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  1. Blackwater , I got a nasty chainsaw down in the shop , I betya it will cut dude , get better , maybe , I will be able to get things on auto pilot here to get down that way Chickasaw Bill
  2. wildlife , is more predictable , than most other drivers the issue is many of those are getting MUCH WORSE CB
  3. for those who do not know , what the old water scamp is it is about 46 in wide and just under 8 ft long , made of plastic , ain't but about 12 in in height , don't take a lot to pull it around I have hooked up with a bunch of fish that will take ya for a ride , catfish , stripers , big black bass , Dad and I took that thing all over the place get much over 7 or 8 lbs , it will pull it for a spell CB
  4. a lot of the issues with the 16 , were due to changes made by the WIZ Kids powder change , not chroming the chamber and barrel , to cut cost and increase range CB pretty well all designs are built off what has come before
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