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  1. It wouldn't be 'black market'. It would be openly on the menu at places such as the 'French Laundry', capitol dining room, governor's mansion, etc., etc., etc. 'Rules for thee, not for me,' say the elites. But keep electing them. It'll be different THIS time.
  2. Paint stores also have paint that allows magnets to attach that can be applied to any wall.
  3. , And you’re not even gonna get a ‘bird-doggin’ fee out of the 100% + markup.
  4. By Longfellow, whose grandfather served with Revere.
  5. There were many alarm riders. Paul Revere was the one with a connection to a nationally-known poet.
  6. 1. By the time an army officer is a major general, he or she is already familiar with the, 'Navy doesn't salute indoors,' protocol. The major-general most likely wouldn't expect a salute. That being said, the general guidance is to use a little common sense not to stand out. If a sailor walked into a major general's office with a group of soldiers and they all saluted, go along and get along. Hopefully you've got more important things to do than take a stand on something like, 'I don't have to salute.' 2. If someone lower in rank in uniform recognizes a senior officer out of unifor
  7. Pard, I want to thank you for putting this all in perspective for me. Thank you for what you brought to the sport, prayers for you and yours, I wish you well
  8. Sporks, disposable plates, plastic trays. Everything is tossed except the trays
  9. Likely the same reason Custer split his forces, and left the Gatling guns behind. History is full of examples of the U.S. military suffering disasters as a result of underestimating their native opponents.
  10. Given the market and the strategies, as far as I can tell, if you're looking to buy a cowboy gun, do a little bit of research on the auction sites to see what the guns you want are going for, then put it out there in the Wire classifieds that you're looking and would like a PM in response. If someone sees your ad, you might spur them into dragging out that fourth set of backups, or the safe queen. Then they can get in touch with you. Use their home club, alias, and SASS number to do a little reasonable background checking, and get to a price you can both live with. Outside of going
  11. Ambrose's Nothing Like It In the World tells the story of the building of the transcontinental railroad. It's a great read and lays out some pretty amazing feats of engineering and human effort in connecting the East and the West by rail. Having read it even made watching the series, 'Hell On Wheels' more enjoyable.
  12. Florida previously didn't require a special endorsement for m/c -- if you had a license, you could ride. When the state began requiring an endorsement, they had a year-long grandfathering period. If you rode into the license agency on a m/c, you got the endorsement. As luck would have it, I was stationed out of state for that year, and even had to go through the same riding test to ride on the California USAF base where I was stationed. On coming back, I tried to get the endorsement without the test based on being out of state during the grandfathering period. No deal.
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