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  1. crank up the backhoe , recall the 3 S rule shoot , shovel , and shut up
  2. the Walker twins , red heads and tempers to match CB
  3. MORE FIRE , what could go wrong ? Jim , ya know better than playing with fire , ya is gonna get burned CB
  4. I felt sorry for the bear , having to listen to that CB
  5. then main parts in the action are the same , for replacement , the 75 and 99 are carbine s IIRC , I have seen a few that were clip fed vs tube mag on a whole good little rifle , keep it clean and lubed , it will out last most all of us Chickasaw
  6. NOZ ya KNOW , ya had not ortta post before the 3dr cup of coffee Chickasaw
  7. folks , please recall the Blue Book is a national avg , of retail prices , and subject to local conditions , and is pretty well out dated by the time it is printed , a good REFERANCE , but not a hard value grading is subjective , most are graded too high on the used market IMO as to the odd cals , that is limited , collector vs shooter , a shooter , even if a reloader , will figure in the cost of feeding it just a couple of thought , I figure will be of value , then again it may be worth what you paid for it Chickasaw
  8. TM IMO , a 3/4 ton is lots better at STOPPING things than a 1/2 ton , you have to have enough power to pull , but stopping it is a must gas is cheaper to maintain , on average , gas does not have the torque of diesel , in long hard pulls diesel is better diesels do NOT do well for short stop and go trips , IMO , for limited pulling , a gas is fine , if used within specs , I have done lots of trips with gassers , it boils down to overall usage of the rig , as to what to go to Chickasaw
  9. IMO that is a $500 rifle at best , due to the cal , even tho I like the 32 spc , and have dies and brass , it hurts resale value in my area Chickasaw
  10. ya KNOW , dull knives hurt ya a bunch worse than a sharp one let one get dull and it wants blood CB
  11. in my hands an 87 , is a MAJOR train wreck , just waiting to happen and I be SLOW to boot CB
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