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  1. There was an article in one of the gun magazines, back in the 60s that featured an MP who had a hook arrangement on the inside of his duty holster that he used to chamber a round in his 45. The rear sight of the pistol was caught by the hook and it held the slide in place while he pushed down on the grip to chamber a round. It looked like it could work, but I don't know if it would, in practice.
  2. Seasonal Affective Disorder. Comes in winter, goes away when things warm up and the snow/rain goes away. Like Rafe, I haven't shot since Bordertown, but I'll be out there when the season starts. Might even get to EOT this year. Hang in there.
  3. Taylors has them under Uberti accessories page 3. I had to look it up, as well.
  4. I converted a pair of SAAs from 45 Colt to 44-40 a while back and they are my main guns. The barrels and cylinders were easy enough to get from VTI Gun Parts as they were Ubertis. They were fitted and timed by a gunsmith. If the design and feel of the Remingtons, as opposed to SAAs, is more to your liking, then it makes sense to convert one of the existing pairs although I don't know if there are cartridge cylinders in 44 cal for Remingtons. Why not try the Rugers first, though. I have shot Ruger OMVs in 45 Colt and while different than either Ubertis or Colts, they're easy enough to get used to.
  5. I just started to watch "Counterpart" with JK Simmons filmed in Berlin. Kind of strange science fiction/action adventure. You need to watch at least two episodes in order to get the idea. The next Bosch season goes on in April.
  6. Nice place to visit. It's only a small part of what it was, having experienced a major fire (possibly arson) in 1995. If you want to see what it looked like when it was brand new watch Arizona (1940) will Bill Holden. Part of Tombstone was filmed there, as was the Will Smith version of Wild Wild West, all before the fire.
  7. I have seen both types of barrel orientation. In any event, control of the muzzles is imperative regardless of the type of carry. I carried an extra shotgun muzzle down in a scabbard attached to the side of the cart. Never had a problem taking it out or putting it back.
  8. Just remembered I had this from 23 February 2019. 20200224_171431_476921280331110.mp4
  9. I could do it with a golf cart and a gun bearer to hold the rifle and toss the weight.
  10. Yes. The bell crank cube it's called. I had that fall out once and it's the result of not properly tightening the screw. I dumped all the loaded rounds in the hopper when that occurred. I keep a close watch on that now and have extras.
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