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It's Almost Friday Humor Thread

Subdeacon Joe

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1 hour ago, Bad Bascomb, SASS # 47,494 said:




It is not a big problem as long as the light is only flashing, there is also another green light which is an arrow pointing in the other direction.


All you need to do is slow down and make the next available turn in whichever direction the light is flashing. As soon as you complete the turn, the problem will fix itself.


When making the turn, give oncoming traffic some space. Even wait for an opening in traffic before starting the turn. You may notice fewer people honking to acknowledge your actions, this is only because they are aware of your situation. When the light flashes on your dash, another light flashes on the outside of your car and other drivers can see it.


You may also notice this is a common event on other cars, not just other BMWs. You will see other cars with a flashing light on one corner or another; the driver of that car will almost always make a turn in that direction to correct the condition.


Rest assured that BMWs are among the least likely of all car makes to experience this condition, but while rare it can still occur and now you know how to manage it and continue safely on to your destination.

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14 hours ago, Sgt. C.J. Sabre, SASS #46770 said:

Last year I decided that I would shoot my own turkey  for Thanksgiving. Nobody else in Walmart was amused.


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Image: Infographic with text reading "Wildlife Petting Chart. #KeepWildlifeWild. NPS.gov". Illustration is of a bison with sections of the body labeled "Nope. How fast are you? Vacation over. Think again. Ouch. Umm, no. Do you have insurance?" Text reads "National parks offer a unique experience for watching wildlife. Animals in parks are wild-visitors have the amazing opportunity to view animals as they live and interact with each other in their natural homes. But with that privilege comes responsibility. Visitors are responsible for their own safety and for the safety of the animals, too. Remember to keep your distance, and enjoy your experience watching wildlife. No touching, no feeding, no harassing."
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21 hours ago, Alpo said:

Cold Lake Kid did a sad-face smiley, because he's been the guy in the white too many times.


20 hours ago, Mercy Me said:

He didn't i coming :lol:



And those hard icy crystals sting!!

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