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  1. Been using Winchester since the beginning. I've always heard they were the hardest. I'm having an issue with my wifes new 32s. It has to be the primers or the hammer spring is too light. The first thing i want to try is some primers that are easier to bust. What are the best along those lines?
  2. A Christmas Carol- the only Dickens I've ever been able to read. And it's pretty good.
  3. Turtledove! Guns of the South started me reading him. The picture on the cover was a grabber: Robert E Lee holding an AK47
  4. Houston has too many streaks. When they're hot they're hot. When they're not they're NOT. Jerry was right.
  5. Anybody consider the wisdom of just obeying the traffic laws? Isn't it better not to get stopped? Considering the craziness i see on the roads maybe that isn't an option for most people
  6. One of my first matches at THSS I shot after this guy called Tequila. My reaction was similar to yours. After thinking "who is this guy"?
  7. Houston teams DO know how to choke. Been watching them for 50 years.
  8. Definitely. My wife made me go. Colonoscopy found a pre cancerous polyp. Another last month was good. Good for 5 years now. Stress test showed problem. Went in for"procedure". Had 99.9% blockage in an artery. Had angioplasty and stent put in. Good to go now. DON'T ignore symptoms. Prevention is a must!
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