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  1. Anger yes, resentment no. Anger that the cost of living has gone up 30% or more for the working and middle class in the last 2 years. Anger that the government in collusion with big business has raised the cost of cars, utilities, groceries, gas, and everyday items through massive deficits that have devalued the dollar and through regulations via regulatory capture that have made it more expensive and harder for people to live. Anger that the politicians have done nothing but make life harder for the average person from gas cans to showerheads, to toilets and lightbulbs, from cars to soon to be gas stoves and the list seems endless. But then I imagine the English thought that those colonials were just resentful too. It's a song, people are free to like it or hate it, everyone has their own tastes and opinions - even if they are wrong.
  2. Reminded me more of something in the vein of 16 Tons. Anyway not bad for a young man who just 8 days ago released a song he wrote then filmed himself as he performed it in his back yard without any professional production. Number one on itunes both in country and in general. 17 million and more views on Youtube, not counting millions more on Twitter and Rumble. To each their own. I think he has a good voice. Pray for him to do well and that he doesn't get eaten by the predators in the media and music industry.
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