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  1. He seems pretty sharp- and isn't afraid to bet a bundle if the opportunity is right! Like today!
  2. Hate to burst your bubble, but they're not worth a lot. Condition is EVERYTHING with old comics, and most of those aren't that old.
  3. If the match gets cancelled they'll let everyone know ahead of time.
  4. What are 22s going for these days? And what WERE they going for before the shortage? Example: a box of 50 or a box of 500. May be selling some but I don't want to gouge. And I dont remember what I paid back when.
  5. we do, although probably not in summer. i can always mail it to you. PM me your info
  6. Bingo!! We only made it through 3 or 4 episodes of "The Prisoner"! loved Brisco. But it's NOT a serious western! Who would think it is?
  7. So just print up a few more tickets! Who's gonna object if there are a few more due to popular demand?
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