour Duncan pickups. Sounds great. I recently bought a MIM J-bass, added a Badass 2 bridge, and LaBella black tapewounds. That combo just sounds fantastic. The G&L has a P-bass style width at the nut. I'm finding I much prefer the J-bass size. I would like to get a small jazz combo going at some point. My daughter is learning to play drums, so maybe with her when she's ready. We'll need keys or a guitar player.
  7. 4 string. I like the idea of a 5, the low b string increases options for voicing. However, it's really been a couple of decades since I played much, so I need to get my chops back and relearn how to apply theory. I'm making good progress. I might get a 5 at some point, but right now I'm thinking more of an electric stand-up.
  8. It definitely causes problems. I'm on a beta blocker to help, but it makes me very susceptible to heat exhaustion, so I'm waiting for it to cool down. In the meantime, I'm relearning how to play bass.
  9. I was making smoking pipes and pistol grips, but (there's always one of those), a genetic family trait kicked in. I have an essential tremor in my hands and now I can't do the fine work required for that type of sculpture. Hope you're well. Doc
  10. I'm around. Thanks Allie. How are ya 40?
  11. Practice mistakes to avoid? There are a lot of 'em. What you do in practice, you do in a match. Keep that in mind.
  12. I have considered changing my alias to Malpractice Doc....
  13. Doc Shapiro


    If you'd really be willing to take a call from me, send me a number :-p
  14. Doc Shapiro


    Doubt they got lost in OK. I'm sure it was on the left coast :-/
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