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  1. Cowboy Carty is the only smith that I believe still might work on them. Not sure as the rifles are scarce now. He might have parts. Tel No: 309 536 0163.
  2. I can't remember why, but I had to unload the rifle at a match in Tombstone one time. I was going to take off the end cap, but Lassiter came by and, instead, pushed in on the loading gate and the rounds in the magazine came right out due to pressure from the spring. The round on the carrier came out last by cycling the lever.
  3. My brother in law's dad was a B 25 pilot in WWII. He still has the log books. The P 61 is a cool airplane.
  4. Saw the tail end of it last night around 12:30 am here in south central MN. Very clear sky. One dog was sick so I had her out around then.
  5. I think you need a silver bullet and holy water.
  6. Lots of magazine articles back in '92 and '93. Chiseler was very active promoting SASS then. A local club in NJ started up around then. I probably got every brochure available from every company that made of sold CAS equipment, firearms and reloading presses and ordered a bunch of stuff, most of which I still have. I started out with a Uberti Peacemaker in 45 Colt, a Win trapper, and a Uberti Schofield , also in 45 Colt until I saw the error of my ways. I met two pards back in '92 and have been shooting with them since, although neither one is in MN.
  7. Keep an eye out for Federal sub sonic shotgun ammo at 900 fps. I believe the item no. is TGM 12375. Firearms Depot has them in stock more than other places, but is out of stock right now. Ammoseek shows them available through a couple of dealers. Pricey compared to the "old days", but they're around. The Winchesters don't seem to be in production currently. Haven't seen any since last year.
  8. Yep. Getting more expensive, but relative to factory ammo (if you can find it) it's a bargain.
  9. Sounds like a big job starting from scratch. May be worth your time to speak with the folks who take care of the chickens at the ranch. Good luck.
  10. Sorry to read this. She has no pain now.
  11. Long guns can be shipped via USPS or any other carrier, to an FFL. If the receiving FFL will accept firearms from an individual, usually a copy of the sender's driver's license is needed. As far as handguns are concerned, USPS only allows FFL to FFL transfers. Individuals must use a private carrier such as UPS or Fed Ex. I have used all three methods in the past and can't really say that I encountered any problems, although others on this site have. All of the carriers mentioned above have information on their web sites regarding shipping of firearms. As far as boxes go, there are web sites such as uline.com and Amazon e.g. that sell them. The long guns I have shipped in the past were in double boxes, as I had original or other model boxes. Apart from wrapping the firearms in plastic or cloth the outer box was filled with packing material so that the interior box could not shift.
  12. Natchez has large rifle CCI primers available now for $155/1000 or 5 per day maximum for $755 + shipping and hazmat. That's absurd.
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