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  1. Ouch. Go to SlixSprings and order a straight trigger. Helps.
  2. I probably still have that book buried somewhere. As above, simpler times.
  3. Growing up my sister found a cat roaming around and "adopted" her. Mitzi was her name, followed by at least one or to others, all called Mitzi. I don't have any and prefer dogs, but why would a "normal" person go out of their way to hurt one? Plenty of sick people in this world.
  4. Looks good. I haven't turned on a lathe since high school. I envy you.
  5. From the NY Post: Facebook-owned properties, including Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger, were hit by sweeping outages Monday. The issues started around 11:45 a.m. ET, according to DownDetector, and were hitting users globally. By 12:30 p.m. ET, the outages appeared to subside, according to DownDetector, though tens of thousands of users were still reporting problems. Shortly after noon, Facebook’s site returned a message that read, “This site can’t be reached.”
  6. Jammed up my right thumb a week or so ago. May not be able to shoot double duelist anymore, or at least for a while. Not that it makes any difference in awards.
  7. All of the ones you mentioned have had primers off and on.
  8. An excerpt from an investigation ( CHEMICAL ENGINEERING TRANSACTIONS VOL. 31, 2013 ) into an explosion at the GOEX facility in Minden, the same facility closed by Hodgdon: An accidental explosion at the GOEX powder manufacturing facility in Minden, Louisiana destroyed a section of the plant on June 7, 2011. The plant is the last black powder manufacturing facility in North America, producing product for a wide range of customers. The explosion originated in the corning mill where pressed black powder cakes were fed through an aluminum worm screw into a feed hopper and then moved along four sets of rolls and sieved shakers to reduce the size to the desired granular dimensions. The explosion fragmented the screw worm and hopper and destroyed the corning mill structure. Subsequent examination of recovered fragments of the screw worm suggested that the incident was likely triggered when a piece of quartz that had contaminated the batch impacted the aluminum worm. The friction generated enough heat to initiate the explosion. An alternate mechanism that could not be ruled out was frictional heating due to a fragmentation failure of the aluminum worm. Due to the nature of this product, it might not be possible to eliminate such events during the corning operation.
  9. Got a couple like Pulp's, which say click here for a reward for paying your bill.
  10. Although there are states that make purchases of firearms relatively easier, I applaud those folks in states like California, New Jersey and others who, despite the roadblocks, persevere in their desire to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights.
  12. Here's some information from a manual from the 24th annual Technical Symposium of 1987, Department of the Navy. Table 111-2. 16'/50 Gun Barrel Data. on the BB-61 Component Gun Rear cylinder Slide cylinder Muzzle Liner at muzzle Liner at rear Slide cylinder Bore Powder chamber Rifling Dimensions Length 816 inches Weight 239,156 lbs (with screw box liner) 292,000 lbs (with recoiling parts) Outside diameter 49 inches Outside diameter 23 inches Outside diameter 23.5 inches Outside diameter 18.46 inches Outside diameter 22.10 inches Length 337 inches Diameter 16.00 inches Length 800.00 inches Length 105.82 inches Volume 27,000 cubic inches Choke diameter 17.50 inches Bore diameter 18.35 inches Length 682.46 inches Plating length 690 inches Groove depth 0.15 inches Number of grooves 96 Uniform right-hand twist
  13. Nice looking pistol. It looks like it has been set up for competition. They aren't imported into the States anymore. A buddy has one in .45 with a 9mm conversion kit.
  14. Just based on the language "COLT'S NEW BREECH LOADING REVOLVER" I would guess you're right, 1873 or 1874
  15. According to Ford, the gun fight in the film occurred exactly as Wyatt Earp told him. Visually, the movie is well done, although I doubt the gunfight lasted as long as it did in the film. The same goes for the Burt Lancaster movie, Gunfight at the OK Corral. If you didn't know the way it really happened, they're both good gunfights, nonetheless. The first movie to depict the gunfight was Law and Order with Walter Huston and Ray Hatton, a fictionalized version of the Tombstone gunfight. No more accurate than the others.
  16. 44-40 rounds won't fit on the carrier as they are too long. The cases might be shortened enough so that a loaded round will fit, but I never tried it.
  17. There are some on You Tube under Billy the Avenger. None under that name for Gunsmoke, but they go back 5-6 years and one or two are from other matches this year.
  18. Sorry to learn of this. Condolences to the family.
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