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The Aussie Humour Thread

Buckshot Bear

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An ANZAC Day show at Luscombe Bowl in 1969 was watched by about 1,500 men. On stage, the Chiffon Singers, part of a government sponsored concert party, entertained appreciative soldiers of the 1st Australian Task Force. The Chiffon Singers were Pauline Murphy, Judy Comden and Maureen Elkner.



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I recall being told of an experiment where there were the experts had two(2) groups of rodents; ...

 ... one group of rodents were fed the contents of a cereal box, ... and the other group was fed the packaging (box).


Guess which group died first .........  :o

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5 hours ago, Chickasaw Bill SASS #70001 said:

vegemite , is used brewers yeast , I would hazard to guess , there is pretty well an endless supply down there 


  it be just plumb NASTY , stuff IMO 


 it will cure a hangover , due to the fact it takes at least a pint of whiskey to wash the taste out 


  CB :unsure:


Well per capita the Aussies are 17th and the US is 20th.


In total production they are 15th. The US is 2nd. Chin is 1st.


Per Capita the Czech's are in the lead by a significant margin. Almost double what the Aussie's drink.

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14 hours ago, Abilene Slim SASS 81783 said:

Is Vegemite similar to Spam - where the last production run was maybe 1962 - and they’re still trying to draw down the supply? :rolleyes:

After WWII, my grandfather had a couple of Delis.  With rationing gone Spam wasn't selling.  Dad had come out of the navy and was finishing Med School on a budget so we got free Spam.  I ate Spam every possible way as a kid, and to this day, can't tolerate even the smell of it.

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2 hours ago, Buckshot Bear said:




When I was in London in the '70's  an English friend, retired military, downed 8 pints without a trip to the Loo.  You would not have known he had been drinking from his behaviour. Probably more truth than fiction. 

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