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  1. No disagreement there. Went to College in Wisconsin during the Packer Dynasty. Was from out of state, and not a tremendous football fan, though I played. It was Packer everything! Must have been my Sophomore year, on Thanksgiving the Lions beat the Packers. Not only was I delighted, I even won a few bucks.
  2. 257 Roberts Ackley Improved. 6mm Rem Magnum.
  3. Disagree in part. Obviously, Education is most critical, but sports are an important aspect of the learning process. Two grown kids who learned about working and winning. Both in professional fields, both played Big 10 sports and have Championship Rings. I believe their career success is based in part on what they learned about work and outcomes playing sports.
  4. No logic involved - Feelings and doctrine.
  5. This is a great opportunity to revive walled cities, think Escape from New York. Wall them in!
  6. Well Dam. I'm old and and manage without gadgets. Have a better one!
  7. Mine ain't all that far from my SASS alias, but that would be telling!
  8. John Henry Fitzgerald did similar in demonstrations, purportedly Elmer Keith was too quick for him! We did many variations in Japanese Jiu Jitsu. They are very effective and work, until they don't. If your life is on the line anyway...
  9. I've dealt with the BLM. Not on my list of competent and trustworthy.
  10. Maybe not facts? https://www.farmprogress.com/management/u-s-beef-cattle-numbers-down-prices-up
  11. Yup, in England, if I recall correctly they even temporarily transferred Patton to complete the illusion.
  12. I have been doing 3 years at a time for as long as I can remember. Always get Rifleman as well as frequent calls and mailings for contributions. What do you want to bet that is new money vs. no more likely?
  13. Read, so recycle. Hardcopy Cowboy Chronicle 2023 free for postage. Don't know what that will cost these days. PM me and I'll get it off tomorrow.
  14. Not to be grim, but what about those Crocs? You have both fresh and saltwater varieties. I wouldn't be dipping my toes, and if kids of mine were, be a couple of us standing by with heavy rifles.
  15. There is a story about an Iraqi tank commander. Rough quote via recollection. "They came in from the desert, even we don't go there. First the tank to the right of me was hit, then the one to the left, and then mine. We never even saw them."
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