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  1. My back’s been sore from road biking. Got up to grab a cookie & Molly stole my seat & heating pad!
  2. Wow, what breed of cat is that? Stunning & attitude!
  3. I’m gonna take a stab at reloading 12 brass shotshells. Are there any issues (ie excess pressure) running 10 or 11 gauge nitro & fiber wads thru my SKB? They sure seem awfully tight in my barrels. Sorry, it’s probably a dumb question but I was wondering? Thnx!
  4. Anyone know where I can get a 38/357 lightened brass carrier for a Uberti 1873? Thanks, Canton
  5. When I was a kid, we used Hormel brick chili for chili dogs & burgers. I don’t think they make such a thing anymore but it sure was good when we were kids growing up!
  6. Beer is a great barter tool for trading services & stuff!
  7. Swanson’s TV dinners fried chicken! Really liked the mashed potatoes that came with them. Another was fried steak covered with Campbell’s cream of mushroom soup! Menudito canned menudo was pretty good too.
  8. I was sorry to hear this. Condolences to you and the family for their loss. Losing a friend is saddening.
  9. My Granddaughter & her best friend Tillie watching the trash men do their thing!
  10. I saw Spirit back in the old days at the Golden Bear in Huntington Beach!
  11. Let me take you baby down to the riverbed, Got to tell you something go right to your head...
  12. This hits close to home as Molly the Calico Cat turns 11 this year. Hard to imagine life without her!
  13. I’ll take #3 the shotgun belt if still available, PM me details, thnx, Chris
  14. That sux! I was very sorry to hear this. Best of luck to you & hope you find something very soon!
  15. I agree that politically the state’s not getting any better. We can’t even hunt with bullets containing lead for crying out loud! I’m pretty lucky that we live in rural areas so all of the big city strife doesn’t affect us much and we have decided to avoid the big metro areas like SF, LA ect. The last time I was in SF, the area we used to stay in has become dirty, unsanitary & just plain disgusting, not to mention dangerous, hence we just quit going. We discussed moving to another state or maybe getting a house out of state & establish residency there & that’s a viable plan for t
  16. Reason To Believe, I know that Rod Stewart sang this but I don’t know who originally released it. There were a lot of other releases, I think the Carpenters sang it too!
  17. That is one sweet looking rig! You are a master craftsman!
  18. Wishing for a speedy & mild recovery for both of them. Prayers sent!
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