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  1. Been going on for years. The standard sitcom family required a savvy, wise-cracking kid; a patient, accomplished wife who ‘managed’ the ‘man’ of the family into doing the right thing; and an incompetent, clumsy near-fool for the husband. The canned laugh track told us when to laugh, so we’d all know making fun of the dad was socially proper.
  2. Good point — the room has to be occupied for the night latch to be set. I don’t think I’d shoot the burglar. It seems a good body slam against the door at the right moment would be much more satisfying.
  3. Maybe because the number of plowshares a plow has is referred to in 'bottoms' (as in, a plow with four plowshares would be called a 'four-bottom plow'), and the plow video had a lot of bottoms, and I'll just shut up now.
  4. Just donate to the RNC and provide the name and address of your favorite dem.
  5. It jammed because Hanks -- severely wounded and bleeding out -- was limp-wristing the gun. That happens sometimes, when you're dealing with manly calibers and a gun built to cycle with a cartridge that has tank-stopping power. Something a 9mm Glock doesn't have to worry much about.
  6. Gee, a way to burn up ammunition twice as fast. Just what shooters need right now.
  7. I'd guess it's more about catching and controlling the opponent's blade than breaking it.
  8. Watch Young Riders. Reasonably good cap-and-ball action.
  9. I’ve always heard it referred to as either fu-fu, or more commonly fu-fu juice. Perfume or cologne.
  10. Have met few pies I didn't like, even the savory ones. My all-time favorite, however (likely because of the gilding influence of reminiscence): strawberry-rhubarb. This thread is starting to sound like the shrimp list from Forest Gump. And of course, any listing of pies wouldn't be complete without . . .
  11. They learned a LOT — about how to dump taxpayer money into special interests. They’re putting it to use in the ‘Green New Deal’.
  12. If it saves just one life . . . . It’s for the children …. When the Founders wrote the Constitution they didn’t expect civilians to own military-grade cookware. No one really needs a pan that will hold more than two eggs.
  13. If you’re in the parking lot and haven’t registered or checked in, are you even at the match yet? That being said, unsafe gun handling isn’t something that should be turned off and on based an event’s rules.
  14. . . . which is not the same as 81 million people voting for him, unfortunately.
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