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  1. Good thing to get done. I had mine just before everything locked down earlier this year.
  2. No. Maybe once upon a time, but ammunition is on the USPS prohibited list. ORM-D markings go on boxes for UPS and Fed Ex delivery.
  3. Loaded ammo can be shipped via UPS of Fed Ex but not via the post office. Primers and powder cannot be shipped via any carrier unless the sender has a Hazmat license. When I move 5 years ago I sold my primers and excess brass to some pals. I had packed up my reloading equipment months before and I used up all the loaded ammo, so there wasn't much to worry about.
  4. The same question was asked when the movie first came out. A buddy was going through OCS at Benning and was one of the Cong going over the wire. He said that the Army went out of its way to assist in the film.
  5. If the guns are going to a smith for action work, let him know the issues and they can be repaired. Warden is right about assembly. I have a Taylor's "tuned" Gunfighter and the definition of "tuned" is subject to interpretation.
  6. A friend , a really good shooter, was blazing through a stage at WR a couple of years ago, missed the holster dropped a pistol onto the dirt. It can happen to anyone.
  7. The Anoka, MN and Lewiston, Idaho plants are running at full capacity. An article in the 26 November issue of the Star Tribune noted that the Remington ammunition facility was down to below 400 workers due to the bankruptcies and that at least 300 more employees will be added on including those that had been previously laid off. The ammunition plants are trying to fill a backlog of orders worth $ 1 billion . The article went on to say that Vista Outdoors shares have outperformed those of all Minnesota public companies due to increased demand, but it is expected that once COVID vaccines are generally available the share price will drop. This, I believe, translates to decreased demand for ammunition, which will allow ammo and components to be more readily available. I don't think anyone has a definitive answer as to when the supply of ammo and components will be stabilized, but it appears that Vista, at least, is doing all that it can to keep up production.
  8. Best to contact the clubs directly. Hard to know at this point.
  9. I can't find the name, but there was a shooter years ago, from CA I think, that shot two Schofields and won a major match (EOT?). Maybe someone who has a list of past winners might know.
  10. Remember the line: "Aim small, miss small".
  11. As a follow up, the Schofield does not have adjustable sights and can be used, as is, in CAS. I had one Uberti and it was OK. I, like many others, am used to Colt style grips and the Schofield takes a little getting used to. At current prices you could easily afford two clones, however, they are hard to come by right now. I don't know who does action jobs on Schofields. They can probably be smoothed up a little, but I don't think you can do much else to them. Oh, by the way, they will, as will the clones, develop a turn ring around the cylinder. It's normal.
  12. There's one for sale on the Classifieds that looks as good as yours and has been shot a little, and the seller is asking $2,500. Everything being equal yours is probably worth a bit more. There are also two for sale from one seller at $2,500 a piece and they have been fired. All of a sudden there are a lot of them being offered for sale.
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