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  1. Finding a good truck at a decent price right now is a challenge to say the least
  2. No. I agree you can make a v6 do 80% of the work of a v8 but the v8 is designed to do the work. And isn't working crazy hard to do it like the v6 is.
  3. Look at the owners manual. Find max tow rating. Get max combined vehicle gross rating. Realize this is the max limit with one person of 150 pounds and a tank of gas not a loaded truck with family of 4 seated. Do you have tow package with cat 4 hitch, 7 pin connector and trailer brake controller? Before you start towing thousands of pounds make sure your truck is set up to tow. Weight distribution hitch or just ball on reciever? Do you have lt tires or p rated tires? Are your shocks set up for towing or passenger comfort? How heavy is the trailer you intend to tow? The tongue weight?? The advertised weight is empty as delivered to the dealer no battery nothing in the tanks. I tow a 2013 hideout 27dbs behind an f150 with a 5.4 triton. If I fill the tanks I am at 90% of max tow rating. And it bouncess and and wiggles down the road. I usually don't put more than 10 gallons in the tanks. If it's empty I am comfortable at 65 mph or less.
  4. Cause its his truck and he wants it that way
  5. I don't have enough roof space to offset my electric bill with solar. Been doing the math lately I use 60kwh a day without heavy ac. Their grid ain't gonna work
  6. He has a pound of explosives in his powder horn. And likely a cannon at home. The people who wrote the 2a brought their own artillery and ima supposed to believe it only applies to rifles and handguns? The Puckle gun and rifles and pistols firing superposed loads existed for repeating flintlocks as well as drilling guns.
  7. Mine sits in a Mason jar on the counter next to the stove. What did folks do before the 30's when refrigeration became a thing?
  8. Seems like some lower altitude testing would have been done first Early wingsuit test fail
  9. If you hit it with a bit of old school windex and swab it the ammonia stops the reaction. It's not a replacement for a good cleaning but it'll keep it from corroding on the way home. Most russian milsurp ammo is corrosive.
  10. That might need a depot level teardown and recert. Can destroyed, barrel, gas return all cherry red. When Mythbusters did stuff like that they used plexiglass shields and remote triggers. I wonder if those dudes even stopped to think what a catastrophic failure at that rate of fire could do.
  11. Triops you can buy them at hobby lobby and hatch em. Triops have 3 eyes! They are vegetarian except when they are cannibalistic.
  12. I use a lee beam scale with magnetic damper but bought a harbor freight electronic scale last year. Cross check once in a while and they agree so far
  13. I always wondered if one pull of the trigger shot 2 bullets do you need a tax stamp for it?
  14. Combine 15 parts to 3 parts to 2 parts. Yields Green powder. Will mechanically separate. Wet with either: urine, wine or water. Compress slurry into cake, allow to dry. CAREFULLY grind into grains of needed size. Away from important stuff and in small lots
  15. I have a solingen straight razor. When my pop gave it to me he told me it was a Chevy level razor not Cadillac but still good quality
  16. I haven't played in the C&R arena in a while but before the milsurps dried up J&G SALES, Sarco and Numrich were go to's for milsurp toks
  17. I have read that eucalyptus leaves are mildly narcotic. Koalas are addicted and that is why they just eat eucalyptus. Thug life: stoned all the time and your prints on file...
  18. I was thinking a savory cross between a jelly roll and a butterbraid. Really Long twisted tortellini? It's a slice and eat sandwich.
  19. Roll out. Put filling on top. Fold over. Seal edge. Score through top and filling but not bottom dough. Twist. Bundt pan The image shows 2 triangle of dough. One edge is continuous the other is split. Not sure how you would braid 2 strands but looks like a twist
  20. Appraised value before policy is issued. They paid you, it's theirs. Likely negotiate a resale but if it's a concern get it written into the rider.
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