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  1. Around 15 tears ago. A Cowboy i know went to Western Kansas, on a Buffalo Hunt. He used a 76, original Winchester. He took a Buffalo with one shot with his 76, in 45-60. Don't know if it was luck or good shooting. It is a proven game taker. The 45-70 is a more powerful round for longer ranges. Most shooters will not use their rifles for hunting. If shooting at 200-300 yards if what you are planning on shooting at. The 45-60 will do it. Plus, you will stand out a little. The steel targets don't care if it is a 45-70 or 45-60 you are using. I don't own a lever gun in 45-70. I do like my, 76 thou.
  2. Great Cartridge. Those pistols will shoot 44 Colt, 44 Russian. Have shoot the 44 Russian for years. The Russian is a very accurate round, and very mild. You can use the same bullet in all 3 of them, 44 special, 44colt, 44 Russian.
  3. I have an Original 45-60 Manufactured in 1882. I also have a Uberti in 45-60. It is the Rifle that was used in the magazine Guns of the Old West. Neither Rifle has Problems cycling cut down 45-70's. At 300 yds very accurate. Haven't shot them past 300 yds.
  4. When i cut down 45-70 to 45-60. I size the 45-70, then put them in a 1x2 peace of hard wood that i drilled a hole in. The wood is a couple of thousands longer than i need it. Put the 45-70 in it. Take it to my grinder, grind cartridge down to wood. Then i take them and put them in a hand lathe then finish them up. After you have the length. You will need to deburr inside and outside the case. You can do 30 cases in about 45 minutes. Resize load and shoot.
  5. I have watched five episodes. I like it.
  6. Years ago, an AP Railroad model was produced. Wish i would purchase one.
  7. YES 459 works well in my Shiloh.
  8. I tried 44 mag, brass years would not go in the chamber. It looked good when ran thru the 44-40 dies. Would not feed.
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