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  1. Sir I will take them , if still aval. sending PM Thanks Chickasaw
  2. I reckon , I am lucky , I got enough ammo , and supplys to get by for a bit , of corse it helps IF ya don't get to shoot much CB
  3. I don't worry about what to take apart , others do that , then bring the parts (that , they AIN'T lost ) and want me to put it back together some days easier said than done CB
  4. why would I waste 15 secs ? most every one KNOWS , I am a DUMB*** CB
  5. Sir Going to a show , right now , is a crap shoot at best , I go to look for parts , and once in a while find something worth bringing home I do NOT go in looking for any thing , special , at times there are bargins , if you know what to look for I have been around the gun shows , since 1990 of so , some times as a vendor , most of the time as a parts hunter smaller shows tend to be better for me to find things , somethins it is info on where things may be located Good luck , on the hunt , Chickasaw
  6. NOZ Hope all is well up your way , maybe , I will get up that way soon Take care , and stay safe CB
  7. all things in moderation BMC whiskey on the other hand is BEST used in EXCESS CB
  8. cool find , as to ammo , I wonder to the shop , and roll my own , maybe one of these days , I will run across one to bring home CB
  9. IF you get into a "fair" fight , re think your position Chickasaw Bill
  10. Sir all the old time true gunsmiths , have passed on , or retired due to age I closed the repair shops to the public , years back , too much hassle , and paper work , Chickasaw
  11. kinda looks like my lab mix ya would think he is never fed , CB
  12. well I have handled a few guns , I am glad could not talk , figure some of the stuff they have seen be real bad some storys are best left un told CB
  13. I started my girls with snub nosed revolvers , they still have em as night stand pistols biggest issue , is they have raided my safe for what ever else they want CB all that space needs to be refilled
  14. OLD enough to know better , still too young to care CB
  15. well I do NOT feel the 45-70 kicks that bad , nor does the M44 M/N even with 203 gn ammo maybe the nerves in my shoulders have been beat to an inop status CB
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