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  1. most all the new auto pistols are a copy of a Glock , close enough to have to look close at em always looking to give unwanted guns a home , even if I poke fun at em CB all guns matter
  2. just do NOT use the dry cycle in the dishwasher CB
  3. IMO a older Marlin 1894 (JM) is the best way to go , a 92 is also very strong , toggle link rifles are made to shoot fractory ammo the toggle link was replaced to add strength to the action , if you chose to run hot ammo the 94 or the 92 is the only way to go Chickasaw
  4. well Glocks , do go bang , most of the time , minate of jerk accurate , if ya do your part still butt UGLY , BUT , will get the job done , then clean up in the dish water COMBAT TUPERWARE CB
  5. maybe , he has a soft spot for UGLY guns CB
  6. Having shot the M79 , a little and the M203 , a whole bunch , being a south paw , the sights were much better on the M79 I was pretty good with the 203 , but much more accurate with the 79 CB
  7. well I have Dads OLD RCBS JR , it uses the 5/8 LYMAN dies , been off the bench for many years , I also have his old Lyman turrent press that uses the same dies CB
  8. I ain't afraid of hard work I can take a nap right beside it CB
  9. add a set of peral grips and ya got a cat house gun
  10. I have owned a lot of 1911s , over the years , I feel Kimbers , Les Bauers , and all the rest of the designer guns are way over priced , all get gone through before carry , I got a Commander in 38 Super , ripped it apart and , built it the way I wanted it before it even got the the house RIA s make a good starting point on a build Chickasaw
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