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  1. I was wondering , IF , ya was making apple jack CB
  2. I have a bass line for that tune , that makes lead players MAD I do on 4 strings , what many wish they could do on 6 CB
  3. SIR with all due respect , it is NOT a slippery slope it is a bob sled track CB
  4. Gas bill came in , more than double last year , with less gas used at least I ain't in a pup tent , YET CB 8% inflation, my foot
  5. the Spery swordfish , was out dated , when it found the weak spot , in the Bismark IIRC CB
  6. I do pretty well with tomatos , squah , peppers and cukes as long as I "relocate" the coons , possoms , and ground hogs CB give away several bushels of produce , to folks that need em , through out the growing season
  7. IF ya got a big enough turkey burner , ya could get the water hot enough to pluck the bird CB
  8. there is an ordnance in town to prevent the keeping of chickens , but it is not enforced , unless , ya have riled. up certain groups I doubt , most folks under 40 , know , how to clean a bird anymore CB I find lots of fethers and remains over the hill from predation
  9. about Nov . both near doubled , have not had this months come in yet water bill , jumped 30 % CB
  10. it don't matter what the over sized rat says it is gonna do , what it is gonna do CB where be the hooch ?
  11. Guys notice the jacked up screws , the mismatched angles , the drag marks , it all adds up to a botched attempt to tone them down IMO Chickasaw Bill seen a lot of HACK jobs through the years
  12. with out see them much closer , I think? some one has dulled them , to reduce the glare I had a set of high polish pistols , I thought about doing that to , but I sent em down the road CB
  13. as with most of the "guidance" and rules from the swamp , they are written "open ended" to lead to confusion on the part of the reader . To be interpreted by the enforcer , as they see fit . to suit their ends CB
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