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  1. Taiwan has something like 2/3 of the global market for computer chips.
  2. 'Scalping'? 'Gouging?' Aw, c'mon -- that's just the market. Supply and demand. Sellers providing something to a buyer at an agreed-on price. Just between the buyer and seller, nobody else's business. Or is there a price mark-up or a pard factor that goes into how it's labeled? As far as I can tell -- if it's a markup on something being bought by me or a pard, it's gouging. If it's a markup on something that someone I don't know is buying, it's just the market at work.
  3. A real redneck wouldn’t have put the wheels on the wrong sides.
  4. ‘Meanwhile, back at the ranch . . .’ Awesome!
  5. Even on cloudy or foggy days, you can usually pick out where the sun is either by looking for its reflection off of a knife blade, or using a knife to throw a faint shadow on your thumbnail. If you're in the woods without a knife -- shame on you. Avoid walking in a circle by picking out landmarks and walking towards them. If a distant landmark (e.g., a mountain) is available, use that. If not (e.g., woods) line up two landmarks in the direction you want to go. Make the near landmark LM1 and the further-on landmark LM2. Walk to LM1, then from there make what you used as LM2 your new LM1, and use it to line up a new further-on landmark as a new LM2. Rinse and repeat. Yes, have been lost, and lost with dark coming on sucks.
  6. Knowing he was doing something that could bring the ATF down on him, going back to the same place, using the same identity, and leaving info that would trace back to his earlier self? Nah, don't think so. Alpo's more clever than that.
  7. Why make it difficult? Just go back to 1963 and have Sears deliver the guns to you. What’s ATF going to do? Nothing. When they go looking for you, you won’t be then anymore.
  8. Yeah — lassoing a griz and controlling him with the lariat in your bare hands. Reality TV.
  9. Google be a wonderful thing . . . Pronouncing ‘Corrine’ in Spanish A little different, I guess . . .
  10. I purpose-built a loading cabinet for my 550, so I built the table height where I wanted it. I like having the press closer to the edge; it seems easier to visually check the powder in the case. If you notice, the presses that are on strong mounts mostly have either case/bullet feeders, or they have trays/bins added near the level of the shellplate so the operator doesn’t have to reach down to tabletop level to get components feed the press.
  11. Taiwan produces about 90% of advanced computer Looking for investment opportunities after the chips bill dumps a bunch of taxpayer money into computer chip manufacturing.
  12. Hodgdon doesn't even show loads for True Blue for .357 magnum in theiur load center. One source that gives more load information for True Blue: Western Powder Handloading Guide PDF True Blue loads for standard 45 Colt are down on page 39, but only show loads for 255 and 300.
  13. Isn’t it amazing, the number of different ways you can give people information to build an online profile of you?
  14. Well, first -- the Fed is not privately owned. It's an agency with chartered banks. But it's not worth the quibble. And you're right in one respect -- anyone can buy bonds, but only the Fed literally creates money to buy them, thereby adding to the money supply. The mint simply creates 'circulating coinage', which is actually a minor amount of the money in circulation. Here's a helpful link -- go to the first 'Key Takeaways' for relevant info: How the Federal Reserve works There's a neat little video in there that's only a minute or so -- I think it might help. Whole different thread for that one, and I'd probably get it shut down fast with some of my comments. Key phrase in there -- 'The government took it and gave it to someone THEY wanted to.' The point is that taxes remove money from consumers, and that lessens demand. People make economic choices that shifts their consumption to alternate acceptable goods and services, or just do without. Even taxes on corporations are passed on to consumers, so the 'greedy corporation' tax hits Joe Sixpack square in the bank account, just as if it had been pointed right at him. It just makes the corporation the bad guy for collecting it. Yep, the same dollars are still in flow -- but it ain't YOUR flow anymore, so you can't run the price of pickles up because you and a million of your closest friends want them. The supply/demand curve is the best way to understand that point. But you do pick a good point that I wasn't clear on -- taxes don't actually destroy money; they transfer control of it to the government. I see that the way I phrased it might be interpreted as if the money collected just went *poof!* and disappeared. So again -- you can't run the price of pickles up. Okay, so whose debt? If it's a debt you owe the government, (I doubt you'd be interested in forgiving a debt the government owes you) then forgiving the debt then reduces government revenue, thereby adding to the deficit. Won't find me arguing much here -- but on the other hand -- a little debt is essential to economic growth. It's making it smart debt that's the key.
  15. Taxes are SHOULD BE a means to fund the government for public works projects. Not control the economy. There. Fixed it to reflect reality. Tax policy routinely rewards economic behavior the government wants to encourage and penalizes economic behavior the government opposes. That's why the Tax Code fills 54 volumes., why lobbyists have jobs, and why legislators have multiple houses. The notion that taxes are used purely as a mechanism to fund the government is quaint. Except Federal Express isn't able to add to the money supply by buying up government-issued bonds. The effect of fractional reserve banking, as you note, multiplies the impact of money issued, and that ripple effect is exactly why the government expanding the money supply can have such a profound effect on juicing up inflation. There is no 'canceling out (aka, 'forgiving') debt. Someone pays it (aka -- the taxpayer). Shifting the burden of debt from one group to another is another type of shell game. Again -- taxes decrease the amount of money available. How much more could your family spend if you didn't pay taxes? Multiply that by about 123 million households in the U.S.
  16. You’re right — the trick is to expand the money supply at a rate that does not dilute the value (commensurate with expansion of production). Deficit spending dilutes the value of the money as the government pays for the deficit with bonds that the Fed has committed to buy by issuing more money. More money in circulation = diluted value = inflation. For all practical purposes, a hidden tax on savings. I’ve heard it referred to as the government stealing your past to pay for their future. Taxes are a means to manage the economy. They take money out of circulation by transferring it from individuals to the government. That reduces demand (thereby reducing inflation) by reducing purchasing power, and also reducing the deficit spending. Everything the current government is doing is classic MMT.
  17. Taxes provide a way for the government to drain the excess money supply it caused through deficit spending. Draining the money supply results in demand destruction -- people can't afford something, so the demand for it goes down. If the money supply isn't drained, demand remains high. If demand remains high but production does not increase to meet the demand, prices of goods and services up -- the result is inflation. Anything about this sound familiar yet?
  18. I cannot even begin to imagine the damage that is being done to our nation through the isolation and undermining of LEOs. Even if it was limited to losing quality men and women from the profession, the impact would be profound. But we are facing long-term consequences from losing the support not only of veteran officers who would encourage and mentor young people toward law enforcement careers, but also of legacy officers -- those men and women who represent a multi-generational string of quality LEOs. As much as I am heartened to see legislation that would fund programs to enhance LEO pay and retention, I have a nagging suspicion it will result in little more than a means to shuffle federal taxpayer money toward cities that have been hit by rising crime rates because they diverted law enforcement funding to other programs.
  19. I've seen skeet shooters deal with eye dominance problems by using a small piece of scotch tape to blur out the specific spot on the corrective lens where the conflicting eye is trying to look through when aiming.
  20. I went to the eye doc and just put my arm straight out, pointed my finger, and told her that was the distance where I wanted to be in focus. Easy.
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