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  1. Gotta love the U.S. Our national anthem was written by a POW, inspired by a flag that had been sewn together in a brewery, and set to the tune of a popular tavern song. Makes me thirsty thinking about it. As far as style goes -- I'm a bit more open to artists' renditions, providing it's not disrespectful in the artists' hearts. I guess what that means is that if the singer is bringing their best, I'm open to listening. From Jimi Hendrix to Marvin Gaye, Whitney Houston to Madison Rising, a military choir or fans in the bleachers, I care more about it being su
  2. Grandpa was a mule skinner in the AEF, drove a supply wagon to/from the front, had two teams shot down in their harnesses. When he came back to settle in NW Missouri, he bought a Remington Model 12 for a farmyard gun. When he passed, that gun went to my dad. When he passed, my brother and I divvied up the guns and I got the Model 12. It has all the nicks, patina, and boogers of a farmer's gun, plus my dad's initials and some notches that were never explained carved into the stock. By the time I got it, it was practically a smoothbore, but a stainless steel rifled liner
  3. If someone carries on a conversation on a cell phone so I can hear it, I just believe they want to share it with me to get my input.
  4. ‘Petit’ = small, or little. Edited - stupid Otto korrct
  5. You must have been Jeremiah’s good friend.
  6. Buying a pair of Rugers in the SASS classifieds. Advice — be very fast.
  7. Howdy Tinker. About a month ago Fire Boss sold 2000 uncleaned mixed stamp 38s for $120 shipped. If that sounds fair to you I’ll take that batch off your hands.
  8. If the Zastava is going to be your EDC, a front sight high enough to use with that rear sight doesn't seem to be a good idea. With what you've got there and the most common use of a self-defense gun, you'd probably be better off just getting rid of the sights altogether. It wouldn't make you feel all warm with tight groups at 15 yards, but a bit of practice just aiming along the top of the slide and you shouldn't have too much problem with making center-of-bad-guy at 7. EDit to clarify -- you'd be better off just using the slide, if you can't get a rear sight that works
  9. The plot to assassinate Lincoln, Johnson, Seward, and Grant was cooked up on the fly. At noon Booth found out that Lincoln was going to be at Ford's Theater, called the 'team' together, put together the plan, adjusted to emerging circumstances -- it was very much a 'bring what you got' event. I can see an actor such as Booth preferring the derringer over a revolver. The attempt on Seward's life failed because Powell's BP revolver misfired, and a neck brace kept Powell from slashing Seward's neck.
  10. I seem to remember a time when people who did something utterly STOOPID kept their mouths shut about it instead of trying to lay the blame off on someone else because being stupid was a bad thing. Or at least, it used to be.
  11. Sounds like he was butterfly. Any of the girls call looking for an air-conditioned Honda?
  12. The cartridge would fire. Reduced drag (no atmosphere) would vastly increase the range of the bullet, and reduced or zero gravity would reduce or eliminate the deflection. Oh — and you-d probably go tumbling out of control unless you were strapped to or braced against something.
  13. If you hold the loaded round on the edge of a funnel ( I’ve found aluminum works best) and shake it next to your ear, the funnel will amplify the sound of the powder inside.
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