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  1. It will be if you are where it lands!! But it wouldnt be an ELE!
  2. Paul Veerhoven never even read the book! Maybe if he had he'd have understood what was wrong with his movie! Basicaly everything!!
  3. Well then , I guess they learned from the best! (worst)
  4. No kids, and my siblings have no interest. My plan is to leave them to our 2 main cowboy clubs and let THEM benefit! They'll figure it out.
  5. Beat me to it! Appropriate due to recent accusations!!
  6. Check with tree expert: what grows FASTEST!
  7. Uh oh. Thats not good! Sorry to hear that. I have one of there's, and they're nice.
  8. Bound to be deals in Dallas! Google.
  9. They weren't scary enough. They're re-doing Covid-19 instead!
  10. Check out cal graf. I used to take one apart to go in a car trunk. Couldnt tell you the demensions now.
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