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Best Christmas commercial in a long time.

Tex Jones, SASS 2263

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Thanks, That was excellent. They have only been showing a few snippets of it here. First time I've seen the whole thing.

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That one gets to me on several levels!!


I’ve been involved in a situation or two like that.


We had an old retired postman who came by the shop where I worked.  He’d been our postman for twenty years or more. He had a really nice ‘69 Chevelle.  His wife had passed earlier that year after a long battle with health issues and their funds had been completely depleted by the fight.


Two days before Christmas, we had to have the car towed because the transmission had completely failed.  He was distraught because he wouldn’t get another check before the second week of the new year and didn’t have money to pay for repairs.


We always had this huge party on the last business day before Christmas and he’d always been one of the guests. We invited all of our commercial customers and our suppliers as well as our racing friends and employees’ families.


We fixed the Chevelle and sent it over to a detail shop that we did work for and had work done for us. Billy, the boss, told them to make it new! (It was a really nice car to start with).


We picked up our postman friend to bring him to the party. We had set up tables and chairs in the shop and the party and feast were in full swing when Billy threw up one of the shop doors and the guys from the detail shop drove the Chevelle into the shop.  I handed our friend the bill, marked “PAID IN FULL…. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!”


The old feller nearly collapsed and he cried like a baby!


We all did too!!




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