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  1. Instead of bananas, the chimp could have thrown job applications. That would probably have cleared the protest even faster.
  2. Can't cite any articles to back up the thought, but I tend to believe one of the reasons voter fraud is not more actively prosecuted goes to the, 'Don't ask the question if you're afraid of the answer,' cliche. What happens to an election if, months after the election, widespread voter fraud is established? Do you go back and try to validate an accurate count, even if that might disenfranchise some legitimate votes? Or do you repeat the election? On a local level that might be doable -- but on a state or national scale? And how does that effect the beneficiary of the fraud, if he or she had plausible deniability of it? What does uncovering pervasive election fraud do to public confidence in one of the most basic institutions of our republic? It's easy to say it would boost confidence, but would it really? I'd say rip the band-aid off and go for it. But relegating it to the realm of conspiracy theorists and social media discussions keeps the machine lurching along.
  3. Reminds me of 'Falling Down'
  4. Very carefully. ETA: You just have to find the right person for the job:
  5. The only differences between fraud in 'just local elections' and nationwide is the scaling, coordination, and what's at stake. From Fox's Tucker Carlson From a democrat party insider Widespread nature of voter fraud
  6. Portland, New York, Minneapolis, Ferguson, Baltimore -- every city that has had violence has mayors and city councils that were put in place by local elections. These are the people whose policy and personnel decisions have created the situations that are being protested, and driven the responses (or lack thereof) to the violence.
  7. From the little time I've lived in California, I found the people to be great -- friendly, welcoming, all the great things you'd want in a neighbor. A few miscreants, but mostly avoidable by anyone paying attention. The land itself is stunning in its beauty and diversity. Edit: I've edited the original post to take out a few comments regarding California and Californians. Nothing personal, just observations of fact supported by published articles from California-based institutions, opinion from California newspapers -- that sort of thing. You know, every place has its advantages, every place has its problems. Sometimes we have a choice on where we want to live, sometimes circumstances make the choices for us. Sometimes frustrations with one thing make us touchy about other things. No sense in getting wrapped tight around the axle over it.
  8. I think it's more likely the family will be champions for liberty. People who have lived under real socialism tend to appreciate freedom; they probably didn't think they would have to escape from socialism here in the U.S., as well.
  9. I guess when you look like the big guy, going against aisle traffic isn’t an issue.
  10. don't forget -- ALL lab results (DNA, ballistics, forensics, etc.) are completed within an hour, and there's always a phone call that provides a crucial connection at a convenient time (deus ex machina).
  11. . . . No problem. I just walk out of the room and back in and I remember the, you know -- the thing.
  12. Near as I can figure, the geniuses’ calculations excluded any other consideration for Covid infection increases (such as, oh, I don’t know — students going back to school) other than the Sturgis rally, both where the rally happened and in the bikers’ counties of origin.
  13. I’d think once the arm goes back, intent is established — at that point there’s no need to wait for the firebomb to be in the air. I’d be fine with a mediocre shooter to try to shoot it out of their hand. Oops.
  14. Biden has leveraged family tragedies for political gain for decades. Hunter needs to be careful -- if Joe needs a boost in the polls, Hunter might have the life expectancy of a Clinton informant. Edited to add requisite meme.
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