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  1. I had a AMX , with the 401 , with an auto , it could clear the hole pretty well , fast off the line , not to shabby on the top not quite as fast as the Chevelle , but pretty fair on the street , as was the 63 Chevy pu , CB got a Xbody F150/Ranger double badge , 460 , it has put shame on a bunch of kids that think , they got something hot
  2. well everything is for sale , at a price , but it may be crazy high to get it CB
  3. now ya got me wanting to do something with the 54 5 window Chevy pu , out in the barn seems a shame to break it apart , and replace the org 4 speed auto , in it that works 1 st year of an auto trans in a Chevy up . gotta replace the rear end to boot , has a closed drive line CB
  4. well IF ya had spent that $536 on hi proof bonded booze , ya could drink it and be all squekey clean on the inside CB
  5. back in the late 70s , we drove our street race cars and trucks , NO trailer queens , pure motor , NO NOS , once in a while ya might see a blower sticking through the hood , no traction control , even had points on the dist. any more , they are bringing track cars to the street , pro mods , ect street AIN'T street no more CB
  6. well now , DROP in parts are all drop in , TILL THEY AIN'T , 85+% of the time the set of conversion cyls , I got for the 58 shad to be fitted to the gun , all the duel cyl Rugers , I have had came from the factory that way , just keep the cyl with the gun it was fitted to thinking , if it were not so expencive , I would like to get a set of cyls for the Pietta 1860s CB
  7. IF we all be in this together , they can come over and help weed the corn patch at least what the deer ain't dug up and ate CB gonna be a tad dry this fall
  8. well it don't matter , how much they steal from us , they is sill gonna be overdrawn gotta pay the , state , county , and city , for what is suppose to be mine , or they will steal that also Chickasaw Bill
  9. I have a couple of "plastic" or whatever it is , bench blocks , I made a bigger one out of lead , double ice tray sized as to the brass , I lay a 5x8 tarp down to catch most of it , CB
  10. Sir Please PM . me a price on # 8 and # 12 Thank You Chickasaw Bill
  11. I fear the antis , are going to push it , until it rips the country apart , after listening to what folks are saying , in public , it is possible outcome , at least in this area very tense times , NOT something I , want to see Chickasaw Bill
  12. SIR I load on a single stage press , I would suggest , you slug the bore on your rifle , having discovered there are differences in them I would also do/get a chamber cast done , Chickasaw Bill
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