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  1. I bought a used 550B and Dillon has supported it just as much as if I had bought it new.
  2. Because they need a fresh source of Other People’s Money to do good things with.
  3. If it's such an environmental issue, why wait four years? It's not as if the hotel industry is likely to have a huge closet full they have to use up first. Sounds more like passing the law for the virtue signalling, but putting it off to dodge the political fall out.
  4. R.I.C.E. for the knee: Rest Ice Compression Elevation For compression, think less about a wrap and more about a slide-on to stabilize. Rehab smart and you'll be back in the game. Meantime, don't let other gains (lifestyle, attitude) slide. Next time you'll have it.
  5. Are you sure that’s not a piece of furniture to put your feet up on?
  6. Vlad impaled Turks & Bulgarians From the article: ”One of his most renown victories was the Night Attack. The Sultan Mehmed II attacked Wallachia in 1462, but Vlad III attacked the Turkish camp and attempted to kill the Sultan. He failed, but he won the battle. When Mehmed then marched to Targoviste, the capital of Wallachia, he found 20,000 impaled Turks and retreated.” ’Ottoman’ refers to the empire, ‘Turk’ refers to the regional origins. So either is okay. But thanks anyway.
  7. Well, of course you can have a cool Halloween yard, when you have the personal touch of a few thousand Turks.
  8. Best of luck tomorrow. Go get ‘er done.
  9. Glad to hear it’s behind you, best wishes for quick knittin’ and return to the range.
  10. If you are in a bind, there is still a way. Most bathroom doors open in and most hydraulic closers have the arms inside the men’s room. When the door is set up like this, push the end of the closer arm away from the hinge edge of the door. The door will usually open enough to get a hold on it where people with dirty hands don’t touch it. Stay off the pivot, you don’t get grease.
  11. Is the Canadian phonetic alphabet, “Alpha-Alpha, Bravo-Alpha, Charli-Alpha, etc.? Just kidding, of course. Love Canada, sorry about that little Revolutionary misunderstanding.
  12. Just -- wow. An amazing demonstration of forgiveness. Powerful in the way that it flies in the face of how things seem to be going nowadays, and even more powerful because it wasn't scripted for the cameras, rehearsed, or self-serving in some way. Seems like there's always someone who moves the 'generosity of spirit' bar higher. Does this mean that now when some guy pulls out to pass a line of cars in the exit lane, then puts on his signal to cut back in just ahead of me I have to let him in? Is through next week long enough?
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