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    There has been a fair amount of discussion on the evolution of the game. A good percentage of the time it leans towards the negative side of things. I fully understand and respect both sides of the camp because I've been fortunate enough to experience the game in both it's "old" form and "new" form not only as a shooter but also as a match director. It is a bonafide fact that the game has changed. It's never been easier to start the game right now with gear and knowledge that folks 15-25 years ago didn't have. A couple of weeks ago and old shooting buddy and I were laughing and remembering back when we were all just desperately trying to get our guns to work right and for all our bullets to leave the barrels. Some of my best memories revolve around the struggles of figuring the game out. In my area we had a lot of former buckskinnners and mountain man guys, that was hoot and those guys were fun to watch and a lot of them shot original stuff. To them it was an extension of something they liked to do with a very light hearted competitive atmosphere. The seriousness of the game was reserved for "big matches" and far away places like EOT or WR where a midwesterner could only dream about possibly attending someday. A lot of folks first priorities was to make sure they looked right and like they belonged there when it came to their clothing. I still remember a half dozen of us standing around the guy with the first Codymatic any of us had ever seen. Reactions ranged from "why would you want to do that" to "wow thats cool". The rulebook was tiny (literally) and if you were a gamer you carried a Schofield for reloads on the clock and Blackhawks actually were an advantage for the targets we were shooting in the day. Guys and gals still wanted to win, but it was a desire that you really didn't talk about and almost taboo. I remember one noted local shooter that carried both Vaqueros and Blackhawks to every match and would adjust his category according to who pulled into the parking lot that morning. I think that many of the old timers would agree that we had a larger percentage of established "shooters" in the game. Former bullseye shooters, skeet and trap, ICORE, silhouette etc. Then came the massive influx of new shooters. Many whom had never owned a firearms before or if they did it had gotten very limited use. Targets moved in closer, our rule book got bigger to accommodate the "evolution" of the game and the competitiveness and a lot of the stuff we used to do on the clock faded away. It didn't happen overnight. But it did happen. Sometimes I miss those days. But most of the time I'm pretty content with where we are today and that is largely due to my personal enjoyment of the game outside of the shooting. We need to do a better job of being patient with each other. Both camps. You can't ask folks to have reverence for something they NEVER experienced. And you cannot dismiss the "old timers" who miss the way it used to be done. There is a middle ground there. I'm not sure exactly where it is. But I think it would lead to a healthier game for all of us. But it starts with folks having a better understanding of each other. I don't believe there is a wrong or a right way here. We have rules and those are the boundaries that we play within. And in the end the game is still what YOU make of it.
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    I know what you mean. I had a period correct, 4th generation Colt, calvary model (from just after the war of northern aggression), in .45 Long Colt and some guy called it a Remmie. I was pretty annoyed and thought about grabbing my shotty and putting a couple boolets in his butt. Then I thought: Life's too short to sweat the small stuff and went on my way. Angus
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    After nine months of extensive treatment including hormone treatment, forty five radiation sessions and multiple cycles of chemo I rang the bell. With the exception of the hormone treatments which will continue for two more years I am finished with treatment and cancer free Now back to living with what ever my new normal will be
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    Just a short story, I'm not particularly proud of my actions conversely not ashamed either. It was a rather dark and stormy afternoon in mid-winter Salt Lake City. As I approached the doors to a large mall a young man cruised into the handicapped space near the door. As I approached the car I noticed that there were no handicapped plates nor a mirror tag on the car. As the driver exited his car a hurried toward the door I said "did you know that's a handicapped space?". His response "I'm in a hurry A** hole. My response "how long do you figure it'll take to change 4 flat tires". He looked at me with a quizzical look and went back and moved his car.
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    Well, it had to happen. Kaya finally got her drivers license. She has been saving for quite a while to buy her own truck. She is using mine for now. My NEW truck, God help me. Wants to be able to pull the boat and haul her own deer if need be. So where does she go on her first drive alone? TO A GUN SHOP FOR POWDER, PRIMERS AND HOPPES #9! Could it get better than that?!? LOL Love ya Punkin. Now she can haul her own deer! Still washing the last one out of the bed of mine.
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    Trusting a stranger is pretty much unheard of in today's world. That's why this group of cowboys is so special. I found something in Classifieds that I couldn't live without, a little pre-1900 specialty. I contacted the seller, Dakota Fox, and put a PO MO in the mail at lunchtime on Friday, and pm'ed him to tell him. I checked the mail box on Monday, and there it is, waiting for me. It made me feel good that a stranger trusted me enough to send his package before my money arrived. "Stranger" might not be the right word, maybe "friend that I haven't met yet". Anyway, I just wanted to tell others about a stand-up cowboy that I encountered, and would ride the trail with any day. Thanks kindly, Dakota Fox.
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    I met a magical fairy who said she'd grant me one wish. "I want to live forever," I said. "Sorry, I cannot grant you that," replied the magic fairy. "Fine, then I want to die the day after Congress has been filled with honest people who are hard working and genuinely trying to improve the country to everyone's benefit," I replied. "You crafty SOB," said the fairy.
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    Last night the city of Edgewood NM voted to become a 2nd. Amendment Sanctuary City. Our very own SASS CEO Misty Moonshine and Wildshot spoke at the meeting. I could not be more proud to be a part of a organization that walks the walk. You can listen to the audio here Misty starts at about 1:08-15 followed by WIldshot.
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    Why Carry a Gun? Author Unknown.
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    I grew up in the Gila River Valley of Arizona This is 66 miles north of Tucson and approximately 100 miles east of Phoenix. In the late 50's my Dad and I would saddle the horses and cross the river to rope at a little arena that was owned by Johnny Meadows. Johnny was a small stature old cowboy about 5' 4"tall and weighing aprox 125 lbs. He always had a single action army tucked in his belt. 20 years later I was home visiting and started talking to Fred and Jake Upshaw, friends of my Dad. They told me the story of Johnny Meadows. Relating to the article in the chronicle about Judge Roy Bean. The story relayed to me was that George Upshaw was shot by Judge Roy Bean's son and a couple weeks after the shooting the Judge's bar/courtroom burned down. George Upshaw was the father of George Washington Upshaw, who reportedly burned the court house. He then left the state and moved to the Gila River Valley in Arizona named as Johnny Meadows. I heard this story but never new the reliability of it until I saw it written in the article in the chronicle. It only seemed natural that when I started shooting my alias should Johnny Meadows. The last 20 plus years have been great dealing with and shooting with all the fine people that make up Cowboy Action Shooting. Johnny Meadows
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    Barkeep, Our son pinned up yesterday, 1Lt to Capt. Round for the house, on me.
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    Lost our beloved Yellow Lab almost a year ago. Figured it was time.... (PS - click on the video link after the last pic) 2019_04_13_CHEDDAR.MOV
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    The wife and I have been down to a single vehicle for a few years now, just couldn't afford to replace the one that died. Then my mom was diagnosed with dementia and lost her license. She fought it tooth and nail for a long time, but finally accepted what was happening. Then a couple months ago she surprised us by saying "Since I can't drive anymore, you might as well have it." We had to jump through some hoops as she had let the registration expire and the insurance company cancelled her policy when they were informed of her diagnosis. But today, paper work in hand, we were finally able to go get it and drive it home. Tomorrow I get it smogged and then back to the DMV to finalize the transfer. It's a 1994 Olds 88 Royale with all the bells and whistles, and only has 112,000 miles!! It is in immaculate condition, and will be a great relief in having a second vehicle in case of issues with either one. Thank You Mom!
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    As a TO; I am there to safely assist the shooter thru the stage (their age is immaterial). If a shooter was having difficulty supporting their firearm or clearing a prop - I would certainly and ALWAYS assist. I have done this for juniors, seniors and all ages in between when a physical condition (strength, endurance or medical) causes a difficulty in safely completing the stage. Equipment difficulties are EXACTLY the same. I have broken open SxS shotguns with sticky firing pins when the shooter was unable. I have reached over and pushed the bolt closed and the carrier up on 97 shotguns when shooters short stroke them and lock up the action. I have advanced cylinders with high primers and pushed cylinder pins back in. The shooter who has equipment challenges to the extent they need the assistance of the TO has already had a bad match; no chance they are winning, but at least they get to finish. There is absolutely ZERO reason for the TO to stand there doing nothing and make the day even worse. Shooters age is immaterial. Match level is immaterial. Choosing to do the right thing is almost always the right choice.
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    ... is going to be a grandpa again in September? THIS GUY!
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    Matt Black has won a few matches Overall however at the Florida State Match this weekend he won something that meant so much more to the both of us. Posse 3 awarded Matt Black the “Spirit of the Game” award and chills went all over me when that happened. He always works hard on the posse picking brass, setting targets, counting and running the timers etc and goes out of his way to be kind and help folks out who ask him if they need a tip or whatever. He never expects anything from that other than the people being nice to him and the same respect he gives. I am very proud of him for all he does. Thank you to Fast Eddie and everyone on Posse 3 at Florida State! You folks are awesome! The Florida State Match itself was FANTASTIC! Great stages, great range, great banquet and the people there are simply amazing! The match ran smooth as glass.
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    And, most dangerous Cougar Tracks
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    I shoot Classic Cowboy so the Gunfighters have someone to look up to!
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    I love these things. Years ago I swapped this one out for the real thing at work. It took 6 months for anyone to notice. Here are a few more that I like:
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    Can you imagine if the very popular Red Dead Redemption II was done as a Virtual Reality game? I can!!
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    I am a 97 gunsmith. It is the only gun I sell or work on. I get calls and emails regarding my sales and services. Point One: After some discussion with my potential customer I instruct them to go to the SASS wire and check my references. Some do and some probably do not. This forum is a good starting place to determine with who to send, purchase, barter, or whatever. Recommendations can be sent to person asking by P.M. or by not "piling on" on the forum request. Unfavorable recommendations can and should be made by P.M. Point Two: For service work the question is usually how long before I get it back. The answer is difficult. I look at my repair rack and see the 97's there, maybe there are 6 of them and I estimate 2-5 days on each. When wood is refinished it goes to the 5th day easy. So I am looking at 12-30 days. I tell the customer if your gun arrived today it would be about 30 to 40 days before I can get to it. I also tell them that when the gun arrives it goes to the back of the rack and will be worked on in the order it was received. Sometimes I can get lucky and some of those 6 guns are not as time consuming to repair as estimated and I can get to the next gun(s) earlier than estimated. On the other hand some of those guns take longer and I have to notify my customer of the delay. As said in the above replies, communication is key. Point Three: Regardless of what it takes, and sometimes at a loss of revenue on my end, I will protect my reputation as a gunsmith and member of the CAS family. I don't mean to sound like a prima dona but this method of dealing with my customers is a simple straight forward way to do business. It has served me well for 20 years and has kept me in the good graces with the CAS members, and hope it does for another 20. Hmm I guess that's dreaming.
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    I thought I lived in an incorrect period - until I realized it was only a comma.
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    Life's to short to let that stuff get to me........ OLG
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    After those four primers just go 'click' you can say you loaded a bunch of crappy ammo
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    Still trying to find this on YouTube
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    So, after my Silverado being in the shop for an extended length of time, and me doing lots of research on different trucks to replace it, my step mom called me last week. She said that I could pick my dad's truck up and she'd mark it off as part of my share of the trust settlement. So, now I have his 2002 Chevy 3500 Duramax diesel. 17 years old, but only 53,000 miles on the odometer. Driving it home, the windshield seemed a little blurry, though. Had trouble seeing a couple of times.
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    Shot my first Turkey last season. Scared the heck out of everybody else at the grocery store.
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    Joe, just yesterday I moved a cart from a handicapped spot and one from a veteran’s parking spot at Lowe’s. I went ahead and used the cart from the veterans spot. I had parked in the second Vet spot. When I came out there was an Asian guy pushing an empty cart towards the still open Vet parking spot. He was just leaving his Mercedes that was parked across from the Vet spot. I guess he put some things in his trunk. I said “Don’t leave that cart in that parking spot or your car will be wearing it.” He glared at me for a second and then turned right and put the cart in the cart corral a couple of spots away. As I backed my truck out he flipped me off. I rolled down my window to call him some colorful names but he had scurried to his car and got in. Sometimes I really dislike people.
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    Just got in 3 Marlin 1894C’s in .357 Mag from one of my distributors. Fit and finish look great. They all feed my .38 dummies loaded at 1.42 OAL flawlessly and I can’t even feel them chamber. Installed a Western Gunworks pin and spring kit and I am really impressed with how it turned out. Another 3 winners from Marlin. Very encouraged by what I’ve seen so far.
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    Really! And, those 100 shiny primers went rolling and bouncing in as many direction. Now, if that and the pursuant language was not bad enough my little dog ate 4 of them. H’mmmm. Guess I should stay inside when she goes out over the next day or so.
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    Small fire with very dry hardwood
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    I still have internet and other computer services, but I have to actually sit down in front of a computer instead of taking the obnoxious damn thing eveywhere with me. I might even go out and buy some stamps and write letters to people. Howzatgrabya?
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    I can appreciate the desire for the fun and laughs of a very loud round, but do you know what that does to the TO's and spotters ears? Not trying to be Mr. Downer here, but ya gotta think about that. If you have enclosed stages or particularly metal roofs, these funny/cool/etc rounds are deafening. Phantom
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    Mine is over 2k...so...the number is obviously meaningless.
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    This makes me go Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
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    I choose not to open carry. If I need it I want it to be a total surprise when it comes out. On a motorcycle sometimes it gets exposed but I notice a LOT less tailgating! If someone open carries that's their choice. I just hate the guys that do it to look like a bigshot. See that too often. Camo pants, combat boots, never served. You've probably seen the type.
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    Yeah, If I need to shoot something a few hundred yards away I will just drive over and shoot it with my cheap guns up close and personal.
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    For everyones benefit..... the one hanging vertical without the 'Volunteers' T-shirt is the rattlesnake..... ..........Widder
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    Meet a witch one time years ago. Picked up a hitchhiker.. As we were driving down the road, engaging in a little small talk to pass time she suddenly blurted out she was a witch. I replied prove it! So she turned me into a motel GW
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