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  1. We had a rattlesnake in our backyard recently. I relocated it to rattlesnake heaven!
  2. Its better than you probably think! Its one of the ones I read in the Epoch Times.
  3. Lucky you!! So, did you go buy them out? I would have, and resold them to local shooters at cost!
  4. I DID! Only ones to be had are on Gunbroker at outrageous prices.
  5. I'm going to be selling primers at Land Run. The one thing I don't have is Large Rifle. I can buy some on Gunbroker at what seemed an exorbitant price: $150 plus per 1000. With tax and shipping the price would be about $172 or $173. To those who USE large rifle- would you pay that for Federal Large Rifle Magnums? I had someone tell me that $200 per 1000 was reasonable these days. I know they're listed for less on Midway and Natchez, but if they don't have any....what does that mean? I'd appreciate any feedback before I buy any at that price!
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