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  1. Been doing that in Columbus Tx for months now. Guns, ammo, anything. No need to support big ones.
  2. Man, this one gun a month is killing me. I'm going broke.
  3. +1 If we're not willing to stand up for our rights and fight to the death for them, if neccessary, we won't have any. This is EXACTLTY what the 2nd is all about!
  4. What Dan said! I'm giving no more $ to the NRA till they clean house. I'll support the other groups.
  5. We saw this meteor shower for the first time in 2015 at a mountain ranch in central Colorado. Awesome! I counted over 200 meteors before we went to bed. Best viewed at dark of ther moon. I think that happens again in 2023. We'll be back at the ranch that week!
  6. I thought it was gonna be directions to the state LEGISLATURE. (Is that spelled right?)
  7. Interesting thoughts and comments everyone! I thank you. Too many I'd like to reply to individually to do it here. Maybe I'll PM when time allows. My eyes are open a bit wider now.
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