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  1. I have used a Flasklight to find screws even thou the lights are on. Sometimes you can over look it. That is why i started using a Flashlight .
  2. wish they chamnered it is the 44 Russian. It would be closer to the original Cartridge.
  3. The GunSmith i go to told me only use Winchester Primers. When shooting Stoegers.
  4. I have a Mountie Great Rifle.
  5. You could go to a fabrick store and ask if they know of someone. . That way they can measure you and fit locally.
  6. I have a pair like them. Had them for around 40 yrs. Back in 1968 i purchased a pair of August Beurman Star Steel Silver spurs for $10:00 . I wear themall the time.
  7. I have one purchased it 45 yrs ago. Great Press.
  8. I keep wondering how come we haven't been back to the Moon in 45 yrs. Makes me wonder if we were ever there.
  9. I have an old Springfield Trapdoor in 45-70 . It has been in the family for well over 120 years. It is rumered that it was a picked up during the Indian wars. The stock was hacked off carbine length. You can see the knife or hatchet marks in it. Also it keyholes the bullets . The Bullets are 459 dia, 500 grain. My grandfather as i understand used to wrap 410 shotgun shells and shoot them out of the Rifle. That was in Southern Georgia. Since it doesnt shoot very well i have been thinking about lining the Barrel to 40-65 . And putting a new stock on it. Something like G
  10. The 45-70 can have a recoil that some people don't like. The 40-65 is a Cartridge that can do everything the 45-70 can do . What time period do you like in the Old West? If it is after the Civil War then it would be a Sharps, Remington, Trapdoor Springfield. The High Wall is a Great Rifle. For my taste it is a Late Commer. It shower up after the Buffalo were Gone.
  11. How did you make that Annealer ? Is it  permenent or can the pot still be used to melt led ?

    I have tried annealing brass for a 45-60 and 44-40 . Didn't come out very well .


    1. Warden Callaway

      Warden Callaway

      I didn't make any annealer.  Just a video I found. So... I can't answer your question.  Maybe ask on forum. Maybe ask as a comment on the video?

  12. I have a old Lyman Reloading Book . It has a 199 Gr lead bullet. Accurate load . Unique Powder 8.0 Grains at 1132 F.P.S.
  13. Years ago Ruger made a semi auto 44 mag. I can't recall what it was called. Mite look into something like that .
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