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  1. I agree with Too Tall, otherwise you end up with a bunch of different sets of pistols like a lot of us! Lol
  2. When I saw the title of this thread I thought it was someone’s alias! Lol
  3. You might try Boomstick Arms
  4. May as well get it! You only go around once!
  5. I have holsters from him, he does good work!
  6. Try Whyte Leatherworks in San Jose & see if he can accommodate you.
  7. Been powder coating bullets for a few years now. I used clear matte powder so the bullets look normal. Since I cast my own bullets for competition, the process is no more difficult than lubing the bullets.
  8. “Try it Liberty, just try it!”
  9. I pretty much cast for all of my pistol calibers. Started powder coating about 3 years ago when I was shooting steel challenge with my 45 acp & had great luck with it, so when I started Cowboy Action shooting I powder coated those bullets as well. I use clear powder so they look like natural lead. I use the shake method, bake them in a convection oven & size then through my star lubri- sizer. Alway have good results. Another benefit of using multiple colors is that if your working up a load, you can use different colors for different powder weights and for different powders. I cast my own bullets because I can get the exact weights I want & close to the bullet diameters I want. (Gotta tip my hat to Tom at Accurate Molds as he will cut you pretty much any bullet you want & the mold quality is one of the best!) I currently shoot 44-40 & 38 Spl but just ordered a 38-40 mold because I just bought a pair of pistols from Reverend Ledslinga! I suppose I could shoot bullets “as cast” but like knowing that what I shoot has been sized for uniformity! I enjoy this part of the shooting sports, knowing that what I shoot is produced by me from start to finish. Kinda makes you even proud of your misses! Lol
  10. I've only bought items but all the transactions were perfect. Most shipped before they even received the funds. Everyone I've dealt with have been A #1 in my book & I also want to thank the Moderators as well!
  11. I'll take it if still available, pm me with details on how you want to proceed, thnx, Chris
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