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  1. Way back machine triggered: https://youtu.be/h4bc9UwZsYs
  2. We're not supposed to get political here. In these situations there is always more to the story than our media portray and it takes YEARS and work for someone not in the courtroom to find. This is being published in almost real time. Video and social media try and convict in seconds, and a court system designed in the 18th century... And by no means am I anti police, my son is on the job. Depending on where you are in the US there can be shall we say... REASONS to not trust the local boys in blue. The locals tend to know the reasons. I'm from a 'reason I pulled you over is you ain't from around here' town. OR he had a reason to rabbit and the cops knew the reason but needed RAS to stop him
  3. Some of that training goes all the way back to wall phones though. I know I took it then. Now days if you yell hey siri call 911 loud enough you can voice call 19 times. Take out cell Dial 911 put it on speaker toss it on the ground and get to work
  4. If I had to put a pin in it: There were egos involved. These officers were members of an elite squad and the start of this was a questionable traffic stop where the suspect ran after being removed from the car, chemical spray and taser were deployed. The spray blew back on an officer and they had to run. Amateur armchair opinion but this looks like a ' you DIDN'T just make me chase you?' And look what you made me do!' coupled with embarassment/anger over weapons discharge and injury. Adrenaline and ego.
  5. Not likely https://www.npr.org/2023/01/26/1151721800/memphis-officers-charged-tyre-nichols-murder
  6. Chronograph should measure the bullet. Smoke and unburned powder exit after the bullet. Powder that doesn't burn in the barrel BEHIND the bullet is wasted. Looks cool and makes an awesome fireball but wasted.
  7. The leading cause of injury in old men is thinking they are young men
  8. California, Oregon, Washingtons both state and district and Illinois appear to be target markets.
  9. I have a .45 carbine. And used to belong to the hi point forum. They are what they are. But if you want a tackle box gun that goes bang and doesn't break the bank if dropped in a pond... Straight blow back single stack mag and need to remove roll pins to do a full takedown. It hits targets
  10. My understanding from context: Yeet (yēt) verb to throw toss or chuck. Yeet that over here. He really yeeted that ball. I am not sure if Yat is an appropriate past participle
  11. This an old on about hi points. a couple haters admitted they work
  12. It would seen to me that the tax is a fatal flaw in that legislation. Shall not be infringed? Very narrow scope of interpretation now. And the taxing of a Right is not allowed. I have always said if you replace the word firearm with vote in all of these regulations there would be no question that they are un constitutional. '34 '68 fopa all infringe
  13. Non covid 'vaccine' recipient. Sure are a lot of 50 somethings in the news dieing of cardiac incidents lately
  14. Pa used to say 'wish in one hand and poop in the other. See which one fills up first. He didn't say poop
  15. Supposed to use a p51 on no 10 cannot. Or the crank opener mounted to the prep table. No opener? Flip the can over and rub the rolled edge on rough stone or concrete until abrasion wears through the top layer of metal and you see juices coming out. Now it's easy to pry the lid off
  16. I load 45 colt shot in my cowboy brass. I have a .5'' dowel cutter and cut cards out of cereal boxes. Powder card shot (usually from my cowboy shot bag)card a touch of elmers to hold it together Shoot it out of my cowboy pistol
  17. If its inflammation based pain increasing your omegas can decrease inflammation. Gloucosamine/chondroitin with msm contains precursor alleles to cartridge. Its a nutrient that gives your body building blocks to repair cartrilidge, ligaments or tendons. Won't work immediately but might over time
  18. But it's black and has a shoulder thing that goes up...
  19. airbag expands so fast it flays the epidermis off your hands like a glove. Early one stage airbags
  20. Gloving is another nasty side affect of the explosive expansion in an airbag. On a lighter note airbag popcorning is hilarity incarnate. Talk your buddy into sitting on an airbag module and acti ate it remotely. Record and post...
  21. Mount it with the bell pointed down so water doesn't get to stay inside against the membrane that makes the sound
  22. A dark and stormy us ginger beer and dark rum like goslings over ice. That's just good hooch I've got 12 year Glen never tried 14
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