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  1. Learned a long time ago when I moved away from home to just ask if they had simple syrup. Add the sweet water to the tea and avoid the gritty texture.
  2. Its moving again! Remember allow 6-8 weeks for delivery? I'd order stuff and forget I ordered it before it got delivered. It was a surprise to come home to boxes
  3. I'm sorry pard I didn't pay attention to the fact you are from 42 wallaby way.
  4. If that happens just pretend its 1970 and handle it yourself
  5. I think Middlesex trading company IIRC is the name of a place I bought a .69 flinter double once upon a time. Might have some you are interested in
  6. I'm just pending now. OTOH i ordered a sway hitch ball off ebay Saturday afternoon and it was in my mailbox when I got home Monday via Amazon drop ship.
  7. I just watched a video about yeti vs Ozark trail coolers. Yeti was better but was it 170 bucks better? No but people like the brand
  8. Chris Fix will also teach you how to change your blinker fluid.
  9. Spring is in the air! Do you know where youe ice shack is?
  10. Naaa jack ya don't use it there... Ya tape the crocagators mouth shut and then kinda hog tie their little arms behind their backs. Then proceed with the bivouac
  11. When I make a holster or wet form leather I put em in a bucket of water. Soak for 15 minutes or so. Double bag the gun. If I want A Very tight fit use use a sand form technique similar to sand casting. 3 gallon bucket half full of wet sand place a grocery bag around wet leather holstered gun and pack wet sand around. Forms the wet leather to exactly the shape of the gun. Another thing I do for six guns is after the leather takes the guns shape and is getting dry but still pliable is pull and pit the gun, then stuff a waffle ball in the mouth of the holster to bell it.
  12. So can you log into your email account go to sent items and forward an email with the group of emails you have? From the forwarded email copy all the email addresses in the to: line and dump them into a new group email header on your groups list.
  13. I get a lot of 'coming to your place for the end of the world' I tell em bring supplies and skills I won't have time or space for freeloaders. Can't go it alone, besides preps you should be building community. Teach where they need it and learn where you can. It really helps to be able to share the burden with people you can trust, ya know like neighbors. A hot shower and a meal, even if its stew or soup when they don't have can make a whole lot of headway into getting them to listen to your point of view. Just remember ther are makers fakers and takers in
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