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  1. Good morning. If you see Lassiter tell him I said Hi.
  2. You can try Longhunter and Shotgun Boogie. Both have them.
  3. Thanks for the photos. Missed you in 2017, but I'll catch up to you, maybe next year. Tex
  4. Nope, at least five. Fighting Seabees, Sands of Iwo Jima, The Cowboys, The Alamo, The Shootist. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance is an exception, as his character was already dead.
  5. Had to walk to and from school in all kinds of weather uphill, both ways.
  6. The first stage of the day, I will go over the sequence in my head over and over again. It helps me most times. Last weekend, I shot the first stage out of my usual order, i.e. second shooter as opposed to next to last, and I screwed up the order of fire for a P.
  7. The old saying: "Keep your mouth shut and people might think you're stupid. Open it and remove you remove all doubt."
  8. The PD has them. They're probably stored in a basement or an off site facility. Given how dry it is in that area, they should still be in good shape. The county should have records also. Maybe the county sheriff has a clue.
  9. Close, but it's Tom Corbett, Space Cadet.
  10. Look at the Rock Island Auction website. They always have 1st Gen Colts.
  11. Recoil energy is less with the heavier bullet, based on calculators available on the internet. Felt recoil is more subjective and depends on the design of the firearm.
  12. Nice guy. He will be missed. RIP, Tom.
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