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  1. 44-40 rounds won't fit on the carrier as they are too long. The cases might be shortened enough so that a loaded round will fit, but I never tried it.
  2. There are some on You Tube under Billy the Avenger. None under that name for Gunsmoke, but they go back 5-6 years and one or two are from other matches this year.
  3. Sorry to learn of this. Condolences to the family.
  4. I always liked that movie. Great scenes of the wagon train, moving, circling of wagons. As I recall reading once many of the people on the wagon train were descendants of actual wagon train pioneers. Sort of "re enactors" if you will. The movie did not fare well at the box office, due in part to the lack of the bigger projectors. That "failure" consigned Wayne to B movie roles for almost 10 years before John Ford cast him as The Ringo Kid in Stagecoach.
  5. A spread sheet is a useful tool for figuring in the cost per round. I use real world prices for all components, but do make allowance for reuse of brass. For 44-40s with brass usage at 5xs, the current cost ( it will vary a bit when different suppliers' costs are used ) for a box of 50 is approximately $16. Factoring in initial cost of brass, the 1st round cost is approx $28 per 50. Per 50 Primer: Most recent cost-Natchez @ $122.50 per 1,000 (taxes, charges) or $.1225 a piece - $ 6.125 Brass: Most recent cost-Starline @ $151 per 500 or $.302 a piece-( 5xs = .0604 a piece ) - $ 3.02 Bullets: Most recent cost-Cheycast @ $115 per 1,000 or $.115 a piece - $ 5.75 Powder: Titegroup 4 lbs ( Mid South) ( using 5.4 grs per round ) @ 123.53 or $.024 apiece - $ 1.20 $ 16.095 There will be, as stated above, differences due to suppliers used and holding gains, which translate out to lower cost. Of note, Starline shows no back orders available for 44-40 brass and primers and powder are a "catch as catch can" situation. The last time I calculated the cost, in July, the cost per 50 rds was approximately $12.35. Getting more expensive, but still well below factory ammo, if you can find it.
  6. He's a good shooter alright. This year he was using Johnny Madrid as an alias.
  7. Just ordered Fed 150s from Natchez. The order went through and received confirmation. The $86 price is for Magnum primers. The 150s are $78/1000 plus shipping, tax and hazmat. Not cheap, but there it is.
  8. That was the first annual match I went to when I lived in NJ, somewhere around '93 or '94, IIRC. Lots of years ago, but it was a good match. Can't remember many of the shooters, but Cody and Twin were there. Old Three Finger Jake stays in my memory; fastest three rounds out of a SAA that I had ever seen. RIP, Jake. Bill Oglesby did some trick shooting. Lots of memories there.
  9. Nice crowd. Except for the language, could be anywhere.
  10. If you put the cursor on the mark it tells you.
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