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  1. It does not matter which one person you want to blame. In this situation the hair of responsibility can be split in many directions. There were multiple points of failure in the system on this set.
  2. https://forums.sassnet.com/index.php?/topic/336302-uberti-cattleman-1873-hammer-spring/#comment-4331791
  3. The Gunfighter grips that Uberti sells are overpriced and complete junk. They are hollow backed plastic that require fitting with little room for negotiation. If your grip frame is 3 1/8 inch tall, you will not likely find any ready made grips that will fit as they will be to short. Pick a reputable grip maker and have them fit the grips for you.
  4. The movie itself is still worth a look. Factual and technical errors are nothing new to Hollywood.
  5. Depending on where in TN, your only option could be Jack Daniels. Dickel and Jack are both fine products, there are others but they a less main stream.
  6. Also: Bob Munden 200 yards ....... Not quite Jerry, but still.
  7. Don't forget the model '73 Henry in Winchester '73.
  8. Duffle contained a jail sentence. I have seen this duffle sequence before. A speedy recovery to yours.
  9. https://forums.sassnet.com/index.php?/topic/336302-uberti-cattleman-1873-hammer-spring/
  10. #20 - U0000020T Improved & Lighter Mainspring + $15.00 https://taylorsfirearms.com/catalog/product/view/id/3392/s/uberti-1873-cattleman-new-model-frame-parts/category/464/
  11. I love spring #2. I have two of them in service, one is aftermarket and the other is factory.
  12. Getting her ready to handle the boys in high school early.
  13. Depending on the grip material, the results vary from nothing to a little for tea/ coffee. Leather dye results aren't much different. I have had mixed results with both and combination. Not all stains are permanent, some eventually rub off with use. It is all trial by error. Good Luck.
  14. A group of 'Cowboys' is a 'Faction'.
  15. As I understand it: Cattleman Old Model/ New Model are old school 4 click. Cattleman II is the one that has that new plunger activated firing pin. Which I believe are 3 click.
  16. Like any of us needed another reminder.
  17. I have an open top, the safety cam is still solid. I just pick a used cattleman, the safety cam was flopping loose and appears to have been for a long time. I removed it entirely.
  18. Another vote for the Lightnings. They are prefect for small hands.
  19. Try a bunch at random, find your flavor pallet and ring size by means of trial by error.
  20. Makes me wish I had one of those work from home jobs,
  21. I am sure they would have a quite the reaction to Freddie Mercury as well.
  22. Saw one a year or so back, it was listed for $ 800.00
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