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  1. I comply with the 'no 5.56 in .223 chambers, .223 in 5.56 is okay' warnings. Better safe than sorry, and the explanations sound very reasonable, as well as manufacturers' warnings. But I have to wonder -- where are the blown gun pictures? Take almost any other dire warning regarding firearms -- overcharging powder, wrong powder, 20 gauge shell in a 12 gauge gun, etc., etc., etc. -- and you have plenty of people sharing, 'BEWARE! THIS COULD HAPPEN TO YOU!' pictures of blown cylinders, shattered breeches, bulged barrels etc. But 5.56 in a .223 chamber -- nothing. Can't find 'em. I don't hang with hard-core AR types, but I really can't say I've heard any actual first-person, 'Hell, I was there,' accounts of catastrophic outcomes from 5.56 in a .223 chamber. Does anyone here have any actual eye-witness stories of 5.56 causing problems in a .223 chamber, or is it all, 'Yeah, I knew a guy who said he knew a guy who had a friend who told him about . . .'
  2. That would be angels 2-5 (as in, 'angels two five') . . . . . . IF you're a military aviation type, talking to other military aviation types, while you're doing military-aviation aviation stuff. OR on a forum slinging slang. Military aviation types use ICAO and FAA terminology no matter who they're talking to when they're doing non-military-aviation aviation stuff, in which case, 'flight level two five zero'.
  3. Double, take off 10%, add 32. For Alpo's example of 14 C: 1. Double = 28 2. Take off 10% (2.8 -- round to 3) = 25 3. Add 32 = 57 (most people won't feel the .5 difference). Works all the way down to 0. Below 0 Celsius, basically the same, except double, flip negative to positive, then subtract from 32 (which is basically the same as adding the resulting negative number to 32, but easier to explain) For your example of -40: 1 Double = -80 2. Flip negative to positive = 80 3. Take off 10% = 72 4. Subtract from 32 = -40. It's all ballpark, anyway.
  4. So the mother created the situation by allowing the guy to drive around the neighborhood when he should not have been behind the wheel. And the trooper was supposed to know that the guy would just gone on back home? She really should have found another way to entertain her son that didn't involve unsupervised operation of a two ton vehicle on the public roadway. It's the Washington Post. Of course the author had an agenda.
  5. Sounds like you read Maguire's Wicked.
  6. A lot of married guys know this isn't a stalemate .
  7. Since preserving freshness in the fridge depends in part on reducing air exposure as much as possible, I can see how the plastic bags would keep milk fresher longer, IF the excess air was ‘burped’ out and the bag was closed. Just sticking it back in the fridge open would be a no-go for me, both in terms of picking up tastes from the fridge and for keeping it fresh.
  8. Depends on which group anti-law enforcement group to which you refer. - The useful idiots uncritically accept the Marxist notion that 'police are instruments of repression that protect the capitalist class' as dogma. They either: 1. See law enforcement as the 'big meany' that held them accountable for a poor decision, e.g. -- ticketed them for tearing up a store's parking lot at 3 a.m. by playing a drift game. 2. Haven't had a serious victim experience yet, and in their naivete don't see how they'll ever need an LEO to pull their fat out of the fire. 3. Consider law enforcement as the barrier in their path to success in their chosen profession. 4. Blame law enforcement for a relative's or friend's incarceration for no reason other than racism (disregarding, of course, the whole 'armed robbery' thing). 5. Don't have any serious conviction on the subject, but just think it's cool and edgy to be part of the 'movement'. This group really doesn't have a clue, other than the 'social justice' angle that is pushed hard in the media. Not excusing them, but as has been said -- if you're under 30 and not a communist, you have no heart. If you're over 30 and still a communist . . . . OR - The power brokers who actually pour money and effort into breaking down a nation that has repeatedly encouraged coalitions of like-minded democracies to stand against totalitarianism. THEY completely understand what they're doing.
  9. The difference between EV subsidies and SNAP is that with SNAP, the government gives a handout to people who DON'T have enough money to buy something.
  10. A good thing, too. Look at the money, gamesmanship, backroom dealings, underhanded tricks, and downright skullduggery that goes into electing national politicians. Can you imagine how much amending the Constitution would bring?
  11. True. I completely agree with the idea that term limits is a good idea in general, but what I tend to find is that while there are plenty of people who want to term limit everyone, for the most part a person who wants term limits just wants them for someone else's policriminal. It's hard to imagine sometimes, but for the most part, every terrible politician in office was voted into it. If term limits got rid of one bad person, it's just as likely that the voters who sent the first bad one will choose another cut from the same cloth (Chicago's 2022 mayoral election, for example).
  12. A thread for squirrel videos? Sure! My favorites:
  13. It's a little sobering. Automated License Plate Reader (ALPR) capabilities
  14. And when 30 days doesn't even begin to dent the problem (because the people who will obey the edict aren't the problem)? What's next? In a logical world, it would be reverse the edict, look at where the problem began getting worse, identify probable causes and workable solutions that address those causes, implement, assess, adjust. In a lib politician's world, it's, 'Since a little infringement didn't work -- we must not have infringed enough.'
  15. 18 USC Section 241 - Civil Rights Conspiracy and 242 - Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law The laws are there -- it's time some politicians started answering to them.
  16. Just another version of the New Orleans Katrina gun grab. It's an emergency.
  17. Well, OF COURSE it's legal! It's AN EMERGENCY! The Founders NEVER considered that there might be AN EMERGENCY when they wrote the Constitution, did they? To the question -- I doubt it will stand up to a challenge, and do NOT doubt there will be someone stepping up to push the state into dumping taxpayer funds into defending the unconstitutional decree. I also do not doubt that at the next election cycle, it won't even come up, other than campaign fodder for a 'get tough on guns' theme. It's another, 'We've got to do SOMETHING!' response unsupported by rational thought. The idea that people who are willing to pump 17 shots into another car in a drive-by shooting are going to be deterred by the threat of prosecution for just having a gun they were likely unlawfully possessing to begin with is ludicrous.
  18. Unfortunately, a great source for knock-knock jokes is unavailable now that we can't look up aliases online.
  19. Bullseye shooting. It's kind of in the name.
  20. Connecting back to the thread topic -- it brings me to wonder -- just how much immersion could an EV be expected to safely tolerate? If you watch news footage, or have ever lived where there's been any kind of water over the roadway, you've seen (or even participated in) a little bit of driving through water. For some people, it can even come to the point of being a matter of escaping/surviving or not. I've driven through flood water that was up to the floorboard; I'm sure there are plenty of people here who can describe driving through even deeper water. So with an EV -- what depth of water do you dare ford? Do you care if it's fresh or salt, as far as combustion danger goes? Anyone have any info?
  21. Out of context -- the point of the thread is the apparent preponderance of EV batteries to combust after exposure to salt water. The posted article (and other articles promoting EV battery safety) completely omits that cause and refers only to non-immersive fires. Some criticism of the article, however: 1 - The article describes possible non-immersion causes for fires (e.g., collisions) but does not disaggregate the data along those lines. It's only logical that with EVs representing <1% of vehicles on the road, there would be substantially fewer crash-related vehicle fires. 2.The article refers to the incidence of vehicles catching fire in terms of incidents per 100,000 vehicles. It might provide a better comparison if it referenced the numbers per 100,000 (1,000,000,000?) miles of travel since the annual average mileage of EVs is far below that of ICEs. Tesla estimates that gas vehicles are 11 times more likely to catch fire than a Tesla, but that returns us back to point #1. ETA -- other factors to be considered is the difference in age, and the likely difference in maintenance status, between EVs and ICEs -- EVs are more likely to be less than 5 years old, maintained only by professional service centers, and returned for maintenance at regular intervals. 3. EV fires seem to tend toward catastrophic proportions, with approximately 6-10 times the amount of water required to quench them AND a distinct possibility of re-ignition. The article naively recommends a fire extinguisher be carried to deal with vehicle fires. While there are many ICE fires that have been extinguished with a hand-held fire extinguisher, it strains credulity to consider a hand-held fire extinguisher would be equal to the task of extinguishing an EV fire. But enough of the generalized fire danger issue -- back to the thread topic: Hurricane-damaged EVs in Florida.
  22. Good advice for any changes you make
  23. Yep. Same comment as for switching from standard to magnum — if you’re using loads in the upper quarter of the power range, back off. Otherwise, no problem — for small primers. Large pistol vs large rifle is a different story. They’re the same diameter, but large rifle primers are a smidgen taller than large pistol.
  24. If you were working with loads that were either near-maximum or intended for precision shooting, and switched to magnum primers, it would be wise to back the loads off about 10% or so, and build back up. But as has been said, at the load levels most cowboy shooters run, it's not a problem -- in fact, you probably won't even notice the difference.
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