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  1. Shoe box. Cut holes in the short sides for your hands to fit through. Make a rectangular hole in the top and tape some plastic wrap over it for a window. Take lid off put workpiece inside replace lid. Hands from side. Springs and screws stay contained in the box when they go boing tik tik tik.
  2. And yaupon leaves are chock full of caffeine. Don't eat the berries but the leaves make a tea/coffee substitute. Makes a stout staff or walking stick if you need one
  3. If you accept hospitality there is an obligation from the host to protect the guest. If able bodied the guest has an obligation to offer assistance in an emergency. Grab a guy ask what's up, who are these guys. If the answer seems legit throw in. If you're getting paid by the folks getting shot at do your job.
  4. O find it amusing that a European and Japanese art being performed by Koreans hasn't caused the universe to collapse from cultural appropriation.
  5. You know most native tribes raided other tribes for slaves. Blue Jacket was a white taken as a slave by the Shawnee who became a war chief. I bet if checked slavery on the north American continent goes back thousands of years. But that might skew the narrative.
  6. It's the only way to get rid of potholes and washouts. If you just fill em in hydraulic action churns the fill out next time it rains and the hole gets bigger. Proper way is break it up, grade and repack and if possible with that red dirt reset. I remember when the county used to oil the dirt roads in summer to keep the dust down.
  7. You need scarier blades on your box blade like this it makes a smoother grade. Just came in from raod maintenance had a heavy rain and washout last night https://www.google.com/search?q=Titan+6'+Box+Blade+Tractor+Attachment+For+Category+1+3pt&stick=H4sIAAAAAAAAAONgVuLVT9c3NMwtzM0qriy0fMRowS3w8sc9YSn9SWtOXmPU5OIKzsgvd80rySypFJLmYoOyBKX4uVB18vxiFAjILyjNSSxSKCjKTylNLinuYGVaxGoRklmSmKdgpq7glF-h4JSTmJKqEFKUmFySX6TgWFKSmJyRm5pXouAG5DonlqSm5xdVKhgqGBeUHGA9uO352pvfP3woP8D6-drUF48-bnhVcYC1-fzGjdt3Pjsie4D11Y2v8_tP3trAfID12ef23gM71jf1MN5ik2RQKvnXu6wsWyVhqvrj9AfxBvKhCnz9oU80AcNb5e_xAA
  8. When you finished painting the rocks white you made em yellow. Then when you finished painting em yellow you made em white. At least that's the kind of reasoning Uncle Sam taught me as a buck private.
  9. I got the title reference and am a brown coat myself. Used to blast the theme at work when I got stressed. I have the boxed set but after the Brisco thread I was gonna keep my geekdom to myself. I have that boxed set also
  10. Firefly is a space western. Highly recommended.
  11. Ebay for dvd/ bluray and vudu for digital collection Ebay gets you original where Han shot. (Han shot first implies Greedo even got off a shot)
  12. There is some sort of discount if you bundle ESPN Hulu and Disney.
  13. I have that we use it a bit. Star wars , marvel and all you want Disney. Try peacock. Free
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