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  1. I stopped watching Wanted: Dead or Alive after seeing Josh cut a rope with that thing at around 50 to 100 yards- from the hip!! If I want FANTASY I'll watch Ray Harryhausen!
  2. Columbus, Texas Kleck spinette, needs tuning. Bought with the house, but I don't play anymore. You just have to come get it!
  3. Who says you can't use Monty Python lines?? So what if they weren't from a western?
  4. I think she'll know.... "The bones man, look at the BONES!"
  5. Funny you should bring that up! Last month someone tried to accuse me of this very offense! Someone on this thread. In my category. Who had previously accused me of using an illegal rig for B Western. I proved to the posse marshal that wasn’t true. Then at a later stage accused me of breaking the 170. After the shooting string was over. As I was turning with 97 in hand pointed up to go get my rifle. I didn’t know what the hell he was talking about!!! I’ve been shooting 25 years, 6 EOTs, uncountable annuals, and no one has EVER accused me of being unsafe, or breaking the 180!!! Just a coincidence I’m SURE, that this guy knew I was going to win BW instead of him! (He thought he had it wrapped up attending this match). So, interesting you should bring that up…
  6. When I was a kid I thought there were a few million stars in the galaxy. Maybe a few dozen galaxies. Now we know there are a hundred billion stars in our galaxy. 100 billion galaxies. I'm not sure what general knowledge was back in those days. Mine has sure changed. "The universe is not only stranger than we imagine- it is stranger than we CAN imagine"!
  7. Mark Twain: Lies, Damn Lies, ands STATISTICS! And don't forget Biden: "We prefer truth over FACTS!"
  8. I'LL take whats left! On second thought, its better to let locals have them if they need them. I'll buy any that don't sell to locals. Hows that?
  9. Is there one? Never occurred to me before yesterday there might be another Gunbroker out there, but I just never heard about it.
  10. Because saying anything negative goes against SASS policy!
  11. AND, sadly, there are real SASS members who are crooks! Experienced that.
  12. I’ve always loved that movie! Trivia note: the haunted “house” is actually a house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright! Seen in a daylight picture it isn’t the least bit creepy!
  13. I think its reloaded. I can't even remember when/where I got it. There's no price sticker on it, and I just want to get what I paid for it.
  14. I have some Ultramax 9mm lead bullet ammo I'm looking to sell, but I have no idea what to ask. I tried researching on line but didn't find out too much. It ranged from 20 cents per round to 40 plus. Anyone know what it should go for? Say a box of 50 rounds?
  15. "A man like that has a great empty hole right through the middle of him. He can never kill enough or steal enough or inflict enough pain to ever fill it," Recognize the quote? I've never heard it put simpler or more accurately! Or his following line.
  16. You would! Thats why I dunnit on my own!
  17. BTT Hate to say this, but I'm kinda disappointed in the response. How about everyone donates the cost of shooting just one monthly match? Least you could do for a pard down on his luck! And before anyone casts stones I sent him a check. GFM ain't my thing. Rather HE got it all!
  18. I liked it better when she got OUT of the water tank!!
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