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  1. I use Large Rifle Magnum Bench Rest Primers for Long Range .
  2. If it is a Long Range match i use a Blow Tube. I have Shot 10 Rounds without a Blow Tube. I didn't have ant problems .
  3. I use a 500 Gr. RCBS Bullet. With 72 Gr, 1 1/2 Swiss powder. Have shot this load out to 600 Yards. Very accurate load. SPG Bullet LUBE.
  4. I will take Silver Canyon, Passin Thru, Womens Diaries of The WestWard Journeys , The Hunters And The Hunted .
  5. i enjoyed Heaven Knows Mr. Allison . With Robert Mitchum .
  6. I remember when i was in the Service in R.I.T. we were taking a test one day. A sergeant cam around and asked how you answered question 15. It askek if you were given an order to fire on civilions would. If you answered NO you were told to wait outside. YOUR TEST WAS OVER . That was in 1972. USMC
  7. One of my farorites isnt a war movie. Best Years of our Lives . Not a War Movie, It says a lot thou.
  8. Jane Russel all the way . THE TALL MEN IS A EXCELLENT MOVIE .
  9. When i was in the Corps in the early 70's had sea rations form the early 50's .
  10. I was watching Don Knotts the other knight on AMC Channel. When he was getting on the train, his mother pulled out a 1875 Remington. Said your Father used it in the Civil War . I know they took a lot of libertys back then on props . It struck me a little Funny .
  11. One of my favorite Actrices is Helen Morin she is British . A few ago she was awarder the title of Dame .
  12. Then there are those who will Vote to take Firearms away . If something happens they will Run to you to Protect them.
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