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  1. The champ would be OWSA in Raton NM at the Whittington Center! 32 main stages over 4 days. And dirt cheap! $45.70 to play! Whittington pretty much killed them when they demanded $50 per shooter.
  2. Federal large pistol will not be $80! However some CCI or Winchester may be.
  3. I wanted to give a heads to everyone I can that I will be attending as a shooter and a VENDOR! I will be bringing a big chunk of my inventory of PRIMERS!! Mostly Federal, with a few other brands. And you WILL like my prices: Federal small pistol will be $80 per k. The rest will be in line with that base price. Why announce it here? Because I get tired of hearing: “If I’d of known you were gonna be here I’d have brought more money”!!
  4. Thanks!! That list in alphabetical order wasn’t much use!
  5. And for anyone interested I’ll be there with my primers!! At good prices!
  6. Actually magnums are not less expensive at the moment! They were for a while. Small pistol are the cheapest and most available.
  7. Completely legit!! iv bought from them and even been to their warehouse!
  8. 4 stages of knockdowns??? I haven’t heard THAT before!!
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