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  1. Not to take away from the scene, but does the Bullock character have his shirt on backwards?
  2. I remember that day. Had a lot of clients in Kuwait, at the time. I met most of them in London after they left the country.
  3. Are you going for the one with the 14 inch barrel? That piece weighs over 5 pounds and is almost 2 ft long. If so, you will need a cross draw fairly high on the chest to allow for the longer barrel. A cross draw holster hanging from the hip would be impractical due to the length of the barrel. Good luck. That's a monster.
  4. Brylcreem - a little dab'll do ya Brylcreem - you look so debonair Brylcreem - the girls will all pursue ya They love to get their fingers in your hair!
  5. It's the American way: We can do it better. For example, socialism didn't work in Europe, but here we have "democratic socialism" what ever that means.
  6. Beware the Weeping Angels! The "modern" era of Doctor Who started with Christopher Eccleston in 2005 after being off the air for a number of years. Fun show to watch.
  7. I still have the same plus for 45 Colt, 45 Schofield and 45-70.
  8. He also told Jimmy Stewart in Liberty Valance to hold a pistol loosely in his hand and in Rio Bravo he carried his rifle with the hammer back over a live round. They're just Hollywood's ideas of establishing an actor's familiarity and expertise with firearms.
  9. Eagle, Just a thought, but you should send a note to Pioneer about this. They are good folks and very responsive. Joe's son spent a long time on the phone with me a few years ago helping me out with a problem. An email to them explaining the situation might help you out with your problem. Tex
  10. That's over $17 for one set of stickers, or did I miss something? Expensive.
  11. I would have thought that was obvious just by looking at the pictures above.
  12. The rifles to which you are referring were replicas of the 1886 Winchester that were made by Miroku for Browning and were brought out for the 100th anniversary of the 1886 Winchester. They came in two grades, Field and High Grade, in both rifle ( crescent buttplate ) and carbine (shotgun buttplate ) configurations. I had both the field grade carbine and the high grade rifle at one time or another. Those carbines/rifles are no longer made and, they come up for sale from time to time on the used market. They were only made in 45-70 and I found that the carbine was more accurate than the rifle. I was able to put 2 or three rounds out of 5 touching at 100 yds with the carbine, but wasn't able to duplicate that with the rifle; although that may have been that because the high grade rifle was so fancy, I didn't shoot it as much. The high grade came in a Browning badged Naugahyde lined case. As I recall, they were not case hardened and the high grade rifle had a scroll engraved receiver with gold filled bear and deer figures. Both versions were extremely well made. I would not be surprised to learn that Miroku still makes them for Winchester. I believe the current model has a tang safety, where the ones produced in 1986 did not. I noticed that there is a high grade carbine for sale under the Browning lever action rifle section on the gunsamerica web site. According to the description, it's unfired and for sale at $2,150. Guns International has a high grade rifle for sale at $1,500. I have no idea of the current market price as they don't trade very often. The high grade version was made in a limited run of 3,000, I believe. That's about all I know or remember. There was a gun magazine article about them around late '80s, but I can't remember which magazine it was. Tex
  13. Emmet (left) and Matilda. Nephew and aunt.
  14. I had a boxer who ripped off the screen on my daughter's bedroom window and climbed out onto the roof. She was ready to jump down when she saw my wife in the driveway, but somehow, my wife got her to stay until she ran upstairs and got a hold of her collar. Wouldn't you know that the dog started trembling when she had to jump down 2-3 ft to the bedroom floor. She was something that dog, Kajsa. Chased the deer herd in Monmouth Battlefield park; came back exhausted and bathed in deer droppings, happy as a clam.
  15. That is the standard lever safety on all 1873 clones. A tang safety is usually considered to be on the upper tang behind the hammer.
  16. I had a 12 ga, hammered double. Couldn't get the hang of it and I sold it. A well made shotgun.
  17. I have/had both. I prefer the short rifle (octagon barrel). I found the round barrel on the carbine to be a little light in the front and it didn't shoulder as well as the rifle.
  18. I looked at the CMP web site for the first time in 10 years. No more surplus ammo. I ordered cases of 30-06 over the years, both Lake City and the Berdan primed Danish surplus. The Danish ammo was terrific. I guess that's all history now.
  19. Don't know how to post it, but look at Chantry's Saloon post of July 9. 44 mag lever gun video.
  20. Take a look at the NRA Museum's online tour. Lots of firearms in pristine condition. The method of storage has an effect particularly those firearms that were stored in lined presentation cases. A moisture absorbing lining, felt, etc. will leave some pitting on the sides of the firearm, even though it has never been fired.
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