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  1. It may be brass plated. 2 metals plus a salt give galvanic action that can cause corrosion and pitting of the sacrificial metal.
  2. Rub some dirt on it it'll be fine
  3. Same reason I drink dragon in Jamaica. Wish I could find it stateside
  4. There is 24 hours between what you will and won't eat.
  5. What if UFO's are time travelers who got the spatial coordinates wrong and had to 'dock manually
  6. Callahans crosstime saloon had a counterclock. Wered you find it?
  7. Until 1968 gca once time was served rights were restored. Would love to see SCOTUS review constitutionality of 68 gca
  8. There are 10 kinds of people in the world: those that understand binary and those that don't
  9. Keep in mind half of the country is dumber than the 'average' citizen
  10. It looks like he hanging vinyl siding so my guess is the next couple runs so he doesn't have to jungle gym more than necessary
  11. Wrapped around a stick like Bannock bread. I have also cooked biscuit in a flat rock oven fired hot on the plate side of the boys out mess kit. Rotating 1/4 turn toward the fire after I knocked the fire out of the oven.
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