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  1. When discussions of this type come up as they occasionally do, I tend to think back to the long past days of my own youth, (1970s). Older generations even back then were commiserating about what the world would be like when we got to the point to where WE were running it. Many were saying that they were glad that they wouldn't be around to see it. So 50 years later, some of us are saying the same thing. To a degree, I understand where they/we are coming from. But, and it's a big but, I think that, if tested, we will be okay. People tend to try to do things their own way until there is true adversity. Think about the aftermath of 9/11. For a brief time, America came together to stand as One People. Fortunately, there was no further attack. Unfortunately that led to complacency on the part of most of the American people. But if we were pushed in such a way that it couldn't be ignored, most Americans would put their differences aside and fight. There will always be people who think differently, as in "Just show them that we don't mean them any harm and they'll leave us alone", or "War never solved anything". When it counts, though, these people will stand in a small minority. Ignore what the Fake News media says. Talk to people. You'll find that most of them will stand together if we need them to. People who tout diversity seek to divide us so that they can have power over us. I think that diversity is fine, but have found that tends to shrink to the background when those same diverse people have a common goal.
  2. And yet another example of why I don't live in Kalifornia.
  3. "Never could get the knack of turnin' the other cheek." Rafe Covington, 'Crossfire Trail'.
  4. I think that you're underestimating us just a bit.
  5. And they find whatever they need to to keep getting paid.
  6. If you do, go over and shovel Forty Rod's place for him.
  7. Not Tucson. The best/worst we've gotten in the thirty years I've been here was a couple inches that was gone by noon.
  8. And THAT'S why I live in Arizona. I've NEVER had to shovel sunshine.
  9. We talked about this sort of thing a while back. I said it then and I'll say it again: When somebody pays for a "study" be done, it's to find a specific result. And whoever DOES the study is GOING to find that result.
  10. Let's see here, it's not me, it's not Alpo, (he asks a lot of off the wall questions, but nothing crazy), it's not Powder River Cowboy, it's not Forty Rod, so it must be Subdeacon Joe!
  11. I believe it. But rob somebody on the street, THAT'S okay.
  12. I kind of know what you mean. When I was a kid, (18-20), still living with my parents, My Mom would ask what I wanted, then go buy me clothes that I wouldn't wear. She did hit a Home Run with some socks that Sears sold. Terry cloth. Warm in Winter, cool in Summer. I wore those type socks for YEARS, even while in The Marines.
  13. Not to get off topic, but what the heck is THAT? And how would they enforce it?
  14. When it comes to social media, what you see here is pretty much it. I don't even know what "Patriot accounts" are. As for my "device" I doubt anybody would find anything of interest on it, it's just a flip phone, and that's all I use it for. But I understand what you're saying. I also know that if the government WERE to decide to take notice of me, there's not a thing that I could do about it. By the way, you're OFF the list for my next BBQ.
  15. We've covered this before, The Marines ARE a Department of the Navy, The MEN'S Department. And I have it on good authority that Marines WALK to a lot of places that others refuse to ride to.
  16. I'm not denying that it's possible, just that the odds are against it. They would have to have placed hundreds of thousands of them in every bulb made. Then to activate them all would be another huge undertaking. And no, I DON'T trust LEOs and government to protect me.
  17. Those "Spy Bulbs you linked to earlier are $50 bucks apiece. Now even figuring the government might only pay a tenth of that, that's a LOT of money to spy on everybody when most of the sheeple are already posting their every move on social media anyway.
  18. Covid was a public health issue for about two weeks. Then it became a political issue. As for educating vs forcing, if there was money to be made, rest assured that's what they'd be doing.
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