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    Moments ago. Having my coffee in the kitchen and reading the Wire. 8:02 AM. Landline phone rings. Looks like a local number. Had to say "hello" twice (first bad indicator). caller: "Sir, did you get the medicare benefit card we sent to you?" (definitely not a midwestern accent, and said very quickly) me: "What?" caller: "Did you get the medicare benefit card we sent to you?" me: "No, but did you get the drone President Trump sent to you?" caller: click Too soon?
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    I usually have at least 9 items on at a shoot. My opinion is it is a "costume" category so "Go all out or go home". Getting by with the least amount possible is not what the category is about. Nothing personal just my opinion.
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    Late in 2019 the new owners of the ranch that the Cajon Cowboys shooting range is on took over. Part of their business plan is to turn the ranch into a world class shooting range and the Cajon Cowboys range and facades is going to be the jewel of the range, every facade, container, boardwalk, everything had to be torn down and moved and stored while the grading was done and bay walls were built. Right before the first of the year Bear Trap, the match director got the green light to start rebuilding and he and his crew jumped in with both feet. In the short time that they’ve been at it they have got nearly half of the stages complete and he’s really hoping to hold the first match there at the new range on the fourth Saturday of January, that’s two weeks and in my opinion they might just pull it off. They moved the last two facades into place today and other volunteers were there painting the facades that are already in place. Everything will get a fresh new coat of paint. The custom personality painting is done by an artist who also did all of the character painting up at the RR Bar. A lot of her work is evident on the facades but from what I understand she’s got some great new ideas for some of the structures, she is very talented and when she gets done I’ll post some more pictures of the finished facades. Today there were a bunch of workers show up but that’s not always the case during the week and over the past holiday season. Beartrap, JJ, Choctah Gal, Whirlwind Wendy, Iron Eyes Rudy, Horsetheif Harold, Bangalow Bill and a few others that I can’t think of right now have been there on nearly an everyday basis and really deserve a big thank you from all of us that enjoy shooting up at Cajon. As you can see from the pictures it is really going to be quite a CAS venue and if I’ve got it correct every loading and unloading table will be under cover. Once all of the stages are all up and operational a clubhouse will be built. Right next to the CAS range they are pouring the footings for a big activity center and range office.
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    Anyone who plays the game different than the way I think it should be played. (Yes, that was major sarcasm. But that’s actually how the term originated.)
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    For Christmas, I got a Uberti 1851 Navy .36 cap and ball revolver. While at the range, I got a cool picture. The pic was captured from the video that was being recorded of me shooting the revolver. Love the smoke! Do you see the ball on trajectory to the target?? Uberti 1851 Navy .36 Please share cool gun pictures you may have.
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    Kill the rest of the pack and stake their heads on poles, then destroy any dens that could possibly harbor further packs.
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    If you generate enough smoke to truly obscure all the targets, you only need to know where one target actually is . . .
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    Here's VA situation in a snapshot. The lady in the video is very emotional, I understand that, but she overstates the situation from a status standpoint. There was a committee meeting that was held with very short notice to try to keep the patriots away but the hearing was swamped by thousands anyway. Despite passionate arguments from citizens and Republican legislators, the Dems pushed through several bills to the next step. No actual bills have been approved out of the General Assembly. Some (Red Flag, One handgun/month, Universal Background checks) have passed the judiciary committee and have gone to the senate and the house of delegates. Both houses need to approve them, then they need the Governor to sign. Laws go into effect July 1 of the year in which they are approved. One of the worst confiscation bills SB16 was withdrawn but an even worse one HB961 was substituted--allows keeping your AR if you register it but creates a greater than 10 round magazine ban (a felony). ANY magazine including pistols, rimfire, and tubular magazines (as in your 1873). Among other restrictions. It has not passed any committee as of today. the wording of this bill (and the one tabled) is vague and open to lots of interpretation regarding the definition of "assault firearm." The wording states that components of an AR (such as a forward hand grip, a folding/telescoping stock, etc., individually constitute an assault firearm.) Of course, the "you can keep your AR" prohibits the next generation from ever owning one. New bills to outlaw indoor ranges in buildings with more than 50 employees and outdoor ranges within 500 yds of residential zoning areas are still in play. The indoor bill seems to target the NRA in Fairfax specifically but affects several other large indoor ranges in the state. Seems like a punitive measure. Ahead of the January 20 rally and Lobby Day, the legislature banned firearms, even with a concealed carry permit, within the Capitol buildings. The governor declared a state of emergency, blaming outside militia threats, and banned all weapons including firearms on the Capitol grounds (about 4 square blocks). This is being challenged in court as a 2012 law specifically prohibited banning firearms in a state of emergency declaration. Seems our blackfaced governor even voted to approve that bill back then as a state senator. The streets around the capitol are still open/concealed carry with just a couple restrictions (no magazines more than 20 rounds--a specific Richmond City law). The VCDL (VCDL.ORG) is expecting 50,000 to 120,000 people on Monday. I'll be one of them, as will many of the area Cowboy community. With nearly the entire state declared as a 2nd Amendment sanctuary (other than the DC suburbs and a few cities such as Richmond, Roanoke and Norfolk), if the laws go into effect, expect widespread non-compliance and a slew of legal challenges. Efforts to recall specific legislators as well as the Governor are underway. Talk of the Boogaloo starting here is widespread on social media. Some counties are organizing actual militias. Sales of ARs have been brisk at local gun shops, perhaps twice or three times normal volume.
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    I've been reading this thread ever since the very 1st post and I've read everyone's post, some two or three times. I've faced a bad guy with a gun twice. Once when I was about 18 working in a self serve gas station and got robbed and once when working in a restaurant and it got robbed. At the gas station, the robber was about 6 inches taller than me, about 3' away from me with a Jennings type .32 pointed at my belly. I had a .45 under the counter. Was I the hero, nope...I opened up the register and he took the money out of it and ran. As soon as he hit the door, I retrieved my pistol and aimed through the glass at him but he was already past the pumps. Didn't fire and called the cops. They never caught him or them. At the restaurant, I was a cook. I didn't even know we were being robbed until a waitress came back to the line and told us. Me and the other cook ran out of the back door to get some shotguns out of the trunk of his car but then the robber with a sawed off came running out and saw us. He yelled freeze, I did. He took off in a getaway car with no plate. Called the cops, they never caught them. Everyone can have an opinion on what they would do if faced with a situation like I had, like the church had and like hundreds of other have had. Truth is, unless you were trained for it, you don't know what you are going to do until it happens to you and even then who knows. Anyone can Monday morning quarterback what happened at the church, I'm just glad that someone had the training and skill to react to the threat with positive results in neutralizing the bad guy. I feel bad for the families of the murdered men and the folks who had to witness two good men lose their life's due to this senseless crime.
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    Like Chuck Schumer? Cat Brules
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    Snow is too deep to get to the doors open on four of my sheds.... but my range is groomed with spots cleared by skid loader at 25, 50, 75, and 100 yrds. Clear path to the targets with the snow piled to block the wind. Yep... I think I have my priorities right
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    Merry Christmas everyone. And wishing y'all a very prosperous New Year!
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    You mean other than hoot and holler and have a grand old time? Start high and gradually crouch down the thicker the smoke gets.
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    Hello the fire: Well, for years I have wanted to shoot with my Wire friends, you know, the folks you've talked with for years, but have never met, because you've only known them thru the Wire. 2020 is the year I hope to realize that dream. We've gotta new touring van, and plan to put some miles on it this year. Sending in the applications tomorrow for Smoke in the Woods(April) & Spring Roundup(May). Smoke in the Woods is a Shoot I used to attend every year, but I have gotten out of the habit these last few years, It's a great opportunity to re-connect with old friends and meet new ones from the (mostly) Ohio, Indiana, & Kentucky regions. Spring Roundup will be a new one for me. I'm going there mostly to meet up with, and shoot with Tyrel Cody, a long-time wire-friend & trading pardner. I expect I will also see other old friends too & again, put some faces to some of the names I known only thru the Wire. In June, I plan on Prince of the Pistoleers in Kansas. Again, going to meet up with, and shoot with J-Bar -- a special treat. And, there's a lot of cowboys I'm looking forward to finally meeting, so maybe I should say J-BaR & Friends! My son is moving from Lake Tahoe back to Sacramento, and we're planning on spending much of December there, so it will be fun to (hopefully) shoot with Allie Mo & some other NorCal friends. Hopefully a trip to the Bay Area to see some old High School friends and maybe shoot with Springfield Slim or some other folks I know only through the Wire. And, perhaps a trip to SoCal & a shoot with the elusive & mystical Texas Lizard, or to San Diego (Lived there for 30 years) & a shoot with Yul Lose, both of whom are old-time wire-friends and trading pards. Timing, as they say. is everything, but maybe this year, everything will fall into place. Anyways, folks are always eternally optimistic during the Hot Stove League months -- Hopefully most of it will become a reality this Spring, Summer, & Fall! --Sootlord Dawg
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    Meh, fancy heathen mess will never last
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    I get why these bucks score so high on the B&C scale, but I find a strong symmetrical 6x6 or so to be so much more beautiful. To each their own.
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    Sasha, protecting me from EVIL.
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    Cheddar - 80 lbs. of mischief, and still growing. LL
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    For 40+ years, I have represented manufacturers, fabricators, utilities and similar businesses that make and sell hard goods and services. When I started, most of the folks I met when I made my initial visit to corporate headquarters or the factory were founders or the sons of founders. They had worked every job in the shop, starting with a broom and moving up through production, assembly, sales and management. These were the folks I needed for design and manufacturing information; these were the folks who testified for me at depositions and trials, providing encyclopedic knowledge of the history of their products. In the late 1980's, you could sense some changes happening. Price was driving quality, instead of the reverse. The founders were dying off, and their kids wanted nothing to do with hard work or the business. It became easier to sell the business to venture capital people or foreign investors, and use the money for yachts and sports cars and houses at the beach. These new owners had no sense of history, no connection to the product, and often no idea of what it meant to make a quality product and stand behind it. By 2000, nothing really mattered except the almighty dollar. One of my clients, now devoid of working engineers and true QC folks, was outsourcing 90% of their products offshore, and "designing" products simply to meet Walmart specs; another, in a flash of management brilliance, started forcing long-term employees out (saving $) and brought in wet-behind the ears management people from a major food distributor to run a propane retailer; these folks had no idea how to run a gas business, let alone what operational issues impacted liability losses and adverse jury verdicts. Bottom line: I've had the sad job of watching the demise of American manufacturing. And with it quality. And I don't see any sign that it will cycle back again. Somethings cannot be re-created once they are gone. LL
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    Watched the video, and there's a good bit to learn from the situation. Main one to me is -- if you're going to carry a concealed weapon, don't bury your gun under two layers of clothing (sports jacket and untucked shirt), then try to get to it fast in a deadly encounter. I think the first church goer shot would have been better served to have just charged the guy than to stand on the 'X' and dig around for his gun. But that being said, I completely acknowledge that only a few of us know how we would behave in that situation, and his heroism for trying to do what he could is humbling.
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    Thank you for NOT posting her picture here.
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    Dress the part. From Marin CA CHP
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    I would love to do that. Inject some strawberry jam and away you go. Where do you get this culinary delight?
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    Bullets on the ground should never be used as a indicator of what happened. I had that call on me at a Reg and it stinks when it's incorrect. I threw out a round dropped the reload right as I pulled it then grabbed another and since there were 2 bullets found (the one I dropped and the one I threw out) they called me for 2 misses. It was round count stage and I shot it different than others so the spotters were lost. The videos (we can't use and shouldn't be able to) clearly showed that. I'm not saying this to complain about that I'm using this as an example to never use bullets on the ground as an indicator.....use what you saw. It could be someone else's bullet, I sometimes (but rarely) can strip out a reload grabbing shotshells, people drop reloads etc. If you get to the point that you are counting or looking for bullets on the ground and that's all you got......then IMO the benefit should go to the shooter and you need to get the spotters to pay more attention.
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    My first car was a '58 Rambler Rebel with a nice V8 and overdrive. The first time I pulled the lever for the lay back seats with my girlfriend she popped back up and greeted me with a haymaker punch. That wasn't always the case later on. When I went to college, guys in the dorm wanted to rent it for date nights.
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    Scully Jacket. Been wanting one for some time!
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    Merry Christmas from GoonsGunWorks!!!
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