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  1. that girl could put me in the POOR house
  2. if ya let the dog sleep on the bed , ya don't trip over it in the dark Chickasaw
  3. the next step is a RFID that way , they got the proper address to vote CB
  4. like TC suggested as with any show , ya pay your $$$ and take your chances Chickasaw
  5. Take a flat tip screwdriver /bit , and cut out the center to fit easy to make Chickasaw
  6. some would say , Ya MIGHT have a good point loose cannons , be that way at times CB
  7. a mite slow on the take up don'tya think I have known this little fact for at least 45 years CB
  8. I still be looking for a left handed on I can afford , don't seen to be much to be had for someone in their right mind CB
  9. I do NOT know , how many of you have raced , I have , but not at that level , mostly 1/2 mi or less tracks Any time , you , strap into a race car , it could very well be the last time , you do so been in a couple wrecks , oval and straight line , have been able to hobble away from them . so far Chickasaw
  10. getting old , and being busted up , AIN'T for sissies but it beats the heck out of dying CB
  11. I figure ever since Instantacheck (NICS) has come in , every sale has been kept , in spite of the law NOT to do so CB
  12. was thinking of replacing all the cordless stuff , milti brands with Porter Cable . now appears I need to look at other mfgrs , before I spend the $$$$ CB
  13. I do NOT have a truck vault , BUT , I like the ARE fiberglass bed cover on my F150 I also run an ARE step up camper on my Ranger CB
  14. renegade , rebel , and rogue , my high points
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