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  1. I have two shotguns that, is missing Magazines. One is a Marlin Model 55, 12 ga. The other one is a Kessler Model 128, 12 ga. Also have a Harrington & Richardson, Model 852. In need of a Bolt 22 cal. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. When I was old enough it was my job to do Laundry. Folds had a wringer washer. Wring them out of the washer. Into fresh water to rinse them, then. Wring them again, then to the cloth line. Wasn't bad in summer. Didn't like frozen, jeans thou.
  3. Oak Ridge used one that was converted. To burn used oil.
  4. When I was in Boot Camp. One of the guys I was in there. With his dad was the band, lead on the Jackie Gleason show.
  5. Check and see if anyone raise. Deer in your area. Or when they start shedding their antlers. Take a walk. I have seen them for sale at Flea Markets.
  6. If you get one. Every year you will have to take pictures. And submit, them and documents. That you are taking care of it. Painting or whatever is required.
  7. It's not, other navy's I'm worried about its our leaders. From the White House to the Admirals.
  8. Maybe because that is what a Deer hide was worth. Back in the Mountain Man days. Ask a merchant. What something was worth. One buck equal one deer hide.
  9. On the news they showed tables with revolvers. There was a stainless vaquero. And a few pocket pistols. Everything they had was worth a lot more than a $100 dollar gift card. Wish I had the funds. Set up a trailer across the street. Give the people $100 cash for the good firearms. Let the cops have the junk.
  10. Hickok 45 has a video on the pistol. Looks like a good one.
  11. Looks like country you want to see on the back of a horse.
  12. I used my stepdads. last name until I went into the service. Hard a hard time getting used to it. It's a little rough. when I am asked about my real fathers' medical history. Tell them never met the man.
  13. I liked the Movie with Jagger.
  14. There are a lot of Campgrounds in the Yuma area. Should be able to find, something.
  15. Put cartridge, in magazine. Work lever while looking down at it. See if it is catching on anything. Sometimes those old firearms have their own likes on cartridge, lengths.
  16. One day a few years ago. My son was over visiting. He said his sons wouldn't listen to him. I told him he was trying to be their friend. I also said they have friends. He needs to be a parent. They have friends. They need parents. Be a parent.
  17. Check your length. On the cartridges you are trying to cycle. I had a similar problem with a rifle. Somehow a loading die was out of synch. Reset dies problem went away.
  18. Search for colored pictures of Roy Rogers. Or some of the other cowboy singers, from the 50's and 60's.
  19. I may be wrong. Dixie Gun Works used to have cartridges cut out. That you could put a blank 22 in Cartridge. Then reload it. They were offset. For rimfire firearms.
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