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  1. Uh oh. Thats not good! Sorry to hear that. I have one of there's, and they're nice.
  2. They weren't scary enough. They're re-doing Covid-19 instead!
  3. Check out cal graf. I used to take one apart to go in a car trunk. Couldnt tell you the demensions now.
  4. We tried that years ago and got zilch. Probably didnt help that we werent ALLOWED to show videos! Having said that, i think its a graet idea! If we can find anyone to do it!
  5. They're ok for what i use them for. Actually hold an edge better than i expexted. I Sharpen them a little every now and then after some use. no complaints!
  6. I used to carry a Kershaw but now I carry a $15 switchblade since Texas legalized them. Very nifty looking!
  7. A couch and chair. Nothing wrong with them, wife wants to upgrade. Available next weekend THRU the following weekend. in Columbus, Tx
  8. Vacations!! Go see for yourself what suits you!
  9. So it isn't just me that can't stand that STENCH??
  10. Don't take a knife to a gunfight! Don't take a gun to a.......demolition derby?
  11. Hey everybody- go watch the first part of "The Big Gundown" and take a look at what Lee VanCleef is wearing!!!
  12. I can do that in Houston too-if I go at 6 or 7 in the morning! After that-forget about it!
  13. OK, so can one of the "experts" here tell us what it should actually be worth??? I MIGHT be interested. Don't need a GENUINE trench gun, but a Winchester that looks similar might be useful.
  14. Hate to tell you, but My Name is Nobody is NOT a Sergio Leone movie. He had something to do with the story, but he did not direct it. Sergio Corbucci, i think.
  15. The name of the movie was "Uncovering Sad Hill" Worth watching!
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