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  1. Crater Powder in Mineral Illinois . Is suspose to have Caps . CCI, Remington, Winchester . $75:00 per Thousand . If he still have them i do not know .
  2. I like the RCBS, 500 Gr. Mold . Have been using one for years . 73 grains of Swiss 1 1/2 , Great Cartridge.
  3. Looks good. I also need someone who can do the job . I am not setup for something like that .
  4. I have a Marlin 94 in 32-20 . I would like to put a new liner in it. Can anyone recommend someone ?
  5. I have a set of Lee Powder Measure Kit the Red Ones. They are in Grains .
  6. To me a CC is something a Doctor puts in a needle . I don't understand it. Grains i know CC not so much .
  7. 1860 Henry in a Henry Centerfire Cartridge . Also the 66 Winchester in Henry Centerfire. I know the Cartridges doesn't exist anymore. I think if they Made the Rifles someone would manufacture the Cartridges.
  8. You could purchase a used 76 and cit it down to Carbine length .
  9. A friend and fellow shooter has one in 38-40 . Great gun. I would like to have one. If you decide not to take it let me know .
  10. I went to my Doctor and told him what i do . And what i needed. He told me that he makes glasses for police officers, and he knew what i needed. He took my Reading and Distance , and combined them . I can read and see at ba Distance with no problem. Been around 20 yrs now.
  11. I found Mine on E-Bay. They are RCBS Cowboys.
  12. Look at a picture of Tom Seleck as Quigley . His is tied.
  13. Could she have the 32's changed over to 38's. I know of a shooter that had 32's changed over to 38 colts.
  14. RCBS Bullet Mold Have been using it for 30 yrs. It is good for Black Powder or Smokless. SPG Bullet Lube.
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