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  1. I had mine locking up, The firing pins were pointed, and poking holes in the primers. Replaced firing pins .
  2. I was having trouble seeing pistol sights. I also was having lots of misses on pistol. Had a eye exam said I needed glasses. Explained about shooting , doctor said he makes glasses for police officers all the time. Somehow he takes prescription for reading and distance and puts them together. Now I can read with them and see at a distance. No problem . Also no lines in glasses. I don't know how it is done . But it works. Have sent other shooters to doctor . They also are pleased.
  3. I agree with Cody lead Bullet needs to be set out more. I haven't had used any Missouri bullets, but I would be surprised if they didn't have a crimping grove. If they do reajust your seating die so your brass will clamp on the grove. Should take care of the problem.
  4. I remember about 20 yrs ago or so . Winchester 97 were also banned . I used to keep the article in my wallet, until it fell apart.
  5. I have a old Double Barrel Hammered Shotgun. It has Damascus Barrels. I know about Damascus and smokeless loads. It is a H.J. Sterling in 12 Ga. No Model Number. It does have a Crown stamped with the letters E and L G stamper in a circle. On the Barrels. I know it is a long shot , Maybe someone can help. It also has a H stamped on it.
  6. I have 2 of them . Both in 38/40. One was made on 1889 the other one was made in 1894. The one made in 1889 had an octogen barrel. The one made in 1894 has the round barrel. Both of them has weak ejectors. There was a company making new ejectors for them . I purchased a couple. Have found numeric has parts now and then. The round barrel one shoots 401 bullets well. The octogen one likes 403 bullets.
  7. I was Drafted, I didn't want to go to the Army so I joined the Marines. When I rotated back to the States I still had 1 1/2 yrs to serve. Was told not to wear my uniform off base. There was some bad feelings between Military and Civilians back then. I am happy that people are treating the Military better now. The older I get the More my time in the Corps mean more to me.
  8. Marlin Model 92 will feed 32 Long.
  9. When I use a filler I use Corn Meal. Never have a problem with it. I shoot 44 WCF.
  10. I have seen Clubs use old Telephone Poles.
  11. At the Princeton Illinois Gun Shows a dealer has one sitting on his table for years . It is impressive .
  12. I have an original Winchester 76 in 45-60. Also have a repro uberti in 45-60. Have shot both out to 300 yards no problem. For Smokeless I use 14.5 grs. of Trail Boss. For Black Powder I use 62 grs of Swiss 1 1/2 . For Brass I use cut down old 45-70 Brass. Recoil isn't a problem.
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