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  1. all women are coded , ya guess what code , and what version at that time , be advised , it changes at any time CB
  2. most fun to shoot , other folks guns , ya ain't gotta clean em other folks ammo , ya ain't gotta reload it CB
  3. hangin' out with this crew , ya is doomed I tell ya DOOMED , for sure CB
  4. not to worry drinks are on your tab CB set em up , doubles all around
  5. BEER is good people are CRAZY CB thinkin I need a BEER or 6
  6. well it never hurts to have another shotgun even if the place is over run with em CB
  7. Sir IF the op does not jump on the stock , shoot me a PM with price , shipped to AR Chickasaw Bill
  8. Don't know about shipping to TN , BUT , I have had several sent to AR , via USPS , right to the front door CB from TN and other states
  9. flame throwers are FUN be sure to bring hot dogs and the fixins for smores CB
  10. I pay taxes on both sides of the road so I am taking my 1/2 out of the middle CB
  11. ya reckon , they need some tofu , to go with the vegimite ? just about as NASTY CB
  12. well at least ya , admit it be NASTY stuff , reckon that be the first step , in getting better ya will never have to worry about me eating your share of that stuff , heck , I doubt the hogs would eat it they do like spent corn mash CB
  13. I never claimed I could spell , worth a hoot , let alone , my fingers hittin the right keys , on this here confuser thing CB
  14. double your money fold it up and put it back in your pocket CB
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