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  1. I am a fan of waiting til we have answers. But in all this no one seems to point out that this dud shot his Granma in the face! That should tell folks what kind of sideshow we are dealing with. ANY human that can shoot his granma is defective. The subsequent massacre just illuminated the depravity.
  2. I thought it went to the local dispatch center who then dispatches the appropriate agency. Least that's how my mom used to do it when she was a dispatcher
  3. Find a site that tells you what 26 cents today would be worth in 1973
  4. Summer was also the good terminator in the Sarah Connor chronicles
  5. Guns fit in holsters. Some guns fit in some holsters better than others.
  6. It interrupts the natural q waves of your hearts electric impulse generator. It makes your heart stop until it's zapped again
  7. Serenity came out years after the series was cancelled. One season of a pretty good concept, they found out they got cancelled at their Christmas party.
  8. Forget sword canes, easily recognized and usually cheap blades. Get a decent Hames headed walking stick. Equivalent of a very unrecognized mace.
  9. I kept traveller's checks in em and made bank between paydays while in service.
  10. I got notified today somebody hacked my FB account. Kinda funny never had one.
  11. Before ya buy a house you are told if an hoa exists. You sign paperwork stating you read the covenants and will abide by them.
  12. Crack em with one hand and drop em in the other. Whites leave between your fingers and the yolk stays in your palm.
  13. That sign is called a crossBUCK. I see what they did there...
  14. That's why he doesn't see the green flash. Right before it happens Bob gets bored and starts looking at bugs n stuff
  15. People make a business of charging to pick it up and then getting paid to drop it off. Definition of Win win
  16. Also Line Vs staff officer matters. A staff officer with a non combat arms affiliation should defer to an officer from ANY of the combat arms
  17. If you had your coffee BEFORE the problem you'da figured it out faster
  18. Sounds like dunlopps disease. Yer belly dunlopped over yer belt!
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