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  1. just a tad of whiskey rash CB never drink while boating , ya might luanch it over a dock and spill your drink
  2. well I was told by a man , much smarter than I am , NOT to use jacketed projectiles in pre 1900 firearms , due to excessive wear to the barrel IMO , this is good info. I have seen the date pushed to 1913 , Have fun , was it mine , I would only shoot lead , and reduced charge ammo Chickasaw Bill
  3. well this would explain , why I am single reckon , common usage , AIN'T what it says Chickasaw Bill
  4. well it would appear , it don't pay to be rich , in Russa CB
  5. Blackwater , have School marm , get ya a VERNERS , a cold one Chickasaw ya will still be hardheaded , but I will back ya any way
  6. Joe was lying , doubt he could tell the truth on anything if , his mouth is open , a lie is coming out Chickasaw Bill
  7. sometimes , maybe , but not always , the analog answer to the question CB
  8. well if them flying deer come by , there is gonna be venison on the ground plan to shoot em down with the RED RIDER CB
  9. and WJ is gonna be short changed again ain't even gonna get coal CB
  10. well I am a poor shotgun shot , best I have done at skeet , was with an old 870 hunting gun hit 20 out of 25 , for me that was pretty good , maybe , I ortta try the slug bbl, with rifle sights , might , hit more of em CB
  11. the dreaded "face plant " as ya get off the tractor back goes into spasms and the legs do NOT work yee haa , is we having FUN yet CB
  12. How to trap a Wallaby , bait , an ice chest , with Beer .and ice , close lid ya need a chair to be comfortable , load dart gun chill out a bit , he will be by , dart said critter CB
  13. well if ya have ever cuaght a wild fawn , ya is gonna be in for a surprise , them hoofs be sharp I have had a lot of fawns , that mom left , under the boat shed , and by the barns , I can get close to em , but they bolf from anyone else kinda cool to head for the shop , with the dog , and he just walks by em CB
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