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    Central San Joaquin Valley & Central California Coast, CA
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    Bass Fishing, Shooting, Judo, Cooking, Fine Wine, Reloading, Bullet Casting & been known to take a sip of whiskey every once in a while!

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  1. I work in a steakhouse kitchen over an oak live fire. It was miserable tonight. The flash thunderstorm we had last night sure didn’t help as it was extremely humid!
  2. It actually rained in Visalia last night & is forecast to hit 109 today. It’s gonna be miserable.
  3. One of the best kept secrets on a great tasting bourbon! Last year’s batch was rated #1 bourbon & it’s extremely well priced if you can find it!
  4. Take a deep breath before each stage & have fun!
  5. I’ll take them, let me know how you want to proceed, thnx, CC
  6. Fishing was brisk that night! Released her after photo op!
  7. It was something to see! Was out fishing last night & it was beautiful!
  8. “Common sense isn’t so common” “Diarrhea of the mouth, constipation of the brain” ”Sharp as a marble!”
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