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  1. Lot’s of good information here. I don’t have any tips to add, because I’ve only been shooting (double) Duelist for six months. I will ask those that do - both eyes open, or shut one, or switch with each hand? I’ve tried them all. I am cross-dominant, so I am right-handed but left-eye-dominant. I’ve blamed poor shooting on my left eye right hand dominance misfortune, but I’m not sure it matters.
  2. Excuse the slight sidetrack, but March ‘24 edition of American Rifleman magazine has a cover feature on The Guns of Josey Wales. It’s an interesting read on the Walker Colts - I reckon so..
  3. BB, are you camping for the SC State Match, The Bushwhack? I know some who already have reserved at Toney Creek, including me.
  4. BB, I also have a pair (non-sequential) of the Bobby Tyler TALO NMV limited editions and one factory grip set was walnut and the other was the laminated rosewood. I thought the factory grips seemed thin, and I wanted both guns to match. I bought two unfinished pairs of walnut from LS Grips and finished myself. They feel much better in my hands. BT did beautiful work on the CCH.
  5. Truck gun? A ‘92 Chiappa in 44M is over 10 Benjamins. Don’t waste your money on a beautiful firearm if it’s just going to be abused behind a truck seat.
  6. I have appreciated this thread and other previous threads like this illustrating the concern for elevated blood lead levels and learning from others the steps they have used to reduce their own levels. I've only been a CAS shooter for a couple years, and a reloader for even less. I had my BLL checked six months ago and it was concerning to my doctor at 8.6 after only a short time of participation in these activities. I was checked again last week and I'm down to 4.8 ug/dL. The steps I took starting after the first test: 1. I refrain from eating or drinking on the range without first using D-lead wipes. 2. I only handle steel targets with work gloves that I keep mostly separate for set-up and tear-down tasks. 3. I deprime shot brass with vinyl gloves. I wet tumble only. 4. I use vinyl gloves to clean my guns after a match, but I have not been using gloves at the reloading bench process. 5. I use D-lead hand soap at home after cleaning guns, bench reloading and also after using vinyl gloves to deprime and handle spent brass. I routinely act as a spotter or pick up spent brass during stages, and still handle spent brass at the unloading table, but I adhere to the hygiene practices mentioned above. I'm planning to continue the above precautions and have it checked annually.
  7. I have a Rossi. It’s good but not easy to improve the ease of cocking the hammers and hard to find parts. My match gun is now a CZ Sharptail. Get the Stoeger.
  8. My side plate screws were tight as ______(fill in the blank). I buggered them up, but contacted CZ via email and they sent me free replacements. If you call their customer service they will give you the email. It’s only a single busy guy doing the CZ shotgun parts, but he will come through in due time.
  9. Just curious on any SASS-relevant product offerings at the Shot Show going on.
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