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  1. I purchased a Rifle that looked like yours 45 yrs ago. It was a Sile can't remember who made it. It also had the 1858 Hammer. Very accurate rifle. Wish I still had it.
  2. I personally prefer the Black Powder Frames. I have 3 of them.
  3. You can go to Menards and purchase a Brass Rod , you can take a empty casing with you to make sure you purchase the rite size. If you lived closer we could remove the barrel then drive them out.
  4. Do you have Camping on the Range? I didn't see it on your web site.
  5. I remember these knifes , if memory serves me rite. They were made in Western Germany . Very good knives.
  6. When I started in this sport the EMF Hartford was the pistol to have .I have 3 of them in 44wcf Great pistols. The Dakota was a Cheaper version of the Hartford . Still a great pistol. VTI has a limited supply of parts for them.
  7. You have to pull the Hammer back to half cock, before you open the breach. If you don't you can break the firing pin. A broken firing pin will cause lite primer strikes,
  8. I will take. The Broken Gun Down the long hills The proving trail Son of a wanted man The trail to seven pines
  9. I have 2 1889 Marlins in 38WCF. One likes 401 Bullets, the other one likes 403 Bullets. Both of them are fun to shoot. one has an Octagon Barrel the other has a Round Barrel.
  10. I was having a problem with a double barrel I have. Took it to a gun smith , he told me to use only Winchester Primers. I have done that and haven't had any problems.
  11. Received them . What does the bore look like?


    1. Trigger Mike

      Trigger Mike

      Bore has rifling but is dark.  If you want,  since I never shot it, I could fire a few rounds and let you see a pic of the target.  

    2. Bailey Creek,5759

      Bailey Creek,5759

      That would be nice.

      What are you thinking you may need for it?

    3. Trigger Mike

      Trigger Mike

      I'd like $1,925 shipped and insured.   I'll fire a few rounds tomorrow 

  12. wife had that surgery around 3 months.
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