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  1. Good thing your English Teacher isn't Reading your post.
  2. I believe the Meaning of them were to tell what sect you belong too. Like in England when they had all those Kings.
  3. The old Hartfords would interchange with the Colts. VTI has some parts . Maybe they have one or can send you down the right trail.
  4. A shooter at the club i belong to Shoots 44 Russians out of his 44 Mag Marlin. He had to modify the bolt a little. No problems. I know another shooter that shoots 44 Russians in a pair of 44-40 Pistols.
  5. What period of the 1800 do you like? After the 1880's the Buffalo were gone. And most of the wild west.
  6. A few years ago i came across a Marlin Canadian Mounted Police in 22LR. It has a 20 inch Barrel . It was perfect for Grand Kids. The person i purchased it from said his Uncle owned it. It only had a Box of shells thru it. It took an Hour to clean it. When i saw the shooter i chased it from asked him if the Box held 10.000 Rounds. Nice lite Rifle .
  7. If your Safe door is Carpted . Under the carpet is peg board. Go get Peg Board hangers one for trigger guard one for Barrel . If you get the ones made of Steel, wrap them in Electrical Tape where your Pistols meet the Hangers.
  8. Found a new Store i never saw before. He has Large Pistol and Large Rifle for $36.00 a Thousand. CCI , Winchester , Federal. And Shotgun Primers. No Small Pistol Or Small Rifle thou.
  9. I had a couple of screws a couple of years ago that i messed up the heads on. Put them in a vice , welded the heads filed the heads to reshaped them. Blue them. Took a while thou.
  10. Look at it another way. Get that exchange student shooting. Teach them that firearms can be used as a source of entertainment. And making new friends.
  11. I have that happen with split cases. when trying to seat the Bullet. And with casings that were too long . Mite need trimming .
  12. It was very common for the Indians to decorate the 66 with Brass tacks . I for one like it.
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