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  1. It's apparently even worse than it sounds. ‘Civil War’ Review: Ridiculously Dopey, Anti-Trump Snuff Film https://www.breitbart.com/entertainment/2024/04/12/civil-war-review-ridiculously-dopey-anti-trump-snuff-film/
  2. Many old homes also have it in floor tiles. I understand that they were usually a 9" X 9" tile. These were used into the 1960s.
  3. I'm pretty sure that he CAN'T do it again.
  4. The gloves would've fit then if they weren't soaked in dried blood.
  5. Mythbusters tested it some time back using ballistic gel fingers, and it was so bad that apparently youtube won't show it. Buy Jerry Miculek shows here what can happen substituting a hotdog for the finger.
  6. Any craft that can be transported on or in a ship is a boat. Landing craft were deployed from a ship, so yes. Sometimes we used to p!ss off the Old Chiefs by referring the ship we were on as a boat.
  7. My friend used to say that my credit was so bad that they wouldn't even take my cash.
  8. If you have an account with them that has your payment info, (debit or credit card number), and you pay with it, Walmart sends you a survey in your email. When they do this, I will ALWAYS make it known whether I had to ask somebody to check me out at the self checkout, or if I was able to have a cashier check me out. And while I've never HAD to leave a cart full of groceries, I've threatened to do so.
  9. The other hand has two fingers sticking out to hold a cigarette.
  10. My first cruise the sailors gave us a "demo" of what the Old Chiefs could do with M14s. They hit the water every time.
  11. The Marines are a department of the Navy The Mens department.
  12. I just ask a Walmartian to check me out. Except for one Old Biddy at my local Super Walmart, they've always been happy to do so. And they seem to have cashiers available more than they did. A while back I was at my local Frys, (Kroger for those who might not know), and the Manager was directing people to the self checkouts as the cashiers were busy. So I asked him to check me out. He said that he could show me how to do it. So I told him that I know how to do it, but I don't work there, so he could either check me out or put the groceries away, I didn't care which. He checked me out.
  13. Taurus also has a .44SPL, the 441. Pretty much like the previously mentioned 450. but also available in 4 and 6 inch barrels. They also made them, (441 and 450) in lightweight alloy frames. All sadly no longer produced. But you can sometimes find them on the used market.
  14. The way the other side cheats, I don't think that you can count election "results".
  15. There are a bunch of .45ACP versions on Gunbroker for under $500 right now, but yeah, if your wrist is bad, the recoil would NOT be fun. My wrists are fine and it's not fun for me. My usage will primarily be for CCW and not a range gun. Now the Taurus 450 wasn't bad. It had a steel frame and those rubber Ribber grips on it. A friend of mine had one and it was HIS CCW. But since Taurus doesn't make them anymore, good luck finding one for any reasonable price. I take that back, there's one on Gunbroker right now for $499. It's also ported to help with the recoil. If I had the extra funds, I might go for it. Since I can't, you should go for it.
  16. It gets better. Several years ago she was visiting NASA being shown the Mars lander, and she asked if it could go to where the Apollo astronauts landed.
  17. I have a Charter Arms Pitbull, (.45ACP). It's not bad, though when I first got it, it had some light hammer strikes. Charter sent me a label, and repaired it at no charge. Being lightweight, it does hit the hand hard, but it's tolerable. I probably wouldn't use it as a range toy, but it's small enough to conceal, so it's a good choice for that.
  18. It doesn't really bother me that these..."women" say this stuff, but that they have other people that listen to them and BELIEVE it. I don't care if they're stupid, (though I really think that being that stupid should actually hurt), but they're spreading it around!
  19. That is a question for the ages. It's one that I can't even begin to come up with an answer for. Some people just don't deserve dogs.
  20. Not quite. If he were a Navy Chief, or a Marine Staff NCO, he would only be using one hand to hold the coffee. The other hand would have a cigarette in it.
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