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  1. ALL WRONG! He was shot because he rode down the hill toward the saloon SHOUTING and SHOOTING! Listen to the lyrics. What else could happen?
  2. Better to have it concealed and have some lowlife start something where you have to pull it (because he doesn't know you're carrying), than to wear it openly and DETER some lowlife who who will probably leave you alone.
  3. Any action work on theis gun, or is it straight out of the box? Might be a good back up for my wife.
  4. It's been so long I don't remember anymore. Something I read, maybe? Maybe from a movie?
  5. Good answer. 'cause that's what they THINK we carry one for.
  6. Yeah, that's the ONLY thing worthwhile about that movie! I actually thought Rosie looked pretty good in it, but that was before i found out what she WAS. Yech.
  7. Doubt they can read and write ANYTHING these days.
  8. Communists. Socialists. Left wingers. Same thing-people who want to tell you how to live and what to do on/with your property.
  9. I did. They were a HOOT!!! A mini Uzi and an MP40.
  10. Typical politician: let's punish EVERYBODY because of 1 jerk(ever hear of bumpstocks?).
  11. I USED to own an American 180. Had to sell it, at the time. Still regret it. Got my full auto BB guns yesterday. Plan to try them out at lunch today.
  12. Me too! Those were the days, before politicians raped the Second Ammendment.
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