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  1. There was a movie, Hell To Eternity", with Jeffrey Hunter about him.
  2. As Hoss said, two different companies. Shiloh, however, is up for sale ( $10 Million) but I believe continues to operate. They have three rifles for sale in their inventory room, in 45-70, which is the most common caliber.
  3. Looks good. Heluva Rukus is a great match. Lots of old pards shooting there. Have fun. Tex
  4. Robert Mitchum's daughter put out a coffee table book entitled "Hollywood Hoofbeats". Lots of info on most of the horses western stars rode, both movie and TV.
  5. Good shooting, TL. See you in Feb. at WR. Tex
  6. Rye, I found it under the Shooting Events icon on the top banner of the SASS web site. It's run by the Midwest Gunfighters, but there is no info on the SASS club page listing. I don't recall the match being advertised on the SASS site. It looks like it was a good match. Maybe next year. Tex
  7. Uberti made the Schofields imported by Navy Arms, as well all the current ones. The ones imported by Navy came out in the mid '90s. They do develop a turn line on the cylinder and bluing will rub off around the muzzle and edges of the cylinder, as happens in most, revolvers. I can't speak to the comments above, but I had no problems with mine. Grip is different and takes getting used to if you're used to Colt type grips. It is a cool looking revolver. Good luck.
  8. Very nice. Looks just like Barris's original.
  9. I bought one last year NIB and it was fine. No idea where you came up with Uberti supplying frames. The parts do not interchange
  10. Mike, I have been following this thread today. In an abundance of caution why don't you try getting an appointment with a cardiologist at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL? After the Cleveland Clinic they're number 2 in the US. Good luck. Tex
  11. Correct. The "authorities" will look out for us.
  12. You missed the upper part of the description before all the PR about Sammy. Serial # Manufacturer Colt Model Single Action Army Type Revolver Gauge 357 magnum Catalog Page 187 Barrel 7 1/2 inch round Finish blue/gold Grip highly figured varnished walnut Stock Class Curio & Relic Handgun Rock Island will supply additional photos of any firearm you're interested in. Having said that, if someone wants to spend a few thousands or more, a personal visit by a buyer or agent is probably a good idea. Rating
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