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  1. We have one a couple of doors down from a local gun store. I go to both.
  2. A loss. Great voice and seemed like a nice person. Rest In Peace, Olivia.
  3. Hear almost all of them on Sirius, and many more from the 50's, 60's and 70's.
  4. That's because for most folks one leg stride is longer than another resulting in going in a circle, unless you're walking towards a landmark. Desert walking is very obvious.
  5. The local Fleet Farm has plenty of ammo on the shelves. Almost all calibers, including 45 Colt at $60/50, 38 Spl at $32/50. Even has 10 round boxes of 50 BMG for $35-40.
  6. Just for laughs, take out the cylinder and press against the firing pin bushing with a thin screwdriver. I did that with mine and the bushing moved with just a little pressure. In my case it was obvious before I did that because the bushing was below flush on the recoil plate.
  7. Had the same problem with one of my Ubertis. The one shot fine, but the second one would lock up due to high primers. Three rifles and two other pistols all shot fine with the same ammo. After upping the powder charge, adding a shim to the cylinder bushing to seat the cylinder a bit farther back, the problem still occurred. Cholla came up with the solution; the firing pin bushing on the recoil plate was loose and the fired primer would back into the recess created when the round went off. The bushing was staked by a 'smith so that it was flush with the recoil plate and the problem disappeared. Abilene and Nickel City Dude had the same thought.
  8. I moved six years ago after being in one place for almost 30 years. Still have unpacked boxes and more stuff now than what I tossed back then, and that was a lot.
  9. Perhaps it's 32-40 caliber? No cowboy ammo for that caliber that I know of. Also, not a main match caliber.
  10. Local store has plenty of ammo on the shelves. Prices are still high, but it's only a matter of time before sales start. Probably after the next round of deiveries at lower wholesale prices.
  11. Stopped by the local gun store and lo and behold, cases of Winchester AA 129 (1145 fps) and AAFL128 (feather lights) on the floor as you enter the store. $13.99 a box or $140 a case. Prices haven't come down, but it appears there is some availability. For those interested, the store is Cabin Fever in Victoria, MN.
  12. Might be an idea to call Starline and ask them, and/or send them a photo. They'll probably know.
  13. Did you load up all those rounds yourself, specifically the copper colored brass? The few you show have high primers and the case head on the RP round shows signs of excess pressure. I'm not sure about the color change, but it could be related to the powder charges in those cases.
  14. Joe, You forgot Sky King's plane name?
  15. With the exception of Longmire, Justified, Deadwood and Yellowstone the rest are on TV every day on some of the "retro" cable channels such as H&I, Metv, and Grit.
  16. If the time frame of 15 seconds is correct then the approximate 40 yard engagement distance, at least for the first couple of shots, seems to make sense. The distance might have lessened as Dickens was moving forward. In any event, the police chief indicated it was "tactically" correct.
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