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  1. I have been using prescription glass for years. I was at a shoot and having a lot of misses with pistols. When i was home and cleaning , pistols . I had my reading glasses on . Help up a pistol looked down sights. Couldn't believe how clear the sights were. Went and told them what i do . He said that he knew what i needed. He hade glasses for police officers all the time. I can read with them and shoot. He took my numbers for Distance and Reading . Split them in half have been working well .
  2. Marlin had a Fire around 100 yrs ago . Some firearms are hard to get information on.
  3. I like fireplaces. Sometimes wood is hard to get. Plus it is expensive . For around Five Thousand you can put in a outside generator that kicks in when you loose power. Gas, Diesel, L.P. or Natural Gas.
  4. I know it's a Movie. Watch Tom Sellect, in Return to Sable River . At the end of the Movie he is using a Henry .
  5. I recieved a Marlin 94 original in 44wcf . From my step Dad . Also a Springfield 45-70 Model 73. Also recieved a Winchester 94 in 30-30 Made Just before WW2. My uncle gave me a winchester 22 Pump can't remember model number, its in back of safe .
  6. Can anyone tell me where to get speel loader for a Dan Wesson Revolver 357 ? I believe it is Model 15-2 .
  7. You could go to your local dentist any see when they are going to get rid of there xray vests. They make good bullets.
  8. Sounds like this is going to be a big project. I am going to be down your way next in March . On my way to Ft. Smith Arkansas. I can take the lead off your hands, save you the agravation.
  9. Go to a Farm Store , buy a live stock heater put in it.
  10. The Marlin 27 should be allowed. Nice Rifle in 32-20 . Better than the Henry Big Boy. Too late in the game. It's allowed the Marlin 27 should be too.
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