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  1. I reckon that would be the J. Price , Dosier style hunting knife , JP worked with me several years back , He thought I needed a better knife that the Buck I was carrying , when we were hunting with the Mls next nite , he walked by said give me X $ , thought what am I buying sight un seen ? came back by , and shoved it in my hip pocket , been using it since as a primary hunting knife I have been told it is worth quite a bit to some collectors , JP had some knives featured in SOF and some trade mags (knifemakers , ) Chickasaw
  2. that be a batch of outlaws , best hide the chickens , and other small critters gonna miss the fun , at the Bar3 Chickasaw
  3. made a Glock 22 into a tri cal , for the BIL . 9, 40 ,357Sig recoil seems very manageable , about like a rather warm 39 Super might have to build one for me , but then I don't like Glock CB
  4. I WAS gonna send ya a nanner split , but it started meltin before I got to the post office so to keep it from goin to waste , I ATE it for ya CB
  5. when ya got a hammer , everything looks like a NAIL
  6. Aging , beats the heck , out of some other options CB
  7. Congtats Doc , just had that rattle through my brain any beer is a good beer , if someone else is buying CB
  8. redneck , white socks and blue ribbon beer there has to be a country song in there somewhere CB
  9. UBCs are just a slight of hand move to having a list of who has what RED flag laws pretty well show intent , to disarm everyone EXCEPT the crooks I fear one or both , will cuase greater division , in the country , that seems to be at odds already a house divided will not stand , and many just want to create further divide I DON'T know the answer , but this ain't it , Chickasaw
  10. IF they were to be as loyal as my Lab , then they would be treated as well
  11. it would seem , they have already riled up the RADICAL base , damage done , hide behind a FAKE , SORRY , Chickasaw
  12. I am not aware of NFA 34 or GCA 68 , ever being taking before the SC , in full strange thing GCA 68 , reads much like the 1938 act in Germany , given the orginal intent of the drafters , NFA 34 , and GCA68 , should be struck down in 1901 , there was a law not renewed the required all able body males , 18 to 45 , to own and maintain a mil grade rifle and ammo for the same , being part of the milita , according to the common reading of it to me I figure some folks will take exception to this , but check the facts , and make your own call Chickasaw Bill
  13. I have to agree with UB , it is a cool rifle , in a STRANGE kinda way CB
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