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  1. Alan Smithee?? Seriously? Thats a psoudonym used in Hollywood when a director doesn't want his name connected to a film anymore!
  2. It appears the #s i called were WRONG! 1 wrong on the 1st one and last 4 out of order on the 2nd! Thanks!! I'll try again tomorrow
  3. Alan Harton is still in business?? no response to email, neither phone # I have does anything.
  4. I used the 70% alchohol and it worked great! Thanks again everyone!
  5. Never having had much cash until recent years, I find I LIKE having a bit of it around and paying for stuff in cash. For several years my wife and I were putting a lot away into our safe when we didn't have a lot of expenses. After 3 or 4 years we had quite a bit put away. Thern we bought a house. Not so much in the safe these days. But enough to handle whatever we need. A nice feeling! Not gonna mention a #, not looking to attract thieves-though their efforts could be termed suicidal. I'm a good shot and have a LOT of guns handy!
  6. Thanks for the information guys! And for the laughs, comedians!
  7. To put the rubber grip on a golf club shaft?? I've got it about an inch on and thats it. Surely there is a trick I don't know?
  8. #3: Buck Henry, Ed Byrnes, Neil Peart
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