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  1. If you buy square processed ham, you get what you paid for!
  2. Great idea if you don't have a garage. Pretty sure the logs on tanks were for severe mud extraction.
  3. You sure don't want to go off half cocked!
  4. Recall that it might have been New Rochelle. The folks who disagreed doxed the reporters as well.
  5. Most likely a heavy duty / heavy frame 38 special from days just before 357 Magnum. Just a regular 38 special case. Some old loading manuals have hot loads specifically for those.
  6. And we are more fortunate? At the moment, no. We'll find out in November what our future will be like.
  7. Slide racking is important. My Daughter is a very fit but small former varsity athlete and struggled a bit with a S&W 9mm I picked up for her. I ended up selling it.
  8. Unfortunately, there are at near a dozen where they get away with it in a grand scale every day.
  9. Congrats! Enjoy! Expect it to feel odd for a while!
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