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22 minutes ago, Raylan said:


I'm not the ATF, but being technical... Not with the walker as configured. But...


If you remove  tennis ball from the walker, then at that moment the answer is yes.


I think the correct procedure for replacing a tennis ball on the walker is to first install a long barrel upper on the pistol lower to make it a rifle. But you must install a rifle stock on the lower after removing the pistol upper and before installing the rifle upper. This is very important! please note you may then also need to transport the pistol upper to a different location just to be on the safe side. Guidance on this point is not completely clear.


Only then after returning home may you slice a new tennis ball, swap it for the old one on your walker. Then discard, destroy,  or modify the old tennis ball so it can not be reinstalled.


At this point, you may now use your repaired walker to recover your pistol upper from off-site storage and swap the lower back to it. But make sure you remove the rifle stack after removing the rifle upper and re-installing the pistol upper.


It gets worse for having spare shoelaces in your possession not laced into shoes. This combined with the sliced tennis ball not installed on your walker is not just an SBR, it is constructive possession of a machine gun.


Purists may note the actual rifle stock presents the same problem as the tennis ball; they are correct. But this procedure is the best guidance available from the ATF at this time, the confusion stems from uncertainty with pistol braces.


Should this confusion resolve at some point, the answer may be as simple as wrapping the tennis ball with velcro before slicing it open to install on the walker. Until the recent reversal by the ATF, a velcro strip made everything legal.

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