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  1. having shot Frontersman with NOZ , and J Bar a couple of times , My times are pretty close to the same as shooting smokeless , being a duelest maybe a a couple secs. slower , those shoots were a hoot , as I tried all sorts styles thinking I got a P on every stage CB BUT , Ihad FUN
  2. Remington pump , the auto loaders had a button on the side that would unlock the slide CB
  3. well I played for a lot of years , I liked playin' in the honky tonks , relly disliked stage shows , if ya can NOT put folks on the floor , ya ain't doin your job have not picked up the bass , flat top , mandlin , or a banjo , for at least 10 years , it became a job , instead of fun , CB
  4. IMO S&B tends to be on the warm side , BUT , I do not think , I have ever had one not go BANG CB
  5. is it BEER:30 yet ? relly do not care for scotch , maybe a mason jar of white lightin' CB
  6. yep , whomever put it together , did a very good job on it CB
  7. it be a Johnny Cash gun , got it 1 piece at a time , just like the caddy CB
  8. NOZ the speed demon , I told ya to slow down , hate to hear you , messed up the rifle , I hope to get up to Cassville soon , not sure if I will get to shoot , back acting out again hope all is well health wise CB
  9. even the new flip phones , are a PITA to deal with , got a new one when the old one died cuss it most every day , even in a heavy case it shuts off the ringer , and other strange things confusers . AIN'T no better CB
  10. they need to leave the clocks alone it be like cutting 6 ons off a blanket . sewin' it on the other end , and sayin' it be longer CB
  11. an old falllow doe makes some good eating thinking I need to get out to watch em play in the field next to the shop I seem to spend more time making sure they got food than hunting anymore CB
  12. time to do a bit of primer witchin' get some devining" rods , and see what I can dig up CB
  13. I always figured , if one does the hang around thing , it be dinner . if you need the meat have let lots walk , but there have been others , that went under the fork I do not hunt for horns , they be a bit tough to chew CB
  14. well , what ya need to do is go out and slip up that other stand then put the smoke on that 7 point CB
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