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  1. Do you have a load in mind?
  2. You could try putting a dowel rod down the Barrel, then tapping on it. Or a round plastic dowel.
  3. That is a Beauty . Wish they made it in the Henry Center fire . Wish they all were.
  4. If I was going to start new it would be a 40-65. It will do everything the 45-70 will do. Out to 500 yards.
  5. Cut a dowel rod put it down the empty Barrel to end of cylinder, then mark it with a green marker. Then put a Bullet in the chamber, without a primer in cartridge. Put dowel rod back in Barrel then mark it with a Red marker. Green empty chamber.Red loader chamber. That is what I do with my J P Sours . Its simple and cheap. And works.
  6. I like a 500 gr RCBS Bullet. Swiss 1 1/2 Powder 73 grains Powder .200 compression. You will need a 30 inch Drop tube. Don't forget a .60 vegetable wad.
  7. You could try any find a replacement Barrel. Swap out the Barrel with a 5 1/2 . That way you will still have the original.
  8. The wood on it is very nice. They are telling you true. Probably isn't worth a lot. I also have a couple of guns that isn't worth anything. Missing parts etc. Picked up parts here and there. As long as you aren't in a hurry you can get it up and running. If the Barrels are pitter real bad. There is a company that make inserts, you could change it over to 20 gauge. Sometimes the best causes are the lost ones.
  9. That is a Beautiful shotgun. I see that it is stamped Japan. I am wondering why these shotguns are in such Big demand. The new Winchesters are made in Japan, seems everyone are running them down. Makes you wonder doesn't it.
  10. The Club I belong too are down to 10, 15 shooters a month down from 50 to 60. I can see in 6yrs about half the clubs that are shooting cowboy will not be shooting cowboy
  11. I am a big fan of the 44wcf. I have been shooting it since 1976. Started out with a Marlin saddle ring carbine that has been in the family for years. Read in some of the magazines years ago . That the biggest complaint about the 44 wcf . That it would recache off a cream pie. Have shot it in a plowed field once watched the Bullet skip 4 times . I have 5 Rifles in 44WCF and 8 Pistols . But to be fair have seen 5.56 tracers go every which way.
  12. If you shoot 401 Bullets in a 403 barrel the Bullets will Key Hole. If I remember rite the 38-40 has the same energy as a 10 mm pistol.
  13. I have two 38-40s. One with a round Barrel the other one has a octagon Barrel . One takes 401 Bullets the other one takes 403. I guess what I am saying , Slug the Barrel.
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