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  1. Wait a minute - I thought St John Moses Browning was the patron saint of firearms.
  2. Living downstate Illinois, I didn't really get Chicago and Cook county (they run the entire state like NYC runs NY), until I lived there for a short time in my youth. There was one of innumerable political corruption scandals going on in city government. I was discussing it casually with a native Chicagoan and voiced my outrage that such things could be allowed to happen and that the whole mess needed to be cleaned up. He looked at me and smiled and said, "Well that's just the way things get done, always have and always will. No use getting upset about it, it's just business." I realized then that corruption and bribery was for him and most in the city no big deal. Someone gets caught once in awhile, but the party runs the city and sets the rules and there is no thought ever of crossing the party or questioning or not voting for the parties candidates. The party is good no matter what, even if they are corrupt or do bad things and the other party is bad no matter what they say or do. It's similar to branding in a way - Apple computers and phones are great all others suck or visa versa. Chevy trucks are the best and Ford trucks suck or visa versa. The underlying premise is never questioned.
  3. For supernatural fans - there's the Winchester brothers Sam and Dean in Supernatural. Have story arcs about Sam Colts pistol, about their Chevy Impala, and a crossover with Scooby Do.
  4. Singing cowboy days and The Conquerer. Cop movies weren't very good either.
  5. Got me one of those - but it's got three dollar signs and an idiot cluster.
  6. Watching Deadwood the series, rewatched El Dorado and Rio Bravo. Read a lot more than watch TV or movies. 13 Hours was well done as was the King's Speech. Band of Brothers was one of the best war series I've ever seen, The Pacific was well done too, but more isolate and emotionally empty and I did not feel better for watching it unlike Band of Brothers. 12 o clock high was good and liked The Great Escape. Watched Once Upon a Time in the West, The Good the Bad and the Ugly, and The Outlaw Josey Wales. Blackhawk Down was well done too - I read the book first. Also loved rewatching the original Thin Man movie and the first sequel. My cousin's favorite western of all time is Blazing Saddles. Get really really annoyed with a lot of the more current shows and many of the movies where the writers and directers seem to have to push a political agenda or PC narrative, it's tiresome and insulting. Bogart comedies are pretty good - Sabrina (with Audrey Hepburn), The Africa Queen, and We're No Angels (1955). Oh, with Band of Brothers what really sucked me in the first time I saw it was not knowing who was going to live or die and knowing that these were not only real men but that the commentary with each episode were done by some of the real men portrayed in the series and not knowing who each one was at the time until the end.
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