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  1. They don't card me for that, and they usually don't even ask, they just give it to me. "Old Guy discount?" "Already taken care of, sir."
  2. As a Just so you Know, the L.A. County Fire Museum has the restored vehicles from the show on display.
  3. I tried watching the new "Walker" series, and couldn't make it through more than about 4 episodes. The new guy is a wimp, whose female partner does all the butt kicking. A whole lot of Not Interested. I can't see this being any better. Especially the part where they say "Nothing is as it seems."
  4. Again, I'm in Arizona. People here are NOT scared of an average citizen carrying a gun. And in my travels, several trips from Arizona to Ohio, I have carried open the entire trip, (except for Illinois), and had nothing but compliments the whole way. The hotel desk clerks never even blinked. I had a friend in Ohio who thought the same way you do about open carry making people nervous, and after running around with me while I was there, he found that it was not the case. We had several discussions with people we met along the way, and they were all positive. One waitress asked if I could stay until she got off work to go with her to a somewhat sketchy gas station. (I couldn't because she was only two hours into her eight hour shift). Costco not wanting my gun just means that I won't shop there. Walmart, Frys, Safeway, Lowes, Home Depot, Ace Hardware, Walgreens, and CVS don't have a problem with it. Neither do Burger King, McDonalds, Wendys, Church's Chicken OR the many small Mom and Pop restaurants I frequent. Not to mention Sam's Club. I doubt that there's anything I can get at Costco that I can't get someplace else. For the record, the only place I carry where it's not permitted is movie theaters. And THERE, I do conceal.
  5. No signs here either. They sent somebody out of the office to stop me as I entered. I guess I need to clear up a thing or two here. I carry open. It's legal here in Arizona, and you will see it often. I get complimented nearly every day on it. A lady in line ahead of me in Walmart just today said that it made her feel safer knowing that I was there. I've had great conversations in Walmart about guns, including with employees. I don't understand why you think that I shouldn't be carrying in Costco. I carry everywhere else with no problem. If somebody doesn't want my gun in their place, I figure that they don't want my money, either. Now, back to our regularly scheduled discussion.
  6. I won't disagree on any one point. But most of those places or products don't tell you that you cannot enter their establishment if you carry a gun. Costco will not let you in the door.
  7. Sams doesn't have a "No Guns" policy. Costco does. I don't go into Costcos.
  8. I saw one last night that immediately made me think of this thread. It opened with a woman yelling "Don't say PUBIC", and devolved into a scene of dancing pubic hairs. It wasn't until about the last three seconds of the commercial that we were even shown the product line, some female, (I won't say feminine because there was nothing feminine about it) grooming products.
  9. With your weight fluctuating, you might look at a simple belly band.
  10. I had a friend that had the same problem with his 870. I handed him some high brass shells and problem solved. I learned THAT a long time ago from another friend who had an Ithaca that did the same thing.
  11. Or the people that defend EVs. Because if it works for THEM, they should work for everybody. As it stands right now, the electrical grid is borderline overwhelmed by the demand that some places are having rolling blackouts. If you start adding significant numbers of EVs to that, we'll ALL be in the dark.
  12. You are most certainly NOT the only one. I watched it as a kid, and for a while, a couple years ago, when it was on one of those Retro channels previously mentioned. How much influence did it have on me? Well, my first vehicle was a 1948 CJ2A. I've had several other Jeeps since, (While in the Marines, I was nicknamed "C.J," because of the CJ7 I had then), and still have a Jeep today, in part, at least, because of watching "Rat Patrol" back then.
  13. And NOBODY ever shot. Well, except the time that Mr. T got hit in the leg with a .50 BMG!!
  14. If you're just looking to chase them off, that would probably work. Some years ago, my landlord had me do this: We set up a motion detector light across the drive looking at his door. It was literally the only way into his place, so anybody wanting to get in there would set off the light. Now, the kicker was that we connected a 12V DC transformer up to it and connected THAT to a car alarm siren. Anybody trying to get in there would get lit up AND have a siren wailing at them. I liked the idea so much that I did the same at my place.
  15. Harbour Freight has a set of 4 cameras that, while no great shakes, are decent enough. I've got them on the front of my house, and I can see everything that happens on the street outside. They are connected to my T.V., and you can watch all 4 at a time, or a single one full size on your T.V. It can record for about 7 days, and you can go back and look at it for that time. The system has 8 inputs, and they also sell additional cameras if you need more. There ARE instructions on connecting it to your confuser, but I haven't bothered. https://www.harborfreight.com/home/security-safes/8-channel-surveillance-dvr-with-4-hd-cameras-and-mobile-monitoring-capabilities-63890.html
  16. Engraver. https://www.amazon.com/Dremel-290-01-Stroke-Engraver-Template/dp/B0000302YN?source=ps-sl-shoppingads-lpcontext&ref_=fplfs&psc=1&smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER
  17. Several of them around here sell ammo. And not just 9mm and 5.56. When you could GET ammo, one of them had a HUGE display and variety. One of them, said to be the largest Ace Hardware in the country, has a very large housewares section, a hobby shop. They also have a bunch of helicopter ceiling fans in the store. Kind of like this:
  18. I don't know about their corporate offices, but around here, at least, the individual stores are privately owned.
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