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Pick two.

Lawdog Dago Dom

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I see they are capsules.
Being devious, I'll separate four of them [1,4,6 & 7], pour half of each in a container, mix well and swallow with water.
This will make me look 7.5 years younger, not gain as much weight when eating, get somewhat stronger, and feel happy more than now. 

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4 and 8 are the same! :D


Truthfully, only 4 has any appeal.  Yeah, I fantasize about having a lot of money, but I want "enough" money.  Enough so that I don't have to worry about bills and have a little left over for a few frills or do some indulging now and then.



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4 & 8



1. Unless I feel 15 years younger looking it doesn’t help. 
2. it’s none of my business what others think. 
3. Don’t have an ex worth thinking about so there’s nothing to forget. 
4. My first pick. 
5. Why, I’ll just shrink some more. 
6. In this body? I could become disabled. 
7. Money doesn’t buy happiness. Number 8 is worth much more than money. 

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13 hours ago, Lawdog Dago Dom said:


1.  Nah, gotten use to being addressed as "Sir".


2.  Won't do much good if she's changing it every 3 seconds.  I'd go nuts fer sure.


3.  Which one?


4.  I wanna give them pall bearers a substantial workout.


5.  When I sit and stand straight, done got it accomplished.


6.  Then the wife will have a bigger "To Do List".


7.  I would if certain people weren't in office already.


8.  Already got folks wondering what I'm grinning about most times anyhow.


Guess I'm good.....for now.

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Have NONE of you ever read, 'The Monkey's Paw?'


1. . . . because of a skilled mortuary cosmetologist. No thanks.

2. . . . and for those three days you get mistakenly locked in the psyche ward. No thanks.

3. . . . and wind up with someone just like your ex, because you didn't remember the reasons your ex was your ex. No thanks.

4. . . . saw that happen with a cancer victim. No thanks.

5. . . . hanging. No thanks.

6. . . . and accidently cause someone's death because you lacked control over that strength. No thanks.

7. . . . that's totally relative -- so you've got $20 in your pocket when your plane goes down in the slums in South Sudan. No thanks.

8. . . . after three days of choice #2 above, and you are medicated and tucked away. No thanks.

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