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  1. Conservative, smart, stunning...... and I want her..........coat.
  2. President's executive order on Critical Race Theory and the like, also requests investigation into it creating hostile work environments banned under federal civil rights law, which would open the door for individuals to sue their companies and HR depts under a violation of civil rights for forcing training and policies based on critical race theory, white privilege, etc....
  3. So by "executive order" the Governor (king) of California has banned all gas vehicles by 2035. I'm sure this will work out just as well as their green electric energy policy that has resulted in extended blackouts and power outages. Gosh, can't wait for Democrats to impose ever more of their quality of life destroying anti-freedom dictats on the rest of America. https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2020-09-23/gavin-newsom-fracking-ban-california-zero-emissions-cars
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