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  1. People like that just drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.
  2. Make them black and you can call them "tactical".
  3. Okay, you are correct sir. I guess I DID ask two seperate questions. And several did answer to the love of the sport, so I consider that part at least partially settled. As to the second part, again I think Chief Rick came closest, but I understand Doc Ward's reasoning. too. A couple others said to be part of a crowd, or because somebody else does. I suppose that I, along with a few others, will have to be satisfied with that.
  4. Maybe I'll just have to live with that. And Rye, I still love ya.
  5. As I just posted, I can understand love of the game. I don't get team fandom. Nobody has responded with "I love XXX team because..." Maybe my question wasn't clear. but that's what I want to understand.
  6. I understand the love of game, it's the love of a specific team that I don't get. It's not like they're your "Hometown" team, even though they play there. With one or two notable exceptions, the team members aren't from there. It's the same, if not more so, with college teams. These guys are, supposedly, there for school. Once that's done, they're going somewhere else. If I had a son playing there, it would be a totally different story, but when he moved on, so would I.
  7. Well, they WERE Pilgrims, so yeah. that is a bit of an extreme example. But I still haven't seen a good example of why the fandom. Granted, you, as well as a couple others have told of being taken to games and family tradition, as it were, but it still doesn't give me any insight to why. . Chief Rick may have come closest with "something psychological." I note that no less than Forty Rod and Alpo don't understand it either. I could be in worse company.
  8. Let me give an example of the rabid fandom I'm talking about. When I was stationed at the old N.A.S. South Weymouth in Massachusetts, when any of the local Reservists were on duty, all one had to say was that mention that the Celtics, Patriots, or Red Sox had lost last nights game, just mention the loss with NO other comment, and at least two of them would be on their feet literally ready to fight over it. Why?
  9. I have mentioned in other posts that I have no interest in sports. I don't watch football, basketball, baseball, hockey, NASCAR, wrestling, or soccer. I grew up in Columbus Ohio having OSU, (before it became THE! Ohio State University) sports rammed down my throat. My father even told me that I was named Craig because he thought that the name Craig Roberts would sound good over the speakers in OSU stadium. My whole family was into OSU fandam, and most family gatherings quickly turned from celebrating whatever holiday or event that had brought us together to "SHHH we're wat
  10. Blame it on the Oprazation of the American woman. Bad decisions went from "Why did you do that? You're better than that." to "It's not your fault, blame HIM". It encouraged people to not take responsibility for their actions, and therefore not to work at bettering themselves. Because if their failures aren't because of their own actions, then their success can't be either.
  11. If you've experienced it, no caption is necessary. If you haven't, no caption can capture the total and abject terror this young Recruit is feeling.
  12. Back in 2017 there was a story thread, "Return to Toostone" that spawned an origins thread. It probably would have been early 2018.
  13. Now you're just being mean. You need to ask Utah Bob or Forty Rod questions like that.
  14. Actually it was a hollowed out log.
  15. Simple answer: yes. Especially if it's several years old, it can happen. Try leaving the charger on it, and see if anything at all happens. Hopefully you have another vehicle to go and get a new battery if needed.
  16. Yeah, I about kicked the slats out of my cradle the first time I heard those.
  17. My wife got her monthly Covid test at work this morning, (she's a CNA at a rehab facility). While there, she was talking to a nurse who works there and also works at a local hospital. The nurse told her that this hospital has a large number of Covid cases right now. ALL OF THEM HAD BEEN VACCINATED, AND GOT IT ANYWAY! The nurse said that there's no way in H*** that she's getting the shot. My wife and I have both had it, me in January 2020 before it had a fancy name and a press agent, her February 2021. Now she works nights, me days. We only sleep in the same bed 2 nights a week. When
  18. I've already HAD Covid. I don't NEED a shot! I've heard more reports of people getting the Covid after getting the shot than people getting reinfected with it.
  19. He's just trying to stay relevant. He's been trying since the 80s when he said that if we didn't find a cure for AIDS we would all die.
  20. About that. Here is the source, scroll down for a chart by country: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/
  21. Because it was never about Covid, it was about getting rid of Trump. When "they" found out how easily it was to control the sheeple, they kept pushing it, both to see how long they could keep it up, how easy it is for them to control the Great Unwashed, and so that even when the science proved otherwise, they wouldn't admit that they had been so wrong about the whole thing. as for statistics: U.S. population 332,976,690 Total Covid cases 34,711,416 total deaths 622,708 total recovered 29,222,972 So just at a glance, about 11% of the country actually contracted i
  22. Like those of us who have already HAD covid, and then already have antibodies in our systems. I DON'T NEED THE SHOT!!!
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