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  1. One time think it was 1982, found some 38 wcf brass. Used them as 44wcf.
  2. Try Grip Maker out of Missouri . Have a couple of pair, happy with them. There was a post on here a couple of months on how to make your own.
  3. I am also a fan of the 44 wcf . Have been shooting it since 1976. Remember when the cartridge was hard to find.
  4. Had that problem with a 38-40 pistol. Changed to Lee factory dies. Problem fixed.
  5. Texas Red shoots one , seems to like it . He sold me his Stouger deluxe single trigger.
  6. I have been shooting a 66 in 44-40 . Since 1997 no problems. Forgot I have replaced the extractor couple of years ago . And stainless tube spring and follower.
  7. I have 2 AMT firearms , 45 Hardballer , 22 Lighting 6 inch Barrel . Excellent firearms . People liken them you never see them come up for sale.
  8. Dawg that fancy one , That wouldn.t be from Texas Red ? If it is I have its sister. Beautiful Shotguns.
  9. 1888 Marlin lost a Lawsuit to Winchester. About the top eject
  10. One scene they open a crate and start handing them out. Never saw that many original 1860 .
  11. I was watching a Western that came out in 1953. War Arrow it starred Jeff Chandler, Maureen O'Hara. What cot my attention they were using 1860 Henrys. There was also 92 Winchesters with the forearm removed. Nice to see the Henry take center stage.
  12. A few years ago during a eye exam I said that I was having a problem seeing sights on pistols. Said that he could fix that. He makes glasses for police officers all the time. The prescription for reading and distance were split in half. I can read the scenarios then look up and see at a distance, with no problem. Sights on pistols and rifle stand out now. Hope this helps.
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