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  1. Did a .50 cent action job on a new Rossi 45. Took it all apart smoothed it out pre loaded the trigger spring and swapped the ejector spring after I put the turkey in. Functioned checks great. Made a bunch of difference on the rifle
  2. https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/timber-tuff-20-in-portable-saw-mill-1244247?cm_mmc=feed-_-GoogleShopping-_-Product-_-1244247&gclid=Cj0KCQiAwf39BRCCARIsALXWETzkFKnUqRAh5azwqIDyb1mtJCky8JzC-V-NFIS4FBYnergJt954WkEaAvg6EALw_wcB Or something like this https://www.pinterest.ch/pin/527554543838180669/
  3. Good advice here. Article that covers RV ac: https://www.rvingknowhow.com/solar-power-for-rv-air-conditioner/
  4. Well darn this pesky job! I was busy working not surfin so I missed the chance at .45 brass.
  5. I literally just paid for a 20 in blued rossi in 45. Would have loved cch. Good looking gun
  6. The number of things that are listed as HAZMAT when shipped in bulk commodity is staggering. Coke syrup is class 8 corrosive. Dawn dish soap is a class 9 miscellaneous marine pollutant. Most folks wouldn't go into a grocery or walmart if they knew how much HAZMAT went in the back door. But the consumer commodity exception means no placards for final delivery.
  7. You forget some people are more equal than others in certain societies and MUST be able to maintain their status. TLDR: for them not you prole
  8. Solar goes through either a converter inverter to the grid or a charge controller to a battery bank for storage to feed an a.c. inverter for house power. If it goes in the pot and I have a solar farm next door I'm going to reroute at least enough power so I have house power during daylight hours. I already own enough solar to handle basic house needs and some remote water pumping. I want 2kw output and storage
  9. Before I changed jobs I would have just walked into the placards room and sent you one. But the best I can do now is tell you that truckstops sell individual PLACARDS not labels. Sounds like you want a box shipping label not a full sized truck hazmat placard
  10. Let em build it, if it all goes in the pot you got all the lectric you need right next door. Invest in some pure sine wave inverters
  11. Probably clay tablet. I wonder if Google translate can translate the cuneiform marks in each room
  12. He friendly you can play with him. No cateyes not triangle headed no pits. Rat snake
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