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  1. Um, no. I like a little heat now and again, but when it gets to the point of interferring with the ability to taste the food and all I taste is heat, then no. Mild to moderate is all I desire. But I can at least understand liking hot sauce. Whereas everytime I see a golf course all I can think is........what a waste of a perfectly good rifle range.
  2. Of being married and my ex-wives turning to me to say.......... The scarey part was, I swear they sounded just like Chuck Heston.
  3. Yes, I'd just gotten one of these, sadly lost in the tragic ice fishing accident.
  4. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-9163939/US-Army-researchers-developing-muscle-bound-Terminator-like-war-robots-living-tissue.html
  5. Local store has guns, mark up is around 10 to 15% of wholesale. Have AR15's, Glocks, and others. Though he seems to be selling them almost as quick as they come in, wait one day and it will most likely be gone. Times like these will make him loyal customers. Ammo is very limited hit or miss and up in price to 1/3rd or more than in past. Also limited amounts allowed per purchase. Primers, if you are lucky you might find shotgun primers from time to time. Powder has some, but nothing I want or use. The worst crazy I've seen so far seems to be online - brings together the desperate a
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