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  1. If THIS is what you look like on the throne....
  2. I run Chrome, but have installed Adblock and Adblock Plus. NO ADS!
  3. We don't see too many of the kids on bicycles around here. An older guy showed up a few years ago, and he could only be described as a "recruiter" for the Mormons. He got really upset that I didn't agree with him that "global warming" was destroying the world. He left and we haven't seen any of them since.
  4. My daughter told me I had to wish her husband a "Happy Father's Day", (he has a daughter from a previous relationship that he sees every six months or so), and my wife let me take her out to Breakfast.
  5. That's one of the most inspiring things you've ever said.
  6. This is all so silly. It's simple; If you don't want trouble with the Police, DON'T BREAK THE LAW!!
  7. Showing respect isn't the same a respecting someone. Kind of like the old saying, "Show respect to the uniform, if not the man in it."
  8. I show people respect until they show me that they don't deserve it. Even then I'm still not rude about it, unless they ask for it. But respect, or lack of it is dependent upon the individual, not some arbitrary attribute. One thing I learned in The Marine Corps is that if a man can and will do whats needed, his race, religion, national origin or sexual orientation doesn't matter. If he can't or won't do whats needed, his race, religion, national origin or sexual orientation doesn't matter.
  9. As much as I love Tucson, that's about the way the Mayor and City Clowncil act. With the Chief of Police leading the charge.
  10. I don't dislike any of them. I'm just pointing out that all the rifles we use seem to need work out of the box. I've read too many posts where someone or another was extolling the virtues of his rifle, making it sound like THAT was the only rifle to use for CAS, while reading other posts where somebody else was having trouble with whichever rifle they have.
  11. Right. And 66s and 73s always work great, AFTER an action job AND you figure exactly what your round OAL needs to be. Or get a Marlin. They are perfect... except for the Dreaded Marlin Jam.
  12. Any of the above would still be reported to be Trump's fault.
  13. I don't sunbathe OR go bare foot anyway.
  14. Any legal problem will be from what ever state you're in. In Arizona you would be fine. In Illinois you'd be screwed.
  15. I wrote one and self published a few years ago. I've mentioned it a couple time here with no repercussions. The big problem with self publishing is no way to advertise. Speaking of publishing, J-Bar: This is a shameless request for help. How did your son get a major publishing company to publish his book. I'd like to get mine published but don't know where to start. Any advice? Anybody else? The book is called "Bucksnort" and is available on Amazon.
  16. A very skinny, unattractive woman in at LEAST her 70s. And for perspective, I was in my 40s at the time.
  17. I was making a delivery to a bar a few years ago. As I walked in, I saw a gal in a bikini across the bar. Kind of skinny, but still a bikini. Then she turned around. She had to have been in her 70s!
  18. The first four were great, The fifth was like, "We got a fifth season? What do we do now?"
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