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  1. As Cholla said. Best way to check is to get a range rod.
  2. There appears to be no new production coming from Winchester, so the only option remaining is to find a used one. Miroku/Winchesters show up on the classifieds from time to time and there are a very few new ones available, but not in .357 or 45. Having said that, the better way to go, IMO, is to get a Uberti. Out of the box they might need some work, depending on your preference, but it's much easier to get parts, plenty of good "mechanics" around and usually easy to sell, if you decide to do so. There are no short stroke kits available for the Mirokus and the only, to my knowledge, smith who did short strokes stopped doing them as parts were not always standard and were difficult to come by. Good luck Tex
  3. Tom's Single Action Shop New Lebanon OH 937-687-1039 Best to call him mid day.
  4. I guess progress can be the result of "what if..." or, "we can make this better if..."
  5. Nice looking holster. Bohlin rigs fetch big bucks at auctions, but they are almost always complete rigs. I don't think the company he started is still in business so there is probably no way to date the holster or the customer, although from the lack of overall wear it was probably made well after the company was started. If there is a connection to a recognized actor/performer the price rises, a lot. If the buckle, spots and conchos are real silver then a WAG would be north of $500. If the pistol and holster were purchased together, a Colt letter on the pistol may give a hint as to the owner, or which dealer/distributor it was sold to. That might give an idea as to when the holster was built. Tex
  6. Impressive, but put an equal number of U.S. troops in the same situation and they would give the Brits a run for their money.
  7. I was at a British EM club one time in Berlin. Within 15 minutes of opening, the waiters were taking out the empties in shopping carts. Those boys could drink.
  8. Brylcreem, a little dab'll do you.... Call for Phillip Morris... Takes a licking and keeps on ticking...
  9. AFAIK there's a club, Quinton Sportsmen's Club in Salem, NJ. That may be it. In all the years I lived in NJ, I had heard of the club, but never visited it. They held cowboy shoots, but were not a SASS affiliated club for a long time.
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