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  1. AND glad he can help college graduates pay off the loans they promised THEY’D pay back. .
  2. Judge 'Soggy Sweat'. Now I gotta go look up the 'Free Alias' thread . . . .
  3. Broomhandle Mausers were essentially early SBRs. Given; 1) the state of air power in WW I (wood and fabric aircraft, engagements at eyeball range); 2) the fact that early in the war the aircrews were essentially shooting at each other with pistols, and; 3) the crewman shown is a gunner in an aircraft and would be engaging enemy aircraft from the beam aft, there's a good chance volley fire from 10 (prob. 7.63X25) broomhandles would work about as well as a string from a machine gun.
  4. Parts of the flag are missing because the commander of Fort McHenry cut pieces off to give them to friends as souvenirs. Seeing the picture is one thing, but seeing the flag in person is the only way to appreciate how large that flag really is. When it was made, the only place in Baltimore large enough to lay it out was a brewery. So from the War of 1812, we have a flag made in a brewery that inspired our national anthem set to the music of a drinking song. ‘Murica.
  5. And intelligent voting might be a bit beyond your skill level, too.
  6. Probably would have solved the campus occupation problem.
  7. The point of news reporting might be brevity, but anymore it's news entertainment. Gotta whip the story so they can ride it.
  8. Is this it? Folds of Honor isn't limited to just Gold Star families, it also helps families of critically wounded veterans. The commercial was probably made for Veteran's Day, repurposed to Memorial Day. It's okay. Yeah, I'd like to see them get it right, but I'm not wrapped around the axle on it. I'd rather have the money that would be spent on fixing that one little flaw go to the people the organization helps.
  9. I know there are non-jacketed 9mm bullets available (I've got about 3k 9mm moly-coated myself), I'm a little skeptical of a taper-crimp cartridge in a tubular magazine.
  10. I always bought into the theory that castle staircases were built clockwise ascending to advantage the defense, but then started rooting around a few years ago. Now I'm not so certain: Medieval Mythology - Fighting on spiral staircases Myth of the Spiral Stair Fake History Hunter ETA: Add into that the fact that many (most?) of the stairs are interior and narrow — attacker and defender are both limited in their swing.
  11. Guys, there are people actually dealing with dementia -- either personally or as care givers. Having every conversation that even remotely touches on the subject twisted into a political ya-ya gets old pretty quick. Edit: 'there'
  12. I don't keep clips loaded because I don't use the 325 for primary defensive carry.
  13. Been that guy, at Navy AOCS Went back as staff as a twilight tour, so have another perspective -- notice the quiet conversation taking place at the left side of the photo?
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