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  1. we do, although probably not in summer. i can always mail it to you. PM me your info
  2. Bingo!! We only made it through 3 or 4 episodes of "The Prisoner"! loved Brisco. But it's NOT a serious western! Who would think it is?
  3. So just print up a few more tickets! Who's gonna object if there are a few more due to popular demand?
  4. I'll take it!! My wifes been shooting one for 20 years, and can be her back up!
  5. Just an assumption on my part. I admit to being curious about the details.
  6. You're assuming there are profits? Not nescessarily. A long term mortgage on a property like that might not generate many if it's sold. Most of the early payments are for interest.
  7. The swinger isnt retired-they just didnt use it! Im sure we'll have it at monthly matches! Oh, you won the pistols? Glad you like them! They forgot to mention Osage Mike donated the leather. They aren't exactly what I had in mind, but you aren't complaining, are you?
  8. I always remermbered him in "Five Card Stud"!
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