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  1. There a several situations where a neck knife is handy. Examples: When you’re working in chest high waders or just wading hip high across the creek. Fishing in a kayak with no pocket or belt access. It is -20* F so you are wearing a mid thigh length parka and need a knife to chip the ice from the barn door to chore. When you are wearing nothing but a loin cloth and your kneck knife sheath. You need to cut kindling but that tomahawk tucked in the waist strap keeps sagging your cloth. Basically any time it is not practical to access a pocket knife or belt carried sheath knife. Or any time the conditions (river mud) may ruin said pocket knife or the leather sheath (brackish water). Some times a fishing/utility vest works well but sometimes a neck knife is the proper solution (too hot for a vest or too cold for just a vest). Ka Bar and Buck Knives both make an affordable skeleton model to try out. Berkley makes a cheap but somewhat ergonomic plastic handled model. When you are on land (no risk of dropping in the water) I prefer a higher quality but still light weight model like the sweedish Morakniv. A folder on a rope works ok for close tasks like cutting tags on a lure knot but it is generally more hassle than benefit. Another alternative is the arm band knife. It doesn’t flop around, tapping you in the chest as you walk. I could never get used to the random weight that was added to the middle of the arm.
  2. They shouldn't wear those pants anyway, its like giant sand paper when they lean on my car.
  3. He chose to play Roscoe P Coletrain that way. He read the lines before auditioning and made the conscious decision on how to portray the sheriff. Casting liked it and he got the role. According to James Best in an interview. He was in this mornings episode of Have Gun, Will Travel.
  4. Another article listed the informant as a nervous nelly neighbor.
  5. Obscure? As of 5/10/19, type 03 FFL were 52,704 out of 131,689 total FFLs according to the BATFE.
  6. The tractor was not perfectly centered on the trailer. When the hood latch broke, that created an unbalanced wind resistance like a sail. The trailer began to whip which ripped the wheels from the axles, causing the trailer to roll. When the trailer rolled, the safety pin fell out of the hitch causing it to disconnect from the truck in the direction of the whip. As the trailer went off tail first and dug in, the KE of the tractor carried it upward towards the sky. Ending with this picture. The Amish will be interested in this newly converted skid trailer but not in the tractor.
  7. This little muzzle device comes in handy when your state bans fireworks. You can fire it at night for just 23 cents a pop. Entertain old and young while justifying another accessory.
  8. Handling the Ruger 77/17 in the store, it is a better fit and finish rifle. The bolt is more refined and felt tighter. The B-mag bolt has more slop when pulled back, my bolt handle can hit the optic bell. The bolt likes to be man handled for proper feeding, not a slow and easy "don't spook the coyote" type bolt. The Ruger balance was better than the synthetic stock B-mag. Haven't found a local Ruger owner to compare accuracy with. Some of the early B-mags did not group well. My first field barrel would group 5 shots 2.5" at 100 yards. Some people say it was poor production ammunition and others said it was the Savage barrel. Savage fixed it a few years ago, tweaking the rate of twist. My newer field barrel groups well, around an inch (eye balled, not measured) at 100 yards. The heavy stainless barrel in a wood stock was measuring groups of an inch (measured) at about 125 yards. These were impressive groups for me, even shooting on the bench.
  9. Did your test administrator remove the magazine before driving on top of the pistol? We've found steel magazines are important to polymer frame integrity.
  10. It'll be a B-mag if you're looking at the Savage line. This is a rifle that should be tried in store before buying or ordering as the bolt action is not as fluid as the 93r17.
  11. The 17 HMR is adequate at open sights distances. The HMR is quieter, more widely available, available in a reliable semi auto and smooth bolt actions. The 17 WSM gives you extended ethical range to take advantage of the scope. Ammunition can be had for 17 HMR prices. You can buy whatever brand ammunition you want in 20gr, it is all made on the same line. I don't know if all 25gr is made on the same line.
  12. There is a Youtube video of a doe that is killed by concussive force by a close passing 50 BMG. 17HMR over the 22WMR, 17 WSM over 17 HMR if you are using a scope.
  13. You must be a preferred customer. Capital One sent a follow up letter, they have only called me about fraudulent charges. With increasing print and postage costs, you'd think there would be more automated calls. Maybe legal issues require the printed letters. The Cabela family was trying to buy the company but Johnny Morris paired with Goldman Sachs before they got the capital. The acquisition has not been favorable to the Cabela's customer base.
  14. Sometimes the recall or bulletin repair the engineers come up with to fix their mistake requires a custom new tool. The engineers didn't always develop it so we had to buy it from Mac or SnapOn. A high quality and expensive tool that is only used for 3 months to a year depending on how quickly customers repond to their letter. It was impressive how quickly the tool companies could bring the product to market, often on the tool trucks in weeks.
  15. Kettering University (formerly General Motors Institute) does co-op work experience too.
  16. He is probably out by now, that happened in 2016.
  17. If you get the auto loader and you intend to shoot a lot in one sitting, strip it while mounting your scope. Some scope & mounting combinations require you to remove the scope for clearance for disassembly. Then you get to rezero the scope after install. There is a 10% rebate right now: https://promotions.vistaoutdoor.com/EN/US/Promo/19/116/EntryForm
  18. The Savage 93 is accurate enough for hunting. Rabbits at 100yd were no problem. It would eat everything reliably but had its favorites for groups. Mine never had the chance to try spitting the A22mag ammo. It came with an unknown model Bushnell, assumed to be a base model Banner. Others have said theirs came with a Simmons. I would have preferred a Simmons. The Bushnell held zero if you set the cross hairs and left it. It did not pass the box test for consistent turret adjustment. The eye box was too picky for my eye. So the Bushnell 3-9x40 was sold and replaced by a Sig Wiskey 3-9x40. If you want a point and shoot, the 93 XP camo is good enough. If I had it to do again, I would have bought a 93, put the $200 savings towards a better scope and a hydrographic dip. Now I shoot the Savage A22M with CCI A22M, a self loader with flush fit magazine. Is it the rifle or that a manufacturer is finally putting out a consistent quality 22WMR round? I've never been impressed with 22WMR accuracy until now.
  19. Congratulations on your daughter's first successful solo trip. How did she get the powder? The stores here require you to be 18.
  20. Some cars do have an outside beeper to alert parking lot pedestrians. Some even have exhaust and engine tones that play through the cars speaker system for the driver.
  21. If you don't like it, I'll take it with the yellow grips.
  22. Keep running it as you have. There is a reason the 300 I-6 has been around since the 60s. You could run it with vegetable oil and still get another 100k out of it (not a recommended oil in the Ford manual).
  23. Something like this: Built in Minnesota and modified by some guy.
  24. X2, good domestic quality, affordable. If you slick up the trigger on your Glock, it also works on the CCU instead of paying for 2 triggers.
  25. Not often. Something generally has to break to cause an alignment issue. The track is aligned during initial dealer setup. It is more common for a track to rip apart into a long ribbon instead of a loop. That is a wild ride because you have vary little control when the track shoots off.
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