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  1. Texans have been known to kill each other, especially if no one else is handy.
  2. The rest goes: "Just for a moment I stood there in silence Shocked by the foul evil deed I had done Many thoughts raced through my mind as I stood there I had but one chance and that was to run..."
  3. Both. The "wild young cowboy" must have been a Texan and we all know how Texans treat folks who killed their friend.
  4. Yes and no. The hammer is also blocked until the pistol is cocked. That way it can be carried with all chambers loaded.
  5. When loading the safety is pushed into the frame, i.e. it's a hammer block. When the pistol is loaded and cocked, the bar moves back as pictured so the pistol can fire.
  6. It's called the "Israeli Carry".
  7. Sorry, but switches that control hard wired lights, have to be hard wired to the system. A held held remote control is a transmitter. There has to be a receiver on the other end to activate the lights, or open a garage door. The motor that opens a garage door has a receiver in the housing that turns the motor on and off.
  8. I looked at a match grade 1903 Springfield on the used rifle rack at the soft opening of the Cabelas store in Hamburg, PA, a number of years ago. I walked past it twice and when I returned a third time intending to buy it, in the space of 20 minutes, it was gone.
  9. Oh. That puts a different slant on it. Except for the chewables I mentioned, I don't know what a cat will do given the same circumstances.
  10. You never used your card after 2015? If you were sent a new one then your old card would be nearing its expiration date.
  11. If the dog has fleas she needs a bath to eliminate them. It can be done at home, but can also be done by a groomer, if you feel that doing it at home might make her even more withdrawn. There are chewable medications for fleas, such as Nexguard, which can be given as treats so that there is no need to apply a liquid on to the dog's skin. Speak to your vet about it. Getting hold of the dog has no easy solution. You can try putting treats in her cage if you have one and letting her get used to that. If she came from a mill, or some such environment, the cage should make her feel safe. It takes a while to get a very insecure dog to trust. You could try putting treats closer to you, such as when you're sitting on a couch, for example, and let her get them at her own time. The more you do it and the closer you place them to you, the more likely she will start to come closer. As you know, consistent repetition is the way most dogs are trained. Most will respond, although it can take a while. Some, unfortunately, will not. Good luck.
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