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  1. Of course, because unnamed officials from previous administrations have always proven reliable sources. In any case — still should have been taken down early when in violated Alaskan airspace.
  2. Not when it’s a foreign vehicle intruding into U.S airspace without permission. Nothing tricky at all. If it had been ‘just a meandering balloon’, why didn’t China give the U.S. and Canada a heads-up? Basically, the U.S. just got pantsed.
  3. The Chinese balloon has now self-identified as a migrant and requested asylum. In keeping with government policy, it has been given an immigration court notice to appear in two years and will be allowed to wander around the country.
  4. Snowflake ribbon with a yellow stripe. Nice detail.
  5. He's from the government: 1. Gets himself where he can get the most visibility. 2. Adds to everyone else's load. 3. Contributes little to getting the job done. 4. Will take as much credit as the people actually doing the work.
  6. Some journal writings from the 18th century American colonies referred to it as, 'a flourish'.
  7. A lot of them that came here from there came here because they ran out of other people's money there.
  8. Seems like cremation would be kind of like 'Balance of Nature' for trees.
  9. 5 gallon bucket with a lid, some rocks (not huge, but good throwing size -- bit bigger than a golf ball) a few ball bats, a roll of TP and some hand sanitizer. Rocks to distract and maybe injure/impede, ball bats for close-in. 5 gallon bucket, TP and sanitizer because even if your classroom is secure, school lockdowns can keep students held the classrooms for a long time.
  10. No problem with the link, and thanks for the info -- I'd always learned the 'doubling noise is 4-5 db', and IRC OSHA puts that out too, but your article got me to doing some digging around and I found this bit that supports what you posted: Sound Attenuation From Earmuffs and Plugs
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