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  1. I have watched five episodes. I like it.
  2. Years ago, an AP Railroad model was produced. Wish i would purchase one.
  3. YES 459 works well in my Shiloh.
  4. I tried 44 mag, brass years would not go in the chamber. It looked good when ran thru the 44-40 dies. Would not feed.
  5. I have been shooting Cowboy for 30 years. I don't use a plastic wad. I use fiber wads then drop shot on top of them. For the distance we shoot don't need a shot cup.
  6. Good old Marlboro Miles. Have coasters like them.
  7. You should be able to reuse the Screw. I have 3 Hartfords great Revolvers.
  8. Never Heard of them. I use SPG for everything Black Powder, and Smokeless. Been using it for close to 30 years.
  9. Maybe they are not Shipping to California, because of the people they keep electing. It's their way to make a statement.
  10. Looks like it was reblued, at some time. Barrel is really rough. Lapping compound might help it a bit. Cholla is correct $800- $900. Maybe less.
  11. At the end of the run for the 66. Winchester produced a centerfire 44 Henry. When Henry Firearms started producing the 1860 Henry. I wish they would of offered it in the 44 Henry, instead of the 44-40.
  12. Sad to hear that about a Great Sight.
  13. I have been thinking about doing something, like that to my 72 Open tops.
  14. Mile the gap Infront of Cylinder. It should be at least 5 thousand. I have a set of Ruger 44 wcf. One cylinder gap was 4 thousand, the other one couldn't get a feeler gauge in it. Had them both opened up to 5 thousand no problems. Never shot coated Bullets with B.P. only use SPG Lube. Know shooters that use APP with coated Bullets. Since i cast will stick with SPG. I use it with B.P. and smokeless, great lube.
  15. Look at Numeric arms. Also known as Gun Parts.
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