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  1. They called it Carolina Shag here. Maybe because they lady who showed us was from South Carolina. There is a late 80s movie Shag or The Shag. A National Lampoons meets Dirty Dancing style comedy set in the early 60s to the plot of a girls trip.
  2. The final paragraph: “Several red states, including Florida, are considering legislation designed to halt the use of such codes, so this issue isn’t going away anytime soon. In fact, the Florida bill would make it a felony to assign a merchant category code “or otherwise classify a merchant that is a seller of firearms or ammunition separately from general merchandise retailers or sporting goods retailers”, so things could get very interesting in the near future as companies like Visa are forced to choose between following the edicts of the International Standards Organization or complying with Florida state laws.” This state law should be pushed through on revenue alone. These stores will see increased sales from unprotected states.
  3. @Dantankerous Yes, this is a newer rule by Fedex and UPS. Summer of 2022 some senators accused the carriers of causing gun crime. Then Biden’s new frame rules and shipping requirements furthered the restrictions. Now it is tough to ship without an FFL.
  4. Sounds like you better not file a lawsuit to close a shooting range.
  5. Thanks. First I’ve heard of it starting on AMC+. The tv commercial made it sound like a new series.
  6. As of this week it is different. Published Jan 31 a pistol brace is now an sbr.
  7. A quick internet search brought a answer from 2021: https://iowatorch.com/2021/12/14/iowa-now-has-28-second-amendment-sanctuary-counties/
  8. I don’t trust that map. A few small NE states don’t have any sanctuary counties, that is believable. Iowa, a heartland state, not having a single sanctuary county, not believable.
  9. Do you recommend it? Is it worth ordering on the internet?
  10. My guess is that covid was not the major factor. J&P used to have a big rally at the main store near the museum, then they moved most of operations to the southeast. Then they sold J&P cycles so the family no longer could support the museum as a business write off. It was a great stop for Harley guys westbound to Sturgis, just 35 minutes from i80. Then stop at J&P, they would pull anything from the warehouse and hand it to you. Sometimes you could install it there. Then get back on i80 for an hourish to stop at Brownells. Then ride another 3.5hrs to see the American Speed Museum if you didn’t cut north first.
  11. The museum is closing this fall. They are working on returning bikes to the owners so the displays are probably starting to dwindle. I saw some of their bikes on a national auction site last fall, this explains why. https://www.rideapart.com/news/640892/national-motorcycle-museum-closing-2023/
  12. A 1,000% tax on anything should be easy for the state legislature to vote no based on economic discrimination.
  13. Every FFL has log books stating what they transferred to who and when.
  14. Is it though? Seems more like in-derwear than underwear.
  15. Is there a current version of this map?
  16. @bgavin he better have a comfortable couch here.
  17. That happened to me too. Turned out to be a friend buying me magazine subscriptions because she didn't want to turn away the elementary kids doing door to door fundraisers. The magazine only came on years there was 5th or 6th grader in her neighborhood.
  18. Admittedly, I'm not a big fan of President Biden but that is a reach.
  19. And cleaned her room first.
  20. Interesting that it was posted on MSN. https://www.fieldandstream.com/guns/new-marlin-336-lever-action-rifle-review/
  21. Yes, K&R policies are real and commonly purchased by companies sending Americans to Mexico or Africa. We were instructed to always carry a second wallet and old cell phone. To throw them both on the ground, distracting the robber while running away. The USA lists kidnapping warnings for several countries: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/search.html?search_input=Kidnapping&data-sia=false&data-con=false&search_btn=
  22. Enough cash for the trigger or the ammunition?
  23. Are they pressed in now? I doubt it. Have had a few of those factory new from Ruger over the decades. Think it is luck of the draw.
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