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  1. Mess Sergeant, got a big old chicken on his hat with skewers in his claws
  2. Buy some pool shock. A 1 pound bag treats a 10,000 gal pool to standard. It chemically purifies a WHOLE lot more water than that for drinking. Add 1t of shock to 2 gallons water. That makes high test bleach. Then add 1 pint of bleach solution to 12-13 gallons of mechanically purified water. Let sit for a bit preferably in sunshine. Then pour back and forth between 2 pots or such to aerate and remove chlorine taste.
  3. Your trailer lights present enough resistance to the ciruit to tell your truck there's a trailer on.
  4. My wife wanted to get in to professional photo work. One day she starts explaining why she needs to upgrade her kit glass and starts talking about clarity and distortion and I had an aha moment. I asked her if she was talking about professional glass and she said yes. I just said oh ok what's it cost? Floored her, she had been researching for weeks and had a pro level debate laid out to get me on-board. I told her there's guns I want that the scope costs more cause good glass matters. I also found out a lot of off brands are made in the same factory on the same line as the name brands. Might have looser. Quality control but same stuff different badge.
  5. Read this year's ago its not just finger on trigger https://www.itstactical.com/warcom/firearms/safety-warning-worn-leather-holsters-can-cause-accidental-discharges/
  6. 60mm and 70mm refer to the lens size. Larger lenses gather more light and see more clearly in lower light conditions. IIRC the 25-75 reading are magnification numbers. Important consideration is how wide or narrow the field of view is at the range you will be spotting. It helps get the picture framed. All other things equal the top set of numbers is better
  7. You could always point out that not using your prescribed medical device poses a '' dieing'' risk and if they would kindly sign here accepting liability you will abide by their rule. Otherwise use the power pole Bet next printing there is a line with the word except in it
  8. Seems like if you shut off an underwater pipe and it compresses then when you start it up again joints or holes that were plugged got pushed outta shape by the water weight and now leak
  9. Keep in mind the phrase '' of survey respondents'' Ain't nobody's business what I got how I carry or use any alleged firearms. I would assume these are under reported numbers
  10. It's why Dirk Pitt didn't get thrown in jail all the time. He was a Fed since he worked for NOAA. It's like the USPHS. US Public Health Service is a commissioned Uniform service that most people have never heard of
  11. Sometimes it depends on which side of the measure the saw kerf is
  12. A wooden dowel? Lead pour? Get 4 single shot .410 for the same money? If you want a legal bird gun this might not be that
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