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  1. IF it be brown , ya gotta wonder if it be turnin bad CB
  2. I listen to the stage directions , and sort out what I think I will do , I prefer to shoot early , first couple of shooters that way I do not see what others try , keeps me from getting most Ps CB
  3. well I had one dropped on the bench , seems as tho it would short cycle , for the owner , I have NO clue as to who put it together I did a bit of clean up on it , polished a couple of tight spots out , it would run for me , but the owner , still had jams I am forced to guess , He was limp wristing it , maybe it was just afraid , I would have a go at it with the BLUETIP wrench (oxy ac torch) , it it gave me any problems from the #s , he gave me it cost LOTS more than getting a factory pistol CB
  4. IT seems , I get a bayonet then have to find a rifle to fit it had a bunch of Arisakas I got in a big trade , all had been sportized , including a couple with bright mums CB
  5. Dang , I was hoping ya had got out to have some fun , been a pretty rough time here for the last 6 months or so , reckon , things will slow down sooner or later , then maybe I can too CB
  6. BMC did ya ever get out to catch any fish ? hoping I will get out before the year is over , gotta fix the boat where it got , whacked by a BIG pecan tree had a twister go through in OCT , still attempting to clean up the mess it smashed 2 shops , and impacted 4 other buildings CB
  7. well now , TC is admitting he be CRAZY but he has a way to go to catch up with me CB
  8. Sir Is it a blade or a bead ? a bead . can be made from a screw , easy enough , a blade can be made from a coin or a washer , cut to fit then bonded in place CB
  9. Sir try Numrich or Jack First , I did not take the time to look and see if they had em in stock , not sure what type of sight it is without looking CB
  10. BTT for all the brothers and sisters that served Chickasaw Bill
  11. drink up and be somebody back to our normal drivel
  12. hey NOZ I be a short trip south of ya , maybe things will slow down this way , and I will get to Cassville , yet this year only a call away for you and the Ms take care Chickasaw
  13. positive ground ? think old Ford tractors and pickups
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