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  1. reckon , they gotta try something new to get rid of that NASTY crap CB
  2. as for the fuel issues , it is well known that it will kill a motor , boat , small engine , lawn mower , weed eater , chain saw , ect it might be due to all the new owners , who do not listen , to others , and do not read owner manuals I almost never get fuel at a marina , but I have places I get fuel that I trust to be 100% gas Chickasaw Bill
  3. best deep fried in peanut oil CB redneck river rat
  4. Sarge I was thinking about you , wondering , how you were getting along . kinda in the same boat , back blown , and not shooting much good to see you are still doing the best ya can Chickasaw
  5. Sir the SIGMA series, seem to be a very well built pistol , I had one of the original SIGMAs in 40 , shot well I would not mind , getting another one , CB
  6. here in AR , free parking at most of the shows , $10 to get in pretty well a waste of time and fuel CB
  7. been leashed by a cell phone , since 1992 sure miss NOT , being on that leash CB
  8. It would appear y'all need to use the 3 S rule shoot shovel SHUST UP CB
  9. I have seen a lot of NEW , major mfgs. guns with issues , milling chips , missing parts , bent and broken parts , pretty much you name it stuff happens CB
  10. he AIN'T no copper smith , I would have to guess CB
  11. when ya got a big hammer , everything looks like a nail CB
  12. The BATFE , has been running unchecked for over 50 years , making their own rules and regs , then leaving them open ended to do as they want breaking the very laws they put into place Chickasaw Bill
  13. worthless laws NFA "34 GCA "68 Clinton gun ban way too many to list Chickasaw Bill
  14. when ya die , we is gonna split up your gear Chickasaw
  15. NO THANKS I see enough stupid , with out hunting for it CB
  16. there are many "drivers" on the road , whom can NOT keep 1 trailer in the lane used to be watchout for teh 4 wheelers , NOW it is DON"T TRUST anyone CB
  17. I leave stingers in all the trucks , some days I get cross ways of myself YEP , the air turns "BLUE" CB
  18. oh H*** NO , that be plumb NASTY put down the beer and back away CB
  19. I can only answer , for myself , trying to find some one to ship to Ca . has been a fools errand . None of the shops want to do so . Add to that , I sure ain't gonna chance making a mistake , that ends up , with me getting cross ways with the DOJ . about all I got to say , on this subject CB
  20. every day , it seems , brings another fight to keep our freedoms let alone trying to regain , those that were stolen Chickasaw Bill
  21. in AR , we keep getting cold snaps , right after the rains , figure I have only found 12 or so this year had good rains over the weekend , and here comes to cold again , maybe some by Fri , when the rains come back CB
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