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  2. Sorry, I will stick with Bela and Chris! These guys are just too funny to take serious.
  3. Well these are from the batch I served. I decided that since cornbread was so foreign to their pallets, I should not be to adventurous and I would make mini muffins. Seriously I was ready for nobody to like them. I made several batches, experimenting and shortening the bake time trying to get the effect I wanted. i wanted the brown, black is bad, brown is good. So many of my attempts were just blonde on top. This recipe included shredded cheeses. i could give you the recipe...but better if I share the techniques used. Copy the recipe and you won’t have as good a result but learn the technique and you will have something like it, though it might not appeal to a southern palette. take your favorite cornbread recipe as far as ingredients are concerned, assuming your recipe has a cup of buttermilk and a cup of cornmeal, using a jar one pint or larger ad a cup of buttermilk,then a cup of cornmeal, mix vigorously. If your recipe has different measures, adjust accordingly. Now look at your recipe, mix flour, baking soda, baking powder, salt. Mix it as welll as you can with a fork or something. Beat your eggs, add melted butter or oil or bacon fat as you wish, sugar or honey. These are your wet ingredients. Now i I add the dry ingredients to the wet. Don’t worth about precision with the fractions, it’s just something that’s in my DNA. Add 1/6 (some) of the cheese to the wet batter, 1/3 of the dry then 1/6 of cheese to the wet batter and stir, repeat, repeat until all cheese and all flour is incorporated. The whole purpose of the three step mixing is to make sure you don’t get huge clumps of something. now you want to bake it. I use a mini muffin pan and a purple disher, it makes the perfect muffin, 7minutes at 400° But they are too blonde on top. Sooooo.... I set my oven to bake 400°F put the muffin tray on the bottom shelf for 6 minutes,take the tray out, reset the oven to broil, spread butter on the top of the muffins, put on the top shelf for 90 to 120 seconds right under the oven coils, push back in the oven, leave the door open a bit so the broiler soes not shut off and I get the result I want. brown is good, black is bad.
  4. Well if you don't like the government sponsored line, there's always the PTSD Foundation of America. It's run by vets for vets. PTSD Veteran Line: (877) 717-PTSD (7873)
  5. A hogshead is a large cask or barrel - commonly 63 gallon. https://www.thefreedictionary.com/hogshead LL
  6. I'm always fascinated by people who figure out how to game the game shows. Like the monty hall problem (which is more theoretical), and the last one I learned about was the dude who guessed his showcase showdown to the penny on the price is right. If it turns out they're cheating, I'm less interested but still like to hear how they did it.
  7. This is what I have done, it holds 10. I don't like shotgun belts and bandelero s don't work for me either. I shot shotgun left handed and the rifle right handed
  8. Okay the address is 43567299 Main St. East River Ohio 440551.............. be there at 2:00
  9. Hmmm...maybe not! She's 63 and in the show she's some kind of high ranking officer. https://www.thebalancecareers.com/army-changes-mandatory-retirement-separation-age-3976316
  10. ADDRESS??? What time do you expect the Lasagna out of the oven ??? Should I bring a Beverage??? Red or White ???? Seamus have a preference??? Pick up a Dawg onna way???
  11. Would take to long to find my photos, but we have what is called, "Eagle Days" here where I live and at the overlook by the dam they bring up from Dickenson Zoo one Eagle that you can walk right up to. They also have tours around the lake that day for Eagle watching. When I sit out in my sun room you will see Eagles flying by all the time. I am on a bluff where they fly by. It's cool.
  12. Can anybody read all of this manifest? 158 hogshead ??? 8 gang casks and 20 barrels New England rum ??? 40 barrels flour 51 loaves sugar ??? Brown sugar 1800 bunches onions 30 boxes ??? Candles (candies?) 6 barrels tar 2 barrels molasses 24 barrels beef 22 barrels pork 10 barrels ??? ??? bread (instead of two items, this might be ten barrels of something something bread, but there appears to be a comma between the two words, which is why I think it is two different things) 25 casks rice 1 box ??? with sundry other articles for (use by?) crew ??? invoice of the same, all of which is consigned to the said ??? Hopkins on (or?) the ??? of the shipper
  13. Have your friend look again, very very carefully. Often the firing pin return spring will stick in the Breach Block. It will look initially like a ledge machined in there. Stick the tip of the firing pin in there and see if it moves. Most places that have a firing pin return spring, it is a reduced power spring and is attached to a firing pin. Brownells carries parts. However, there is a really really good chance the postage for a single spring or single screw will exceed the cost of the part. PS: Forgot. If this rifle has had action work your friend may well NOT want an OEM Firing Pin Return Spring in the rifle.
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  15. When is the book set? Could farmers be buying from her for their herd?
  17. What time do you want me to be there?
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