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  1. Last summer i had that problem. Replaced Hammer spring, fixed problem.
  2. I had one years ago. Wish i kept it. It was found in clay foundation around a home. It was still loaded. They are good shooters. They were suspose to be better than the Sharps.
  3. I am amazed at the Pocked Watches they made back then.
  4. Look at Texas Grip, maker. He makes Grips that longer. I have a pair on Old Vequeros. Makes them feel like a Army Grip.
  5. I have a Shiloh also. Try 72 gr. Swiss 1 1/2 . When i changed over to Swiss Powder i got 100 feet per second faster. Which means it shoots a little flatter.
  6. Gun Shows around here are like Swap Meets. Prices have gone up to get in. Then there isn't anything worth seeing.
  7. Always thought it would make a great Cowboy Cartridge.
  8. I was told by people that work there. Said that in 2023 they were going to stop, selling gasoline powered engines. Lawnmowers, chainsaw, etc.
  9. Just found out that Home Depot will not sell. Gasoline engine, lawnmowers, chainsaws.
  10. What are they going to do, when your car is charging? Your trying to cook, on your electric stove, system crashes. How about heating your home?
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