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  1. Isn't that a Daisy?
  2. I do not have one yet, but I like the looks of Mernickle. https://www.mernickleholsters.com/products/c23-conceal-carry-performance-series/
  3. For those not gun savvy, it doesn't get much simpler than a DA .38
  4. Sorry, when I said printing, I meant Caliber Markings. Where H&R brand guns are concerned, the lack of caliber markings means that it is a Black Powder frame. If it had caliber markings, it would be Smokeless Powder frame. I do not know if Iver Johnson follows the the same principle.
  5. I don't know what gun you have, but in guns like this made by H&R ..... no printing on the barrel would mean 'black powder' only. Yes, it would be .32 short.
  6. He wants: Gun: $100,000 Shipping: $1,000 Yes, The wife told him to sell it.
  7. From the internet: https://metaldetectingforum.com/showthread.php?t=86942 CFW: Center Fire Western response from probably the best "historic information department" in the ammo business. Here is a direct quote from the Remington historian concerning your UMC .44 C.F.W."These were done in a time when companies competed so much with one another that they refused to put another company name on the cartridges they produced. 44 WCF was for the 44 Winchester Center Fire cartridge. UMC loaded it with the CFW stamp standing for Center Fire Western. They are still basically the same. The CFW headstamp was used prior to the 1920's."
  8. They claim to protest the Mask Mandate, But their choice of face covering claims "Other" territory.
  9. Wyatt Earp: “Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything.”
  10. Phrases: You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make 'em drink. Never trust a skinny cook. Never trust a bald barber. Not the brightest crayon in the box. No dust on that one. Nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs. But it's a dry heat. Words: Clusterf**k Thingamajig
  11. Well if you are going to point a gun at someone, You had better expect a bad reaction on the other end.
  12. I have carried Lightning models ( DA and SA ) from time to time ... both are .38's.
  13. Rebel Without a Cause I liked. Citizen Cane, I have to agree ..... Disappointing.
  14. Works for me as well. Refresh and try again.
  15. I can't find any pics of this model gun, but the trigger, trigger guard and hammer bare resemblance to Belgium made guns.
  16. It is based on the 1878 Colt. As to what country made it .... not sure. Many countries cloned Colt ... Italy , Spain, Mexico.
  17. If I remember correctly, Wyatt was never more than a Deputy in his career as a lawman.
  18. Depends if the heirs understand. I know some people would look at them as ' just an old gun' ..... no perception of value.
  19. Like Forty Rod, I have no intentions of parting with any of my guns. That being said, for what I have, I am quite attached to my Winchester 94.
  20. No. The creation of the character is from me playing cowboy in my grandparents garage. There was a saddle that sat on a sawhorse in the corner. I imagine the posse is still looking for me. Been on the dodge for some 35 years now.
  21. Alias, Persona, Costume and choice of Weapons do not have to go together .......... But it's more fun when they do. My alias is a character I made up for myself as a kid.
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