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  1. when I was shooting postal matches , , we had side cocking air guns only reason for ear plugs , I can think of is to block out any noise CB
  2. those rifles are very different than the FWBs. , I shot back in the 1970s , wish I had been able to keep that rifle and pistol I shot on the Dasey postal team for a couple of years , until I had to go to work at a young age , to help with the bills and such CB
  3. I do NOT like hammers , I can not thumb back . the first shot is normaly the most accurate , I prefer to do that single action having carried a revolver , lots longer , than a bottom feeder , I tend to snatch the hammer back as it comes up I also prefer hammer guns better than striker fired , just old I reckon Chickasaw
  4. IF you have a cat , you are STAFF CB can not say my lab thinks that I am not staff
  5. ya gotta live on the edge , ya only get to go around once CB
  6. well it helps to look where the nuzzle is pointed , I know of more then one case where folks forgot to do that in real life so far , I have not had that happen to me , CB
  7. bed rails on the pick up , just throw your jacket of em hood does a fine job as well CB
  8. well lets throw another odd 9mm , the 9 ultra , also a 9x18 , but uses a ,355 projectile Italian police issue , strange little critter , the stuff from over seas , will confuse ya , at least it does me CB
  9. UAPs are real , and more likely to be sighted after a few drinks CB
  10. Confusion , the state created ,when the mind , over rides the bodys' . desire to choke , some one whom needs it CB
  11. IS firearms , ART ? asking for someone else CB I think they is
  12. with a butterfly knife , get one of the chain mail fish cleaning gloves , and a good first aid kit I gave my girls a t handle push knife , double edge and wicked sharp , now that they are over 21 , before that is used , some one has to get through the hail of bullets a very good training corse on self defence is suggested , CB
  13. IMO light coats are the best way to apply , I have used a lot of it over the years , prep is critical CB
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