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  1. Not much different here, which is WHY I think Rule 11 should be pushed.
  2. I don't consider that clothes need to be polished and pressed, but I DO think that men should wear long pants and footwear that cover the feet. As for your Gunny voice and language, I'd bet anything you care to name that those that hear it deserve to. I never made Gunny, but as a Sgt. I still have both.
  3. Well, I have a friend that has 150 rounds of .357 SIG that he doesn't have a gun for. Even HE doesn't know where he got it, since he's never HAD a .357 SIG.
  4. Bob, you know we love you, but Subdeacon Joe beat you to this when you were off in Grand Junction.
  5. When all this started happening a few years ago, I remember reading that the descendants of the woman who modeled for "Aunt Jemima" were really Peed Off about it. They were proud of here notoriety.
  6. As a young Marine, I could usually shoot a "possible" (10 rounds in a 24" bullseye) from 300 yards in a prone firing position with my M16A1. So half that distance with a modern rifle wouldn't be too hard. So yes, Trump was VERY fortunate. Even he said, "It Was God Alone Who Prevented the Unthinkable".
  7. I could pass them out at my next "Grumpy Lunch Bunch" meeting.
  8. None of that matters. The ONLY thing that matters to white liberals is virtue signaling. They don't care the the people that they are trying to "protect" think otherwise.
  9. Sorry Alpo, while serviceable, nylon just doesn't have the class and style that leather does. Besides, the HKS pouches are only $22. BTY, just how long have you been storing that ammo?! Looks like a lot of verdigri there. Mine are loaded with Federal Hydra Shok in nickel cases.
  10. HKS N Frame. 2 Moon Clips stack on top of one another so you can carry 4. https://www.amazon.com/HKS-203L-P-Double-Speedloader-Black/dp/B0000C50SR/ref=sr_1_2?crid=XY5WSRRIYSO5&dib=eyJ2IjoiMSJ9.ItA-DexGFrFceFs-Kef7h24Vmnj9ccrNS2oqsfhNegP-rk8ExDNAvsGG5PU4s-8qc61wqNIrh5_ciQmYM26m3wxle3jBQ6WPoUYJr7Qaxdu5wh2SglmTKGN5jxJVMqfhPkF2TPcC1fKKA5oNYRG5lwZRgmd8lSUr5-eEOW_fqSSIlX3V_Mc1zBQiy0nysCYQb7ioOUTbGL4K7w-AxeDv1R-dCEbXEUqXCN7JpSDkIdCd6D3BWvcMR8XFHZlLzkPnz7N_t_zcqm5K0L1GPs00RkEq_tuuwKMF4XtqxVcB_aY.x1QJ2SPL8wE9UscpAUPjMJvpbwACh7FItzL-mSUvDzg&dib_tag=se&keywords=HKS+Plain+Double+Speedloader+Case+n+frame&qid=1720979586&sprefix=hks+plain+double+speedloader+case+n+frame%2Caps%2C150&sr=8-2
  11. I'm pretty much the same way. I live in a manufactured home, so it's not that big. I have guns by each door, both Taurus 85s, the front door gun being located where I can access it while at the door. The back door gun isn't as close to the door, but since the back yard is fenced and walled off, I don't consider that to be a handicap. The backdoor gun is located where I can get to it while on the way to the backdoor from the kitchen. Since I can also get to the backdoor from my bedroom, I have other guns there. My nightstand gun is my Ruger NMV. I don't have spare ammo readily available for these guns, but there's more. On my dresser is my EDC, Bigmouth, my 1911. Even though my NMV is on my nightstand, I'll probably grab Bigmouth first. There IS spare ammo available for him. I carry a spare magazine in my back pocket along with a knife when I'm dressed. There is also a magazine pouch with 2 loaded magazines on my dresser. Further, in a drawer of my nightstand is my S&W 625 in .45 ACP. it's also loaded, and I have a speedloader pouch with not 2, but 4 loaded Moon Clips , also on my dresser. By my bed is a Mossberg 500 with the 7 round magazine tube. It's equipped with a 7 round sidesaddle carrier as well as a 5 round carrier on the buttstock. 16 rounds of Tactical Buckshot and 3 rounds of Tactical slugs. I figure that as long as I can make it to my room, I should be able to hold them off. Oh yeah, in a lockbox under the driver's seat of the Jeep is a Star Firestar with 2 spare magazines. AND I religiously follow Rule 9, "Never go anywhere without a knife".
  12. He's actually better than the Disney princess of today. At least he's not escorting little girls into the Bippity Boppity Boutique.
  13. It's not that you ask a lot of questions, Alpo. It's more a matter where in the world do these questions COME FROM? Number 11 is the one that I see REALLY needs to be promoted. I swear that the way some people dress looks like they're doing to very least that they can get away with to not get arrested for indecent exposure. As far as I'm concerned, shorts, an undershirt, (wife beater), and flip flops is NOT dressed. I don't dress full Cowboy anymore, (I got tired of fighting the heat), but if I'm out of the house I wear jeans, WITH a belt, a T shirt, though usually a Polo, boots and a hat/ cap, lately a MAGA cap. I don't even OWN a pair of shorts OR flip flops.
  14. Looks more like shot at, maybe hit in the ear. Reports say his ear was bleeding, but otherwise OK.
  15. Nope. GOTTA have a holster for it. Been working on it this afternoon. I'll probably finish it tomorrow. I'll post pics. THEN you'll be jealous!
  16. If he'd been convicted, Hollywierd would have told New Mexico that the state would no longer get any more Hollywierd money.
  17. I doubt that anyone will disagree on your point. The aggravation comes from the fact that a leftist, gun hating, Hollywierd type is getting away with what amounts to murder. Any of us would have been shot, hanged, castrated and boiled in oil if we had done the same. He's going to just go about his happy little life doing whatever he wants while an Innocent is dead for something that so easily have been avoided if he'd have followed the rules that those of us that respect our guns do everyday. If it was indeed a technicality that let him off, whoever is responsible for that should be stripped of whatever legal standing they have. Unfortunately, that probably won't happen either.
  18. I'm not in fear of anything like that, I just don't see the point of most texting. If I have something to say, I will call and say it. If whoever I call doesn't answer, I leave a message. If I want somebody to text me, it'll be something like "Text me the directions", or "Text me the address", so that I don't have to write it down.
  19. Same here. That way, when the CRAZY comes out, she doesn't know where to find me.
  20. Sounds to me like another reason not to text. When I order from anywhere and my phone number is required, it gets my landline. NOBODY gets my cell phone number unless it's personal. There's probably only a couple dozen PEOPLE with my cell phone number, and just about the only person that calls it is my wife, and THEN just when I'm at the store and she needs something.
  21. Might as well go with the one with a REAL illegal alien.
  22. Don't make me angry. You won't like me when I'm angry.
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