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Chiappa vs Rossi


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I am looking to pick up a truck rifle.  I may just grab a Marlin but I really like the 92.  Does anyone know how good the Chiapas are?  I like the octagonal barrel on a 20 inch.  I have a Rossi in 45 with a 24 inch barrel I sometimes use for hunting but I want a 20 inch for the truck.  
would love a Winchester but really don’t want the safety.  I know Rossi has a safety but I can fix that.  Just curious as to the quality of the Chiappa 92s.   

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The Chiappa 92 is a fine built rifle .

But for the money you can't go wrong with the Rossi .

I bet Rossi has built more 92's over the years then Winchester ever did .

At this point the 92 is known as a Rossi 92 not a Winchester 92 lol .

Not hard to work on ,

Parts forever & Tough as hell .

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Not sure what the Chiapas runs, but there is a Rossi round barrel in my locat shop for around $650. Another shop has one in 357 for $600. Hard to go wrong with either for a truck gun. 

Sam Sackett 

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Many Lustrum ago, I possessed a Stainless Navy Arms (By Rossi) 1892 Short Rifle, Octagonal Barrel.  Like an Idiot, one day I let it go (for a '73).  I haven't seen one like it since (Boo Hoo Boo Hoo).  Kick myself every day for letting it go.

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I’ve a Rossi Puma Interarms 45 from around 1991-2.


1. The 45 loading gate VERY sharp. 

2. The bore was the chatter(sp) marks. I had to send 70-80 firelap slugs down the bore to get it reasonable. Open it up to .453

If you can, checked the loading gate, and the barrel.



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I have had just one,  Chaippa .357 mag. that needed a little work so that it would run .38 Spl. at speed. 

I was pleasantly surprised by how smooth the internals were, and how little work was needed to make it run with .38s...



Jabez Cowboy   

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9 hours ago, John Barleycorn, SASS #76982 said:

Get a cheap AR.


22 minutes ago, Captain Bill Burt said:

Yep. Drop $450-500 on an AR, buy a pack of magpul magazines and you’re set (with more versatility and firepower).

Ya know, with one in 300 Blackout, this is a very good idea.

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My truck gun is a Winchester 94 Trapper in .30-30... more range, greater power, and still able to hold on the 16" gongs @ 300yards...  Ok, so it only holds six... if'n I need more... I shoulda went with Capt Burt's plan.


And exactly what's wrong with a pretty "truck gun"?


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My current truck / UTV gun is a Citadel Arms 92 in 45 Colt. 

Yes it has the safety.

It is smooth, not as smooth as slicked up rifle but it does the job. It feeds reliably with 200 and 250 grain bullets. 

It is very quite suppressed.

The Aimpoint PRO is the ticket. 

The flash light on it does a great job of lighting up the Armadillos. 





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