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  1. You are new so unless you know the office politics I would tread carefully. I have worked places where they let some get away with murder while others are held to a strict line. Personality, politics, and who you know mean a lot, sometimes more than performance. It's not fair, but that's the way of the world. So look after yourself and your safety first whatever you decide.
  2. Important point by Blackwater - the more that gun ownership can be socially and commercially marginalized the easier it becomes to limit and then ban gun ownership. Gun retailers are being attacked from two sides - for example in Illinois with draconian state licensing of FFL's they put half the gun retailers in the state out of business. That makes people more dependent on fewer dealers and fewer dealers are easier to control. Then pressure large retailers who don't exclusively sell guns and take out even more dealers and make it so people who aren't in to firearms become accustomed to not seeing them for sale as part of normal commerce and normal life. I'm not crying over Dick's - they are one dealer and they chose to side with gun control advocates. Good riddance in their case to bad garbage.
  3. Wow, that is art. The woodwork and the leather work are incredible. I can only imagine how much she will love and appreciate it. A very loving thing to do. Kudos to you both sirs.
  4. The key to unlimited wealth and properity is as always energy - virtual unlimited vast cheap energy would make transportation, raw materials, manufacture, and recycling possible and cheap. That would make every individual wealthy in today's terms. In fact the average person today is vastly wealthier than the average person of past centuries as today we have vastly more energy available than in past centuries. The dream of virtually unlimited fusion power is that it would remake the world like the industrial revolution and fossil fuels did a century ago. Add virtually unlimited energy to increased computing power and the world could be remade again. But even with all that, there would still be human nature and a need to rank and define work and profit. Individual self interest and interest of family would still exist and would stand in the way to a functioning socialist society - which is a good thing as socialist societies always tend towards an accretion of power, control, and authortarianism. The foundation of individual inalienable rights and responsibilities is the true bedrock of freedom and liberty.
  5. Not to disagree with Matthew but the converse view was epoused by the communist dictator Joseph Stalin when discussing fighting Hitler's Nazi Germany: "Quantity has its own quality."
  6. The biggest problem with any of these proposed laws is that those pushing more gun control aren't acting in good faith - so it's like a lamb negotiating with a wolf - you know what the desired outcome for the wolf is - and it isn't about gun safety or "reasonable" gun control - it's about control and it's about elimination of all guns in private hands. We've seen it before - make it more and more difficult to own firearms - make them more costly (liability insurance, smart guns, taxes, license fees, training costs) - make more hoops to jump through (background checks, mental health screening requirements, licensing requirements, training requirements, waiting periods, permits to own, permits to carry, storage requirements, requirement for all transfers to go through FFL, define even loaning a gun to someone to shoot as a transfer) - put the gun industry and manufacturers out of business (liability lawsuits allowing gun manufacturers to be sued if one of their guns is misused in a crime, putting FFL's out of business though tighter federal licensing requirements and then separate state, county, city regulations for FFL's, putting impossible mandates on gun manufacturerers smart guns and microstamping, using federal banking oversight to pressure banks and lenders to not do business with gun manufacturers, using zoning laws to ban gun businesses) - banning certain types of so called evil guns using scary made up names (assault weapons, saturday night specials, high capacity guns/magazines, sniper rifles, 50 cal, automatic guns referencing semiautomatic firearms, unsafe guns mandating all types of safeties and drop tests - manual safety, drop test, magazine disconnect, chamber indicator) - not to mention all the NFA rules even on simple safety equipment like silencers. Then add in constant demonization of lawful gun owners, constant demonization of any and all gun rights and safety and training organizations, demonization of hunters and hunting, and demonization of shooting sports. And we've seen where registering guns leads - England and Australia - register your guns today and then tomorrow you can turn them in. And don't forget politicians and individuals who propose laws and don't even understand how firearms work or function, what the current laws already exist, and who read the 2nd Amendment such that the words - "the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed" have no meaning what-so-ever, because evidently the 2nd Amendment is just a guarantee that the government can have guns.
  7. UBC in simplest terms - bans all private sales and requires all transfers go through an FFL.
  8. It has a good chance of passing in the House because it is Democrats playing to their base - in the Senate it has a poor chance of passing unless the Republicans want to commit national suicide and ensure that they lose the senate in 2020. And then on the off chance it should reach the president's desk and he should choose to sign it then he will ensure his defeat in 2020 as he will lose too much of his base who will just stay home. Most politicians are stupid and arrogant, I just hope they aren't all that stupid and arrogant. IMHO Mostly I think the legislation to watch is the so called red flag laws and the universal background check laws. Hopefully as the legislation is debated and proposed there will be enough input and resistance to anything without due prossess or that is useless (as universal background checks are without registration) that there will be something called a red flag law that is nothing that isn't really already supported by current laws and an improved background check law that will require states to be more diligent about reporting legally adjudicated mental health prohibitions of firearm ownership. Not that I think we need more laws or that such laws or others would be effective (they won't), just that if they feel cowed into passing something and end up doing so I would prefer that it be a nothing fig leaf as opposed to a major or minor grab at our freedoms.
  9. I think it also depended on what writers that they bought stories from especially in the original series - lots of US history referenced in a lot of the stories - lincoln is featured in one, another has a planet where a nuclear war evidently wiped out civilization and the Yangs were fighting the Kohms - and it ended with Kirk reading ancient text that is the US constitution. Many historical earth references - one with Apollo and the greek gods, one references Plato, another features a seemingly immortal man who was actually numerous famous historical individuals, another jack the ripper, another the Nazi's, another mobsters, another earth during the great depression, and possibly the most famous reference - the one with modern roman gladiators that references the beginning of what is basically christianity on that planet. Later series became less and less episodic and incorporated story arcs. There was a pantena of socialism sold as the federation of planets - but it seemed liked the federation was always trying to make trade deals because even with all their tech they needed raw materials and food. So there were monetary trade type agreements. Also individuals seemed to own businesses and take payment for services throughout the shows. There seemed to be little logical thought to it beyond a few references that we don't need or use money anymore - usually when a star trek character needed money to buy or use something. Seemed a lot more aspirational than practical.
  10. Yep, Amazon around 30 to 40 used. This is from a reviewer on the site: "I grew up using my father's copy and recently bought one for myself. This edition came out before the industry drastically downgraded their loads. Plus, this edition includes plenty of cast bullet (boolits) rifle loads using Unique powder! We cheapskates love Unique powder. It may be akin to exploding burning dirt, but it gets the job done."
  11. Dag nab it, ended up watching videos on B17's and this one on Flak - fascinating actually. My Uncle Ernie flew missions on bombers in WWII and was killed over France when a another plane in the formation was shot down and hit his plane on the way down.
  12. I'm left handed but there seems to be something sinister about the whole left handers day. But if anyone wants to buy me a Filet Mignon I'm open to it.
  13. Everyone gets a pass on clothes you wear to take kids to the beach - that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
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