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  1. Replacing the barrel, is the surest and safest way to go. No point in taking chances with a possibly weakened barrel, or damaging it if the bullets are removed.
  2. I was in London, a number of years ago on the weekend before the House of Lords was voting on outlawing all rifles and handguns. There was a demonstration against the proposed law by thousands of law abiding citizens, which culminated in a march through central London. There was not one mention of the march, or film for that matter, on the evening news or in the print media. The law passed without comment.
  3. Turnbull Restoration Company, Bloomfield, NY. Their case coloring process is probably the best in the industry. Look up the website: turnbullrestoration.com.
  4. The rifle pictured is a Miroku. As such, the base rifle is more expensive than a similar Uberti. The Turnbull finishing, and other upgrades, is what adds a premium.
  5. That's what I did when the same thing started happening.
  6. If the lack of approval bothers you, change your alias to Ryder Miles or Rye Miler. Either way, you're still Rye Miles, as far as most folks on here know.
  7. I used one to replace the sights on a Sig. Definitely had to use one as a hammer and drift would not have worked. The frame of the pistol was not squared, so it took a bit of adjusting to move the rear sight, but it worked and was easier to use than hammering the sight base. How often you use one is another matter.
  8. ".....one of these days, Alice. To the moon."
  9. The gun shop was Spangenberg's, which closed years ago. There weren't any gun shops on Allen St. until last year. A couple of the existing stores added a space for selling them. Not as well stocked as Spangenberg's used to be, but a nice selection of mostly "cowboy" guns.
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