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  1. From an article in the Daily Mail entitled "A girl's night out in Jerusalem."
  2. Dave, It seems to me that if you're using Dillon dies and the case mouth is belled correctly, there should be no issue with seating. As you have covered the points that Joe brought up with the folks at Dillon, it appears to me that the belling is the issue. Is it possible the die body is screwed down too far so that the case mouth is being forced up too far before the seater stem engages the top of the bullet? In other words, is the seater stem not down far enough to prevent the case mouth for traveling too far up into the die body? Tex
  3. I had the chance to spend some time with him at a bank function in NYC some years ago. A lot of foreign clients were in attendance and were introduced to him. Everyone was in awe of him. A very interesting man. Following his time as Secretary of State, he ran an advisory business and was in touch with world leaders on a regular basis.
  4. I think college cost me a total of $4,000 back in 1964. Paid cash for each semester.
  5. Or, one can watch this, which is a bit shorter. Purple outfit in this one.
  6. Nice to see that the old warhorse can still shoot. What was the spread measured at, 6 or 7 inches?
  7. He was lucky. Any other branch and he would have been doing a series of push ups interspersed between the "dead roach" position. Ask me how I know.
  8. Video works for me. Started to buffer, moved the cursor forward a touch, and it played.
  9. Congratulations to the Major. He's buying, right?
  10. Headline in The Daily Mail: Ukrainian sniper claims new world record after 'picking off Russian soldier from 2.36 miles away using "Lord of the Horizon" gun' A Ukrainian claims to have the record for longest sniper kill in history The SBU sniper reportedly managed to pick off a Russian soldier from 2.36 miles The previous record was held by a Canadian special operations soldier No info on the "Lord of the Horizon" gun.
  11. Getting dizzy trying to watch. Presentation is everything.
  12. Whoever is taping doesn't know how to do it. Lots of jumping around.
  13. Lots of information and opinions on snipershide.com. Here's one since all your choices are Leupold: Re: Spotting scope options for 300 yard shooting The reticle is the tough part, because it limits your options. I've peeped through almost every scope on the market. I'm not a fan of Vortex but out to 200 yards I can see a .22 hole with one. I know this because I owned a 60x Vortex. I've had Bushnells, Bausch & Lombs (junk), Vortex, Leupold mark 40x. I'm now using a 75x Nikon Fieldscope. It wasn't my first choice but it was the best that I could afford. I paid around 1700.00 new for the Nikon and I can just barely can see a 6.5mm hole out to 500 yards on a cold crisp day. I can easily see a .22 hole at 300 yards on all but the warmest days. There is such a huge difference in spotting scopes once you breach that $2000.00 barrier. Side by side at the same magnification my Nikon and Bushnell are worlds apart. It's literally a Kia to Mercedes difference. Once you get into the Zeiss and Leica you are at the Ferrari level, but your going to pay over $3000.00 for the clarity and brightness their fluoride scopes provide. My favorite scope is the Kowa brand. Their high line I think is best in the world. Recently however I looked through a moderately priced Celestron and was really impressed by the picture. It was good really good. I hate to say it but it was close with my 3 times the price Nikon. With spotters clarity and brightness are the key ingredients in my opinion. To touch on the Leupold. I only use Leupold scopes. I do believe they make the finest rifle scope in the world. I have 6 Leupold's and they're all fixed power scopes. That being said I didn't like the spotter. I had the Mark 4. It had a large field of view, was compact and it's made in America. I'm sure reasons taken into account when our military chose them for observation. On the firing line however, for benchrest they just don't have enough magnification. The Mark4 is bright, has a large field of view, and excels at picking up bullet wake. It's excellent for what it's designed for. I have a fixed power 45x Leupold competition scope that in my opinion can see better than any spotter at any magnification priced under $12-1300.00.
  14. The second season of Reacher is on Amazon, December 15.
  15. My old boss was a scout sniper in WWII and Lou passed away several years ago. I saw his picture in an American Rifleman magazine a few years ago when they printed a letter and photo sent in by a reader regarding his dad's time on Okinawa. I knew it was Lou because the father and Lou were both listed as hailing from Northern NJ, which was Lou's long time family home. Lou went on to become a senior officer in a major NYC bank. We had an office in the 30 Rockefeller Center building. There were four of us in the office who were vets, and Lou was the only WWII vet. He was a hell of a guy.
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