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  1. TM, Would like to see her/your finished product with the guns installed, just for reference on the V730. Is your rifle 20" or shorter?
  2. The Hodgdon online calculator gives me the same performance data for either 44 Mag Pistol or Rifle. I'm using the low-end point recommended 5.0 gr Titegroup and 200 gr LRNFP .430 bullets in 44 Mag cases. I shoot this in a '92 Chiappa carbine for WB and it's a very comfortable load. That's a mid-point in the recommendations for 44 Special on the Hodgdon site, which makes sense comparing the case length difference.
  3. I've been through a sad episode like this more than once. Using your $18.29 scenario: The cashier entered the "$20" paper money into the register for it to compute change, while confusingly depositing the ".29" I handed her with my Jackson into the cash drawer. She counts out and hands me $1.71, based on what the register told her to do. I said she owed me more than that because I gave her $20.29. With her confusion mounting, I explain she owed me $2 total change. She then uses the calculator under the counter to figure she owes me .29. She then counts out and hands me two dimes and nine pennies (because quarters and nickels are too confusing).
  4. Bobby Tyler in Friona TX. I have two BT TALO Vaqueros and they are beautiful.
  5. Sorry to derail this, but does the dvd apply to non-Rossi 92 rifles also?
  6. That was what we call a Frog Strangler! I might dry up by bedtime.
  7. Thanks to everyone for your experience and advice. I bought a pommel slicker and it did ok. No matter what was worn, we all got cold-soaked to the bone today at the SC Bushwhack (you can see what this weather did at the Masters, 90 miles to our South). It was a Carolina Frog Strangler.
  8. From what I’ve read online with various vendors, I am somewhere between a Medium, Large, and Extra Large. Seems they run all over the place. Don’t worry, I’ll get by.
  9. Looking for experienced opinions on rain slicker for a match. What have you liked or disliked about what you have/had. edit: Also thinking of staying dry during Posse duties, ex. picking brass, spotting, resetting targets.
  10. Any quick details, such as munitions factory (i.e. Carl Gustaf, Husqvarna, other), matching serial numbers, and year if known?
  11. A great mentor, friend, and absolute legend in these parts!
  12. I bought the Cimarron/Chiappa (Italy) 92 Carbine in 44 Rem Mag last year and it is a beautiful gun. Really runs well out of the box, but I may still polish some things eventually. The CCH and wood is excellent. It is higher than a Rossi (Brazil), but fit and finish sets it to that level. Now a B92 would be really nice, but if found it would be at a higher price level than the Italian as well.
  13. I'm no chemist, but as many have commonly added Lemishine or Citristrip to their mix with Dawn or Car Wash/Wax, they are effectively reducing the high alkaline condition that creates the leaching of zinc from the brass, which can cause the brown spotting. I've tested my mixturement with test strips and I keep it at around a pH of 7.
  14. Tried to PM you, but it says you don’t accept PMs. However, I emailed the address in your profile.
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