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  1. We decided to attend EoT next year BEFORE we knew it was the last one at Founders Ranch. Just out of curiosity: will we be shooting for buckles? Or were they replaced with something else? Not that it really matters.
  2. He was alive and well last month when we shot with him at Thunder River Renegades!! Does that answer your question?
  3. I had wondered how your range had fared. Now I know. Our check will go out tomorrow. Let everybody know how y'all are doing, please!
  4. It will be if you are where it lands!! But it wouldnt be an ELE!
  5. They're ok for what i use them for. Actually hold an edge better than i expexted. I Sharpen them a little every now and then after some use. no complaints!
  6. I used to carry a Kershaw but now I carry a $15 switchblade since Texas legalized them. Very nifty looking!
  7. I've been saying for YEARS that anyone who says "I supposrt the 2nd Ammendment BUT...." , DOESN'T. To simplify the video even more: FREE men own guns-slaves don't. Doesn't get any simpler than that.
  8. Your shotgun, does it have hammers? Two triggers?

  9. Howdy Tell,


    I got your check for $200.00, thank you. I will fill the tickets out an email you photos of the tickets. Do you want me to send you the stubs also?


    Good luck.



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