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  1. Crater Powder in Mineral Illinois . Is suspose to have Caps . CCI, Remington, Winchester . $75:00 per Thousand . If he still have them i do not know .
  2. I like the RCBS, 500 Gr. Mold . Have been using one for years . 73 grains of Swiss 1 1/2 , Great Cartridge.
  3. Looks good. I also need someone who can do the job . I am not setup for something like that .
  4. I have a Marlin 94 in 32-20 . I would like to put a new liner in it. Can anyone recommend someone ?
  5. I have a set of Lee Powder Measure Kit the Red Ones. They are in Grains .
  6. To me a CC is something a Doctor puts in a needle . I don't understand it. Grains i know CC not so much .
  7. 1860 Henry in a Henry Centerfire Cartridge . Also the 66 Winchester in Henry Centerfire. I know the Cartridges doesn't exist anymore. I think if they Made the Rifles someone would manufacture the Cartridges.
  8. A friend and fellow shooter has one in 38-40 . Great gun. I would like to have one. If you decide not to take it let me know .
  9. I went to my Doctor and told him what i do . And what i needed. He told me that he makes glasses for police officers, and he knew what i needed. He took my Reading and Distance , and combined them . I can read and see at ba Distance with no problem. Been around 20 yrs now.
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