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  1. Best wished & prayers for a quick recovery. I’m glad you caught it, colonoscopy’s are no fun but they’re necessary.
  2. Did Disneyland on them one time when I was a heck of a lot younger. “It’s a Small World”, “Pirates of the Caribbean” & “The Haunted Mansion” have never been the same since!
  3. I’ll take the Winchester & Colt sets. Pm me on how you want to proceed, thnx! C Chris
  4. Bathe them with Dawn or flea shampoo, probably the most cost effective but with some degree of difficulty!
  5. Track Of The Wolf sells .460 wads & cards.
  6. Best wishes & thoughts for a quick & trouble free recovery for your grandkids!
  7. I have some new ones if you need a few. Let me know & I’ll send you some!
  8. That next time, say “what the heck!” & just stay!
  9. Prayers & wishes for a complete recovery….
  10. Condolences & prayers to his loved ones. Will keep them in our thoughts.
  11. Had that happen to me but with the sprinkler system. Had to go to the hardware store 4 times for misc parts as one problem led to another. The bad thing was the store is 20 minutes away so wasted over 2 1/2 hours driving!
  12. I’m so sorry to hear about your Sherron. You have my deepest sympathy & prayers.
  13. Best wishes for both of you, hopes & prayers for your wife’s recovery.
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