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  1. From Fox News: Ammunition inventories that were depleted during the pandemic are showing no sign of improving, according to Smith & Wesson Brands CEO Mark Smith. Gun sales in the U.S. have soared over the past 15 months as people sought protection in response to the wave of civil unrest that occurred following the death of George Floyd as well as an increase in socially distant outdoor activities amid COVID-19 lockdowns. Firearms enthusiasts also stocked up to prepare for the possibility of stricter gun r
  2. Movie jails are always on the ground floor and have barred windows so the bars can be pulled out and the bad guys can escape.
  3. That's a long trip. Safe travels. Hope to meet you there.
  4. I always like being on the early wave on the last day, but it hardly ever works out that way.
  5. I'm leaving on Sunday, going south on 94/90 from MN overnighting in Janesville, WI. Monday going south to LaSalle on 80, and then 30 at New Lenox. I don't want to do 30, but any further south adds miles.
  6. Hopefully the new med will be easier to tolerate. All the best.
  7. The way I shoot at some matches, I wonder what I'm looking at.
  8. It depends at what time you shoot. Getting it done by 10-11 am looks reasonable. If it's later than that it's going to be uncomfortable and not worth it.
  9. It's from West Berlin/Germany in the late '60s. I noticed it reads 2nd Series. That series was issued in 1948. The printer, Thomas De La Rue, made up the first and second series. There were other series issued later.
  10. Cimarron is the importer, located in Fredericksburg, Texas.
  11. About 20 cents worth of Dongs and some worthless NAAFI cash
  12. I have been out and about for a while now, even before the mask mandates were lifted here in MN. I do get annoyed with the way people drive, but then again, that has always annoyed me. I just hope that there's no "do over " come winter.
  13. Your photo brought back a memory. Going down into the pyramid was really spooky. A little "tip" got you into the pyramid and the Cairo museum after hours.
  14. I took a flight out of Cairo years ago and the plane overflew the complex. An amazing sight from the air.
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