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  1. I have a Canon AE -1 that i purchased from Montgomery Wards, Great Camera.
  2. If it does go. So does Global Warming .
  3. I was at a Shoot Years ago . A Dealer there had two pistols, with the same serial numbers. Said he called BATF they told him to sell them. Always wished i would of Purchased them.
  4. Yes you could. Cut some threads , put a plug in them.
  5. I like them. If you take them off. That leaves two more holes , for dirt to enter your firearm.
  6. I had a pistol that was having problems. The Firing Pin retaning pin was Bint . Looking at the pin it didn't look Bint. Put it on the table then you could see it. Replaced pin, fixed the Problem.
  7. I don't have a Marlin model 91 in 32 Marlin (32) colt. I do have a Marlin Model 92 in 32 Marlin (32) colt. Some of them will except 32 S&W .
  8. I read an article years about the 44-40 and 38-40 .. It said that a lot of people prefered the 38-40 . It said that the 44-40 will rickashay, i know i spelt that wrong. Off of a custard pie.
  9. The 38 W is a Great Cartridge . I have two Marlin 1889s . One was Manufactured in 1889, the other in 1894 . One is a Round Barrel. The other is a octogon Barrel. The Round Barreled one likes 401 diamator Bullets. The other one Likes 403 diamator Bullets. Both of them are great Firearms.
  10. As the Title says i have a pair of single Sixes in 32 Mag. I also have a Marlin in 32-20. Am wondering if anyone knows of someone , that can make a pair of Cylinders and rechamber them to 32-20 . Not the 32 mag cylinders i have. These pistols are Blued not Stainless . Maybe 22 or 22Mag , cylinders.
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