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  1. I've filled a cup with you again . . . Edited -- Oops . . . Obligatory meme:
  2. I like that he continued to flood the open door of the van as they drove away.
  3. So in other words -- the lander's door was being held shut by pressure from farting? Guess it's not the worst outcome . . .
  4. Whereas: 1. After a shooting is the WORST time to start thinking about legal defense, - 'I've never heard of a prosecutor using XXX in a trial.' Fair enough and a very valid point. But lots of things have happened recently that we all would have scoffed at just a few years ago. and, whereas: 2. It isn't just about the trial. The circumstances can open a session of the court of public opinion, - People have been forced to move and literally live in hiding because of how a compliant media was worked by family/friends of the person who was shot, with no considerati
  5. Can only imagine the fun a prosecutor would have explaining how you slicked up your ‘73 or your Vaqueros so you could make them even more deadly.
  6. Which would be the more useful — air soft, or .177 pellet?
  7. Umm, no. If your DI was Gunnery Sergeant Kerr, United States Marine Corps, EVERYONE'S day is about to go to hell . . . Obligatory meme:
  8. PB&J -- just about any jelly is fine, jam is better. With a layer of Honeynut Cheerios
  9. Shave the 230 grn RN down to a 180 TC?
  10. Oh -- in CAHOOTS with the ammo suppliers. I was wondering why ammo suppliers and anti-Constitutionalists would be lumped into one big statistics group.
  11. Mrs. H. picks her own guns. She's as comfortable with a S&W 27 or a Colt Trooper as she is with a Walther PPS or a 1911. When I think, 'Best gun for (fill in the blank),' I think less about size and gender, and more in terms of how the person is as a shooter. We're all pretty much shooters here (ya think?) -- regular practice, regular competition -- for many, regular carry. Automatics or revolves? Meh. But for the non-shooter -- the guy or gal who buys a gun and two years later still has part of the second box of ammo they bought for the gun -- I tend to
  12. The most dangerous real estate on Earth is between a politician and a camera.
  13. The fight from Million Ways to Die in the West:
  14. In the Navy you might informally call them ‘Gunner’ if their rating had been a Gunner’s Mate, or possibly some other rating associated with fire control, just as you might informally call a Boatswain’s Mate who became a warrant officer ‘Boats’. It would be an ‘inside the spaces’ familiarity. But the standard form of address would be, ‘Warrant Officer’ if they were a W-1, or ‘Chief Warrant Officer’ if a W-2 or above. The warrants I’ve had working with me just went by, ‘Wo’ (pronounced, ‘woe’). All aviation ratings.
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