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  1. True. But I’ve been trying to connect the dots between Biden’s executive pedigree and his comments, and it leads me to thinking he might go all ‘pen and phone’ on the U.S. and use an EO to define the scary rifles in a way to get them regulated under the NFA of 34, or to convolute a definition already in the law so it will apply to AR/AK rifles. The taxation is already in place, the administrative structure is there — all it takes is a little expansion of a definition and it’s done. Shouldn’t be possible, but that doesn’t seem to slow some people down much.
  2. I recollect reading that Bill Jordan talked about using primers with wax bullets for practice. I think he just used SPM primers, not 209s.
  3. A nice addition to the ‘Dad Joke’ library.
  4. How do you know it's not the 'E' that's silent?
  5. Instead of bang and clang, it could be pfft and ping.
  6. Wonder if the center is an open courtyard, like the Roman villas were.
  7. I've had that problem before. G. Joe gives an excellent step-by-step for the primer feed mechanism troubleshooting and alignment. Keeping the slide, etc. clean and free from snags helps. Make sure your press is solidly mounted -- a little jostle of the machine when you hit the end of the ram's travel can shake the primers. Another part of the solution for me was to take a thin strip of metal (the spring steel strip out of an old wiper blade worked great), gluing a spent primer on the end, and sliding it down the primer feed tube on top of the stack of primers. The little bit of weight helped smooth out the feed and kept primers from flipping. Plus I marked the number of primers remaining on it (or spend the $$ and get a low primer alarm -- the weight of the LPA rod does the same thing).
  8. Glad I didn't already know what he was going to say -- shortly after we talked he bought a G19 and got his CWP.
  9. Reminds me of a discussion I had with an in-law after the Aurora shooting: If a shooter was coming up the theater aisle, which would you rather hear: - A 911 operator say, “911, what is the nature of your emergency?” - Police sirens in the distance, getting closer. - A holster unsnapped, and the brush of a gun being unholstered and brought to ready.
  10. At Sandy Hook Elementary, bodies of teachers were found on top of bodies of children. At the Virginia Tech, a professor died because he blockaded a classroom door with his body. That may or may not answer your question.
  11. Would something like this work? https://www.shotgunadapter.com
  12. Let’s not overlook the threat to the 9-justice structure of the court and the 50-state structure of the U.S. VOTE!
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