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  1. given the looks of the rifle , he be a Storm trooper , EVERYONE knows they can NOT hit anything CB
  2. well as long as it is acc enough to knock the jerk down , why worry ? CB
  3. when shooting big matches , I had 3 full main match sets with me , some times , I would trade set in the middle of the day , or use different sets each day AIN'T never gonna win the Caddy , BUT , I am gonna have fun CB
  4. ANTI FREEZE ie whiskey is required to step foot on FT DRUM the more the better CB
  5. HC given the 1-48 twist , I think you should be able to use a conical , I am not sure if there is a lead free power belt , that is what I use in the inlines , I have not tried them in a side hammer , the put your one bullets in the plastic carrier , have not shown the acc. , the power belt has in my stuff , CB
  6. well that be one way to deal with stuff ya can NOT sell CB
  7. well I only speak southren REDNECK , and some might say , NOT that well CB
  8. carry at least 2 reloads , be it a revolver or a bottom feeder CB
  9. I should have added , I am by NO meens a wordsmith , cleaning up my chicken scrach , be akin to polishing a turd ,while , picking up the clean end gave me more than one gray hair , took about 2 weeks soaking to clear all the trash out of it . I reckon , since I grew up on the poor side , I tend to dislike wasting , most anything that can be salvaged , one of my MANY faults CB
  10. NO pics . of it at this time , I rarely take them , unless , I am thinking of doing an article , I have started a couple of articles , but have not sent them in even then I am not a computer person , don't know how to post pics , and too lazy to learn how to I am known for NOT giving up on bringing one back on the line , many times , I spend way too much time and effort , and $$$ on projects maybe I am the patron saint of HOPELESS CUASES CB
  11. I just went through this , rehabing an old 3 screw single six , that was in a lake for 14 to 18 years ended up with a set of grips , off a 1963 mod. fit that old critter like a glove it had nor been back to get the upgrade (transfer bar) shoots well for being drowned CB
  12. I have a big ol lumix Lab mix , Buddy the wonder mutt , like to lay in the shade and supervise CB who has who trained ?
  13. having had a pile of snubbies to chose from , Colts , cobras, air men , Dectives , S&W , J and K frames , Charter Arms , Rossi and a few others I liked the SP101 , but one of my girls , snuck it out , so now I reckon , it be hers seems the girls get all the best ones CB
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